"EA Sports do it again!"

Yet another classic sports sim from EA sports. They’ve been putting out great sports games for years for multiple sports, this one is yet another great one.

Lets get down to it:

Graphics – 10/10

The graphics are fantastic, from the cut scenes to the in game action. The arena’s look great and are all portrayed in full detail. The player’s faces are exceptionally good.

All the small details are great, you can even see the home teams logo on the puck!

Game Modes – 9/10

The modes are:

Play now - Pick the teams and go

Season – Pick you team(s) and guide them though a whole year-long season. Trade players, improve your team and take them to the playoffs. Of course, you don’t have to trade players if you don’t want to.

Playoffs – Pick your teams and battle your way towards the ultimate glory – The Stanley Cup!

Tournament – Create a fantasy tournament with International teams or National teams.

Shootout – Go 1 on 1 with the goalie and see if you can fake him and put the puck in the net. 5 shots each, every one is crucial.

NHL 2002 has all the official teams and very accurate rosters from the start of the 2001-2002 season.

Fantasy draft – Each team with pick 1 player at a time each until all the players have been selected, you can then see your finished team. It could be great it or it could be poor. It doesn’t stick that way, it’s just for fun.

Jersey numbers – Change the jersey numbers of the players.

Trade players – trade the players and update the teams, or just make them better.

Create a player – Create a dream player with top stats, or create a rookie and draft him to your team. You can edit all the facial features individually to get a perfect face. Select the name and announcers will say it (It has to be a popular name though).

Custom team – Pick 18 players and 2 goalies and have your own playable team.

Sound – 10/10
Hilarious colour commentating, some of the things they come out with gave me a good chuckle.

The PA announcer is great too; he comes out with pointless stuff like “In 48 hours, tomorrow will be yesterday”.

The crowds will boo the away side if they score or foul, etc.

Game play – 10/10
The game’s pace can be either slow or fast, depending on your settings.

You can set the difficulty to just how you feel comfortable, you can tweak each setting individually to get it just right.

One new feature added is the NHL cards. The game has a Tony Hawk Pro Skater style task list. If you complete a task, such as 10 passes in a period, you’ll get points. The points differ on what difficulty the task was. After the game, you can save the points to your NHL cards profile. Once you have 2000 points, you can buy a pack of NHL cards. If you get the same card 2 times, you can sell it off for points.

You can use the cards to unlock Easter eggs, goal celebrations and even use the cards to improve how a player plays.

Overall – 10/10
Yet another amazing hockey game. It has everything you expect from an NHL game, the sights, the sounds, the hits, the goals, everything.

If this is just a taster of what EA have for us next time around, then bring on NHL 2003!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 06/15/02, Updated 11/29/02

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