Review by Bmoreplaya4

"Surely The Best Hockey Game Ever."

Well I gave this game a perfect 10 because, well it is a perfect game. I've had this game for a while now and I still have fun playing it. Gameplay, Controls, Sound, and every other category it excels.

The great experience of this game started when i was at a local CD/Video game store and i was looking through some of the used games. Well when I was looking through the games, I had in mind that I have every type of sport game besides a hockey game. Well after about 5 minutes of searching, I came across this game. This game was only $10, so I was like ''Why not?'' So i purchased this game honestly with not having high expectations knowing the game was only 10 buck.

Well when I got home I put this game right in and starting playing it. The greatness begins right away with great music, they even have a song by one of my favorite bands, Sum 41. Me and my friend were amazed, but that was only the beginning. When the main screen came up, I remember hoping that there was a shootout mode, because all hockey fans know that shootouts are the most exciting event in a hockey game. And surely enough, this great game delivers with a great shootout section.

After the shootout we decided to play an actual game. Little did we know we were in for many more surprises. The selection of teams are amazing. There's not only the NHL teams, but teams from all over the world! So after we picked our teams, we were ready to play. Before the game starts off, there is a brief cinema showing the players skating around the ice, players trash talking, and players taking practice shots on their goalie.

After the cinema was over, the game started. Even the game announcers are great, You have one, who is very serious about the game. Then you have the other, who is all about making you laugh and saying idiotic things for humor. This game is one of them games that you get into, with the high action checking, great fighting (yes, there's even fighting in this game), constant goal scoring, and realistic features.

So with this review, I hope i convince you to at least rent this game, because I know once you have to return it, you'll be heading out to the nearest store an hour later buying this great game.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 06/23/03, Updated 06/23/03

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