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    Hard Mode FAQ/Walkthrough by crate3333

    Version: 1.25 | Updated: 02/21/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    TimeSplitters 2 Hard difficulty Guide
    Written by crate3333.
    Originally posted on the GameFAQs TimeSplitters 2 (PS2 ver.) message boards.
    Current version: 1.25.
    1.1 Introduction
    2.1 Walkthroughs
     2.1.1 Siberia 
     2.1.2 Chicago
     2.1.3 Notre Dame 
     2.1.4 Return To Planet X
     2.1.5 NeoTokyo 
     2.1.6 Wild West 
     2.1.7 Atom Smasher 
     2.1.8 Aztec Ruins 
     2.1.9 Robot Factory 
     2.1.10 Space Station 
    3.1 Legal Stuff/Contact Information/Credits
    4.1 Revision History
    This guide is written for the Hard difficulty ONLY!  You can use it to help on
    Easy or Normal, but there will be inaccuracies.  In addition, I will not fully
    explain any objectives not unique to Hard.  All of these walkthroughs will be
    written assuming you, the reader, knows the level well from previous
    experience.  With that said, here we go.
    All the levels will be covered, in the order they are unlocked in the game.
    2.1.1 SIBERIA
    Grab the Sniper Rifle and Silenced Pistol at the start.  Equip the rifle, and
    zoom in on the guy standing on the balcony.  Headshot him.  Shoot out the
    nearby camera with the rifle, too.  If you trust your aim, look to the left
    and snipe the guy under the stairs.  Go to just outside of the tunnel, and
    turn right.  Snipe the guard coming your way before he sees you.  Now look
    between the big building and the two next to it.  Snipe that guard.  Enter the
    building area, and go to the right of the buildings, waiting at the door to
    the second.  Using your pistol, snipe the guy inside.  Go to disable the
    cameras now.  Now exit that building and turn left.  If you didn't snipe the
    guy under the steps at the beginning, pull out your Uplink and wait for him to
    be walking away, then snipe him now.  Either way, now ascend to the second
    floor, go in the building, and open the dam.  Pull out your sniper rifle.  Go
    out the building, and cross the first set of planks to the left.  A shot will
    hit the planks, so look up to the window on the dam and snipe the sniper in the
    head.  Cross the planks to the locked building, fall in the hole, and grab the
    mines.  Go in the building to the left of you, open the file cabinet, and mine
    it.  Go into the building that's in the back right (if you're looking parallel
    to the dam) and burn those files the same way.  Grab the sniper ammo in the
    building nearest the dam, blow the comms dish, then enter the dam.  Be sure to
    get the sniper ammo in the building closest to the dam when you get a chance.
    Ascend the stairs in the dam.  When you get to the steam, crouch to pass it.
    A guy waits on the next floor, but he's ripe for a headshot.  The next floor
    has a camera.  Using your sniper rifle, shoot out the camera's lens.  On the
    next floor, punch or headshot the guy.  (You can shoot the barrels or mine the
    camera, but you'll alert this guy.)  Continue up, until you reach the door to
    the next area.  Pull out your sniper rifle, and snipe the guy straight ahead.
    Enter the room.
    Go in the opening to the left, grab the stuff, and turn off the steam.  Still
    with your rifle out, go back to the long room.  Back up, and strafe right,
    then zoom as far back as you can.  There should be a guy with a white
    headpiece on.  Snipe him.  This will alert all the guards in the room, but
    they will head to the back, not where you are, so they won't see you!  Look to
    your immediate right, and headshot the guy close by.  Now zoom in at the back
    of the room, and headshot everyone you see.  Now head into the second alcove.
    Assuming nobody fired a Soviet, the guy in here will not see you, so headshot
    him with your pistol, saving sniper ammo.  Turn off the steam valve, then
    enter the third alcove, and repeat this process.  Now go to the end of the
    room, past the steam.
    Open the door, and use a mine to destroy the drone gun located immediately to
    your right.  Back to the Soviet, descend the stairs.  After the floor marked
    "4", lob a grenade down the steps, killing the guard below.  The remaining
    two guards both have their backs turned, so either use your pistol or fists.
    At the bottom, hit the switch to open the door.  Switch to your sniper rifle.
    Snipe the camera on the building to your right, then go out of the dam.  A
    sniper is on the top of the dam to the left, in the window, so show yourself,
    then hide until the bullet pings off the wall, then quickly kill the sniper.
    Go up the steps, looking left.  If there is still a guard there, snipe him if
    you can.  If there's no guard, go right.  Use your Soviet to kill anyone you
    run into on this side of the building, then turn to face the building and
    strafe out.  Shoot if anyone's there, then have them come to you.  If no one
    shows, fling a mine onto the wall to destroy the camera.  Once it blows, go
    forward.  At the next corner, there is a guard around it, so shoot him out.
    Destroy the camera on the wall with a mine, then switch to the sniper rifle
    and enter the building.
    This part can play out differently depending on your timing and how much noise
    you make.  Improvise if you have to, and the Soviet should be able to kill
    everyone before they can hurt you.
    Go to the end of the hall, then look left.  Snipe the walking guy in the head,
    then kill the other guard, the one behind the melon racks.  Be ABSOLUTELY SURE
    you have three sniper bullets left at this point.  Go down the stairs, then
    snipe the guy at the end of the hall.  Go forward until you see the camera,
    then blow out its lens.  Look right, behind the melon racks, and snipe another
    guard, but only if you have two bullets left.  Otherwise, toss a grenade back
    there.  You shouldn't have been seen yet inside the building. Turn back, then
    look along the left wall for a door, open it, open the cabinet inside, and
    blow it up with a mine.  The last two cabinets are to the left just before
    the stairs.  Go to the CHECKPOINT.
    Do not go to the bottom of the stairs.  Go just until you can see onto the
    walkway above.  Using your Sniper Rifle, snipe the guy you can see.  (If you
    have no ammo, just skip him for now).  Now go to the bottom, and strafe left.
    Shoot quick, and the guard will die without hitting you.  The others will have
    heard you by now, so either shoot fast when they come, or go back to the
    checkpoint and lob grenades when they come.  Go up to the walkway.  Mine the
    two drone guns, then open the door to the next area from the console.
    Go in door 2.  Go in the door on the left, and use the camera gun to kill the
    guard.  Flip the two switches, then go through the newly opened doors.  Lob
    grenades, trying to kill the guy behind the wall at the end, to the left.
    Kill him as you have to, then, if the other guy didn't see you, grenade him
    (or at least break the glass then shoot him).  Grab the disk.  Blow off the
    zombies' heads as you choose, then go back to use the disk.  Shoot off the
    zombies' heads, and make sure to stop in door 1 for the flamethrower (but
    leave the armor if you still have ANY).  Get to the biohazard container, blow
    it, then stop in door 3 for Timed Mines on the way back. (Oh, don't forget the
    Time Crystal!)  When you get back to the room that was right after the
    checkpoint, let the Spec. Ops. guys shoot at the mutant and zombie, then
    strafe out and shoot the two down.  Go get the armor now if you need it. Shoot
    down the mutant on the stairs.
    Go up the stairs to the room after the checkpoint, shooting as soon as you see
    the room up top.  Hopefully, you'll kill the guy before he shoots you.  Behead
    the undead in the room, then kill the guy that rounds the corner when he
    comes.  Lob a grenade around the corner, hopefully killing the guy there.  If
    not, shoot him down.  Climb the stairs.  If the guy is still shooting at the
    mutant, kill him right away.  Otherwise, either shoot right away anyway, or
    strafe left and shoot from the cover of the pillar.  Kill the flamethrower guy
    before he gets to you.
    Next up is the outside again.  Open the door, then show yourself just for a
    moment, then run back inside.  Three options for when the guys come.  You can
    1) Shoot as they come, 2) lob grenades at the entrance, or 3) toss Timed Mines
    at the entrance.  When the two Spec. Ops. guys are dead, exit, and kill any
    surviving enemies.  Pull out your 12-Guage or Pistol, and head back to the
    dam.  Kill the zombies until you can get in the elevator, then ride to the
    top.  Once there, grab the nearest turret.  Look right until a Spec. Ops. guy
    comes, kill him, then look left, then shoot out the helicopter.  Kill the
    missile launchers, then launch your rockets.  Look right and left
    periodically, killing the Spec Ops guys, then finally downing the chopper.
