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    Glitch FAQ by Blue_Donkeykong

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    TimeSplitters 2 Glitch FAQ
    Version 30: Public Domain (last edited August 29, 2009)
    I hereby release this FAQ to the public domain. Anyone is free to copy, save, 
    redistribute, and post this FAQ to any website, so long as the contents 
    within the FAQ are not changed. If a glitch is not attributed to anyone, it 
    was added by the original author, who is no longer interested in maintaining 
    this FAQ. No acknowledgement of the original author is necessary, but the 
    contributors' names cannot be changed or removed, and the original author's 
    additions to the glitch list cannot be attributed to anyone else.
    Section X: "Playing with Fire" / "Bags of Fun" trophy glitches
    Section 1: Glitches
    Section 2: Points of Interest
    Section 3: Hall of Fame
    Hello! I first played TimeSplitters 2 in the summer of 2005. My brother, 
    nephew, and I became obsessed with the game. As I encountered glitch after 
    glitch, I decided I should chronicle these bugs in a Glitch FAQ. I'm defining 
    "glitch" not only to mean true glitches, but also things that don't make 
    sense and also developers' errors (such as historical inconsistencies, 
    grammatical errors, and mispellings).
    I have also included an "Points of Interest" section where I include 
    references, interesting tidbits of information, and mainly things that people 
    submit as glitches but are meant to be that way and should be that way (i.e. 
    not a historical inaccuracy or such).
    Without further ado, the glitches!
    Section X: "Playing with Fire" / "Bags of Fun" trophy glitches
    These are the most asked-about glitches in the game, with an in-depth 
    explanation of how they work. This section was written by someone who wishes 
    to remain anonymous.
    One glitch in the game's score-saving system prevents you from
    getting trophies on two levels: "Playing With Fire" and "Bags of Fun". 
    1. Explanation
    The glitch occurs because these are the only two levels in TS2 that
    decide your trophy based on a different stat than the overall score
    that saves to your menu. That is what causes the glitch. 
    Playing with Fire saves your score as "(#) bananas", but it awards the
    Platinum trophy based on your *time* remaining when the level ends. 
    It awards the Bronze/Silver/Gold trophies normally, so the glitch on 
    this level only affects getting a Platinum. 
    The Bags of Fun glitch occurs with all of the trophies, not just the
    Platinum. Bags of Fun saves your score as "(#) bags", but instead it
    awards your trophy based on how many bags *better* than the opponent
    that you've scored, not the # of bags total. This means you can beat
    your old score and actually get a worse trophy. 
    2. Playing with Fire glitch
    The glitch on this level is *permanent*. If you get a Gold, you will
    not be able to get the Platinum at all, ever. 
    You can avoid it simply by turning off the console once you see the Gold
    icon on screen. You cannot go back to the menu, and more importantly,
    you cannot select "retry. Some people think they can just choose "retry",
    get the Platinum next try, and then go to the menu. You can't, because
    the Gold occured first, even though you didn't go to the menu in between.
    Turning off the console is the only solution once you first see the words
    "Gold awarded" on your screen. 
    Once you get a Platinum on the level, it can't be taken away.
    The glitch occurs because your score doesn't change. You already have
    24 bananas, and you get it again. The game only updates your trophy on
    a "new best score", which is not possible on this level.
    If you still have Bronze or Silver, you don't have the glitch yet. When
    playing the level, just turn the console off if you see a Gold at all. 
    Fortunately, it's one of the easiest Platinums in the game; there is
    only a difference of 0.9 seconds between Gold and Platinum. Gold is just
    24 bananas by 0.0 left, and Platinum is 24 bananas by 0.9 remaining. 
    For a map of the fastest route possible, use the link below. This route
    gets times of 8+ seconds remaining. S is the start point, F is finish.
    (Link is now dead.)
    3. Bags of Fun glitch
    This glitch can prevent you from getting *any* of the trophies available.
    Fortunately, it's not permanent; it can be corrected in almost all cases. 
    Bags of Fun trophy requirements:
    Bronze   -  3 bags better
    Silver   -  5 bags better
    Gold     -  7 bags better
    Platinum - 10 bags better
    What happens is, you can play the level and get 7 bags, while your
    opponents may get 3, so you only get Bronze with 4 bags better. Then you
    try again later, and also get 7 bags but this time you made sure the
    opponents didn't score as many bags so you'd get Silver or Gold.
    You won't. Your score was 7 bags, and it's still 7 bags now, so the game
    has no reason to update your trophy. Your score didn't change.
    It can be avoided altogether by not allowing any opposing scores, or at
    least not enough to prevent you from getting the trophy you want.
