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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Modium

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                            Demo FAQ/Walkthrough
                              TimeSplitters 2
                             Sony PlayStation2
                     ^Latest version can be found here^
        This file is copyright (c)2001 Modium. All rights reserved.
    -=-= What's New =-=-
    Version 1.2 (02/13/02)-
    I've got hours of spare time today. I'm finishing the Strategy and Fun
    Stuff and it will be submitted TODAY or your money back.
    Version 1.1 (02/10/02)-
    Total slackage. I'm hoping to have the Walkthrough, Strategy and Fun Stuff 
    sections finished to push this sucker out the door.
    Version 1.0 (02/01/02)-
    Started FAQ.
    -=-=-=- Intro -=-=-=
    The wonderful TimeSplitters 2 demo can be found in the most recent issue of the
    Official U.S. PlayStation Magazine, Issue # 53 with the ladies of Final Fantasy X
    on the cover. It retails for $7.99 and can be found just about anywhere that sells
    magazines. After it goes off the newsstands, you can back-order it at OPM's
    official site at www.gamers.com, or head to eBay and buy the standalone demo
    from somebody there. With that said, a couple notes about the game.
    TimeSplitters 2 is a first-person shooter, and is lightyears ahead of the 
    original, which was a PS2 launch title. The demo is just a small part of a 
    single-player level, and "does not represent the quality of the finished product."
    In short, whenever TS2 comes out, it's going to be even better than this, as hard
    as it is to imagine. The game's single-player mode feels more like Perfect Dark
    than the original's simplistic "shoot everything and get out alive" levels. Basic
    tips can be found in the Strategy section, Walkthrough in the Walkthrough section,
    and extra things to do once you've played through are in the Fun Stuff section.
    -=-=- Controls =-=-=
    I VERY highly suggest you switch from the default control scheme to
    the TS1 scheme. It makes everything much smoother to control, and alot easier.
    Note: I also suggest you turn the "Invert Aim" off under Preferences in the 
    menu. It makes the game alot easier, in my opinion, especially if you're just
    starting out.
    TS1 Scheme
    L1 - Crouch
    L2 - Aim
    R1 - Alternate Fire
    R2 - Fire
    Square - None
    Triangle - Manual Reload
    Circle - None
    X - Activate
    R3 - None
    Right Analog Stick
    \/ - Look
    <> - Turn
    L3 - None
    Left Analog Stick
    \/ - Run
    <> - Side Step
    Directional Buttons
    \/ - Zoom in/out
    <> - Swap Weapon
    Default Scheme
    L1 - Crouch
    L2 - Aim
    R1 - Alternate Fire
    R2 - Fire
    Square - None
    Triangle - Manual Reload
    Circle - None
    X - Activate
    R3 - None
    Right Analog Stick
    \/ - Run
    <> - Turn
    L3 - None
    Left Analog Stick
    \/ - Look
    <> - Side Step
    -=-=-= Strategy =-=-
    -I feel I should mention the control here as well. I would extremely, highly
    recommend you change the control scheme to TS1 in the demo. It will make things
    alot easier on you. The left analog stick moves you forwards and backwards, and 
    from side to side. That's your primary movement. The right analog stick aims. You
    shouldn't need it too much to strategically aim, thanks to the auto-aim, so you'll
    mostly use the right stick to turn around corners and such.
    -Strafing is your friend.
    The left stick should always be your primary form of movement. You should always
    head into a room by strafing in front of the doorway to see what's in there. If 
    something's in there, waiting to shoot at you, you can strafe back to safe cover
    on the other side of the doorway.
    -As awkward as it may seem, here is the best way I've found to turn.
    Say you want to turn around a corner. Heading straight, where the corner is to
    your right, you would move forward and strafe to the left, while turning to the
    right. Using this method you'll save valuable time, and give your enemy alot less
    time to start shooting at you, provided he is waiting around the corner for you.
    If you need to take cover, strafe to the right, so you're behind the corner again.
    It may take a little getting used to if you've never played a first-person shooter
    before, but it's the best method I've found.
