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"Hockey Has Bite"

Wow, where do EA Sports get its ideas from??? I’ve played other NHL games before, and I’ve previously written a review for NHL ’94 and I can tell you, there is a difference.
NHL 2002, is more then just a hockey game, it goes way beyond the concept of shooting a puck into a netted mesh.

As well as being able to play hockey in this game, you are also able to collect hockey cards. By collecting hockey cards, you are able to do stuff that the card says you can do. For example, you can buy a card that will turn all the players in the arena real small, or you can give them big heads, or other crazy stuff. Or you can buy these cards which can give you a slight edge in the game, such as an extra man on the ice, or the next 10 shots on net by your opponent will miss.

The graphics of NHL 2002 are extremely respectable, really well done. The player’s faces aren’t actually identical to the real faces, and the coaches of the teams aren’t the real coaches, but the players are well done. Between whistles, the players are like talking to each other, and you can see there lips moving and everything, it’s pretty cool.

The controls are really well done, I love them. Well actually I don’t like the controls that they original give you, so it’s good that you can customize it. Still though there are so many things you can do in the game, they don’t even give you enough buttons to program everything. You can even program the smallest things, such as press “L2” and your goalie will be pulled.

OMG!!! The sounds are so incredibly good in this game!!! Play-by-play action and everything!!! It has perfect, flawless play-by-play commentary with is so cool! Even if I create a new player, it will correctly pronounce his name! The music? Ah, get out! It’s so incredibly good! Such a good choice and I love it! The commentators are so funny, I could go on for ever about there hilarious jokes, and stupid remakes, but I easy suffer writer’s block. So the music is good, it’s perfect, flawless play-by-play, and the commentators are never dull, they hardly ever say the same thing twice.


Graphics: Really well done, great job at animation, it’s what makes this game fun to play


Gameplay: Excellent ideas on how to make the game, with playing cards and everything


Sound: Amazingly good, a lot of time was spent into everything, and it is all very well done


Overall: Well this game is very good, it’s so enjoyable and after a lot of playing, I’m still not board of the game. I would consider buying it if I was you, and usually I am a tough game ratter, but this game most defiantly deserves the 10/10.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 02/26/03, Updated 02/26/03

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