    It can be fixed by simply improving your total # of bags with a new best 
    score, and still meeting the appropriate trophy requirement. So you must
    make sure that the bots don't score enough bags to prevent you from that
    trophy again. If you set a new best score but you don't get the new trophy,
    then you're just setting the score higher that you'll have to beat, which 
    makes it harder for you to correct the glitch.
    You can turn off the console once the level has ended if you see that
    the opponents scored too many bags. That prevents you from worrying about
    having to get higher and higher scores. 
    You can also just "restart level" if the opponents score any bags, or
    always make sure that they never score your bags to begin with. You can
    easily get 13 bags by using the 2 speed pickups on each side of the main
    base, and alternating between them. Even if you die a couple times, you
    can still get 10+ bags easily. 
    In Siberia Co-op, if a player is looking at the window at the top of the dam, 
    the sniper won't appear when he usually would (when you go up the stairs).
    InfestedjerkICD adds this to the glitch: 
    My brother and I were going through on hard. I watched the first sniper spot 
    and he didn't appear, we didn't get shot. We continue all the way up the damn 
    to find him there, gun ready.
    This glitch causes you to fail the mission, because you can't complete the 
    objective "Don't Allow any Mutants to Survive." In Siberia co-op, if a 
    player is in the room where the mutants and officers appear when the 
    other player blows up the container, they won't appear.
    Sometimes, in Siberia, the sound of the radios stick after you leave the 
    building. It'll go away once it goes through all the sounds. In other 
    words, it doesn't repeat.
    4. WILD WEST "WANTED" GLITCH- submitted by Felix_Snowguard
    I've only encountered this in hard mode.
    In the Wild West level, if you've ripped the four Wanted posters before the 
    checkpoint (First four posters: Inside Saloon, Outside Sheriff's Office, next 
    to the large gateway in the fountian area, and the one near the bank) and 
    died, the game shows that the posters in the saloon and outside the Sheriff's 
    Office as ripped, but when you press use on them, you rip them again. 
    This might happen to some people when they've already ripped 5/7 posters 
    after checking everywhere. 
    Clearer explanation:
    If you've gotten the 4 Wanted posters before the checkpoint, when you die 
    and respawn at the checkpoint, the wanted poster outside the Sheriff's office 
    and the wanted poster inside the saloon are shown as ripped, but you must 
    rip them again.
    It often happens if you die while charging the laser gun or rotating the 
    minigun. It also happens randomly. Very common. It will happen in about 
    8/10 medium-length battles with the lasergun. It happens somewhat rarely with 
    the minigun. It gets louder when you get closer to the spot where the sound 
    got stuck. The sounds can get stuck multiple times in one battle.
    Bots randomly disappear and reappear somewhere else. Very rare. It's only 
    happened to me twice: Once in Streets and once in my mapmaker map, 
    If you die, then your body falls into the abyss in Chasm, you'll lose two 
    lives. If you're about to fall in, skip your death sequence to avoid this 
    In elimination, bots will sometimes lose all their lives just for falling 
    off once. They will continue fighting even though they're dead, until the 
    match ends. Common, but only seems to happen to bots, and only if there's 
    more than one human player.
    Update: FireEmblemGuy has seen this happen once or twice while he was 
    playing with about seven bots and no other human players. So, it can happen 
    with only one human.
    The rankings that show on the screen during 2-player matches will 
    sometimes say dead guys are still alive. Somewhat Rare.
    10. CHASM GLITCH 3 (1000 DEATHS)
    Sometimes, in deathmatches, you will die over 1000 times for falling 
    off once. So, if you have - for suicides, you'll get a score in the -1000's. 
    It can happen to humans and bots. 
    11. BOTS WON'T REGENERATE IN FLAME TAG AND VIRUS- submitted by Infested-jerk 
    Sometimes in flametag/virus, peeps who die will remain dead, and they won't 
    reappear. Very common. Bots only.
    UPDATE: About the fire glitch for Flame Tag and Virus, It happened WITHOUT 
    slow motion deaths. But Slow-Mo makes it happen much more frequently.
    UPDATE by Deal the Death:
    I had the usual mapmaker bot set and as I said the Industrial tile set with 
    only a Extra Large Room, I place about 5 spawn 
    points around the lowest floor and a few weapons on the highest. I caught on 
    fire quickly while on a shooting frenzy. Lt. Black was running up the 
    ramp into the center with the pipes and then a group of 4 people were 
    crammed on the side of the ramp, walking into the wall being sure they could 
    pass through it and couldnt get on top. While being right behind Lt. Black, I 
    had the SBP40 sub-machinegun and shot down her while still being flame-tagged 
    and quickly ran over her. She caught on fire and instead of the corpse fading 
    she just stayed there. Bots and myself could still pick up the flame but It 
    was just fun blowing up people and she ended up being last with 13:49 on tag.
