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    Siberia Walkthrough by darthfrott

    Version: 1.05b | Updated: 10/17/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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           L#E           j#: t;    ,#,                              LW;    ,L
           L#E          :DWi i#f.  GL                              ,tjDttfGEL
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                                 .                                :     :::
    |            Story Mode - In-Depth 1990 Siberia Walkthrough (Normal)          |
    |                       by "darthfrott" on GameFAQs                           |
    |                       E-Mail: darthfrott@yahoo.com                          |
             In-Depth FAQ For PlayStation 2, GameCube and X-Box consoles
                              10/17/04 - Version: 1.05b
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    numbers and dots below SHOULD match.
    ** A couple quick notes:
      As you read the walkthrough, keep in mind that head shots are imperative to
    winning in TimeSplitters 2. I will go through the entire walkthrough assuming
    that you realize that whenever an enemy has a head, aim for the head. Also,
    keep in mind that you can look around and maneuver quickly with the Sniper
    Rifle by zooming in and out in between shooting two separate targets.
    | TABLE OF CONTENTS                  |
    | 1. Briefing                        |
    | 2. Objectives                      |
    | 3. Walkthrough                     |
    |  3a. Bottom Of The Dam, Part One   |
    |  3b. Inside The Dam                |
    |  3c. Bottom Of The Dam, Part Two   |
    |  3d. Research Facility, Part One   |
    |  3e. Lockdown & Digging Site       |
    |  3f. Research Facility, Part Two   |
    |  3g. Bottom Of The Dam, Part Three |
    |  3h. Top Of The Dam                |
    | 4. Credits                         |
    | 5. Disclaimer                      |
    | 1. Briefing |
    1990 SIBERIA - Oblask Dam
      A secret research facility under a Siberian Dam has unearthed preserved
    organic specimens which are over ten thousand years old.
      Following a number of mysterious accidents, the original scientific team has
    left the site and a Russian military garrison has been assigned to the
    excavation project.
      Intelligence has revealed that the military's attempts to develop biological
    weaponry from the finds have had dreadful results. They must not be allowed
    to continue this research.
      Although biohazard cleanup forces are on their way, there is an opportunity
    to investigate the base and destroy the samples and research records before
    they arrive.
      The base is currently under lockdown - the perimeter guards are jumpy and
    the automated security system has been engaged. Avoid the cameras, if necessary
    they can be switched off or destroyed.
      Cutting off the communications uplink should buy some time to explore the
    base more fully.
    | 2. Objectives |
    Main Objectives:
    *Deactivate The Communications Dish
    *Investigate The Secret Digging Site
    *Restore Power
    *Retrieve The Time Crystal
    *Destroy The Bio-Hazard Container At The Digging Site
    *Access The top Of The Dam
    *Eliminate The Gunship
    *Escape Through The Time Portal
    Secondary Objectives:
    *Burn All Evidence In The Filing Cabinets
    *Don't Allow Any Mutants To Survive
    | 3. Walkthrough |
    3a. Bottom Of The Dam, Part One
      From your starting position, pick up the Sniper Rifle and Silenced Pistol
    laying on the ground in front of you. At the location where you picked up the
    Sniper Rifle, aim for the white soldier on the catwalk, then aim for the
    security camera shortly to the right and below him. Wait for the camera to face
    you and shoot the lens for better bullet conservation. Step out into the area
    with the boxes, turn right and shoot the guard as he walks between the two
    middle buildings, then while facing the buildings, strafe left and hug the far
    left fence to shoot the female guard further in the back between the 2 story
    Communications building and smaller 1 story buildings.
      Go to where you killed the first guard who was on the ground, and walk
    between those two buildings and look to your left for a security camera mounted
    on the top of the building directly in front of you. Shoot the lens and take a
    right at the T-section, then turn left and shoot the guard through the window
    on the door. Go around the end of the fence and all the way down until you come
    to the end of the last building and a left turn. Stop at the corner and shoot
    the white soldier in the back of the head, then circle back and retrieve the
    Sniper ammo from this building and the Pistol ammo dropped by the female guard.