    Run into the Time Portal. MISSION COMPLETE! 
    Co-op notes on Siberia:
    In the beginning area, there is a bug that prevents the sniper from spawning.
    If you have one player zoom in on the window he appears at as the other player
    is opening the dam (once they leave the room with the switch you can stop
    looking), he will not appear.
    After destroying the containment canister, if one person is back near door 1,
    then the enemies in the room with the computer cosoles WILL NOT APPEAR,
    failing your mission.  You fail because a mutant does not appear, thus making
    it impossible to fulfill the objective.  (On Normal this is a good thing,
    though, as you get fewer enemies!)
    Also, in Co-op, two extra camera guns appear, one in the long hallway, another
    in the zombie room the hallway leads to.  Use the second new gun (third in the
    cycle) to clear the two guys before entering the room, then use either one to
    clear the room of zombies.
    2.1.2 CHICAGO
    Whew! Siberia's done!  Now on to Chicago.
    At the start, strafe right while pulling out your Vintage Rifle.  Turn left
    when you get to the walkway, and snipe the left guy in the head.  Follow with
    the guy on the right, then look to the back and snipe him, too.  Jump down
    and grab the ammo, then head to the back of the area for half armor.  Go
    around the corners, watching on your uplink.  If the guy is walking away from
    you, go into the area and shoot him in the back of the head with your pistol
    (or you could punch him).  Turn and shoot the whisky barrel (1).  Head up the
    I hate this next guy.  Sometimes he'll see you, sometimes he won't.  Hopefully
    it's the latter.  Using your Vintage Rifle, approach the window, centering
    your aim on the guy below, in the corner ahead.  Hit him if he doesn't see
    you, and if he does see you, switch to your pistol and kill him before he can
    pull the alarm.  If he does sound the alarm, restart.  If you snipe him before
    he sees you, another guy will come to investigate.  Headshot him.  Switch back
    to your pistol.  Continue on, and look toward an alcove in the back, by the
    stairs.  Strafe over while facing it, and shoot the guy inside (this is if the
    guy below did not see you.  If he did, this guy charges at you when he sees
    you).  Go down the steps and shoot the whisky barrel (2).  Exit on to the
    As soon as you get to the streets, look left.  The windows above house a
    sniper.  You have two choices.  Either shoot him from a distance with your
    pistol, or, my preferred choice, approach the tunnel under him and then slowly
    back up with your rifle in aim mode, looking as far up as you can.  Shoot him
    in the head once you can.  Now go to the telephone.  Turn right, and zoom in
    on the guy in the little alcove on the right with your rifle.  Headshot.  Now
    answer the phone.  Take the Tommy Gun and equip it.  Progress forward until
    Big Tony's brother comes.  Shoot the car (it doesn't matter where) to stop
    him.  Go to the area the car came from and grab the ammo, but leave the armor
    unless yours is already gone.  Shoot the whisky barrel (3).
    Choices, choices.  You can either clear O'Leary's now or later.  If you want
    to do it now, equip your Tommy Gun, and enter.  Guys will charge at you, so
    kill any you run into, then retreat to the hallway between the two rooms to
    finish off the thugs.  Leave on the opposite side from where you entered.  If
    you bypass O'Leary's, go along the streets to where Marco's hideout is.
    Either way, you're now at the same place.  Continue down the streets until you
    can see the gate to Tony's place.  Using your rifle, zoom in toward the gate,
    and snipe the guy there.  Grab his ammo, and head back to Marco.
    If you didn't clear O'Leary's before, you have to now.  Use your pistol on the
    guy running from the right to O'Leary's, then switch to the Tommy Gun and
    clear the place as I mentioned above.  Head back to Marco.
    Marco now begins his trek to his hideout.  Turn left and kill the guy there
    with your pistol.  The next guy comes from the right, shoot him down with the
    same gun.  Alternate left and right until Marco turns the corner.  There's one
    last guy that way, then pull out your rifle and move toward the back.  Round
    the corner, then look up on the ledge on a building on the left.  Shoot that
    sniper in the head, then look up at Tony's apartment (I assume it's an
    apartment.  It's where his safe is) and shoot the guy in the upper of the two
    lit windows.  Back to the pistol, turn back toward where Marco was waiting
    earlier.  Kill that guy, then go back toward Marco's hideout and kill the last
    guy chasing Marco.  Enter Marco's hideout and grab the TNT.
    Go into Tony's apartment building.  You've got another choice.  You can just
    spray bullets everywhere with the Tommy Gun once you get to the enemies, or
    you can headshot the walking guy, then the one to the left.  Once all the guys
    here are dead, turn to the alcove toward where you entered the room and shoot
    the whisky barrel (4 and the last).  Pull out your Tommy Gun, but stay silent
    if you can.  Head up to the steps.  Look toward the opposite wall of the one
    the steps are on, and stop once you see the head of the guy on the next floor.
    If you haven't been seen, snipe him.  If you have, Tommy Gun him down.  Either
    way, head forward until the next guy sees you (you'll hear his voice if you
    sniped the last guy; he'll probably already be coming if you Tommy Gunned).
    Once you're seen, head into the room with the bed, face the stairs, and strafe
    left.  Kill the guy with the Tommy Gun once he's in sight.  Hope you're lucky.
    If you are, one guy will come down the steps to be killed, then Braces after
    he's dead.  If not, both come at once.  Either way, kill both, then head up
    one level.  Go into the room there and take the armor.  Go up one more level.
    Go into that room, and grab the Sniper Ammo and the dropped Vintage rifle.  Go
    to the steps, and look for the guy's head on the next level.  Snipe him if
    you're not seen.  Kill him with the Tommy Gun if you are.  Another guy will
    come at you either way.  Kill him, and put the TNT on the safe, and grab the
    Shotgun.  Once the safe blows (you DID leave the room, right?) grab the pass,
    and answer the phone, if you want.
    Head down one level, with your Vintage Rifle out.  As soon as you can see the
    balcony that had the first sniper that was shooting at Marco, zoom in.  Looks
    like he had a friend.  Kill the sniper.  Move until you can see the lit window
    on the building at the far end of the street.  Kill that sniper.  Go until you
    see another lit window off to the right.  Another sniper is in there.  One
    last sniper is on the street below, across from Tony's apartments.  Hopefully,
    you didn't get hit.  This part takes practice to do well.  Go back to the
    outside of the building.
    Once you get there, pull out your Tommy gun and look right.  Braces will come,
    begging to be shot, so oblige.  Turn around, and shoot the pistol-wielding
    thug behind you.  Turn back, and proceed down the street.  Tommy Gun any thugs
    you see.  A sniper is hiding behind the glass close to the gates to Tony's
    place.  Once you kill everyone outside the gates, pull out your rifle and zoom
    in on the guys inside the gates.  If you shoot one, his buddy won't notice, so
    kill both unseen.  Enter the gates.  CHECKPOINT!
    Go grab the ammo the two guys dropped.  Enter the building, and head down the
    hall to the left.  Open the door at the end, then quickly shoot the guy to the
    right and the one straight ahead below.  Grab the ammo, and the armor by the
    manhole, if you need it.  Enter Tony's Nightclub.
    A thug will round the corner to the left, so kill him.  Go around the glass to
    the left to get the double Tommy Guns.  Pull the second one out.  Go forward,
    but watch how far.  A guy will shoot from around the corner ahead, and another
    is in the glass shielded area to the left.  Kill both, then go forward.
    Braces awaits after the corner, so strafe to the left to get there.  He's to
    the left, and easy to kill.  Go forward very slowly.  Don't enter the next
    room far enough for Big Tony to see you.  Press against the right wall, and
    pull out your Rifle.  Zoom in along the left, and move forward just until you
    can see the head of the guy there.  Headshot him, then press against the
    opposite wall and do the same for the other guy.  Now switch back to double
    Tommys, dash into the room, run up the steps to the right, kill Big Tony, grab
    the Time Crystal, and rush into the Time Portal.  MISSION COMPLETE!