    (This is interesting because it may mean that the reason the bots don't 
    regenerate is because they were tagged while dying. This may mess up the 
    12. NOT GOING ANYWHERE GLITCH- submitted by The Random One
    Sometimes, the bots may start to walking in circles for no reason. I've seen 
    them do it under the bridge over the small pond in Chinese and under the 
    stairway to the second floor in Hangar. They may run for any amount of 
    time, but eventually snap out of it by themselves. My guess is that it's 
    somehow caused by the items that spawn there.
    If someone dies and drops the opposite team's bag on their base, and it's 
    empty, they'll get a point. Very annoying, because bots will take the 
    opposite team's bag, bring it to their base, and if it's empty, they'll 
    just stand there. Kill them, and if they drop the bag on their empty base, 
    they'll score.
    Scroll through the character list with the control stick. You can hear the 
    GCN trying to load every character. Now scroll through with the control pad. 
    It doesn't try to load the character until you stop. It would be a good 
    idea to use the control pad; it'll make your laser last longer. GameCube 
    lasers DO wear out, contrary to popular fanboy belief. It's happened to me 
    and many other people who play it daily.
    UPDATE by Dubble_G:
    I scroll through the characters with the d-pad, and find that you can still 
    hear the disc sputtering just as much as with the control stick.
    My response: This is interesting. It is obviously dependent on the GameCube 
    then OR it may mean that different versions of the game load differently.
    Regardless, I find it interesting that for some reason, it loads differently 
    on my disc depending on the control stick/d-pad.
    15. FIRE FOR NO REASON- submitted by mrscree444
    In an arcade league match at Mexican Mission (the one where you're Venus, 
    it's virus and your opponents are 5 monkeys, I believe), I just hid on this 
    thin walkway coming out of the top of the mission (if you've played FP, a 
    cloak pickup spawns there). The only virus is an idiot, and just runs around 
    the bottom of the wall, trying to get me. I'm just sitting there, thinking 
    I'd get a Platinum, and all of a sudden, I catch fire. WTF? I was watching 
    my radar, and a virus wasn't coming toward me. I didn't fall. Man, that was 
    Choose a small character and start a shrink match in Training Groud, and 
    drop to last place. Now you can go under the waterfall and outside the level. 
    Apparently, there is an invisible mirror version of the level on the other 
    side. You can hit into invisible walls, and pick up invisible armor and guns. 
    If you have other players, they will be able to see that the bots will be 
    shooting walls trying to get you back in the real level.
    I was doing Shrink, and I was Robofish. I kept getting killed by Capt. Night, 
    and I was in 11th place before I knew it. I went into the waterfall to get 
    the health, but I didn't see it, so I hid in the archway ready to shoot 
    people when I had escaped the level boundaries. I just moved back for shelter 
    and left.- rosesixberry1
    Homing Rockets almost always disappear before hitting a Reaper Splitter in
    Bags of Fun.
    Sometimes the monkeys get stuck under the ladder when you're on top of the 
    When you commit suicide in a Virus match, you're supposed to get the virus. 
    If you fall on death floors in Mapmaker levels or if you kill yourself 
    with an explosive, you'll get the virus. However, if you jump 
    off the cliff in Chasm, you won't get it.
    It'll say you picked it up, but you can't switch to it. It happens rarely. 
    To play as Team Circus, do this: have every player but one select their team. 
    Then, as the last player selects their team, everyone who wants to be on Team 
    Circus, cancel. If it's done at the exact same time, everyone who canceled 
    will be on the white team, Team Circus. They can take either team's bag in 
    CTB, but cannot score in CTB. 
    For playing in a sample mapmaker map, you'll get a free platinum in Badass 
    Bus Impasse, even if it's locked. It doesn't unlock anything and goes away 
    once you really get a trophy in that challenge.
    If you get a gold on the Challenge "Playing with fire", you'll never be 
    able to get the platinum. Never. See section X for more details.
    See section X.
    If you die, then your body falls off an edge in a multiplayer map, you may 
    lose two lives. Avoid this by skipping your death sequence.
    25. DANCIN' DRONES- submitted by The Random One
    If you put unarmed enemies (i.e. Drone Splitters) in a Story Mapmaker level, 
    and put their starting point in a place from which they can't reach your 
    starting place (i.e., you have to jump down an edge to reach them), they'll 
    behave strangely: instead of running to you and attacking you, they'll 
    stand on the same spot and try to shoot at you with an inexistant weapon. 