    -As a habit from every other FPS I've played, I always reload my gun after a fire
    fight. This way, you'll have a full clip waiting if you encounter an enemy. When
    you need to reload in the middle or after a fire fight, just take cover around a
    corner or behind something for a moment, then you're good to go/
    -TS2 uses auto-aiming, like most PS2 first-person shooters. What this basically
    does is overcome the handicap you face when using a joystick, as opposed to a
    mouse on the PC, which is lightyears ahead of the PS2 pad in terms of accuracy.
    With auto-aiming, you don't need to have your crosshairs exactly on an enemy to
    hit him, just somewhere in the general vicinity of him. You should experiment a
    little bit, just to test out how close you have to be for the auto-aim to work.
    As a side note, the demo of TimeSplitters 2 doesn't seem to feature realistic 
    damage models. What this means is, you could shoot a guy in the leg and it would 
    do as much damage as if you shot him in the heart. This is good for single-player,
    but it sucks for multi-player. Let's hope this is implemented in the full-version.
    -You should always have a place to quickly take cover in a fire fight, should the
    need arise. The worst thing you can do is stand in the middle of an empty corridor
    and start a shooting match. Hiding behind cover will decrease the damage you take
    by leaps and bounds, and should always be used. Take cover behind anything you
    see that will prevent you from being hit by an enemy, and that you can reach 
    within a reasonable amount of time. Don't make a run for a crate that's down the
    hall with enemies firing at you.
    As another habit I've picked up from other first-person shooters, I usually always
    duck when sniping, or behind cover. I can't really tell in TS2, but it usually
    reduces the recoil of the gun you're shooting and makes it significantly more
    accurate. It shouldn't hurt you to do in TS2, but it's a useful habit to pick up
    in other FPS.
    -=-= Walkthrough =-=
    Section 1 - Before the Dam
    After watching the two intro movies, you'll be thrown into the Dam Facility, in
    a small tunnel, behind a crate. Move forwards and grab the sniper rifle, then it's
    your choice of how to take out the guard posted almots directly in front off you,
    off in the distance. I'd suggest not worrying about him right now, but if you
    choose to take him out, use two sniper rifle shots. 
    Walk forwards and turn slightly to the right, and take out the guard between the 
    two buildings with two shots from the pistol. Run through the right side of the
    fence, and look around the perimeter of the first building for another guard and
    cap 'em. Now, head past the building closest to the fence, and look in the window
    in the door to see a guard stretching in there. Take him out and grab his ammo.
    Now, head between those first two buildings. You should see a guard walking a 
    short distance away. Take him out and another one should follow, so take him out
    too. Look up and to the right. Moving slowly, you'll see a security camera. Inch
    around the corner, and use L2 to aim the pistol, and hit the main body of the
    camera a few times until you see it smoke and sparks fly out, then you're good to
    Now move between the last two buildings, and turn to the left, and you'll see some
    stairs. Go up, and you'll find a guard up here if you didn't take him out by
    sniping at the start of the level. Now, head past the door, and around the corner,
    to the left will be another camera. Stay out of its way and shoot it also, and 
    then proceed.
    Around this time, you may start getting shot at by someone you can't see. Switch
    to the sniper rifle, and look to the Upper-left corner of the Dam, and you'll find
    a sniper in a window, shooting at you. Snipe him back with a good shot in the 
    chest, or two, and then keep going past the now-busted camera. Head forwards,
    over a plank, a building, then another plank, and on top of the first building you
    couldn't get into. Inch slowly towards the opening, and you'll see a guard in 
    there. Take her out and drop in to grab her Soviet S47 and Remote Mines. Now we're
    Now, head out and go back to where the stairs were, next to the building where the
    Communications Dish is located. Use the Soviet's secondary fire to shoot a grenade
    on top of the building where the Comm. Dish is, and you should blow it up.
    Head back down the stairs, and go into the building closest to the dam to find
    some bullets for your sniper rifle. Now, leave the building, round the left 
    corner, and head into the Dam finally.
    Section 2 - Inside the Dam
    There are tons of baddies lurking on the stairs here, so here's my suggestion for
    fighting them. Once you see them shoot them a couple of times before they have 
    time to react. Look out, because almost every guard will lob at least one grenade
    at you. When you see one do this, just back up a bunch so you don't take damage,
    and then head back up and shoot him. If one's hiding behind a crate, feel free to
    just fire at the crate and let the explosion take him out. Nothing too tough here,
    you should easily survive.
