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    Roster Update FAQ by DOAsaturn

    Version: 2.2 | Updated: 10/08/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    NHL 2002 for Playstation 2 by EA Sports 
    Roster Update list by DOAsaturn (philsites@capitalsfan.com)
    Version History
    V 1.0 - September 28, 2001
    V 1.1 - September 28, 2001
    V 2.0 - October 1, 2001
    V 2.1 - October 7, 2001
    V 2.2 - October 8, 2001
    The list was created for those who want to personally edit their own rosters, 
    those who don't have a sharkport or can't find a roster save, or those who 
    would like to double check their sharkport rosters for errors.  You can 
    certainly use the list for yourself, or other boards/newsgroups and websites, 
    but please don't give yourself credit.  I've already had a lot of help from 
    people from the gamefaqs boards in compiling this list, and hopefully we can 
    keep it going until NHL 2003.  
    This is the first version of this list.  It includes all the waiver claims 
    and trades you'll need to do.  A few created players are listed too.  For 
    the next version I will include a waiver list which will include players 
    released from their teams that have yet to be claimed.  If you know of any 
    trades, waiver claims, retired players, or players that should be created, 
    please e-mail me at philsites@capitalsfan.com.  It would be great if you could 
    also e-mail me the players that have been released for your favorite team, 
    this would help me a great deal in double checking my records.  Also, if your 
    sending me create-a-player info, try to include as much info as possible 
    (obviously name and position and team, but also #, height/weight, birth date, 
    birthplace, years played, and a few comments on his abilities if possible).  
    Sorry, I had to make some quick corrections.  First you must create Marty 
    Brochu for Vancouver (not sign him, he isn;t in the game), Aaron Ward doesn't 
    need to be signed to the Carolina he is already there.  Also, Terreri for 
    the Isles was released.  
    More created players added.  All Free Agents listed.  If a create-a-player's 
    # is #?, that means the player has not been assigned an official number with 
    the team (most likely because he is in the minors), but will most likely play 
    for the team later in the year.  Keep posted for number updates in the future.
    More created players added.  A few free agent moves and trades added.  Check 
    bottom of lists for each team for the newest addtions to that team.
    V 2.2
    2.1 was only new for 1 day!  I found a few lists of players in europe, players 
    who re-signed with their teams.  Take a close look at the Waivers list on 
    the bottom.  Some players did end up signing back with their old teams.  
    Players picked up on the Waivers list are also mentioned on each individual 
    team list.  The Rangers have had a lot of activity lately.  2.2 is a nice 
    revision.  If your starting anew, this is the one to print out.  I'm finally 
    starting to smooth all the rough little edges, so the FAQ is more accurate 
    now than it ever has been.  I will have a 2.3 update (I originally said there 
    wouldn't be one, and just go to 3.0) because there are a couple minor free 
    agent issues to resolve.  And, I also need to know who the third string call-up 
    goalie would be for Ottawa and St. Louis, even if they are sitting in the 
    minors right now.  I've had a heck of a time finding any info on this.  3.0 
    will include all players you need to create that made their respective teams 
    cuts, and hopefully all the goalie depth charts will be in 3.0, or if not, 
    in 3.1.  By the time 4.0 rolls around, I will post a special section on historic 
    players to create.  That is the plan for now!
    MOVES TO MAKE (Every move listed here is possible, since I've done them myself 
    on the game, if there is an error, please notify me)
    Anaheim Mighty Ducks
    -sign Aris Brimanis from the Islanders
    -sign Drew Bannister from the Rangers
    -create Left Wing Timo Parssinen, 5-10/176, left, 1/17/77, Turku, Finland, 
    overall low 70's, good puckhandling skills, good deke rating of about 80.  
    A softie around defenders, but can sometimes outwit them.  Potential at 80.