    2.1.3 NOTRE DAME
    Pull out the Shotgun. Follow the hall, blowing off the head of the first
    zombie. Go down the hall, turning at the end, and kill the three zombies now
    chasing you. Turn around again, and go in the first passage on the left. Go in
    backwards, aiming for the zombie in the back left. Hit him as soon as he's
    fully upright, then knock the other zombie's head off. Pull the switch, and
    grab the Shotgun ammo in the small alcove by where the two passages meet. Go
    forward, into the pipe. Pull the lever and go up the short steps to the next
    Grab the armor, facing the opposite wall. Kill the zombie that warps in. Go
    forward, and turn the corner. Two zombies are in the room, one ahead and left,
    one directly left. You can kill them quickly from here or lure them into the
    previous room. Either way, dispose of both. Go up a short distance on the
    steps, until a zombie spawns. Kill the zombie, retreating if you have to. Now
    ascend the steps. At the top, grab the first Shotgun ammo, and go to the far
    end, hugging the right wall as the wall blows open, admitting flaming zombies.
    Turn left from the hole, and kill the zombies you meet as you go back to where
    you entered the room. Wit for the flaming zombies, beheading as many as you
    can, and at least shooting the rest to kill them. Grab the other Shotgun ammo
    in the room. If you have about 35 shells (not including the two in the gun),
    then you're doing well. Don't restart if you don't, though. Continue into the
    next room.
    If you fail, this is most likely the room you'll fail in. Leave the Shotgun
    ammo for now, and approach the first maiden. Slay the zombies that spawn;
    these ones come at you, so take your time. Free the maiden (1). Go forward,
    and leave the armor in the corner there for now. Go toward the barred area,
    and more zombies will spawn. Kill the ones close to you quickly, then pursue
    the far ones. If you don't kill these two, they'll kill the maiden in the
    back, so eliminate them quickly. More should spawn, so kill them, too. Now
    free the maiden (2), and go back to the barred area. Blow off the lock on the
    one currently on your right, and enter, facing the zombie. Kill him quickly,
    then turn to face the outside of the cell and kill any zombies there. Now
    free the maiden (3). You can now grab the Shotgun ammo and armor you left
    behind. When you do take the armor, zombies will spawn, so back into it. Once
    you're done there, go toward the exit of the room (forward from the cells,
    turn right, then left). Kill the zombies that are going toward the maiden
    before they kill her, then kill the rest, and free the maiden (4). Go up the
    short staircase, kill the zombie in the room, and reach the CHECKPOINT.
    Go up the steps and into the middle of the large room. Turn left, and go
    toward the wall on your left. Shoot the nearest Undead Priest, then seek cover
    behind the wall. Go to the far end of the wall, and shoot the priests down as
    they come. Go around to the other side of the wall, and look to the right. A
    fifth Undead Priest awaits, begging to be shot, so do so. Take the Time
    Crystal before heading to the door at the far end.
    Leave the armor there for now, and strafe in view of the hall to the right,
    aiming at the corner and going as far forward as you can. When the Priest
    shows himself, kill him. He shouldn't have hit you. Take his double Lugers.
    Hopefully you still have a few shotgun shells. Keep your Shotgun equipped if
    you do. Head up the steps, killing the first zombie either on the steps or
    after luring him to the bottom. The second zombie on the steps is on fire
    (WARNING: hardest enemy in the level!), so hopefully you have good and fast
    aim. I have never successfully lured the zombie to the bottom of the stairs,
    so you'll have to shoot him on the steps. If you're set on fire, you're dead,
    so restart from the checkpoint. If you kill him, get to the top of the steps,
    equip your Lugers, strafe right into the next room, kill the Undead Priest,
    and pull the rope to lower the maiden. Go back down the steps, taking the
    armor if you need it.
    When you go back in the large room, look at the door on the right to make sure
    the Hunchback gets through. He did get stuck once for me. If he's coming,
    shoot nearby zombies with the Lugers until he comes. Let him finish the job,
    then when all the zombies are dead, head left and in the door. The maiden is
    rescued (5) and the Hunchback will escape. Leave the armor, as you already
    have some, and equip the Shotgun if you still have shells. There are two
    flaming zombies on the stairs, one near the bottom and the other near the top,
    and one regular zombie. The flaming zombie at the bottom can be lured to the
    bottom of the steps, then shot. The second (non-flaming) and third (flaming)
    zombies can either be shot on the steps or from a small alcove with a Shotgun
    inside. Kill all three, take the armor if yours is gone (highly doubtful), and
    climb to the top of the steps. Pull out your double Lugers.
    When the Portal Daemon comes, shoot him with your Lugers only. If any Undead
    Priests are shooting at you, kill them, but ignore the zombies and never stop
    moving! Once the daemon falls, kill off the zombies and priests with whatever
    weapon, then go get the armor at the bottom of the steps if it's still there
    and you need it. Take the Shotgun shells when you return to here, then head
    outside, Lugers still equipped.
    Progress slowly along the roof, shooting on sight with any enemies (or
    retreating to have them come to you) and never stop strafing! Being further
    away only helps, here. When you get to Jacque, pull out your Shotgun, shoot
    him until you get hit a bit, then run back to the previous armor (by the
    entrance to the rooftop) and wait. When he comes, shotgun him down, grab the
    armor if you need it, then run for the Time Portal. MISSION COMPLETE!
    At the start, rush forward, grabbing the Sci-Fi Handgun, and jump in the hole.
    Turn left, and go down the left passage.  An alien will spawn, kill him before
    he shoots. Look at the top or the ramp leading up.  Wait for the alien to peek
    out, then shoot and dodge his shot.  Go up the ramp, and turn right.  Kill the
    guy on the ground first, then the one above, while keeping in motion.  I'm not
    sure if you have to kill this next guy, but I do.  Turn around and look at the
    top of the cliff.  An alien will spawn.  He almost always misses, so shoot him
    down, then turn around again.  Another alien will spawn in front of you.
    Shoot him, moving to avoid both his blasts and the fire of the next guy.  That
    other guy hides behind a wall, so wait for him to peek out before shooting.
    When he falls, go forward.  When you hear aliens spawning, keep going in the
    same direction, but turn around and look up.  Kill that alien, then turn right
    and shoot down the other one.  Grab the Weapon Part.  As you go forward, two
    guys will run out at you, so shoot them down.  After both are dead and you
    continue forward, a third will spawn, so kill him too.  Jump down the hole,
    grab the armor, and get ready for the only hard part of the level.
    Go to the upper level, triggering the beach attack.  Beeline for the center
    gun, and man it.  During the assault, here is what you need to do:  Always
    kill the aliens from the left first, unless a different one is much closer.
    Those two tend to try to get behind you more.  If you can hit two or more
    aliens with one rocket, shoot the rocket; otherwise use your guns.  Always use
    bullets only on the guys from the left.  Conserve ammo as much as possible;
    you want to finish the beach attack still on this gun.  Once the guys from the
    left are all dead, stop firing bullets.  Use rockets on the aliens still
    coming, but fire after they turn to come straight at you.  You should finish
    the beach attack with about 10-20 bullets and one or two rockets left in the
    gun.  If you do run out of ammo, I recommend you go use the gun closest to
    where you entered.  This part might take some practice, but if you can still
    take a hit when you're done, you should be fine the rest of the way.
    Once the attack is repelled, grab all the ammo you need, and switch to the
    Autorifle.  Go down the newly opened corridor, and fire at the guy waiting.
    Another is around the corner.  You can either wait for him to show himself or
    charge at him.  Grab the grenades, and continue on.  When you come to the
    fork, an alien spawns down the left one.  Kill him, then go either way.  Clear
    the bug-things with a plasma grenade placed at the center of where they
    circle, then go into the passage, wary of the guy inside.  (I think there's a
    guy there, anyway).  Grab the other weapon part, and go stand under the UFO,
    as far back as you can get.
    I recommend you use the Handgun here, to save ammo, but it's not necessary.
    Fire at the attackers, letting the turrets on the UFO help out.  Keep
    strafing, and you'll have no trouble.  Once the teleport appears, kill the
    first alien out of it, then run in to the teleport.  Pull out your Autorifle
    again.  Find the larger opening and go up, and you'll hear an alien spawn.
