Review by jld722

"It looks good, but is it really?"

First off, let me start out this review by stating what I paid for this game used, $9.99! I paid $9.99 for it and I would like my money back. Here’s the deal though, you ride around on a hoverboard and you complete missions during story mode. You can play a couple of multiplayer modes but it gets boring. It may seem cool, but believe me, it’s not. Even the price I paid for it was definitely too much. Why you ask? Let me explain…

Basic Story: 3/10
Rescue your friend Oscar and take on the GCP corporation. Pretty simple huh? This story is supposed to make me like the game? Not me.

Gameplay: 2/10
One word describes it: horrible. I may just be used to the Tony Hawk way of holding the X button to preload your jumps, I don’t know. But with this game you just press X and you jump, I’m just not used to that. Turning and such is a pain. It is too sensitive and most of the time you will get all disoriented. The only cool part though is the “grab-onto-a-pole-and-spin” feature. It was pretty sweet to spin around a vertical pole and be tossed into the air to bust out more tricks.

Fun Factor: 2/10
One player mode doesn’t really pull you in with it’s story. It’s not very fun to play by yourself. With multiplayer, it gets a little better. There’s a Score Attack, Trick List, Ribbon Tag, Show Off and Party Mode. Out of all those, I only liked the Trick List.

Graphics: 7/10
The graphics turned out to be pretty good. The effects were done nicely. The characters look pretty futuristic. The levels in general look pretty futuristic. This is one of the few things I liked about this game.

Sound: 7/10
The music’s alright. It could use some more special sound effects though.

Replayability: 3/10
I guess it has SOME replayability. You could play the very short story mode or you could play the score attack. But unless you have friends over, this game has little to none replayability. The SOME I stated earlier would be for the multiplayer mode.

Overall: 1/10
I stated that I bought this for a very cheap price and used. I would like to take my money back. In fact, I will be going today to exchange it back for something else. I didn’t really enjoy the game due to the fact of the horrible controls. The story wasn’t that interesting. The only two good things I liked about this game was the ability to spin on the poles and the graphics. Everything else just didn’t cut it for me. To those that have played other games that involved other boards (such as the THPS series), stay with that game. I certainly would not recommend getting this game, no matter how cool it looks on the back cover.

Reviewer's Rating:   0.5 - Unplayable

Originally Posted: 08/14/03

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