    Atlanta Thrashers
    -sign Anthony (Tony) Hrkac from the Mighty Ducks
    -sign Todd Reirden from the Blues
    -sign Bob Corkum from the Devils
    -create Goalie Scott Fankhouser (the game will automatically create him after 
    entering his name) - you will have to leave Fankhouser on the Waivers list 
    since their are already 3 goalies on the Atlanta roster
    -create Left Wing Ilya Kovalchuk (#17, 6-2/200, right, 4/15/83, Tver, Russia, 
    overall of  80 with high potential of around 92.  The first round pick off 
    the 2001 Entry Draft should see some good playing time for the Thrashers this 
    ILYA KOVALCHUK RATINGS (Provided by M. DeSantis) - Here are some very accurate 
    ratings compiled for Kovalchuk.  Use these if you'd like:
    Kovalchuk - 76 - overall 
    speed 87  
    strength 78  
    stamina 75  
    accel 89  
    puck control 85  
    shot power 85  
    shot acc 91  
    potential 98  
    -create Defenseman Daniel Tjarnqvist (#36, 6-2/180, left, 10/14/76, Umea, 
    Sweden, good speed, not the most aggressive defenseman around though, nice 
    potential rating of 85)
    -create Center Ben Smith (#?, 5-11/178, left, 6/14/78, Shaker Heights, Ohio, 
    nice speed, good passing skills, potential in high 80s, did not make the cut 
    and is in the minors, but may get call-up)
    Boston Bruins
    -sign Scott Pellerin from the Hurricanes
    -sign Tony Tuzzolino from the Rangers (not Bruins like I erroneously had typed 
    before v 2.2)
    -sign P.J. Stock from the Flyers
    -create Goalie Andrew Raycroft (the game will automatically create him after 
    entering his name)
    -sign John Emmons from the Lightning/Waivers
    -sign Greg Crozier from the Penguins/Waivers
    Buffalo Sabres
    -sign Bob Essensa from the Canucks
    -sign Rory Fitzpatrick from the Oilers
    -sign Christian Matte from the Wild/or Waivers list
    -create Right Wing Norm Milley (#19, 6-0/185, right, 2/14/80, Toronto, 
    Canada, still in minors but should be called up later this year, overall in 
    high 70s, potential at 90, good speed and aggressiveness)
    -change Bob Essensa's # to 31
    -change Taylor Pyatt's # to 24
    Calgary Flames
    -sign Craig Berube from the Islanders
    -sign Dean McAmmond from the Flyers
    -sign Jamie Allison from the Blackhawks
    -sign Jamie Wright from the Stars/Waivers
    -re-sign Dallas Eakins if you released him
    Carolina Hurricanes
    -create Goalie Tom Barrasso (the game will automatically create him after 
    entering his name)
    -sign Josh Holden from the Hurricanes
    -re-sign Jeff Daniels if you released him
    Chicago Blackhawks
    -sign Steve Thomas from the Maple Leafs
    -sign Pascal Rheaume from the Blues
    -sign Peter White from the Flyers
    -sign Phil Housley from the Flames
    -create Goalie Michael Leighton (#?, 6-2/175, right, 5/18/81, Petroliq, 
    Ontario, stats around high 60s low 70s, good potential rating of 80)
    -re-sign Steve Dubinsky if you released him
    -re-sign Jean-Yves Leroux if you released him
    Colorado Avalanche
    -sign Todd Gill from the Red Wings
    -create Goalie Philippe Sauve (#?, 6-0/175, right, 2/27/80, Buffalo, New 
    York, stats in the high 60s, this future backup to Aebischer has a lot of 
    promise so give him a 85-90 potential rating)
    -sign Pascal Trepanier from the Ducks/or Waiver list
    -sign Darryl Shannon from the Canadians (he has since been cut from the Avs, 
    release him if you signed him)
    Columbus Blue Jackets
    -create Goalie J.F. Labbe (#1, 5-9/170, left, 6/15/72, Sherbrooke, Quebec.  
    stats in mid 60s)
    -re-sign Kevin Dineen if you released him
    Dallas Stars 
    -sign Greg Hawgood from the Canucks
    -sign Pat Verbeek from the Red Wings
    -sign Rob DiMaio from the Hurricanes
    -create Goalie Rick Tabaracci (#?, 6-1/180, right, 1/2/69, Canada, stats in 
    low 70s, veteran of 10+ years)
    Detroit Red Wings
    -sign Brett Hull from the Stars
    -create Goalie Jason Elliott (#38, 6-2/183, left, 11/10/75, Inuvik, N.W.T., 
    Canada, stats in mid 60s, potential of  80)
    -create Center Pavel Datsyuk (#?, 5-11/181, left, 7/20/78, Ekaterinburg, 
    Russia, nice speed, good puckhandling and deking skills, average offense, 
    overall low 70s, potential around 85)
    Edmonton Oilers
    -sign Steve Staios from the Oilers
    -create Josh Green (game will automatically create him upon entering his 
    -re-sign Sven Butenschon if you released him
    -sign Greg Leeb from Edmonton/Waivers
    -create Goalie Joaquin Gage (#31, 6-2/215, left, 10/19/73, Vancouver, BC, 
    stats in mid 70s)
    -create Goalie Jussi Markkanen (#30, 5-11/183, left, 5/8/75, Imatra, 
    Finland, stats in low 70s)
    Florida Panthers
    -sign Jeff Norton from the Sharks
    -sign Wade Flaherty from the Lightning
    -create Left Wing Niklas Hagman (#32, 6-0/190, left, 12/5/79, Espoo, Finland, 
    overall in mid 70s, high potential of 90)
    -create Center Krystofer Kolanos (#36, 6-2/196, right, 7/27/81, Calgary, AB, 
    overall of around 78, potential in low 90s, good puckhandling and speed skills 
    (mid 80s).