    Head forward, and see the elevator shaft you won't be able to do anything with in
    the demo. Go up the stairs on the right, and take out the guard here. Go up the 
    next set of stairs here, and you'll find a vent leaking steam. You'll need to
    duck with L1 to avoid taking damage from it. Now, stand back up and take out the
    guard at the top of the stairs, and then climb up them. Climb the next set, 
    there's no guard up there. Climb the set after the big number 2 on the wall, and 
    there will be a guard behind a crate here. Take him out, and head up the stairs
    where you'll find a guard behind a crate and a large 3 on the wall. Climb the
    stairs, take out the guard behind the crates. Next, climb up these stairs to find
    two guards behind crates here. Take these two out by shooting them when they pop
    out, or taking out the crates they're behind. Head up from here, and you'll come
    to the very top of the dam.
    Before you open the door, wait a moment and you'll see an explosion. That's the
    grenade you would have walked into, but now it's safe. There will be at least two
    guards in front of you. Take cover behind the metal...thing, on the right and take
    them out. Now, head back a little bit and enter the opening labeled '1' and use 
    the X button on the wheel, and you'll see the pressure is at 66%. Neato
    Head back out, and move forwards and you'll see a baddie hanging out behind the
    metal dealie to the left. Rush him take him out easily from the side. There's a
    guard behind the crate in front of you, to the left. Shoot the crate and he'll go
    Now, the best thing to do here is to go past the crate you just blew up, and 
    quickly head into the opening on your left by strafing, and then take out the 
    guard in here. Turn the wheel, and grab the armor across the room, and then
    prepare to take out a few guards here. There's one behind the large barrels on the
    right, one behind each crate behind the barrels on either side, and one will
    come rushing at you from furthur down the hall. After they're taken care of, Head
    past the crates, and on the left you'll see the final opening. Take out the guard
    in the opening, and enter. Turn the wheel, and the pressure will be at 0%.
    Head to the door, and exit while facing your left. A guard will pop out from the
    corner, so be prepared to take him out. More stairs.. Ugh.
    Head down a flight to the '4' and take out the guard here. Down another flight of
    stairs, another guard. Down to '3' and there's another guard here. Down another
    flight and take out the guard here, and watch out for the explodable barrels.
    Down another flight to 2, and no guards here. Down another flight, none here
    either. Down to '1' and there's a guard behind the crate on the left, and 
    another behind the corner on the right. Once they're gone, you can head down to 
    the bottom in peace.
    You'll come to a small hall, with an unusable elevator shaft close to you, and a
    door at the end of the hall. Hit the switch on the left to open it, and head out.
    Section 3 - Outside the Dam
    As soon as you open the door, get as inside as you can, and take out the camera
    above you, to the right. Just make sure it doesn't see you. Head up the stairs to
    the right, and take out the guard roaming under the camera. Turn around, and at
    the other end of the large building, you'll see another guard, take him out, and 
    continue around the corner where the camera was. Turn around, and you'll see 
    another sniper, opposite where the first one was in the top of the dam. Take him
    out with the sniper rifle. Turn back around and head to the other side of the
    building. You'll see a guard off in the distance, on the other side of the
    building, take him out and sneak around the corner where there's a door on the
    left. There's a camera here, take out out.
    Now, things get tricky here. If you look in the window in the door, you'll see a 
    turret in the corner. If you don't open the door, it won't fire. Get it in the 
    center of your screen by using L2 to bring up the crosshair. Once you've got it
    in your sights, use the Soviet S47 and just keep shooting it until you see it go
    up in flames.
    Open the door and head inside. There's a guard behind the corner on the right,
    take him out. Crouch and slowly turn the corner until you see an explosive crate.
    Shoot it until it explodes, then turn towards your backside, and shoot the crate
    in the corner there with the guard behind it. Collect their ammo, and then stand
    where the guy in the corner behind the crate was. Turn towards the railing, 
    opposite the way you entered the room, and creep towards the railing. You'll see
    a guard on a platform here, just take him out by shooting at him from behind the
    head down the stairs here and round the corner to your right, and you'll see a
    guard fortified behind crates in the corner, blast him or the crates. Now, walk
    to where he was, and turn towards the opening on your right. You'll see a guy
    in the corner there behind crates, so take out the crates, and creep through the
    opening here, and guards will start coming at you. You can wait for them or head
    into the room blasting. There's three of them.