    They won't snap out of it unless one of them is killed, in which case the 
    others will resume behaving as normal.
    26. MISSED ME?- submitted by The Random One
    The 'Respawn Time' for story enemies doesn't start counting time when the 
    enemy dies, as would be expected, but when the enemy spawns. So, if you put 
    an enemy's spawn time to 1 minute, and it takes you 1 minute to reach that 
    enemy's location and kill it, it'll respawn immediately.
    27. ANCESTRAL KNOWLEDGE- submitted by The Random One
    If a mapmaker enemy set to Spawn & Wait spots you, every enemy who spawns 
    from that spot will be born knowing where you are. But if you kill it without 
    it knowing (headshot'n from far or behind, for example) it'll respawn as 
    normal. The conclusion is that all enemies that spawn from a point share the 
    same mind.
    by The Random One
    If a Patrol enemy cannot find the way to its next patrol point, it'll just 
    turn around and start shooting at you, no matter where you are.
    29. THE DOUBLE HEIGHT ROOM DOESN'T EXIST- submitted by The Random One
    Bots can't cross the second floor of a double height room on the Virtual 
    tileset. It just wasn't programmed. It works fine on other tilesets.
    If you spawn and immediately go into a teleport before your aura disappears, 
    your aura will stick where you generated and it won't disappear until you die.
    I can't make this glitch happen again. It was in an elimination match in a 
    mapmaker map. I died again and again, so after dying a certain amount of 
    times, I paused to check my rank. I think I paused after my death but before 
    my generation. After I unpaused, my screen was completely black except for my 
    radar and ammo. No blue aura appeared when I generated. My radar was blank, 
    and I didn't show up on my brother's radar. I could shoot and my ammo went 
    down, but there was no sound and I couldn't see my gun. When I held the aim 
    button, my crosshairs would appear. After running out of ammo, I punched and 
    I could see my hands. I tried to do this again, but there isn't even a blank 
    screen between death and generation. I must've paused on a precise 
    UPDATE: It happened again, this time in a different MapMaker map. I paused 
    after I died to mute the TV, because the Laser Gun sound got stuck. After 
    unpausing, I generated in another abyss.
    UPDATE: - submitted by viewtifullink99
    To make a correction to your spawn in an abyss glitch, the glitch works in 
    any stage, mapmaker, arcade, whatever. When you get the screen there 
    is always some black in the background but sometimes it will contain elements 
    of the stage background such as rocks, or boxes. When I got on it, on the 
    pause menu, my guns looked weird and shiny. And when they made their slow 
    revolution it seemed as if some parts of the graphics were lagging, so i kept 
    seeing little triangles and squares missing from my guns for seconds at a 
    time. If you are in multiplayer when it happens then you will not be seen on 
    the radar by the other player/s and you can never get out until the other 
    player wins. It is possible to make it happen to other players since the 
    glitch is triggered by pausing the game right before you respawn. One time I 
    got my friend really pissed from making that happen to him over and over 
    since he could never win.
    It'll do this randomly sometimes while you're making a map. Also, I hear 
    it'll happen if you put too many doors or windows.
    Switch the controllers around on the load player screen. It'll sometimes 
    freeze. May only be the GameCube version.
    34. ARCADE CUSTOM RESULTS MUSIC- submitted partially by Matthias Omega
    There's only music on the results screen if you play Story, Arcade, or 
    Challenge before playing Arcade Custom. Otherwise there is none. Even if you 
    do play one of those beforehand, it's not guaranteed to have music. It just 
    increases the chance. Also, even if you didn't play one of those beforehand, 
    there is a very small chance that the music would be there anyway.
    Sometimes, when you reload the Soviet S47 x2, it'll only reload one of them, 
    so you have to press the button again to reload the second.
    Sometimes, in MapMaker maps, bots will just stand there and stare.
    Sometimes, when someone on fire dies, the flames on their bodies still stand 
    after they fall down. In other words, there's a pillar of flames on their 
    38. RANDOM MUSIC ISN'T SO RANDOM- submitted by viewtifullink99
    I noticed a while back when someone told me, that after you unlock 
    Astrolander and set the stage music to random in arcade, it will always be 
    Astrolander music. I think you can stop it if you unlock all temporal uplink 
    games and then it will go back to random again. 
