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Reviewed: 05/19/03 | Updated: 05/19/03

Once again, EA dominates.

I have to say, EA has some of the best games ever, and this game is proof. Even if every other game that EA made sucked, this game would still make them look like one of the best video gaming companies ever. Throughout this whole review I'm gonna sound like an excited little fan boy, but oh well, I rarely come across games that I like this much. I didn't even know this game existed, but I'm glad I found out about it, and hopefully I'll inspire you to play this game, you'll thank me later.

Anyway let's get to the review.

Graphics 10/10

Godly, flawless in every aspect that I happened to notice. Graphics don't really matter, but they add an awesome touch to this game. What else can I say? Even if you're one of those people that only worry about graphics, you'd still be very happy with this game, so I'll let you think about that one.

Gameplay 10/10

So good it's sickening. This game is definitely one of those Summer games that everyone hangs out and plays a lot, and you gotta love games like that. A huge load of teams, and well balanced stats for the teams. The fighting, checking, and overall full contact goodness make this game awesome. Tournaments or just play against your friend, whatever you do, you're gonna love it. Smashing people to the ground, nailing them up against the wall, and then watching it turn into a face smashing fight is just awesome.

Controls 10/10

The controls are smoother than the ice you're skating on. Easy to accelerate down the rink, easy to zig-zag by people, and fairly easy to score. That's on offense, when playing defense it's very easy to check people and steal the puck, I mean even someone who has never held a PS2 controller would get the hang of it in seconds. I didn't look at the controls and I mastered them in like 45 seconds, so I'm sure just about anyone will learn this game's controls without a whole lot of problems.

Replay Value 10/10

Every match is different, tournaments with your friends will make this game's replay value (literally) endless. What's not to like about that?

Rent or buy?

Buy, no question about it. The thing is, I HATE sports games, especially sports I don't even follow, like Hockey, but this game is just too awesome to ignore. I'll probably even start following Hockey because of this game. Definitely buy this if you see it.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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