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    Space Station (Hard) Guide by Chinballz

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 05/04/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                                    TIMESPLITTERS 2
                        Platform: GameCube, PlayStation 2, Xbox
                    S P A C E   S T A T I O N   ( H A R D   M O D E )
    	                    I N - D E P T H   F A Q
                                      version 1.0
                                 Last Updated: 5/04/03
                                   Author: Chinballz
                              Email: chinballz@hotmail.com
                            T A B L E   O F   C O N T E N T S
    1. Version History (aka tweaks)
    2. Opening Info (For the ill informed)
    3. The Walkthrough (The reason you're here)
    4. The Part That Closes the FAQ (Legal stuff and thanks)
    Version History
    1.0 (May 4th, 2003) First submitted
    So, you want to beat Hard once and for all...
    Yeah.  Seeing as you just cleared the Robot Factory (absolute hell), you 
    have a pretty good idea as to what Hard mode is really about in this game, 
    the Space Station is no exception to the horror this game is capable of
    inflicting on you.  It will at first seem rather overwhelming.  You only 
    5 minutes to beat the level on Hard, so you'll need to really haul some ass.
    How you ask?  Look no further!  Now since you've beaten this level twice
    before, you basically know what to do.  It's just that since you only get 5
    minutes, and large swarms of all three kinds of TimeSplitters, you'll need 
    do those things very carefully and precise, and most of all, FAST! Ready?
    The Walkthrough (Bet you wish this 5 minutes was as long as Planet Nameks!)
    Starting off
    First, get the crystal, then drop down to the second balcony, collecting the
    armor and ammo.  Then, before you touch the self-destruct mechanisms, kill 
    three Reaper Splitters who start in the main room with you (they appear one 
    a time).  This is so they don't bother you when the timer is running.  Don't
    bother shooting the bugs.
    To the airlock
    Then, activate the three panels, ending with the one closest to the bottom
    floor.  Head for the hangar door, and when you open the door at the end of 
    hall, make sure you are on either side of it, not the center.  This way only
    one Scourge Splitter will attack you.  Kill him, then his *** lover on the
    other side.  Activate the elevator and go down.  Go right, and kneel down 
    before the door so you can plant a plasma grenade on the turret.  Go through
    the door, and pop the Scourge Splitter.  Run by the drones and get the space
    suit at the end of the room.  Then turn around and make them look not cute.
    Run back to the elevator and go past it, into the next door.  Shoot a plasma
    grenade at the turret on the wall, and head for the next door, with your gun
    trained on the center of it.  A Scourge will come though and begin firing at
    you.  You know what happens to guys like that.  Then, plant another nade on 
    turret in this room, and take out the drones that appear (try not to stop 
    Every second counts here).  Head into the next room, and two Scourges will
    appear.  One on your right, and one in front of you.  Send them to Splitter
    hell.  Head through the next door, going all the way towards the airlock.
    Destroy the TimeSplitter ships
    If you have around 3:20-10 seconds remaining here, you're good.  If not, try
    again.  This next part is critical.  When you open the airlock door, don't 
    for it to close on its own when you get inside.  Close it yourself.  This 
    about five seconds, maybe more.  Anyway, go outside and man the turret.  You
    know what happens to enemy ships.  They get blowed up!  To save time, don't 
    any ships slip by, so they don't appear as extra waves you don't need.  As 
    as you are done, immediately head back to the airlock, doing the manual 
    as before.  If you have at least two minutes left here, good for you.  A 
    will enter the airlock with you in it, so shoot him in his manpleaser before 
    nails you.  Besides, at that range it can't be very good for whatever health
    you have left by now.  As soon as the airlock opens, train your gun towards 
    Scourge on the right, shooting him as you run.  Then kill Scourge #2 on your
    left, and then Scourge #3 who will come at you near the hallway on the left.
    After he's dead, turn around and start unloading your plasma grenades on the
    drones following you.
    To the elevator
    Head back towards the hall on your right now, and train your gun towards the
    door's top.  As soon as it opens, shoot a nade at the turret, and get to
    whatever side it isn't facing (considering it didn't see you when you came 
    Wait for it to blow, and grab the Minigun and the armor.  Fire it up with
    alternate fire, and shoot the Scourge who will be coming at you from the 
    Shoot him Jesse Ventura ala Predator stylie, and then head towards the end 
    the hall.  A Reaper will appear, so kill him and the turret he's standing
    beside.  Head through the door on your right.
    The home stretch
    This part is the most critical of the level.  As soon as you can, activate 
    elevator.  It does not come up on its own, and takes about 30 seconds to do 
    Take out the two turrets in this room, and just avoid the Reapers until the
    elevator arrives.  Hop on, and pray you either don't get his as it begins to
    descend, or that you don't run out of time.  Now, just wait out the ride,
    keeping your retinas on the timer.  The doors to get off the elevator are on
    the left and right sides of it, so kneel down and go through either one as 
    as the elevator is low enough.  Now comes the fun part.  You get to be O.J.
    Simpson!  Meaning, run your ass off to your ship Heisman Trophy stylie, and
    avoid enemy fire.  If you manage to get to your ship, pat yourself on the 
    and flip off your TV screen.  Do a dance, shout obscenities, whatever.  You
    just beat Hard, unlocked the Site multiplayer level, the Infinite Ammo 
    and some nice bragging rights. And, if you feel like it, a spot on some 
    board "TS2 Elite" club.
    Thanks to:
     >>Myself<< Without me this guide would not have been possible.
     >>GameFAQs<< For taking up 5 hours of my life a day.
     >>CJayC<< For being the man behind the shiny red button, and for posting 
       here guide.
     >>Free Radical and Eidos<< The guys who made me spend $50 on this great 
     >>snooozer<< For offering to look at my FAQ and spruce it up.  Without him 
       guide would have never been posted.  Props my man.
    >>fluxwildlyuncut<< The guy who originally asked for help on how to beat 
       level, prompting me to write the text you see before you.
    If you by any chance feel you want to use print off my FAQ and use it 
    you hate going between the computer and your PS2 (like me), go ahead, but 
    plagiarize it.  Or I shall eat your children.  If you want to contact me, my
    E-mail adress is chinballz69@hotmail.com, or you can try to find me on the
    boards.  This is also my first FAQ, so if you think my guide is stupid, 
    are you are a veteran, so go ahead and laugh.  Or if not, ooh mama....
    Copyright 2003, Chinballz

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