    He's at the teleport, so kill him, then go forward until another spawns, and
    kill that one, too.  Go to the camera control and deactivate the cameras, then
    jump down to reach the CHECKPOINT.
    Turn left until you see a passage, then go down it.  A guy is on the right
    when you enter, and aliens on the left and in the tunnel warp in as you
    approach.  Kill the three as they come, then turn around.  Go down the
    passage, killing the first alien with a headshot, then go forward until you
    see two guys on the top of the cliff.  Back up until only the guy on the right
    sees you, shoot him down, then shoot down the one on the left.  Take the armor
    if you need it; you won't be coming back here.  Turn around and go up the
    tunnel you saw earlier.
    Grab the Homing Rockets, and don't stay to fight.  Go along the left wall of
    the clearing, and up the tunnel, only shooting aliens that are in your way.
    Once in the tunnel, proceed up until you reach a junction, then turn to the
    right, looking down the junction, and strafe left until you see the alien
    waiting.  Kill him.  Turn to face forward again, and go along the bridges,
    shooting anyone in your way.  When you come to an area with several aliens,
    shoot them all down recklessly, then wait for the bug-things to finish exiting
    the hive-like thing.  Kill them with a plasma grenade, and grab the armor if
    you need it.
    Turn around after taking the armor, then go down the passage to the right.
    Aliens will come, but they should only get a shot off before you kill them.
    You probably won't be hit again once you get to the door, so if you make it
    there, breathe a sigh of relief (or start wondering why this is Hard,
    depending upon how well you did).  Open the door, and go to the far turret
    (the door on the other side of the lift).  Man it, and shoot down the UFOs.
    Leave the room, but only until a PIP shows up.  Then go back to the turret,
    and look down and right.  You should see two aliens.  Shoot them in the head
    with secondary fire (or primary, but the secondary fire looks cooler).  Once
    they're dead, go to the elevator, and go down.
    Aliens may be waiting, but they should be slow enough that you can kill them
    easily.  Go into the newly opened area.  Look down the ramp and kill the guy
    there, then continue on. When you get to the room the second camera looked at
    (with the gold-colored walkways), strafe onto the walkway, shooting at the two
    aliens.  When they fall, continue down the hallway.  Eventually, you'll see a
    UFO right in front of you, and the ceiling opens.  Don't try to shoot down
    these aliens!  Just run into the teleport on the left, and you'll be in the
    UFO.  Find the large opening, go up, go around the UFO until you grab the Time
    Crystal, then go back through the opening and into the Time Portal.  The
    Reaper Splitters shouldn't hit you, and only bother to shoot any that get in
    your way.  MISSION COMPLETE.
    2.1.5 NEOTOKYO
    Before I start, I have to say I hate this level.
    I have found a third method for the beginning of NeoTokyo that, while I have
    never actually finished the level doing (co-op on Hard; get seen by cameras
    because I have no Uplink), should be much easier than the other two on solo:
    Follow the hacker until you reach the first bridge across the street (the one
    the hacker decsends on Easy) and go down the stairs there.  You will be at the
    area with the guns and ammo in the glass cases.  Wait, watching the street and
    Uplink, for the hacker -- you'll see a "haze" when she passes: cloaking isn't
    perfect.  Once she passes you, simply follow her, avoiding cameras.  When the
    police car passes, hide out of sight behind a pillar  Then go to the "Both
    Routes" section.
    -The reason this is easier is it eliminates a good deal of waiting, which is
    prbably when you will blow the first section, if you do.  The "Easy Way"
    below has a very long wait time and I sometimes suspect you can be seen.  If
    you emerge from your hiding spot, you're done.  The "Hard Way" has a wait
    at the steps, along with a additional police car.  The steps are the most
    perilous section of that route.  This route bypasses both problem areas,
    significantly decreasing the difficulty.
    I will, however, leave the two other choices in the guide, as some other
    people may prefer them.
    You have two choices at the start.  You can go the long way, which is harder
    and more frustrating, but leaves you better off; or the easy way, the route I
    take, which doesn't give you anything early on.
    The Easy Way:
    Wait for the train to pass, then jump down where the train passed.  Using your
    Uplink, avoid the cameras, and turn down the first turn to the left.  Avoid
    those cameras, and jump down into the sewer-like area.  Go to the ramp at the
    end, and jump off to the left.  Hide under the ramp, as far back as you can
    go, staying left, and watch on your Uplink for the hacker to pass (as she
    cloaks). Once she passes, follow at a distance, and wait at the first corner.
    Now follow the "Both Routes" section.
    The Hard Way:
    I've never done this on Hard, so I can't help too much.  This way, you follow
    the hacker, staying distant at the steps, and avoiding the cameras and police.
    On the ground, you should see an alcove off to the right after a time.  Go
    there, wait for the hacker to be out of earshot, then punch out the glass and
    take the guns and ammo.  Resume following the hacker, and wait at the corner
    like in the easy route.  Follow the "Both Routes" section.
    Both Routes:
    Wait until the second dot on your Uplink follows, then turn the corner and go
    into the camera control room.  Switch off the first two cameras, then watch on
    the third until the hacker puts in the password and the objective is complete.
    Now leave the room, turn left, punch out the guy, take his Silenced Pistol,
    and reach the CHECKPOINT.  If you now restart from the checkpoint, you'll have
    only 3 pistol bullets taking the easy route, and significantly more ammo
    taking the hard route.
    I'll assume you only have three Silenced Pistol bullets.
    First, after you open the door with the code, the door in front of you will
    have two guys behind it. Shoot the first in the head as the door opens, then
    cap the second in the head before he shoots. Neither of the next two guys will
    come at you if you manage this. Hardest part of the level. Grab the ammo,
    SBP90 Machine Gun, camera, and leave the room. Watch for the guy in the
    hallway behind the next door to go past, then open it and either headshot or
    punch him out. The last guy in this part is behind the last door you can open
    right now. One last headshot. If you got all four down in three or four
    bullets, it's smooth sailing from there.
    Snap the evidence, and blow up the three guns with your pistol (and when you
    run out of ammo, the Machine Guns). Upload the evidence, and go switch off
    the machine. Just dodge the Reaper Splitter's lightning. Pull out your SBP90.
    As you leave to the outside area, guys will come. Shoot as they appear. Once
    you're back in the hallway (after the room with the first computer terminal)
    watch for an alcove in the left side. A guy with a Machine Gun is down there.
    Show yourself, then hide, then fire when the bullets cease. Grab his ammo.
    Continue on, and two more guys come. Machine gun them down. Turn the corner,
    and in the next alcove on the right there is a guy. Same thing as before. You
    should be able to make it to the ramp to the street from here.
    Once you reach the ramp, dash up to the street. Kill the guy in front, then
    the one to the right. It's okay if you get hurt, you shouldn't be hit much
    from here to Sadako. Go toward the Time Portal (I do, you don't have to, but I
    like to kill these guys first). Get to the end (where the portal would be) and
    kill the police. Grab the Handguns, and turn back. Many guys will be on the
    streets, but they should pose no problem. Just use as few bullets as possible.
    When you can, turn down to the left and go down the steps to what looks like a
    train depot. Go down the corridor to see the Master, who heals you. Sadako
    should come now, so kill her, get healed again, grab the crystal, and run back
    to the portal.  MISSION COMPLETE!
    2.1.6 WILD WEST
    At the beginning, restart until you do not get hit by the first guy. He can
    either miss, or get shot before he shoots (hard, but I've been lucky). Now,
    look left to see the second guy, and kill him from where you are. Now go
    between the buildings and climb to the top. When you enter the room with the
    three windows, move to the middle, wait for the guy to come, shoot, and dodge
    quickly. Now bust the window, go out, go toward where you just killed the guy
    on the roof. The next guy is at the bottom to your right. Shoot him after he
    (hopefully) misses. The last two guys in this area are on top of a building to
    the left and in the Sheriff's office.Get the gunpowder from the chest in the
    Sheriff's office and tear down the two posters in the area (in the Saloon, and
    walk the catwalks across the buildings). Go around to the back of the jail,
    and after both snipers miss, kill the guy on the right, then the one on the
    bell tower. Tear the wanted poster, and free Ramona. Run to a corner in the
    entry to the rear of the jail to await the two enemies. Kill them before they
    touch you. A sniper awaits on the first roof to the left, too. A guy may run
    past, shoot him too. Proceed to the next area.