    "Regarding glitch 38, with the random arcade music, you can update it to say 
    it's true, unlocking all of the Data Uplink games will cause Random music to 
    be indeed Random. And Random is something I know about."- The Random One
    39. GET THE FIRE FROM DEAD BODIES- submitted by Infested-jerk (InfestedICD)
    Sometimes, walking over bodies that are dead and on fire, will cause you to 
    start on fire. This isn't supposed to happen. (I didn't think this was real, 
    and I thought Infested Jerk was just walking on them too early, but it 
    happened to me today (Aug. 22, 2005.))
    When someone's on fire at the other side of a wall, you can see the 
    distorted image that fire causes through the wall. 
    This happened in a mapmaker map. Strangely, there was nothing on the other 
    side of the wall, but Robofish was sure he could get through it.
    Update by viewtifullink99:
    Once I made a mapmaker map that included Robofish as one of the bots. All 
    it was was 2 extra large rooms that weren't touching at all. They had no 
    path to get to the other, but there was one spawn point in each room. I 
    noticed alot of the bots, once spawned ran directly to the wall and 
    started running against it. I stood in the corner and watched. A couple 
    of the more agressive ones shot at me, but most of them automatically ran 
    into the wall and didn't start shooting until almost everyone was in the 
    same room as them. The majority of the time though, robofish was running 
    against the wall constantly. I killed all his friends and shot at him, but 
    he kept running against the wall like I'd never touched him. When I shot 
    the others, they retaliated, but Robofish took no notice.
    (For me, Robofish was trying to get through a wall in an Industrial extra 
    large room. -BDK)
    If you turn invisible, you won't be able to see the flame on your crossbow. 
    You will still shoot flaming arrows, however.
    There's a hole in Krayola's neck in big head mode. You can look through it 
    and see her mouth.
    In an Industrial tileset map, there's water on certain tiles. It doesn't put 
    out flames, however.
    45. FREE CARTOGRAPHER- submitted by viewtifullink99
    I dont know if this is a glitch, but it certainly seems like one. If you are 
    looking to collect all the awards such as brain surgeon, golden oldie, most 
    professional, etc., this will help you out. If you want the cartographer 
    award then you can easily get it if you start an elimination match with no 
    bots. Only yourself and thats it. Once you start it will automatically go to 
    the winning screen. If you check your awards, you will occasionally have 
    cartographer listed and you will get it for essentially doing nothing. So 
    far though out of my different tests of this, you have around a 1 in 50 
    chance and it only works in Mexican Mission (as far as I know). 
    This works in every level except Chinese.
    46. INVISIBLE, IMMOBILE BOTS- submitted by viewtifullink99
    I dont know if this works in mapmaker, but if you start an deathmatch with 
    invisible characters turned on, they will almost never attack you. Instead 
    of attacking they will all run to a health/armor generation point and stand 
    on there. They will stay there forever assuming that they have full 
    health/armor and as long as nobody takes the health or armor. If someone 
    does happen to take the health, some will continue to go to that spot and 
    others will run around stupidly in different directions possibly trying to 
    find another health. I found that the easiest level to make this work on is 
    hospital because many of the bots dont like the armor there. They always go 
    to only one health regeneration point and stand there somewhere under some 
    stairs. If there are too many they will just pile up. So one day I sat there 
    for an hour waiting for everyone to form up and I would throw a remote mine 
    at all of them and then patiently wait for them to reform and do it again. I 
    ended up getting something insane like 1,487 kills without dying. Sometimes 
    however, the bots will shoot back if you use a regular gun, but only on the 
    ones that the bullets hit.
    47. DISAPPEARING BOMBS- submitted by PsyKoBakemono
    Randomly and very rarely in Atomsmasher, one of the bombs will disappear. 
    This is very bad because you cannot complete the mission, and the bomb still 
    explodes anyway.
    48. AZTEC WARRIOR FIRE GLITCH- submitted by PsyKoBakemono
    In the Aztec level on Normal, you can set your crossbow on fire. However, 
    when you shoot an Aztec Warrior, the flame disappears from the arrow before 
    it hits him. However, you can still set him on fire by setting the Wood Golem 
    on fire and then coming around to make the Golem run into the warrior.
    49. BEE GLITCH- submitted by PsyKoBakemono
    Once again in the Aztec level. When shooting the bee nests, the bees come 
    after you. However, the bees also chase you. If you go around a corner and 
    have the bees chase you around it. They will stop. Go around to the nest and 
    back to the corner. The bees will disappear if done correctly and fast enough.
    50. BEE GLITCH 2- submitted by PsyKoBakemono
    If you shoot the nest on fire with the bees still around it, sometimes the 
    bees won't die. They won't attack you either. When you go around a corner 
    and come back, they won't be there anymore.
    51. BIG TONY'S BROTHER GLITCH- submitted by PsyKoBakemono
    In Chicago, the vehicle Tony's brother drives does not take damage until he 
    turns once. That means shooting him when he comes out of the gate is a waste 
    of bullets.