    -sign Bill Lindsay from the Sharks
    -create Left Wing Kristian Huselius (#22, 6-1/190, left, 11/10/78, 
    Osterhaninge, Sweden, overall around 72, potential at 82-84, nice speed and 
    good puckhandling skills)
    Los Angeles Kings
    -sign Rob Valicevic from the Predators
    -sign Ken Belanger from the Bruins
    -create Goalie Travis Scott (the game will automatically create him after 
    entering his name) - you will have to leave Scott on the Waivers list since 
    their are already 3 goalies on the Los Angeles roster
    -create Center Jaroslav Bednar (#?, 6-0/198, right, 11/8/76, Prague, Czech, 
    good speed, good control, overall rating around 75-80 with high potential 
    rating of 90+)
    Minnesota Wild
    -sign Mike Crowley from the Mighty Ducks
    -sign Brad Brown from the Rangers
    -sign Sebastien Bordeleau from the Blues
    -create Goalie Derek Gustafson (the game will automatically create him after 
    entering his name)
    -sign Dwayne Roloson from the Blues
    (This creates a 4 goalie situation, Gustafson and McLennan are in the minors, 
    so its your preference in deciding which one you want on the roster, while 
    the other can be put on the Waivers List)
    -sign Chris Joseph from the Thrashers/Waivers
    -re-sign Sergei Krivokrasov if you released him
    Montreal Canadiens
    -sign Reid Simpson from the Blues
    -create Goalie Mathieu Garon (the game will automatically create him after 
    entering his name)
    -create Center Mike Ribeiro (the game will automatically create him after 
    entering his name)
    -sign Doug Gilmour from the Sabres/or Waiver list
    -create Center Xavier Delisle (the game will automatically create him after 
    entering his name)
    Nashville Predators
    -sign Andy Delmore from the Flyers
    -sign Rich Brennan from the Kings/Waivers
    New Jersey Devils
    -sign Ted Drury from the Blue Jackets
    -release Goalie Backup and create Goalie Frederic Henry (#35, 5-10/150, left, 
    8/9/77, Cap Rouge PQ, Canada, average stats in 60s)
    -create Goalie Jean-Francois Damphousse (#38, 6-0/175, right, 7/21/79. St. 
    Alexis, Quebec, average stats in 60s)
    -create Goalie Ari Ahonen (#50, 6-2/170, left, 2/6/81, Jyvaskyla, Finland, 
    average stats in mid 70s with high potential rating)
    *NOTE - This creates a 4 goalie situation.  For now Ahonen  is the official 
    backup.  Henry and Damphousse will both probably see a game or two this year,  
    you'll have to keep one on waivers though.
    -create Goalie Scott Clemmensen (#40, 6-2/185, left, 7/23/77,  Des Moines, 
    Iowa, overall in low 70s)
    *NOTE - Now we have 5 goalies here.  The situation looks like this.  Clemmensen 
    is the official backup right now.  Damphousse has the nod to be the 3rd string 
    call-up if they need him.  Henry and Ahonen will probably play the year out 
    in the minors, so either don't create them, or put them on the FA List)
    New York Islanders
    -sign Marko Tuomainen from the Kings
    -sign Chris Osgood from the Red Wings - change his # to 35
    -change Garth Snow's # to 30
    -sign Chris Armstrong from the Wild/Waivers
    -change Yashin's # to 79
    New York Rangers
    -sign Steve McKenna from the Penguins
    -sign Eric Lindros from the Flyers
    -sign Darren Van Impe from the Bruins
    -create Goalie Johan Holmqvist (the game will automatically create him after 
    entering his name)
    -create Goalie Vitali Yeremeyev (the game will automatically create him after 
    entering his name) - Yeremeyev is on the Kazakhstan team)
    -sign Goalie Peter Skudra from Boston/or Waiver list 
    *NOTE - This gives you 5 NY Rangers goalies.  Holmqvist and Yeremeyev should 
    be on the Waiver list for now, Skudra is the third string goalie.
