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Reviewed: 04/16/03 | Updated: 04/16/03

The best hockey game ever!

Welcome to NHL 2002! This is by far the best hockey game I have ever played. The feeling is amazing. It actually feels like you're the hockey player. So just sit back, relax, and read my review for NHL 2002.

The gameplay is amazing. You will get used to the controls really fast and they're very easy to use. Operating the player(s) is easy. One control that I like is the hard check button which will just knock a person so hard, it's funny. Operating the menus are easy and not difficult. If you want to make the gameplay harder or easier, go to the options menu and adjust the settings that will meet your needs. The game is not hard to operate and it will keep you playing for hours.

There's four main modes in the game. Exhibition, Career, Tournament, and Playoffs. Exhibition mode is just playing one game with any team you want to play as or against. Tournament is one big tournament of teams. The winnings go by Gold, Silver, and Bronze medal. Playoff mode are the NHL playoffs. The team that wins the playoffs will win the Stanley Cup. Finally there's Career mode. You can pick one or more teams to manage and operate. You can manage the rosters to decide who should play. Then you play the games. The more games you win, the more points you will rack up. If you get in the top 8 in your conference, you will move on to the quarterfinals. Then there's the semifinals, conference finals, and the Stanley Cup finals. Each series are 4 out of 7 games. If you can win all four of the series, you will be the Stanley Cup champion.

The graphics are amazing. The players, jerseys, sticks, pucks, and arenas look absolutely outstanding. The sound is the best part. The music is very good. I like how the horn sounds, and the commentary is the best. The commentators are very funny and they say the most funniest things. There is at least one line that will keep you laughing for about a minute.

I have no clue how long it takes to play one season. All that I can say is that you will be playing this game for months. EA Sports did the best job they could to make this game. Once you beat it, you will be playing it again and again.

So is it worth $40 or renting it for $5? If you're a hockey fan, buy it! It is just the best hockey game out in the world right now. It is just amazing. Don't even bother renting it. Just buy it!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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