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"Hook, Slash, and Spearing the good ol' ref said."

NHL 2002 introduces many new features and camera angles. NHL 2002 has 3 different new cool, but minor features I would like to mention. The ''breakaway mode/screen'' occurs when you pass the opponents blue line first, ''the check replay'' occurs when you knock an opponent out cold a quick replay of the check is shown and the game resumes, last would be the ''goalie save replay'' which is a quick replay of a kick-save, a blocker save, and sometimes even a glove save.

The graphics for NHL 2002 are not the best they can be. The players are jaggy as are the nets and fans. The graphics in this game look no better then that of NHL 2000 on the original PSX. The game also has a constant temporary freeze on my system. I am assuming this happens when the game gets really fast paced: since the crowd gets louder, the commentators have a lot of announcing to do, the screen is changing quickly, and the sounds of the checks and shots add on. This happens in many games.

Easy to control, just as the traditional NHL games. One new feature of control I would like to mention is the ability to deek manually. If you hold the triangle button then you can use your d-pad/analog stick to control the deek. The rest is the same as always. Circle to speed up or check, square to shoot or poke check, ect. ect.

Not much story involved in sports games, but this game has a point scoring system that I don't know where else to put. You get a list of objectives you can do. They vary in difficulties. Something classified as easy would be ''Score a goal'' for scoring a goal you would accomplish this objective and receive a minimal amount of points. Something classified as hard would be ''score a hat trick with two different players'' for accomplishing this objective you would get a good amount of points depending on what skill level you are playing on.

Create a Player-10/10
The game has a new and improved ''create a player'' system. You now can now select what your player looks like by choosing things like skin tone, eye color, or even eyebrow length. You now have infinity ability points when defining his abilities. This is really cool since now you can make a super sweet team with all created players.

Rent or Buy
Though this game has many new feature you should rent it instead of buying it. I find that you get bored of it quickly. If this is your very first NHL game then you should buy it. The first time a played a hockey game a got months of gameplay out of it till my desire to play it started diminishing.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 06/25/02, Updated 06/25/02

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