    -create Left Wing Zdeno Ciger (#18, 6-1/190, left, 10/19/69, Martin, Czech, 
    overall in mid-70s, over 10 years playing)
    Ciger - 79 (Ratings provided by M. DeSantis) 
    checking 86  
    passing 80  
    speed 83  
    accel 84  
    shot power 88  
    shot acc 87  
    potential 70
    -create Defenseman Bryan Berard (#34, 6-1/190, left, 3/5/77, Woonsocket, 
    Rhode Island, overall in low 80s)
    -create Goalie Dan Blackburn (#80, 6-1/190, left, 5/20/83, Canmore, AB, 
    overall in mid 70s, high potential rating of 95)
    *NOTE - It looks like the official depth chart is going to be Richter, Skudra, 
    and Holmqvist, but Blackburn is so good he may get a couple games this year 
    and is the Rangers goalie of the future.  You should have Blackburn and 
    Yeremeyev on the Waiver list and release Guy Hebert too.
    -sign Rico Fata from the Flames
    -sign Sean Haggerty from the Predators/Waivers
    -sign Ed Ward from the Devils/Waivers
    -change David Karpa's # to 33
    -change Mike York's # to 16
    -create Left Wing Barret Heisten (#47, 6-1/189, right, 3/19/80, Anchorage, 
    USA, around 74 overall, good passing skills, high checking and aggressiveness 
    ratings (around 85-88 for each). Pass more than shoot.  Potential at 80.  
    Ottawa Senators
    -sign Steve Martins from the Islanders
    -sign Chris Herpenger from the Blackhawks
    -create Center Jason Spezza (#?, 6-2/188, right, 6/13/83, Mississauga, 
    Ontario.  This guy isn't the speediest young center out there, but he has 
    great deking and shooting abilities.  His potential should rate around 95.  
    Overall in the low 80s.  He is in the minors now, but should get some time 
    this year.)
    Philadelphia Flyers
    -sign Kim Johnsson from the Rangers
    -sign Jan Hlavac from the Rangers
    -create Right Wing Pavel Brendl (#55, 6-0/204, right, 3/23/81, Opocno, Czech, 
    fast and offense orientated stats) 
    Brendl - 75 (Ratings provided by M.DeSantis) 
    passing 71  
    speed 82  
    stamina 86  
    accel 81  
    shot pow 87  
    shot acc 91  
    puck control 88  
    potential 84  
    injury 70 
    -create Center Jiri Dopita (#20, 6-3/230, left, 12/2/68, Symperk, Czech, good 
    puckhandler, aggressive, Overall rating around 75, he is a Rookie despite 
    his age)
    -create Right Wing Jesse Boulerice (#21, 6-2/203, right, 8/10/78, 
    Plattsburgh, NY, has a defensive touch, since he converted to RW from D.  Not 
    very physical though.  Average stats, overall at 68.  
    Phoenix Coyotes
    -sign Zac Bierk from the Wild
    Pittsburgh Penguins
    -sign Robbie Tallas from the Stars
    -sign Peter Ratchuk from the Panthers
    -sign Mike Wilson from the Panthers
    -sign John Jakopin for the Panthers
    -create Right Wing Stephane Richer (#44, 6-2/215, right, 6/7/66, Ripon QUE, 
    Canada, over 10 years playing, stats in low 80s, good shooter and decent puck 
    control ability, plays on Lemieux's line)
    St. Louis Blues
    -sign Christian LaFlamme from the Canadiens
    -sign Rich Pilon from the Rangers
    San Jose Sharks
    -create Goalie Vesa Toskala (#29, 5-9/175, left, 5/20/77, Tampere, Finland, 
    average stats around 65)
    -sign Joel Prpic from the Avalanche/Waivers
    -re-sign Shawn Heins if you released him
    Tampa Bay Lightning
    -sign Grant Ledyard from the Stars
    -sign Dave Andreychuk from the Sabres
    -sign Glen Metropolit from the Capitals
    -create Goalie Dieter Kochan (the game will automatically create him after 
    entering his name)
    -create Goalie Evgeny Konstantinov (the game will automatically create him 