      Go up the stairs on the Communications building and enter the second story
    door. Go to the end of the room and use your action command on the console's
    button. Back out of this room, and cross over the first wooden plank that lays
    over the top of the small building. Doing this will trigger a Sniper on top of
    the Dam in a far window. Turn around and snipe him before he has a chance to do
    any damage. Continue over to the other rooftop and drop down in the hole in the
    roof to collect the Timed Mines. Exit this room and take a left to the far
    building where you shot the guard through the window. Put a Timed Mine on the
    second drawer of the Filing Cabinet located here. It's not necessary to open
    the drawer, but if it makes you feel better, than by all means, go straight
    ahead. Exit this room and go through the middle of the 4 small buildings and
    stop adjacent to the wooden plank resting on your left side, (on the building
    where you shot the Dam's Sniper). Aim slightly above the target and toss a
    Timed Mine up towards the Communications Dish, then turn left and enter the
    small building. Put another Timed Mine on this File Cabinet's 2nd drawer and
    head for the entrance to the Dam. Make sure you destroyed both File Cabinets
    and the Communications Dish before going any further.
    3b. Inside The Dam
      Switch to your Silenced Pistol and run up two flights of stairs, where you'll
    see a steam vent and the number 1 on the wall. Crouch and hug the left wall to
    get under it unscathed. Go up two more flights of stairs and you'll see a
    number 2 and a white soldier at the other end of the hall from the stairs you
    just came up. Shoot him and switch to your Sniper Rifle. Go up the next flight
    of stairs slowly, hugging the right wall until you start to see the security
    camera mounted on the wall. You should only be able to see the back end of the
    camera. Wait until the back end of the camera is turned away from you and then
    walk up about a step and aim at it, waiting for it to turn back to you and
    quickly shoot the lens. Another alternative would be to shoot the explosive
    barrels beneath it, but then a guard from above will be alerted. Either way,
    it's up to you. Go up one more flight and shoot the guard who is facing away
    from you, unless you blew up the barrels, in which case, you've probably
    already dealt with him. Now go all the way up to level 5.
      Here's an way of taking everyone in the tunnel out fairly easily: Let them
    see you through the door, but don't go inside the tunnel. Don't hug the door
    either. Stand away from the door a little bit, like halfway in the room. Shoot
    the guard closest to the door, then shoot the second, further away guard who
    is in your sight through the door's window. A female guard should come running
    up to investigate. Shoot her, preferably a non-kill shot so she'll fire back
    which will draw the attention of the other three towards where she is. Now just
    kill her, the white soldier and the two guards who come to attack through the
    safety of the door's window. After the fire fight, enter the tunnel and collect
    all the guns. You now own a Soviet S47.
      Go through this tunnel's three hallways which branch out on the left and use
    your action button on the valves located within each hallway to turn the steam
    pressure off throughout the tunnel. Exit the tunnel and go down two small
    flights of stairs and you'll see a number 4. Face this next flight of stairs
    going down and toss a grenade from your Soviet S47 below using the secondary
    fire button to kill the guard waiting there. Switch to your Silenced Pistol.
    From the location of that guard, go down three more flights of stairs and
    you'll see a number 2 on the wall. The next corner with stairs leading down
    should have yellow and black chevrons. Hug the right wall and peek down the
    next flight of stairs with your aim held down and shoot the female guard when
    she appears from the right. Go down this flight of stairs and repeat this
    method on the next flight of stairs. Go down two more flights of stairs and
    take a left down the hallway. Hit the button on the right sideof the wall to
    exit the Dam and get outside on the other side of the it.
    3c. Bottom Of The Dam, Part Two
      Once you open the door leading outside, look immediately to your right and
    shoot the camera on the corner of the building. Step outside and turn to your
    left to shoot the sniper on top of the Dam looking through the window. Go up
    the stairs and onto the snowy ground, turn right and go around to the back of
    the building where you'll see a female guard walking away from you. Take care
    of her and go back the other way. Stop by the stairs leading into the Dam which
    should be on your left side and another guard will come around the far corner.
    Snipe him and run to where he fell. Turn right at this corner of the building
    and shoot the guard walking from your right to your left in the distance. Once
    you get around the first corner on your right, Aim and shoot the camera placed
    on the upper corner of the building and enter the Research Facility through the
    door on this side of the building right behind this camera.