    52. MORGUE GLITCH- submitted by PsyKoBakemono
    In Hit me Baby One Morgue Time if you go threough the level fast enough, some 
    enemies won't appear until you get the Bones.
    53. DAMMED GLITCH- submitted by PsyKoBakemono
    In Day of the Dammed, Lt. Chill's head does not always come off when you 
    punch it. Sometimes, her arm falls off instead.
    54. PHONE GLITCH- submitted by PsyKoBakemono
    On Chicago, when you answer Marco's call, you can skip it. Call it again and 
    you'll get a different voice. Both will play at the same time, but the second 
    won't finish.
    55. STATIONARY BOTS- submitted by PsyKoBakemono
    In any Mapmaker map where all the levels are designed exactly the same and 
    revolves around a core(10) with nothing on the bottom level and no way to get 
    back up, the viruses will not move off of their level. They are normally 
    supposed to do that. Instead, any bots will follow you, more or less. 
    However, if there are teleports the bots will move. It doesn't sound like a 
    glitch, but just try it.
    Bots can walk on the instant death floor in the Virtual Extra Large room.
    If you get less than 1000 points in Escape from NeoTokyo, it'll say you 
    finished in 0.0 seconds.
    58. LET'S GET HIM!
    Sometimes, every single bot will attack you and only you. They don't attack 
    each other at all, except for the short time between your death and 
    regeneration. This has happened to me quite a few times, but only when I play 
    with 10 bots, the max.
    59. DEAD BODY THINKS IT'S ALIVE- submitted by angrykid_3
    I've got 2 glitches for your TS2 glitch site. They're both on the Chasm. The 
    first was on flame tag. It was me, and 10 R109's. When I killed an R109 that 
    had the flame on the middle bridge, it stayed there. I could shoot it, and it 
    made the noise that R109 makes when he gets shot AND if you got set on fire, 
    you could run into this R109 dead on the brigge, and set it on fire, how 
    60. GET THE FIRE FROM SOMEONE BELOW YOU- submitted by angrykid_3
    Someone complained about that monkey thing where they got set on fire 
    on the ledge above the monkey on virus, this happens to me on Chasm. In the 
    old part, go to the top floor, and after the stealth theres a bar you can 
    get on on your left, but be carefiull not to overdo it and plummet to your 
    61. TOO FAST FOR THE ZOMBIES- submitted by BIGEggman
    In Hit Me Baby One Morgue Time, if you are really quick, some of the undead 
    priests and some of the zombies will not spawn. This help a lot for the 
    If someone shoots, then dies, then whatever they shot kills another 
    player, the game will not tell that player who killed them. So, basically, 
    if person A kills person B with a gun while person A is dead, the game 
    doesn't know who killed person B.
    63. GHOST TROOPER-  submitted by Mr_Clockman
    Yesterday I was playing Siberia on Hard and kept losing a lot (not sure if it 
    matters). Well, I was about to leave the dam part and I started to get shot 
    from behind, so I turned around to shoot the crap out of the guy and saw him 
    atop the stairs so I shot at him while running towards him, then he 
    dissapeared. I looked behind me and started to get shot again, So I turned 
    back and saw him again for like half a second, then he disappeared and shot 
    me from behind and I died.
    64. FEEL LIKE YOU'RE GONNA WIN- submitted by The Devil Of Nothing
    First, make a mapmaker story map; while playing it, start playing a Temporal 
    Uplink minigame. There will be no music in them, and you stop come back to 
    regular play, the Mission Complete theme will play!
    65. ELEVATOR INSPECTOR- sumitted by PikemanJoe2
    This glitch has occasionally happened to me while playing Single Player 
    Siberia Hard Mode. When going down the other side of the damn, sometimes one 
    of the enemies will be missing (counting specifics is necessary in Hard.) You 
    reach the bottom and head down the hall only to be shot from behind. Turning 
    around you will see the missing soldier, stuck behind the elevator. (This has 
    happened to me, as well.)
    This glitch happened to me too during Siberia normal co-op. The guard shot 
    through the elevator.- JP Reddinger
    In the Arcade level, Aztec, there is no water going down the waterfall. There 
    was no water in the story level Aztec either, but in story there was a dam at 
    the top. Looks like the developers accidently left the dam out of multiplayer,
    or forgot to make the water go down. 
    I kept shooting him in the head, and he didn't take any damage. It was on 
    hard by the way. He and his buddies killed me. This has happened to me twice 
    with two different snipers. Both were behind glass windows.