    In here, the only thing to do is dodge and shoot until no more bullets are
    flying your way. Now, grab the armor in the small alcove to the left. Save the
    girl in the hayloft, killing the two guys on the way before they hit you.
    There are still enemies on the heights, kill them. Now tear the wanted posters
    around (don't forget the one up top). Reach the checkpoint.
    Stay to the back wall! Pull out your Vintage Rifle, and zoom in on the guy on
    top of the walk on the right. Shoot him four times to kill him, or two or
    three if you hit his head. Now advance, dodging fire from the double Garret
    guy, and killing him. Grab the Garrets, and then back up to await the guy who
    will come running. Pull out your rifle again. The next guy on top of the walk
    can be killed with a quick headshot. The guy around the corner will come out
    and shoot as you approach. Kill him without getting hit. Rifle again, shoot
    the guy in the window to the upper right. Switch to the Garrets for the rest
    of the level. Shoot the guy around back of the left building before grabbing
    the ammo and tearing the last wanted poster.
    Go into the mine. Do not take the armor if you still have at least 1/4 armor
    remaining. Go out toward the colonel's area, killing the guys that block your
    way. As you exit the mine, a guy is to your right. Kill him. From here on, the
    only advice I can offer is to dodge bullets as well as you can. If you can't
    live through this, you'd better improve before Robot Factory. Flip the switch,
    push the cart, grab the armor, the crystal, and leave. Go quickly but not
    carelessly, and jump to the time portal. Learn where the guys spawn.
    You could also kill all the guys in this part, then go on to the Time Crystal.
    Pick whichever way works best.
    Start of the level, immediately hit right on the D-pad to switch to Garrett.
    Right as the gun starts to pull out, strafe to the left a bit (right as the
    guy shoots at you) and he should miss. Pump him full of lead to teach him a
    lesson. All I can really say is learn the timing and move left just as he
    shoots. He almost always misses.
    Okay, there's a guy up ahead to the left, pull the rifle back out and take him
    out. He misses a lot too. Then aim at the guy on the roof 90 degrees to the
    left. I usually backed up against the building that has the stairs on it, then
    shot up at him. Bout a 50/50 chance you get hit for a little health. Then run
    up the stairs, punching the window out when you get close (don't wanna waste
    ammo or health). Go into the building on the right, there should be a window
    facing the other guy on the roof. He's a crack shot so be careful when you
    snipe him. Exit this building, cross the little bridge, and aim down where the
    other guy shoots from. Yet another crappy shot. Continue on, until you get to
    the poster on the catwalk. Rip it, then crouch and aim at the guy in the jail.
    You should only be able to see his feet, but that's okay. Three shots and he
    should be dead. Drop down, rip the poster, get the gunpowder (flirt with
    Ramona if necessary), go back to the saloon and rip the poster in there. Next
    Head through the tunnel, but slow down as you get to the end. Crouch, and
    slowly move foward, snipe-aiming at the bell tower and the guy on the roof.
    These two guys suck with sniper rifles, easy headshots (I don't think they
    ever hit me in the 12+ times I tried this part of the level). Rip the poster
    on the wall, push the TNT cart to the jail cell. Make a very winding trail of
    gunpowder (don't cross your path though) and lead it to one of the boxes. Run
    as far away from the box as you can while still being able to shoot it well.
    Two Garrett rounds should set off your fuse. Now run back to the previous area
    and immediately turn left once you get out of the tunnel. Sit under the shady
    outcropping and wait for the explosion (depending on your trail, 5-15 seconds,
    you'll know cause the little PIP will show the guys running). Fire mercilessly
    when the two guys run out, then wait for the third and do the same. Then pull
    out the sniper rifle, back up and shoot the other sniper in the head. Next
    At this point, it's really all about skill in dodging shots. Just try to take
    out the sniper on the roof first. The only tips for this area are these: Once
    the guys stop shooting and the girl starts screaming, go to the barn, but
    first take out the guy that's running from the barn, and then the guy in the
    window facing the barn. Watch out for the guy on the barn stairs, then save
    the purty girl. Snipe the guy in the bank, rip the poster on the catwalk, and
    head towards the alley to the left of the barn. Run towards the stairs and
    pull a 180 immediately, as there's a guy comin after you. Go up the stairs
    and shoot the would-be sniper in the back. Head to the bank with your back
    towards it and take out yet another sniper. Before hitting the checkpoint,
    make sure you collect all the left over guns (except that last rifle) and the
    body armor that's in a little storage type place across and to the left of the
    One thing I forgot last post: Rip the poster near the bank.
    Shoot the guy with the two Garretts before he shoots you. If his buddy runs at
    you, shoot him too. Then crouch and pull out the rifle. Shoot the guy on the
    roof in the head (he's facing you, but doesn't see you :) ). If the guy
    doesn't run at you, then reverse the order of those last two shootings. Grab
    the double Garretts, and watch for another guy on the roof. Then keep strafing
    left, and be careful of the guy that pops around the corner, as he's a crack
    shot. Snipe the guy in the upper window of the house, then put your back to
    the house and strafe right, shooting the guy in the little alley. Turn round, 
    run up the stairs, collect ammo, and rip the last poster. Head into the mine
    There's a full armor to your right in one of the alcoves, but I didn't even
    notice it till all the enemies were dead. You shouldn't need it just yet
    anyway. Run just far enough to the opening so guys come at you, then retreat
    to the right of the mine cart. You should just be able to see a little bit of
    the opening from here, just perfect for funneling enemies. Take these guys
    out, there should be 4, I think. Just watch your right side as you peek out
    the opening, sometimes a guy or two will hide there. Okay, Colonel time.
    Sit in the mine entrance and shoot him a couple times till he starts running.
    Then retreat back to your happy funnel spot and wait for that boss meter to
    show up. After it does, wait about 15-20 seconds and he should come to get
    you, along with a buddy or two. Fill him full of lead before his eyes adjust
    to the darkness in the shaft. Then sit and wait for enemies to run in like
    lemmings. Don't forget about that armor that should be fairly close behind you
    if you need it. If you start to run out of ammo, strafe to the right until you
    can't see past the wall, then strafe back but BE CAREFUL: Another guy has just
    spawned right in front of your hiding place. He does this about a half dozen
    times. It's up to you whether you kill these guys first or last. Just wait for
    him to fall to the ground and fade away, then go back right and return and
    there will be another one. He also spawns behind you if you venture too far
    down the tunnel.
    Eventually enemies WILL STOP COMING, contrary to crate3333 (sorry buddy :) ).
    When they do, finally go outside (collecting the crapload of guns dropped),
    and pull the lever in the house on the far left. Run back to the tunnel that
    we all love, and push the mine cart along the tracks. It crashes through the
    boards and explodes, so keep your distance. Also be careful not to fall off
    the tracks into the pit, cause you're effectively done with this level. Run
    into the new shaft until you see the green light. Turn so your back is to the
    light, back up into the Time Crystal, then run at the drone splitter with guns
    ablazin'. A couple of headshots should take him down. Keep running until you
    see the portal. As long as you have a fair amount of armor and health, you
    should be more than okay to aim your jump, as there's probably another drone
    behind you (I didn't stop to look, but I heard the little bugger). If you're
    nearly dead, well you can either head into the little house to your left and
    get some armor, or you can jump and hope for the best. 
    Taken exactly as posted on 11/18/02, at 1:33:45 A.M. and 1:51:18 A.M.,
    GameFAQs time.
    2.1.7 ATOM SMASHER
    At the start, wait at the door. Hit the button on the wall to open the next
    door, then grab the Uplink and shut off the cameras (this cuts off about a
    second). Go out the door and go straight down the next hall. The guy at the
    end should have his back to you, so punch him out from behind. Grab the
    silenced pistol, and shoot the Henchman over by the first bomb, then disarm
    the bomb. To kill the guy just coming behind you, if the doc disarmed the bomb
    right away (thus the second guy DID NOT SHOOT), you can go back to the hallway
    to kill him, otherwise you can take him out from where you stand. Just be sure
    to dodge back and forth.