    3d. Research Facility, Part One
      Run down the hallway until it comes to a left turn, and shoot the guard
    behind the shelf in front of you. He can be hard to see, but if you use the
    Sniper Rifle's scope, you shouldn't have too big of a problem finding him. Run
    to the end of this first hallway's wall and put your back to it. There's
    another guard patrolling the room, walking away from you - left to right. Shoot
    him and go to the shelves near where he was and get the Anaconda cartridge
    laying on the second shelf. You can access Anaconda by switching to your
    Temporal Uplink and hitting Triangle on PS2, Y on GameCube or ? on X-Box. Go
    down the stairs and pass the shower room door which will be on your left.
      Turn the corner after the showers, but don't proceed down the hallway. If you
    have more than 2 bullets, then snipe the white soldier in the corner. If not,
    use the Soviet S47's Secondary Fire to toss a grenade down towards him. After
    he's been dealt with, walk down the hallway a bit more and keep your eye on the
    upper right side of the hallway with yellow and black chevrons ahead of you. A
    security camera is placed there. Shoot the camera lens and then strafe into the
    room facing the right side of this room. There's a female guard hidden behind
    the shelf. If you use your Silenced Pistol on the watermelon located on the
    middle shelf, she never becomes aware that you shot it and you now have an
    excellent view at her head. From this viewpoint, (looking towards the shelf
    where the female guard was),  go to the door on your right side and open it to
    reveal a File Cabinet, food supply boxes and some Body Armor.
    ** NOTE!: If you place a Timed Mine on the File Cabinet and blow it up without
    getting the Armor, you'll lose the Armor for the rest of the level.
      Keeping that note in mind, place a Timed Mine on the File Cabinet and proceed
    to the hallway with chevrons where the security camera is located - unless you
    want the Body Armor real bad, in which case just save that File Cabinet for
    when you're on your way back out of the Research Facility and just go to the
    hallway with chevrons.
      Upon entrance to this rather slender room, you'll see the final 2 File
    Cabinets in the corner on your left side. Use a Timed Mine on each of them and
    go down the first flight of stairs and turn to face the next flight heading
    down. Slowly walk down them until the catwalk in the far room shows up above
    the wall that looks like partical board. There will be a guard who is
    stationary and looking towards the Control Room on your right and in the
    distance. Snipe him and another guard should come up the catwalk to where he
    was and investigate - (I notice this works better if you let the white soldier
    that's patrolling on the ground walk away from your position a bit - Use the
    Temporal Uplink to determine exactly where he is). Snipe him quickly because
    he tends to investigate and forget rather quickly. When he's shot, the white
    soldier should come up and investigate the second guard's death. Kill him and
    there's one more to worry about. If you made any kind of racket, the last guard
    who's usually stationary at the top of the Control Room steps will pop down and
    investigate. If not, he'll be standing facing away from you at the top of the
      Before entering the Control Room, walk up on the catwalk and eliminate the 2
    security guns which are protecting it. DO NOT use Timed Mines for this, as they
    will most likely damage the computers inside the Control Room and you'll fail
    the entire mission - not good. I use the Soviet S47 and shoot them out. When
    you destroy the second gun, you'll hear a feedback squelch. Go up into the
    Control Room and hit your action button over the button on the panel nearest
    the windows. Drop down from the Control Room and enter the now opened mine
    3e. Lockdown & Digging Site
      Go down into the mines. There's a few things you can get in the rooms on you
    right, like Body Armor in room 1 and some grenades in room 3. Get what you want
    or need and enter the door with a 2 above it. Go down this hallway and enter
    the door on your left side. In this room will be a glass panel on your right
    with a guard facing away from you, a security gun control panel on your
    immediate left and two button panels on the back wall. Go for the security gun
    panel and hit action. Take control of the security gun and aim it at the
    guard's head and shoot with your Primary Fire button. Choose to switch the
    camera off, then exit the camera. Hit the other buttons on the back wall, exit
    this room and go to where you just killed the very unlucky guard. He'll give
    you a Tactical Rifle, but I much prefer the Soviet S47.
      Go down the newly opened hallway, but don't exit this hallway and enter the
    next room. There will be a guard hiding behind the X-Rays in the room beyond.
    Aim kind of high and toss an S47 grenade down there and kill him before he has
    a chance to cause any trouble. Go back to where he was staging his stand-off
    and collect the computer disc he was carrying. The lights will turn red and the
    room will lockdown. Decapitate the zombies to release lockdown, which shouldn't
    be too much of a hassle as long as you keep some distance between you and the
    dead. After lockdown is released, head back to the Control Room and use the
    computer disc on the panel directly to the right and kind of in the corner of
    the Control Room, (you guessed it, with your action button). This will complete
    your objective to restore power to the Research Facility and Dam.