    after entering his name)
    *NOTE - place Konstantinov on the Waiver list for now, but he may be called 
    up by Tampa Bay this year for a couple games
    Toronto Maple Leafs
    -create Goalie Mikael Tellqvist (#32, 5-11/174, left, 9/19/79, Sundbyberg, 
    Sweden, good control, lots of promise)
    -create Goalie Corey Schwab (#35, 6-0/180, left, 11/4/70, N.Battleford, 
    Sask, Canada, ratings in the low 70s) 
    *NOTE - Schwab is #2, Tellqvist is #3 on the goalie depth chart
    -sign Bob Wren from the Ducks/Waivers
    Vancouver Canucks
    -create Goalie Alfie Michaud (#31, 5-10/184, left, 11/6/76, East Selkirk MB, 
    Canada, make him quick, but not very strong)
    -sign Herbert Vasiljevs from the Thrashers
    -create Goalie Martin Brochu (#30, 6-0/199, left, 3/10/73, Anjou PQ, Canada, 
    average, high 60s ratings)
    *NOTE - Brochu is #2, Michaud is #3 on the goalie depth chart
    -sign Andre Savage from the Bruins/Waivers
    Washington Capitals
    -create Center Brian Sutherby (#46, 6-2/176, left, 3/1/82, Edmonton AB, 
    Canada, stats around 75, potential around 90)
    -NOTE - The situation with James Black was confusing for awhile, he is 
    actually not on the team, but he is in on an Ottawa affiliated minor league 
    team.  You can sign him to Ottawa if you want, but I want to research this 
    a little bit more.  
    -create Defenseman Stephen Peat (#51, 6-3/210, right, 3/10/80, Princeton BC, 
    Canada, stats around 70, potential at 85, this guy is as aggressive and 
    hard-hitting as they come.  He's always looking for a hit and a fight.  He 
    has a very hard shot too, but not tremendous accuracy.  
    Free Agents (Please notify me if their are more players that need to be 
    released in the game) - this list will include teams signed with too, also 
    their names will stay here and go to the team list too).  Old Team is in 
    parenthesis, this is the team you must release them from.  
    -Doug Gilmour (Buffalo) - sign to Montreal
    -Chris Terreri (NY Islanders) - *NOTE used to say (Detroit), I corrected the 
    error to (NY Islanders)
    -Greg Adams (Flordia)
    -Chris Armstrong (Minnesota) - sign to New York Islanders
    -Blair Atcheynum (Chicago)
    -Murray Baron (Vancouver)
    -Len Barrie (Florida)
    -Andrei Bashkirov (Montreal)
    -Nolan Baumgartner (Chicago)
    -Eric Bertrand (Montreal)
    -Rich Brennan (Los Angeles) - sign to Nashville
    -Paul Brosseau (Florida)
    -Doug Brown (Detroit)
    -Sven Butenschon (Edmonton) - sign back to Edmonton
    -Jim Campbell (Montreal)
    -David Cooper (Toronto)
    -Rene Corbet (Pittsburgh)
    -Patrick Cote (Edmonton)
    -Greg Crozier (Pittsburgh) - sign to Boston
    -Jeff Daniels (Carolina) - sign back to Carolina
    -Louie DeBrusk (Phoenix)
    -Kevin Dineen (Columbus) - sign back to Columbus
    -Bobby Dollas (Pittsburgh)
    -Ted Donato (Dallas)
    -Stan Drulia (Tampa Bay)
    -Stave Dublinsky (Chicago) -sign back to Chicago
    -Dallas Eakins (Calgary) -sign back to Calgary
    -John Emmons (Tampa Bay) - sign to Boston
    -Eric Fichaud (Montreal)
    -Mike Fountain (Ottawa)
    -Joaquin Gage (Edmonton)
    -Garry Galley (NY Islanders)
    -Bruce Gardiner (Columbus)
    -Todd Gill (Detroit) - signed by Colorado
    -Yan Golubovsky (Florida)
    -Tony Granato (San Jose)
    -Stephen Guolla (Atlanta)
    -Alexei Gusarov (St.Louis)
    -Sean Haggerty (Nashville) - sign to New York Rangers
    -Casey Hankinson (Chicago)
    -Tavis Hanson (Phoenix)
    -Kevin Hatcher (Carolina)
    -Glenn Healy (Toronto)
    -Shawn Heins (San Jose) - sign back to San Jose