    Now, collect the two pistols (the one the guy dropped, and the one on the
    ground) by the guy you just killed. Open the next door. The first Henchman
    will not see you, so train your crosshairs on his head and shoot. Kill the guy
    behind the first set of double boxes the same way, in the gap between the
    boxes and the wall. Whether you hit or not, you alert the rest of the guys in
    the room, so shoot and strafe. Take cover if needed. Finish them off with the
    pistol, and grab the double pistols the Dark Henchman dropped.
    Enter the next door. Strafe around the corner, facing mostly into the next
    hall. A Henchman will round the corner, drop him quickly, and he shouldn't hit
    Next up is the hardest part before the checkpoint.
    As you strafe into view of the next hall, it is likely four bullets, if not
    five, will fly your way. Find a way to dodge all of them (one hit here is
    acceptable, two is not) and then take down the three guys in the hallway while
    constantly juking away from bullets. The two Dark Henchmen will both have
    cover when they are not shooting, so act fast. Once all the enemies are
    eliminated, reload and go partway down the hall, until another Henchman comes.
    Kill him with your pistols, and a Dark Henchman will descend the stairs. A
    lucky headshot here will drop him, but you will more likely miss and have to
    kill him when he gets to ground level. Wait for the autogun to pass you as it
    turns to your left, then run up next to it. Look up to the second landing on
    the staircase, then move a little forward, but not enough for the sniper to
    shoot. A yellow guy will come, kill him without being hit. Show yourself to
    the sniper on the right for a split second, duck back behind the wall until
    the shot hits the wall, then strafe back out and kill the sniper. Turn off the
    gas, grab a fire extinguisher, and take the Remote Mines behind the stairs.
    Equip the extinguisher and reach the checkpoint.
    You should have been hit no more than twice by now.
    Extinguish the Doctor Peabodys and the fire, then switch back to the Silenced
    Pistols. A sniper will be on top of the box straight ahead, and quick shooting
    will kill him before he gets a shot off. Run forward until the box opens, and
    start shooting as it does to kill the Dark Henchman unscathed. Grab his Soviet
    and the armor, but stick with the pistols until you run out of ammo. Strafe
    back out of the box, and kill the two enemies down the next hall without
    progressing much forward yourself. After both are dead, move forward and left
    to open the next box, and kill the guy inside.
    Progress down the hallway, shooting on sight with the pistols until you run
    out of ammo. At the first drone gun, clear the area (this is likely where you
    will switch to the Soviet) and then fling a remote mine near the gun. Detonate
    it to destroy the gun. Two more guys await before turning off the steam, one
    hiding behind the box, another coming after you see the next drone gun. Kill
    both, along with Remote Mining the gun, before heading back to turn off the
    steam. Before doing so, put two mines on the nearby box, on the right side
    (one will do, but you have enough for two, so you don't miss), but don't
    detonate yet. Turn off the steam and grab the fire extinguisher, return to the
    hallway. Back up until the box begins to open, then detonate immediately.
    Neither of the two guys in the box will live to even see you.
    Now go drop the third bomb in the pit (if the timer reaches twenty (20)
    seconds here, restart. You were too slow). Continue down the hallway, and re-
    equip the pistols just before the next sniper on a box. Show yourself, hide
    from the shot, then shoot him down. Go back to the Soviet to clear the
    remaining two yellow guys, then switch to the mines. There are two guns, one 
    n the right, one on the left, past the box. Mine them, detonate, and then put
    two mines on the side of each box. Back up until the boxes open, then
    detonate. Four guys dead. Grab their ammo, extinguish the fire, and equip the
    Sniper Rifle. Shoot the yellow guy sniping you quickly, before he shoots
    again. Now, if you can take out the black sniper ahead, you're golden. Here's
    what to do: Strafe right until his shot pings of the wall, then quickly aim at
    his head and fire.  This is inconsistent, but the best thing I can come up
    with.  It's okay if you get hit once. Kill the next sniper with your remaining
    Sniper Rifle ammo, unless you're out, in which case use the pistols.
    Switch back to the Soviet. In the next area, if you have a minute remaining
    still, you can wait for an enemy to walk by, and then headshot. If not, run in
    with guns blazing.  Two guys are strolling between the boxes and one hides in
    the far left box.  Don't forget the new sniper above you with the Soviet.
    There is also armor in the far left box, where the guy was. Have the doctor
    defuse the fourth bomb, then open the door.
    Go left, and kill the guy around the corner. More guys will await, one above,
    and one on ground level to the right. Take out the guy on the ground first,
    then the guy above you. Strafe back and forth to avoid getting hit much. Run
    up the ramp and have the doc defuse the final bomb. Whew! Now we can take our
    If you have sniper rifle ammo left, you have an easy job. If not, pull out the
    pistols. Shoot the guy on the right first, then the guy on the left. Drop off,
    and go to the elevator back where you entered the big room. Ride up, follow
    the left path, and a yellow guy will have his back to you. Easy headshot. Now
    go back to cross the pipes to get to the catwalk. Turn on the sprinklers, and
    pull your mines out. Destroy the sentry turret with a mine. Now you're done
    with Remote Mines. Switch back to the Soviet for the rest of the level. Shut
    off the lasers and go out to grab the ammo and armor.
    Go to the reactor area.  Grab the body armor, if you need it.  Kill the Dark
    Henchmen that will round the corner.  You now have two choices:
    1) You can activate the reactor, killing Khallos once you're done.  Always
    keep moving if you use this method, and as soon as the reactor is activated,
    kill Khallos, grab the crystal, and finish the level.
    2) You can kill Khallos, lure the Scourge Splitters away, then activate the
    reactor and finish.  To do this, plant mines in the corner Khallos comes
    around, and detonate as soon as he is close enough to be killed by them.  Now
    run back to the area by the top of the pipes, where the switch to open the
    door is, and wait for the Scourge Splitters.  DO NOT KILL THEM!  Once they
    come, jump off at the pipes, run back to the reactor, activate it, grab the
    crystal, and run in the Time Portal.  (I have not used this method myself, but
    I saw it posted on the GameFAQs message boards, and forget the poster's name.
    It sounds like a viable option, so try it.)  (Since I first added this,
    another board member (blondebob) has posted this same strategy on the topic
    mentioned in the last section, independently of me.  Just thought I'd credit
    him, too.)
    Either way, MISSION COMPLETE!
    2.1.8 AZTEC:
    Pull out your Luger, and head forward. When you get to the monkeys, kill the
    monkey that's above and left. This way he won't throw melons later. Go left,
    and get ready for one of the hardest parts of the mission, unless you're
    either very lucky or very good at quick headshots. After you round the corner
    into the area with the pillar in the middle, two Aztec Warriors will come.
    Quickly duck back behind the corner, and shoot when the first guy comes. When
    the second arrives, back up more and shoot as the arrive in view. If you
    haven't been hit, or only got hit in a limb, keep going and grab the
    Crossbows. If you took more damage, restart.
    Equip the crossbow, and light it on fire. For some reason, no bees appeared
    for me on Hard, but if there are any for you, shoot the beehive with a flaming
    arrow. Round the corners to the hall with the door to the ruins at the end,
    and hit the wood golem before continuing. Be absolutely sure you will not
    catch fire before passing his corpse. Shoot the Warrior at the end of the
    hall, then go right. An Aztec Warrior will come, but use cover and quick
    reflexes to kill him. Continue on to the next large room, lighting your arrows
    on fire again. Show yourself in the room, then back up and wait for the Wood
    Golem. Shoot him, wait for the flames to die, and continue on. Shoot the
    beehive if you need to. Looking at the room, go all the way to the right and
    down that passage. Another Warrior will come. Kill him. Continue on to the
    pillar room.
