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"It was a very good game when it was released. But now, I think that it could have been SO much better."

Hello, and welcome to my review on AirBlade for the Playstation 2. AirBlade is a futuristic skating game for the PS2. It sounds like a great game when you understand the main idea, but when you go a little in-game, you really get to know the bad parts of the game. I don't really like playing skating games, so I didn't think I was going to enjoy this one. It actually took my brother quite a while to convince me that this game was alright.

The graphics are very simple structured and very basic. Nothing special, really, but I have to say that they did put some effort into the animations. The tricks you can do on the board are quite amazing, but the graphic animations make them a lot better. The tricks are nothing special, they're just the average tricks that you would normally put on in a normal skating game.

Rock is usually the main music theme in skating games, but this game slightly changes that idea. The music in AirBlade is a little more slower and not as loud as other skating games. The game covers music you wouldn't here on the radio. The game has a lot more un-known music than other games, but the music is quite good for people who aren't really into rock. I would give the music an 8/10 because I believe there could have been a better and larger selection of music and the sound affects are quite poor and simple.

You play as one player through story mode, but you can play as 6 different characters in different options in the game. You ride only one board, but it is no ordinary board. This board doesn't have any wheels. It hovers a couple of inches from the ground, and this allows you to pull of tricks a little easier than a normal skateboard. The board looks so much cooler, and it handles better than a skateboard, so that in itself is already an advantage over the skateboard. The AirBlade also gives you the chance to jump further and higher, and it even allows you to boost! The gameplay is really good, and the gameplay is one of the strongest parts of a game.

Oscar, one of your colleges discovered an AirBlade. A co-operation called GCP also discovered that Oscar found the AirBlade. GCP stole the AirBlade from Oscar and kidnapped Oscar along with the blade. It's up to you, Ethan and your friends to stop the GCP and get back your friend Oscar. Don't ask me how Ethan got the AirBlade when the GCP forgot because I'm lazy and I forgot.

The replay value isn't that great, not great at all. I mean, you could play the levels again in story mode, but that's just boring. You can do a lot more extra stuff, though. You can play multi-player with someone, you can do extra hidden objectives on single-player, you can unlock special features or you can watch the making of the game, but that's about it. I hope I have convinced you on what to expect when you play this game. It's not the best skating game, but it's not the worse.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 08/02/04

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