      Hop down again and head back to the mines, but wait at the entrance this time
    and decapitate the zombies as they exit rooms 1 and 3. After they're taken care
    of, head down deeper into the mines, past the numbered doors. You'll eventually
    get a message stating that you completed the objective to investigate the
    digging site. Stay here and wait for the zombies to come up from inside the
    site. They don't put up much of a struggle, and their heads literally fall off
    with the slightest breezing of a bullet. Collect the Time Crystal and head over
    to the biohazard container on the left side of the digging site which
    surprisingly carries a TimeSplitter - WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT?? Drop 4 Timed
    Mines on it and re-equip your Soviet S47 and head back towards the Control Room
    and Research Facility.
    3f. Research Facility, Part Two
      A message will be broadcast over the loud speakers stating that Special
    Forces have been deployed. When you reach the mine exit, there will be a
    mutant, feeder zombie and 2 special forces fighting it out in the room below
    the Control Room. Let them fight and waste the survivor(s). Make your way to
    the level's checkpoint and kill the mutant on fire who will start walking down
    the stairs. Climb the next flight of stairs and decapitate the zombies walking
    away from you in the storage room ahead. You could also use them to kill the
    special forces for you. Either way, make sure both zombies and special forces
    are dead before you leave the area.
    If you have a choice between a special forces guard or a zombie, ALWAYS pick
    the special forces because he poses the greater threat, carrying a gun and all.
      Before proceeding into the storage room, be aware of the feeder zombie on
    your right at the top of the stairs. Continue back up towards the surface,
    killing zombies and special forces as you go. Overall, this shouldn't be too
    hard. Just maintain good aiming and you'll get along unscathed. Once you reach
    the top floor, watch out for the crazy special forces guard that's carrying a
    flamethrower. This guy just can't control himself. He'll come around the corner
    leading outside with it blazing, but he's defeated rather easily. If he manages
    to tag you with it, well, that's what the showers below are for. Head down
    there and stop under the running water to douse the flames. Isn't it amazing
    that you're surrounded by snow practically everywhere, yet your character never
    stops to think to use the environment to put out the fire when he's ignited?
    Head to the exit and open the final door leading outside.
    3g. Bottom Of The Dam, Part Three
      Upon opening the door to the outside, you'll see a Mutant walking from your
    left to your right towards a special forces guard. Stay out of the way, let
    them fight and take out the weakened enemy that survives. Go back the way you
    came when you first entered the Research Facility and you'll run into a feeder
    and another special forces guard. Shoot them both - special forces first since
    he's armed - and head back into the Dam. There will be 2 zombies, a feeder and
    a female guard,  who will approach you from the stairs leading up into the Dam.
    Behead them both and instead of going up the stairs, enter the elevator at the
    end of the hall. Before entering, you can also trigger another set of 2 zombies
    by going towards the stairs and backing up. Once inside the elevator, hit the
    button on the right side and ride it to the top of the Dam, foregoing levels 3
    and 5.
    3h. Top Of The Dam
      Exit the elevator and go through the doorway onto the top of the Dam. Wait
    for an Objective to come on screen that says ''Eliminate The Gunship'' and then
    shoot the special forces that appear from both sides of the Dam and get behind
    the nearest turret. Once the Gunship flies up from below the Dam, focus on
    taking out it's missile launchers, 2 on each side. Use your turret's Secondary
    Fire and unload your grenades when it's straight ahead and mostly still. There
    should be another wave of special forces, but you can easily take care of them
    with the turret. If you're a halfway good shot, this shouldn't be too much of
    a battle at all. You'll take some damage, but nothing too crucial.
      After the Gunship is destroyed, a new Objective will pop up instructing you
    to enter the Time Portal. Jump in and that's the end of Siberia!
    | 4. Credits |
    ©2004 The TimeSplitters Network: http://tsnetwork.shyper.com/
    Written by F-Rott (Dennis Ferrand): darthfrott@yahoo.com
    | 5. Disclaimer |
    The TimeSplitters 2 Network isn't affiliated with Free Radical Design or Eidos.
    All trademarks are property of their respective owners. 

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