    Shoot the Aztec Warriors in here first, sheltering in the hall if you need to,
    then take out the two melon monkeys on the pillars. Another way to do this is
    to take out the first melon monkey first, then go into the room and kill the
    Warriors, then the other monkey. Either way, solve the pillar puzzle. I can
    only remember this: it's the (I believe) standing lizard-thing on the right
    (as you enter) pillar in the back, and turn the left-back one until you get
    something other than a head pointing to the next pillar. Before finishing, I
    recommend you grab the armor under the ramp to the circular door. Kill the
    beehive if you need to. Reload, and finish the puzzle.
    Two Aztec warriors (I think) will run at you from the newly-opened door. Back
    up for cover as you need it. Once both are dead, proceed. When you get to the
    bridge, turn left and kill the monkey on the platform. Cross the bridge and
    turn the crank, then head back. A Warrior will come as you reach the bridge.
    Kill him. (I'm not sure, but another may come too. If so, it shouldn't be
    much harder, anyway). Go to the right, following the hall. When you come to
    the large room, an Aztec Warrior is to the left, and another is in the room.
    Kill the guy on the left before the second sees you, so you can fight
    one-on-one. When both are dead, continue down the small passage (to the right
    if you had just entered; back toward the door). One last warrior before the
    checkpoint (I think) at the T to the door, then drop in the hole and reach
    the checkpoint.
    In the next room, kill all the melon-chucking monkeys before going in to the
    actual ruins.  Then enter, but don't go right or left.  Just go to the wall,
    and back up.  Both Warriors will come, kill both as they show.  If you've
    been hit since the checkpoint, restart from there.
    Now enter the ruins, and watch for a guy on the steps.  When he falls, pull
    your Luger and headshot the two Warriors at the bottom of the stairs, if you
    can.  Fire even if you can't, to draw them to you.  Turn the next crank,
    grab the armor, and begin to descend the stairs.
    If my memory serves correctly, a High Priest is around the second bend.  If
    not, it's the third.  Kill him on sight, and if you're ready, you may not
    get hit.  Three bends later, an Aztec Warrior awaits.  Same deal.  Get to
    the base of the stairs.
    I can't help too much with this room, the first four golems.  Just remember
    to kill all the monkeys that can hit you before worrying about the golems.
    Try not to fall in a pit.  If you're having trouble getting a golem to fall
    in a pit, try to stand on the opposite side of the pit fgrom the switch.
    When the golem comes, cross to the switch quickly.  Clear the room, and
    take the armor.
    You should be able to get to the bridge from here.  Just in case, find the
    stairs that actually go down to a hallway, and get to just in front of the
    spears, then cross AFTER the spears start to go back in to the wall.
    Once at the bridge, grab and equip the rifle.  Watch the heads for one to
    turn.  When you hear the turning, find the head, zoom in, and shoot.  If
    you can't find it, start strafing like crazy, so the shot will miss.  Same
    thing if you fail to destroy it in time.  Once all seven heads are shot
    out, switch back to the crossbow.  Kill the guy that comes from the front
    first (whichever way, but he's closer), then the other guy.  Go forward.
    At the staircase, I hope you still have a good amount of health and armor,
    and some good reflexes (but, you've just done Atom Smasher, so you MUST
    have the second).  The first guy is right in front of you.  I THINK, but
    I'm not sure, that there is a guy higher up.  I KNOW, though, that some
    enemies are near the bottom, maybe hiding, and almost certainly hitting
    you once or twice.  Shoot them out, then go to the last room in the level.
    The left alcove has the Grenade Launcher, so grab it, equip it, back up,
    and kill the golems with it.  When they die, grab the crystal and run to
    the portal.  MISSION COMPLETE.
    The first room is one of the hardest rooms in the level, in my opinion. Pull
    out your Sci-Fi Handgun, go out, turn left, and kill that Chassis Bot as you
    move toward him. Get to the far wall, and then strafe back and forth while
    firing to kill the rest of the bots in the room. If you get hit more than once
    or twice, I suggest you restart.
    Now, go toward the phalanx of six Chassis Bots. Do not shoot the "scanner" --
    the laser thingy. Don't let it see you either, yet. Hide behind the boxes
    until you can get through with the laser coming toward you, rush to the
    console at the far end, switch the scanner to defense mode, and rush back to
    behind the boxes before the laser passes. Go hide behind the corner. The laser
    will kill either 5 or 6 of the bots, so have your handgun out until you're
    sure that they're all dead. Keep the scanner functioning! Go to the console
    once you can, and switch the scanner back to detection mode. Now go to
    activate the bridge, grabbing the armor and grenades on the way. As you go to
    leave the area with the bridge switch, three Chassis Bots will appear. Kill
    them while strafing away from Handgun blasts. Now head back to the first room.
    *A quick note on the scanner: while in detection mode, it merely sets off an  *
    *alarm when you pass through.  This alarm does nothing to harm you, unless the*
    *first six Chassis Bots are still there.  In defense mode, it is a potent     *
    *laser, nearly impassable.                                                    *
    Once you arrive, five Chassis Bots will warp in. Go back to the scanner and
    switch it to defense mode, but this time hide around the corner near the
    console. One Chassis Bot may make it, but the others will all be killed.
    Either way, switch the scanner back to detection mode, and go toward the next
    It's your decision how to kill the next two Chassis Bots, and then take out
    the two turret-things. Open the door, and fire a Handgun blast at each Sentry
    Bot. Don't stay to fight; just get their attention. Use the scanner to kill
    them. Patience, they will come, if slowly. Return to the room they were
    originally in after both are dead. Shoot down the railbots, and take out the
    turrets, then open the next door. Kill the two Chassis Bots as you wish, and
    take out these two turrets.
    The next room has four or five Chassis Bots and two Sentry Bots. Run in, shoot
    the Sentry Bot that's around on of the pillars, and run back to the scanner as
    fast as you can. Switch it to defense mode, and wait. After the first Sentry
    Bot comes and gets killed, listen for the second Sentry Bot's footsteps. If
    it's coming, wait there (it always came for me), and if it's not, go look at
    the top of the ramp in the room you were in earlier, and shoot it with either
    a grenade and some Autorifle shots to kill it or with the Handgun to attract
    it to you and go wait behind the scanner. After that room is clear, you don't
    need the scanner any more, but there is one other time it's handy.
    Go up the ramp in the room where the Chassis and Sentry Bots were. In this
    area, there is a turret in front of you, and walking turret bots on the bridge
    and to the left at the end. Kill them all, the walking ones with a Plasma
    Grenade to the "eyes" it shoots from. Also kill the railbots from the walkway.
    Stand where they can't hit you. Now go down the next ramp. Under the ramp is
    armor. Save it until you kill the two Lasergun Sentry Bots. You can either use
    the scanner, or put a grenade on the one closer to the bottom of the ramp,
    shoot a few times, hide by the corner at the back of the ramp, shoot him some
    more if its not dead, then strafe out to shoot the other with grenades or
    Autorifle or Handgun fire. Once the room is clear, you should still have most
    of your health and nearly full if not full armor.
    Pick one of the hallways to go down, and do so, remembering that the
    bomb-bot-thingys come at you once you cross. Right when you open the next door,
    a turret will be there. Go into the big room and kill it quickly, then kill
    the bot crawling on the ground, and then the other turrets. Grab the Electro-
    Tool. Chassis Bots warp in on both sides. Kill them, and two more come. Now
    return to the room where the armor was under the ramp.
    The energy node is up top on one of the walls. Shoot it with the ElectroTool,
    and Chassis Bots will warp in. Stun them with the ElectroTool, then kill them
    with the Handgun. Repeat until no more come. Now go through where the laser
    grids were.
    Some bomb-bots will come at you in the hallway. Kill them.
    At the junction, turn right to get the attention of the Sentry Bot. Shoot it a
    few times, then hide in the hallway you just came down. Back up so you can
    strafe into the next hallway for cover. Finish off the Sentry Bot, then kill
    all the Railbots. There is a walking turret bot in the center of the room,
    destroy it. Grab the armor, and look left. A node is on the wall there.
    Destroy it. Grab more ElectroTool charge.
    In the next room, wipe out the Railbots and Chassis Bots. Then send your
    console-controlled railbot to the next node. Shoot the projections at the base
    of the node to deactivate the shield, then shoot the node to destroy it. Go
    down the hallway, killing the bomb-bots. Checkpoint reached! You should still
    have some armor.
