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"2 Words. "This Game Is Just Horrible""

“What a cool concept” said the naive young boy. “Yeah, it’s gonna rock! High speed action!” said the naive young boy’s best friend. “Now children, play the game before you praise it!” said the Game God. It’s in the gaming bible. This is certainly a game that you can’t praise until you’ve played it for yourself. This wonderfully slow moving, fantastically sketchy, horribly original concept game. To be honest, I had a free rental, that’s the only reason I picked this up, I am glad my $4.95 didn’t go to waste of a game like Airblade.

Think of Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1. You thinking? Okay now think of Double Dragons for SNES. Mix them together, and you get jaggies, horrible texturing, and plastic looking fire. The graphics are deserving of some points, but because this is a next generation console, I would have expected a lot better. I mean the jaggies in the figure on the screen is bad enough, but when you are hovering at a fairly quick pace, it is hard on the eyes. It honestly looks like they move at the speed this game goes with the noticeable jaggies. Then we move onto the texturing on the walls, ground, board, and any other imaginable object. The brick walls don’t look like bricks. The garbage cans look like rectangular grey blocks. Poles look line cylindrical grey tubes. The board looks like they just put a line under the figure on screen, made it 3d, and took a lunch break. That’s about all I want to say about these horribly cheesy graphics.

SOUND: 5/10
Hovering and Crashing are the only two noises that differ. Everything else sounds the same. If you hit a wall, *Thud* followed by “Ohhh!”. You hit a can, same thing, it was really poorly done. So basically we have a game with poor sounds and graphics. Doesn’t sound too appealing right? The only enjoyable/humourous thing about the sounds is if you fall off a building and onto the ground, you get a very pleasant splatter noise. The noise is so suitable for this game, because the creators really fell flat on their faces with this one.

I don’t give it a 50% because they were hard to memorize, but because they were incredibly boring. He can turn left or right, and do a few tricks that get boring super easily. It’s not like a Tony Hawk, or an Aggressive Inline where different combinations do different tricks. I tried countless combinations of buttons and I could do was a right flip of the board, and something that resembled a kickflip. One bonus is the swinging ability on polls. Much like Aggressive Inline did with their game, this game did it first, and clearly didn’t try to improve it. You can flip a number of times, then you just go straight into the ground. Sounds fun right? No.

STORY: 3/10
Worst. Story. Ever! Oh my god, this was just the worst thing I have ever thought of. The storyline of Frogger was more advanced and exciting than this. I don’t even remember it after just playing less than an hour ago, that’s how bad it was. But I remember that I was basically told to “Trick on [insert object]” which was the easiest thing ever, you jump and hit the trick button then your objective is done. The first level was you trying to stop snipers and choppers from capturing your airblading friends. BORING!!! I realize this was early PS2, when it was apparent storyline’s didn’t matter, but a year after even makes a difference. Look at the complex storylines coming out every day now. This was just a disgrace for credibility PS2 games now have for storylines.

If you have a free ticket, rent it if you want to see what is so horrible about it. If you actually have to pay 4 bucks for it, don’t bother. Go pick up Fantavision or something, because anything is better than this garbage game. I regret wasting a free ticket on it, but oh well. I can’t go back in time and not rent it. But if I could, I’d go back in time and stop this game from being made.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 01/24/03, Updated 01/24/03

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