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Reviewed: 02/11/03 | Updated: 02/11/03

EA Shoots.... EA Sports SCORES!!!!

Wow, WHAT A GAME! This CLASSIC NHL game is a MUST HAVE for ANY NHL fan out there! It has all the great components you could possibly want in a game! There are SO many amazing features in this game, that makes the game ALMOST literally endless! EA Sports has simply shaken the foundation of what a Sporting game has traditionally been. NHL 2002 offers Huge hits, exciting; nailbiting action, Fun for everyone, and some great competition! This game is nothing short of extraordinary in it's class, and all the NHL games up to this point, bow out to this one.. It has set the bar with it's amazing Graphics, endless commentary, terrific in-depth stats, great sound, and smooth gameplay, WOW!

WOW!! I am MINDBLOWN by these graphics!! Oh my gosh, you must see these graphics to believe them. They are definitely out of the norm, and into the unbelieveably lifelike status. Also, there are many goal celebrations to earn and pick from, the Create a Player is fantastic, and the crowd is superb. The graphics are just a jawdropper, to add on to the greatest hockey game of the era. It is no wonder why EA Sports are gods at Sporting Games. Also, another great thing is all the Jerseys! They have OLD team jerseys, Which is unbelieveable, going through every teams past jersey. The players are unbelieveably lifelike, and the graphics are truly outstanding in every aspect, the crowd ACTUALLY looks like the crowd and not some
dots on the screen like an extremely old NHL game, like NHL '97, The graphics.. are truly wonderful, and great, 10/10.

The SOUND, believe it or not, kept it from being a 10. DO NOT GET ME WRONG, the Sound is also GREAT! The theme music is excellent, the crowd reactions are superb as well. Commentary is never-ending, and a great asset to this game. The sound is really heart-pounding, and really good, but not worthy of being almost perfect, or perfect in my grading system. However, it is great, and doesn't affect this game's greatness in any way.

There are 4 Cool modes in this Game. There is the traditional Head to Head mode, A Shootout mode, which is down to the wire, nailbiting action. There is the straight playoffs mode, where you choose all the teams that are in the post-season and who is pitted against one another, and then there is the Tournament mode, where you can have a Tournament... Great for doing the Olympics if you have a season and want to make it even more realistic, you can do a tournament! Of course, you can pick from Various Countries, or teams. Also, there are NHL Cards, as well as Easter Eggs, you can win alot of Special Rewards, and Easter Eggs, and collect Player power-ups that can be utilized in the game. The gameplay modes are truly great and
it looks like they are really hard to top. There are so many features, stats, and everything, it makes this game truly mind-bogglingly great.

Controls and Playibility are great. No glitches, and the Controls are so perfectly assembled. There are absolutely NO FLAWS whatsoever in this aspect, easy to control, smooth playing... another perfect category in this game, wowsers... Unbelievablely great playability in this one, NO FLAWS AT ALL, PERFECT!!

Replay Value:9/10
OH MY GOSH, wow, the Replay Value is GREAT for a Sports Game! There is task list you must complete, on Each level of difficulty, you must complete all 4 Task Lists to actually, officially ''beat'' the game. This could take a very long time, especially on the Advanced level.. You then buy Player cards, Easter Eggs, Celebrations.. etc. with your Points that you obtain by doing each certain task. The Replayability is great with the 4 Modes... I dont see where you can possibly get tired of playing this game, it is great in every single aspect, especially Replayability... This truly is a game atop all Hockey games, Thank you EA Sports!!

Final Thoughts:Wow, this game is absolutely great for ANY Hockey fan out there, an easy 9/10, CERTAINLY Reccomended for all the Hockey fans.
Buy or Rent:BUY!! Definitely BUY This one, you will not be Dissapointed, EA SPORTS HAS CREATED A MASTERPEICE, NHL 2002 IS TRULY INSPIRATIONAL TO ALL THE Hockey games out there, WOW What a game!!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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