    Here is the part alot of people miss, the flamethrower. Once you take out the
    guards in this room, head back a little, and between where guards were hiding 
    behind crates, you'll see a door. Open it and head inside for some armor and the
    Continue through the room, and you'll come to a stairway. Head down, turn the
    corner, and start to head down again. If you look up, about halfway down, you'll
    see a guard standing on top of the metal grating. Take him out, and you should see
    another one up there with him, running around. Shoot him too. Now, head past the
    stuff that looks like wooden paneling, and you'll see another guard pop out from 
    the power generators, so take him out. Another one should pop out soon, so take
    him out as well. Finally, there's another guard on the other side of the 
    generators. Take him out and there will be no more guards in the demo, providing
    you've taken the time to kill all the previous ones.
    From here, you can goof around with some stuff mentioned in the 'Fun Stuff'
    section, or just continue past the generators and open the brown door with tons of
    Caution stickers on it to end the far-too-brief demo. Congratulations on beating
    a very easy demo!
    -=-= Objectives -=-=
    ...Or lack thereof :P
    Of the  objectives you can SEE in the demo, you can only fufill 1.80 percent of
    Deactivate the communications dish - 
    You can see it where you start from by moving a little to the left. To destory it,
    before you head into the dam, climb the stairs on the building the Dish is on top
    of, and head to the side that has the security camera mounted. Use the 
    Soviet S47's Secondary fire to launch a grenade on top of the building, at the
    base of the dish, and it should go down easy enough.
    Burn all evidence of research in the filing cabinets -
    Haha! Joke's on you! You can only burn 4 out of 5 of the files! To burn the files,
    press X in front of a filing cabinet to open it, and use the Flamethrower to torch
    the files. There are 2 filing cabinets to your right, before going down the stairs
    immediately after the room where you get the Flamethrower. The other 2 filing
    cabinets in the demo can be found by backtracking alll the way to the guardhouses
    in the beginning of the demo. They're in the guardhouse between where you drop in
    the ceiling to get the Soviet S47 and the large building where the communications
    dish is perked.
    -=-=-= Weapons =-=-=
         Silenced Pistol
    Where - You start out with it :P
    Clip Size - 7
    Secondary Fire - None
    A shoe-in for all covert operations, the Silenced pistol is your starting weapon
    in the TS2 Demo. It can usually take down somebody in 2 hits, so it's powerful
    enough. It's very accurate, so you should always use it to take out security 
    cameras, or various other things (see Fun Stuff).
         Sniper Rifle
    Where - Right in front of where you start out.
    Clip Size - 5
    Secondary Fire - None
    Use this to take out baddies from long range by zooming in with L2. A must for
    taking out those 2 jerks on either side, on top of the dam. Otherwise, poor at
    close range and slow firing time make it useless for almost everything else.
         Soviet S47
    Where - If you weren't seen by the security cameras: In the guardhouse closest to
            you started out.
            If you were seen by the security cameras: On one of the guards that comes
            from the tunnel to take you out. 
            Note: You can still get the Soviet and its ammo from the guardhouse if
            you've been seen by the cameras, but you'll find it on the guard first.
    Clip Size - 18
    Secondary Fire - Grenades
    This is my personal recommendation for going through the demo with. It fires fast,
    it's accurate enough, and it's pretty powerful. Plus, if you need to take out
    an enemy hiding around a corner, it's secondary fire launches a grenade that will
    bounce around a corner and explode in their face in a few seconds. Best weapon in
    the demo.
         Assault Shotgun
    Where - On the first guard you encounter after making your way through the dam.
    Clip Size - 8
    Secondary Fire - None
    This one packs quite a punch up close, but is piss-poor at medium to long range,
    due to the fact that its shells rely on spread damage. I barely ever use it, 
    except as an alternate to taking out the turret in the foyer of the major
    building where the demo ends.
    Where - Food Supply Closet in the building with the turret in its foyer.
    Clip Size - N/A
    Secondary Fire - None
    Ah, it can only hit targets at very close range, so the only time you should use
    it is when you feel sadistic and want to watch guards running around on fire. 
    It also can be used to fufill objectives (see Objectives) and light various 
    objects on fire(see Fun Stuff).
