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"NHL 2002 is just simply awesome"

Here's the scoop, I went down to Hollywood Video a day or two ago in search of some PS2 games to check out as I just got a PS2 for Christmas and wanted to check out some of the games in the PS2 library so I know what I want to buy. Anyhow, I picked up NHL 2002, brought it home and put it in my PS2 and played it for awhile. I was highly impressed with this game in a number of ways. The graphics, gameplay, game modes, commentary and everything else were just simply amazing to say the least. I found the commentary to be very funny, the gameplay I found to be rather easy to learn, the graphics I thought were very sweet and the number of game modes on here adds some depth to what is an awesome PS2 hockey game. So with all of this said, lets get down to business.

Gameplay: 10/10 The gameplay on NHL 2002 is some of the easiest gameplay you will find on a hockey game, especially on the PS2. I learned the gameplay of this game rather quickly, took a few tries and found it to be some very good gameplay.

Graphics: 9/10 Despite the occasional graphic glitches which are in every game, I found that the graphics for this game were outstanding. The faces looked great, the arenas looked good, and detailed, the crowd looked sweet, the crowd on NHL 2002 is better then most crowds on most sports games.

Game Modes: 10/10 This game had several modes for you to choose from. They were all very good. The NHL cards should be an incentive for you to keep playing until you unlock everything.

Replayability: 10/10 After the very first time I played this game, I enjoyed it alot and found the game to be very fun. You will probably find yourself hooked on this game, especially if you are a hockey fan.

Overall: 10/10 Overall this is seriously one of the very best hockey games that I have played on ANY system. With a combination of good graphics, gameplay, commentary, etc, this is one game you will probably be playing for a long time after you buy it, but that's IF you buy it.

Rent/Buy: I rented this game and plan on buying it in the near future or whenever I get the chance. It's best if you rent it first then buy it so that way you can form your own opinion.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 12/31/01, Updated 12/31/01

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