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"Back to the future Sport - COOL"

Well, first of all, I really enjoyed this game. This game is about a hover-skateboard, like seen in Back To The Future 2 and it really FEELS cool. The graphics are superb (for the time the game was released, nowadays there are better looking games out there, still the graphics are pretty good). Sound is Dolby-Surround. Levels are pretty large, but not that large.

On the 1st try you will get some headache solving the levels and sadly there are only 6 of them. Also one of them is a really linear story-mode-only level that is REALLY HARD especially earning S-Ranking on it.

I won't talk about the story-mode. In fact the story is plain stupid, but that's not the point. It could be worse though. Story-Mode requires you to do certain actions on a map within a really strict time limit. If you fail -> restart map, which means doing everything again. You will have to be somewhat familiar with the control scheme, especially on level 4-6, otherwise you will fail miserably. Level 5 is the first mission, where you may get killed, which means falling to your doom and this happened REALLY often to me. It IS that hard. As soon as you are familiar with the controlling, it's a piece-of-cake (at least somehow). Though the controlling is not hard (analog stick), but knowing when to jump, when to press grind etc. needs some experience.

Anyway, after finishing the last story-mode mission, you will have unlocked several additional challenges which are really great. There is one, where you have to beat the hi-score by doing plenty of tricks within 2 minutes time limit. Then there is another challenge, where you have to achieve 8 different goals like collecting letters, etc. throughout the level. What's good about it, is that you may achieve 2 goals and the game will remember them for later, so you don't have to everything at one go. Then there is freestyle, which actually means plain fun.

Now thats all around 15 hours of fun. Depening of course on how skilled you are. Getting hiscores within 2 minutes of time is sometimes a pain-in-the-ass, because its really difficult (at least on some levels).

But now, we got multiplayer as well and that's what is really great about this game. There is one party mode, where you are able to select up to 8 players. One player will play at one time for a really short time. Everyone will play one a map and the one with the lowest score will get kicked out. After that the next map will begin and so on till one player is left.
Then there are modes, where 2 players play at the same time.
One mode is for highest score, one mode will show a trick and you will have to replay it asap. Then there is one mode, where the one with the longest air-time (and combos) will win and finally there is a mode, where one player has some sort of police-tape flowing behind him and the other player has to reach it. That one is fun as well.

So if you want a really good multiplayer sports game, buy it. I'm not into sports games and I'm definitely not into skating simulations. I played the demo on the PS2 demo disc and got the full version for around 15EUR and I'm really glad I bought it. Although I wouldn't buy it for full-price, but afaik its not available fullprice anymore.

So to make it short
- Great multiplayer
- Great graphics and sound
- Singleplayer is okay
- Not many levels
- Storymode pretty short, but really hard on the other side
- Level replaying may get frustrating sometimes

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 03/03/03, Updated 03/03/03

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