         Fire Extinguisher
    Where - 1. On a wall in the control room, right before the demo ends.
            2. On a wall to the left of where you enter the last room before the demo
    Clip Size - N/A
    You can use it to put out fires, should the need arise.
    -=-=- Fun Stuff -=-=
    Fun stuff to do when you're just chilling out, enjoying some TS2, or if you're
    bored with the demo after finishing it dozens of times like me.
    Ever tried shooting out the small red lights, right before you enter, and right
    after you exit the dam. Nothing interesting happens at all, but you can shoot them
    out with a couple of pistol blasts.
    There's tons of glass in the demo. Two shots will take out any glass, try it out.
    -Exploding crates
    All of the wooden crates can be blown up with a few shots, and will give damage
    to whoever's near them. Try taking out some guards by blowing up the crates 
    they hide behind. That will teach them.
    -Got a light?
    Use the fire extinguisher and light up guards to watch them run around in flames.
    'Nuff said.
    -The deadly aftermath of "Got a light?"
    If you want to be nice, feel free to extinguish a guard's flaming corpse to honor
    the death of the AI-powered polygon model and textures. Sniff.
    -Got a light? Part 2
    You can burn those plants in the building after you leave the dam. They catch fire
    and crumble pretty quickly. If you're semi-quick you can...
    -Put it out!
    You can also extinguish the plants, once you set fire to them.
    -Step up to the table...and watch it burst into flames!!
    There are a few tables scattered around the demo that can be lit on fire pretty 
    darn quickly. There's one on each floor of the building with the Communications
    Dish. See if you can find some more to light on fire in the demo.
    There are some watermelons in the first two large rooms in the building where the
    demo ends. You can Destroy them any way you see fit. They'll explode if you burn
    them or spray them with the fire extinguisher. Use them to practice your aiming,
    or sniping. Yee-haw.
    You can try to run through the demo as fast as you can. Use this for bragging
    rights or just plain boredom.
    -Elevator shafts
    You can shoot out the glass windows in the elevator shafts in the dam. What's even
    more fun is shooting a grenade precisely through the window into the shaft, so
    FR can torture you even more by showing you stuff IS in there in the demo. Also,
    I've seen a guard appear behind the very first shaft after I launched a grenade
    in there, but he was soon blown to pieces.
    -Grenade Olympics
    Try to perfect your grenade aim, and then create special events to compete in with
    your friends, like launching grenades accurately through windows, speed, distance.
    You can even make your own medals out of construction paper and colored pencils
    if you see fit, which I doubt you would.
    -Big Bang
    Now this one's fun. Find someplace where there's nobody around, and switch to the
    remote mines. Shoot all 10 of them, without moving at all. Then, switch to the
    Soviet S47, and launch a grenade at them without moving. (This is best done in a 
    corner for maximum boom-age). Quickly, run over on top of the mines, and watch
    yourself get totally blown up by one mine after another. Way too much fun.
    -=-=-= Notes =-=-=-=
    This is only my second guide, and I've tried to make it as good as I can. I'm not
    perfect, so there will probably be mistakes in here, and I'm sure the method of
    doing everything in here isn't the optimal way to do everything. Feel free to
    write to me at Modium@aol.com and drop some praise, or tell me your particular way
    of doing something, or suggest something I should add or drop, let me know and 
    I'll respond. Hope I've helped someone out with this lowly demo Guide.
    Another Note: I don't use AOL, but I have an @aol.com e-mail addy because I used
    AOL a while ago, and I kept the e-mail once I switched to Cable to avoid 
    confusion and because I'm lazy. I can be contacted via AIM on the same screen
    name, just know that I'm not always near my computer. :P
    -=-= Legal Stuff =-=
    All information in this FAQ is copyright (c)2001 Modium. If you want to
    use this FAQ on your site, write to me and ask permission first. It is for
    personal and private use only. The only sites that have permission to use this
    FAQ so far are as follows:
    GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com)
    If you find this FAQ at anywhere else, contact me as soon as possible. If you 
    use any information whatsoever from this FAQ, please give me full credit. Do
    not alter information in any way. The most recent version of this FAQ can be
    found at www.gamefaqs.com
    TimeSplitters 2 Copyright 2001 Free Radical Design and Eidos Interactive.

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