    Position the remote Railbot to destroy the walking turret when it activates,
    then do so, destroying the walking turret. Leave the Railbot where it is for
    now, and kill the two bomb-bots that will come at you. Now position the
    Railbot to destroy the next walking turret. Kil it with the Railbot. Now put
    the railbot where it can shoot the Sentry Bot that will warp in. Pull your
    Plasma Autorifle, and plant a single grenade on the bot once it warps in, then
    finish it with the Railbot. You might have gotten hit once or twice.
    In the next room, grenade the Sentry Bot across the way, then use strafing and
    cover to stay untouched. Another Sentry Bot will come from the side, kill it
    the same way. Leave the armor that's under the steps for later. Look up and
    back up to the back of the room. A Chassis Bot warps in on the ledge, ready to
    be killed. Do so, then reapeat the process on the walking turret at the top of
    the ramp. There is a turret by the console, so kill it, then hit the console
    and take out the node.  You could also use the railbot you just left to clear
    the room.
    Here's the hardest room in the level. I hope you don't need that armor you
    left behind yet. Pull your Handgun or Lasergun (NOT the ElectroTool or
    Autorifle!) and shoot down the Sentry Bot on the far right. Strafe behind the
    wall for some cover if you need it, but it seldom helps on this guy. Kill the
    remaining two Senrty Bots in the room, and now the wall does help. Grab the
    armor you left behind once you need it. Once they're dead, hit the console.
    Cross the ramps to the bottom, and kill the walking turret. Grab the armor
    under the ramp you just came down, and RetroRacer under the ramp across from
    it. Cross to the other side of the room. If you want, you can Plasma Grenade
    the green lasers to destroy them, grab the Homing Launcher, hit the console,
    and pull out your ElectroTool or Autorifle.
    Once the last node is destroyed, a truckload of bots warp into the room. Hide
    by the console to kill the Chassis Bots until they stop. Now pull out the
    Lasergun. Kill the bot on the bridge between the two sides first, then any
    other Homing Launcher shooting Sentry Bot.
    If you don't want to stand and fight, there is another way to do this room.
    It's generally safer, but takes much more time.  Run back to the room with
    the railbot on the circular path that you can control.  Wait for the enemies
    to come, then kill them with the bot. (Actually, you can do this to clear out
    the first few bots in the room, as well as these).
    In any case, once the enemies are dead, go through the newly unblocked path,
    and through the doors.
    Go into the Machinist's room, and, as soon as you can, go toward the Chassis
    Bot on the right, kill him, kill the other Chassis Bot, go in the alcove
    where the right Chassis Bot was, and back up. Start firing at the Machinist,
    and kill the Chassis Bots as they respawn.  I recommend using the Plasma
    Autorifle. With that done, grab the Time Crystal, dash back to the portal,
    and complete the single hardest level in the game.
    2.1.10 SPACE STATION
    Grab the crystals in front of you, and pull out your Autorifle. Jump off near
    the crystals, landing on the second floor. Go left, grabbing the Autorifle
    ammo and the armor. Open the first door on the left, then step back so the
    Reaper Splitter's lightning crashes into the door, not you. Go forward, then
    up to the left. Activate the three consoles, then exit on the bottom floor.
    Open the door to the Hangar, back up again so the lightning misses, then
    proceed. You can either ignore the Reaper Splitter, or kill him now. Either
    way, open the next door, get the Scourge Splitters' attention, then back up
    and kill them when they get in your view. Call the elevator, kill any
    TimeSplitters, and go down.
    From here in, only kill Scourge Splitters unless I tell you otherwise. I will
    no longer mention all the Scourge Splitters, so if you see one in a room, go
    for it immediately.
    Go to the right. If you get here about as I do (can't remember time), then the
    autogun won't see you yet. Grab the armor and the environmental suit, and the
    grenades, then turn back. Ignore all the TimeSplitters chasing you. You should
    pass the autogun by the elevator relatively unharmed. Plasma grenade all
    autoguns from here in right away unless I say otherwise. Only Scourge
    Splitters come before an autogun. Proceed to the airlock like this, the only
    challenge is when two Scourges come at the T-junction, but you don't need any
    tricks. Just don't stop moving.
    When you get to the airlock, open it, turn and fire at any TimeSplitters, and
    leave to the outside of the space station. You should have roughly 3:00 left.
    Go to the gun, shoot down any ships you see, grab the armor, then resume. The
    ships only come from three spots, and never the same one twice in a row, so
    you should be able to finish in 1 minute. You need about 2:00 remaining after
    downing the ships, so go quickly. Grab the Autorifle ammo on the way back in.
    In the airlock, a Reaper Splitter will spawn with you, so close it, then back
    up and shoot when he comes. Go toward the elevator, remembering to kill only
    Scourge Splitters. Once you get the Minigun and armor, switch to it
    (obviously) and activate the secondary function. Shoot all TimeSplitters from
    here in. Get to the elevator (shouldn't be hard) and call it. Then finish off
    any TimeSplitters, Plasma Grenade the autogun (be careful switching weapons.
    I blew this and got killed) then switch back to the Minigun. Shoot down all
    TimeSplitters that come before the elevator arrives, using the Autorifle if
    you run out of Minigun ammo. Go down when the elevator arrives, and beeline
    for the spaceship, ignoring all TimeSplitters.  MISSION, and Hard difficulty,
    Congratulations, you just beat Hard, unlocking Infinite Ammo and the Site.
    You've also earned some bragging rights, gone a long way in the quest for
    100%, and probably gotten a lot better. Now you can go back to playing on
    Normal :P.
    Copyright 2002 by crate3333 (William Striegl).
    If you
    wish to use this guide, feel free to do so, as long as you leave it complete.
    If you have any comments, questions, etc. that you feel a need to tell me,
    post on the GameFAQs message boards.  If the topic is still up, the "What's
    the purpose of the HARD difficulty setting" topic will do nicely.  Otherwise,
    look for a topic about helping on Hard.  I'll probably have answered.
    A note: I only routinely check the PS2 TS2 boards.  The topic I mentioned
    above is on the PS2 boards.
    I'd like to give credit to the following people or groups:
    Nintendo, for making the GameCube I play TS2 on.  *And the Wavebird I play
    TS2 with!
    Interact, for a working GameCube controller. 
    Free Radical, for making TS2; and Eidos for distributing it.
    CJayC for hosting GameFAQs and giving me a resource to use to waste hundreds
    of hours of my life.
    Anyone who has ever visited the "What's the purpose of the HARD difficulty
    setting" topic on the PS2 TS2 boards on GameFAQs.com.
    Everyone who posted there, especially SpiderVenom for helping on Robot Factory
    and Special K for his great Wild West walkthrough.  Special K, if you request
    me to remove your walkthrough, I'll comply. 
    Anyone else that has posted strategies for TS2.  I may have used these, so
    My friend, who also has TS2, for being a good co-op partner and allowing me to
    fix up some of my Siberia walkthrough, using his strategies.  Another friend,
    AgentBranflakes, for discovering the Master in NeoTokyo (and playing co-op).
    Ver. 1.0 (Nov. 30, 2002) -- original version
    Finalized guide for upload to GameFAQs
    Ver. 1.1 (Dec. 14, 2002) -- Siberia overhaul (Never Submitted)
    Updated Siberia walkthrough.  Changed the beginning area a bit, and did a
    major overhaul on the steam room.  One minor change on the exit from the dam.
    Added some co-op notes at the bottom of the section (Siberia), including a
    nasty glitch one that fails the mission.  One nice co-op glitch, though.
    Added current version to the top of the guide.  Added two of my friends to the
    Ver. 1.15 (Dec. 15, 2002) -- Minor changes (Never Submitted)
    Changed the end of Chicago a little.  Made minor changes throughout the guide.
    A few grammar/spelling errors fixed.  Added alternate method for the end of
    Atom Smasher.  A note on the scanner in Robot Factory.
    Ver. 1.2 (Jan. 10, 2003) -- I've been off
    Guide update submitted to GameFAQs.  A few very minor changes
    Ver. 1.25 (Feb. 21, 2003) -- NeoTokyo third method
    A new, better method for completing the beginning of NeoTokyo.

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