    In Siberia Hard Co-op, I restarted from checkpoint via the pause screen, and 
    each player lost 30 Soviet bullets. From 64 to 34, and 60 to 30. This total is 
    spare bullets + the ones in the gun. 
    Update: It happened to me again in Neo-Tokyo. All my sniper bullets 
    disappeared. The lesson: Don't restart from checkpoint with the pause screen, 
    just let yourself die. The bullets lost are permanently gone. You'd have to 
    restart the entire level over to recover the lost bullets. This may only be 
    in hard and may only be in co-op.
    If you stand to the right or left of the top of a ramp in Chasm or the stairs 
    in Compound, bots will go up, try to shoot you, walk off the ramp, and 
    repeat. This works in Stair rooms in mapmaker as well.
    As a bot goes around a corner with an explosive weapon, they'll almost always 
    fire, sometimes killing themselves. This happens as long as they're walking 
    towards an enemy when they go around the corner.
    It happened to my brother once after going up a staircase.
    This can be seen in Site, among other places, like certain tiles on a mapmaker
    map. In Site, go on the pipe with the hole. Now run into the hole, and 
    continue to hold forward as you fall. You'll start to fall, but you'll 
    teleport back up to the other side of the hole before hitting the ground. 
    73. SNIPER RIFLE WON'T ZOOM- submitted by MathOnNapkins
    I'm still playing through the normal mode game for the first time. But I just 
    beat the Atom Smasher level (Thank God), and I encountered a glitch where my 
    Sniper Rifle would not zoom at all. The crosshair and other overlay stuff 
    would appear on screen, but no zoom would occur. The problem goes away if you 
    switch weapons and then back to the Sniper Rifle.
    I had this happen right after putting out the first set of fires. The fire 
    door came up and the sniper hit me, I think, as I was switching weapons. I 
    seem to remember this happening before in other levels, but I can't seem to 
    recreate it on purpose. I didn't see this in the Glitch FAQ, and wondered if 
    it ever happened to them. It's very annoying when you actually want to use 
    the zoomed weapon.
    In the alien extra large room, there is an invisible wall at the start of 
    each bridge. You can walk normally if you go towards the main center area. 
    If you try to go the other way, there is a wall that you can't walk through. 
    This can't be intentional, because bots constantly try to use the bridges and 
    get stuck on the wall.
    Sometimes, you won't be able to pick up weapons on the ground, no matter how 
    many times you go over them. Rare.
    After playing an Assault level, we started setting up another Assault match 
    in a different level. After selecting our characters, the game skipped our 
    handicap selection. If we cancelled, we could select our handicap.
    Once, on Notre Dame Hard Co-op, the Hunchback didn't appear for a long time. 
    When the maiden died, the Hunchback finally arrived.
    79. GHOST LOOKING THROUGH THE GLASS- submitted by The Random One
    In Neotokyo, enter the subway station. Right after the first corner (in the 
    hallway before where the Master is) there are three mirrored surfaces on the 
    walls. These are the only places in the game where there are reflections 
    (that I know of at least). This 'reflection' is actually you character's 
    sprite appearing across a semi-transparent surface. Because of that, try 
    activating the Big Hands cheat and going there while holding a weapon (it 
    won't work if you're unarmed or has the data uplink/digital camera equipped). 
    Aproach the wall. The tip of the reflection's gun will come out of the wall, 
    and it will be solid! The reflection never fires its gun (it doesn't even 
    show the gun flare) so the best use for this glitch is freaking out your 
    In Atom Smasher, when you kill the henchmen in the shacks that open up, 
    their guns they drop will often times land outside the shack. The guns fly 
    right throught the walls when they drop them.
    I've only seen this happen once, in a mapmaker map. The beam was ricocheting, 
    and it went through the wall and came out the other side.
    82. PROXIMITY LIMIT- submitted by Infested-jerk (InfestedICD)
    On mexican, me and my brother were playeing team deathmatch with max number 
    of bots. The only weapons were proximity mines. We noticed that as you throw 
    new mines, older ones disappear. But, the glitch is that sometimes, a bot's 
    mine will replace another of yours. 
    83. SIBERIA: CAN'T HURT YOURSELF GLITCH- submitted by Infested-jerk 
    After going through door number two, control the turrent, kill the guard, and 
    use the turrent to fire at the computer you're using. The glass will be 
    destroyed, but your character won't take any damage. (The glass in the door 
    can be shot at too.)
    Viewtfiullink99 adds this:
    To add to InfestedJerk's second glitch, your character can be hurt. You do 
    have to maneuver the gun around in different directions. I haven't found the 
    exact spot yet, but if you continue to move the turret while shooting, you 
    can hit yourself occassionally.