    -Matt Higgins (Montreal)
    -Joe Hulbig (Boston)
    -Jody Hull (Philadelphia)
    -Mark Janssens (Chicago)
    -Chris Joseph (Atlanta) - sign to Minnesota
    -Kohn Ladislav (Atlanta)
    -Sergei Krivokrasov (Minnesota) -sign back to Minnesota
    -Paul Kruse (San Jose)
    -Eric Lacroix (Ottawa)
    -Mark Lawrence (NY Islanders)
    -Greg Leeb (Dallas) -sign to Edmonton
    -Jean-Yves Leroux (Chicago) -sign back to Chicago
    -Bill Lindsay (San Jose) - signed by Florida
    -John Maclean (Dallas)
    -Christian Matte (Minnesota) - sign to Buffalo
    -Kirk McLean (NY Rangers)
    -Craig Millar (Tampa Bay)
    -Kip Miller (Pittsburgh)
    -Gord Murphy (Atlanta)
    -Larry Murphy (Detroit)
    -Frank Musil (Edmonton)
    -Anders Myrvold (NY Islanders)
    -Eric Nicklaus (Boston)
    -Jeff Nielsen (Minnesota)
    -Jaroslav Obsut (St. Louis)
    -Derek Plante (Philadelphia)
    -Andrei Podkonicky (Florida)
    -Joel Prpic (Colorado) - sign to San Jose
    -Dave Reid (Colorado)
    -Dominic Roussel (Edmonton)
    -Darren Rumble (St. Louis)
    -Andre Savage (Boston) -sign to Vancouver
    -Alexander Selivanov (Columbus)
    -Sean Selmser (Columbus)
    -Peter Skudra (Boston) - sign to New York Rangers
    -Brandon Smith (Boston)
    -Ron Sutter (Calgary)
    -Dean Sylvester (Atlanta)
    -Daniel Trebil (St. Louis)
    -Pascal Trepanier (Anaheim) - sign to Colorado
    -Vladimir Tsyplakov (Buffalo)
    -Dixon Ward (Boston)
    -Ed Ward (New Jersey) -sign to New York Rangers
    -Steve Washburn (Philadelphia)
    -David Wilkie (NY Rangers)
    -Bob Wren (Anaheim) - sign to Toronto
    -Jamie Wright (Dallas) - sign to Calgary
    -Terry Yake (Washington)
    -Goalie Backup (New Jersey)
    -John Jackopin (Florida) - sign to Pittsburgh
    UPDATE 2.1 on...
    -create Marquis Mathieu (game will auto create him)
    -create Rich Parent (game will auto create him)
    -create Goalie Ken Wregget (#31, 6-1/201, left, 3/25/64, Brandon MAN, Canada, 
    stats in mid 70s)
    -Guy Hebert (NY Rangers)
    -create Goalie Michael Larocque (#30, 5-11/198, left, 10/3/76, Lahr, 
    Germany, stats in high 60s)
    -create Goalie Jeff Maund (#35, 6-2/195, left, 4/8/76, Mississauga, Ontario, 
    stats in high 60s)
    -create Center Matt Herr (#67, 6-1/208, right, 5/26/76, Hackensack, New 
    Jersey, stats in high 60s)
    UPDATE 2.2 on...
    -Darryl Shannon (Montreal/or Colorado)
    -Sergei Vsyhedkevich (Anaheim)
    -Antii Alto (Anaheim)
    -Andrei Skopintsev (Atlanta)
    -Andre Kovalenko (Boston)
    -Peter Popovic (Boston)
    -Mike Maneluk (Columbus)
    -Kai Nurminen (Minnesota)
    -Juha Lind (Montreal)
    -Johann Witehall (Montreal)
    -Ville Peltonen (Nashville)
    -Jesse Belanger (NY Islanders)
    -Robert Petrovicky (NY Islanders)
    -Derek Armstrong (NY Rangers)
    -Derek King (Ottawa)
    -David Oliver (Ottawa)
    -Michael Picard (Philadelphia)
    -Sergei Gusev (Tampa Bay)
    -James Black (Washington) - yes, we have finalized that he is not on 
    -Brantt Myhres (Washington)
    1. A couple minor issues concerning a few players
    2. Third String Goalies for a couple teams (Ottawa and St. Louis
    3. Any new transactions that come up
    -all players you need to create that made the cut
    -goalie depth charts possibly (maybe in 3.1)
    NHL 2002 for PS2 roster update list created by DOAsaturn (2002)
    Thanks to:
    A. Dowell
    M. Desantis
    and everyone on the PS2 NHL 2002 gamefaqs board
    gamefaqs and cjayc
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    Sporting News NHL Preview

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