    84. USELESS WINE- submitted by Infested-jerk (InfestedICD)
    In Notre Dame on any mode (I think) when you get caught on fire in the hallway 
    with tons of wine kegs, standing under a keg that's been shot at and having 
    wine streaming from them won't put the fire out.
    85. FREEZING
    The game froze on me in the Robot Factory on hard. This may happen at anytime 
    during the game, or it may be exclusive to the Robot Factory. I'll have to 
    play more to find out.
    UPDATE: It happens randomly as well. It happened to me again in Robot Factory 
    and again in Mexican Mission.
    If you start at the checkpoint in Robot Factory, the camera bots before it 
    will be alive again if you go backwards.
    In Aztec, when you shoot the melon throwing monkeys, they sometimes don't 
    take damage. Your bullets or arrows sometimes go right through them.
    In story co-op, watch one player switch from a weapon to the temporal uplink. 
    Before taking out the temporal uplink, the character holds the weapon as if 
    it was the temporal uplink. Switch from temporal uplink to weapon, and the 
    character holds the uplink out as if it was a weapon.
    Regardless of which way you side-step, the game always uses the same 
    animation. So, you could be side-stepping one way, but your legs are moving 
    in the other direction.
    Start a shrink match. You need to be a small character such as the monkey. 
    Drop down to last place. At least 11th place. Now go to the pond. Try walking 
    through the grass that's against the wall. The game will get very jerky, and 
    you will jerk back and forth. You'll usually need someone to shoot you in the 
    back with the Luger Pistol, or certain other weapons. This will propel you 
    out of the level boundaries. 
    Start a shrink match. Drop down to a low rank. Now go almost to the top of 
    the stairs to the left of the Compound's entrance, above the cloak room. 
    Side-step to the left. You'll be outside of the level. You can't move around 
    much, but you can pick up the armor that's on the ground below.
    92. ONE WAY TICKET- submitted by Infested-jerk (InfestedICD)
    On nightclub, outisde where there is all that stairs of rebar and junk, you 
    can often run the gap to the power upgrade one way, try turning around and 
    going back, you'll fall. 
    93. ROBOT IN VIRUS- submitted by Infested-jerk (InfestedICD)
    My brother once got a robot character to be in a virus match, but I have no 
    clue how. I wouldn't suggest it, because the game froze.
    One time, in the hospital, Jacque de la Morte was walking on nothing. You 
    know that dropoff where you drop down to the entrance of the hospital? Not 
    the dropoff by the cross, the other one. Well, when Jacque de la Morte 
    should've fallen, he didn't. He walked around on air, floating on the same 
    level as the dropoff. I watched him running around (not in circles, just 
    randomly) until I died. When I got back there, he was gone.
    If a bot starts on fire, and it has a fire extinguisher, it'll sometimes take 
    it out and stare at the ground as if it were going to put itself out, 
    however, it will not fire. Sometimes, if you shoot it, however, it will fire 
    just a little bit.
    Bots try to hurt you with the fire extinguisher.
    There is a sentry bot that may magically notice you in the robot factory. 
    He'll notice you when you're in the second room with a two turret, and two 
    chassis bots in it. He's in the room above.
    Sometimes, in the Robot Factory, when you go into the main room, every mobile 
    turret below you will notice you.
    In the Robot Factory, after noticing you, the immobile turrets will be able 
    to see you through walls, and will not stop shooting until you get far away. 
    There was a sentry bot in Robot Factory once who would never chase me after I 
    shot him, like they're supposed to. I was unable to lure him to the scanner, 
    so I restarted the level.
    Start a shrink match with a small character and drop to last. Get on top of 
    the pipe with the hole in it. You can walk through the part where it connects 
    to the wall.
    Very often, the flamethrower's flames will go right through someone without 
    starting them on fire.
    You'll need to be shrunken to be able to see the back of this small slope. In 
    the Industrial Extra Large room, there is a very small slope leading up to the 
    raised platform in the middle of the room. The slope is a metal sheet. 
    Shrink, and look at the back of it. It'll turn invisible to your eyes when 
    you go behind it.
    Sentry Bots will not drop their homing launchers until you pick up the one by 
    the green laser door.
    If you scroll through the song list too quickly, it will skip a bunch of 
    You can't put the brick in a mapmaker map's recommended weapon set.
    You can't put the fire extinguisher in a mapmaker map's recommended weapon 
    set unless you've unlocked the brick.
    108. TEAMS IN FLAME TAG?- submitted by Infested-jerk (InfestedICD)
    Small glitch, when you go into flame tag, sometimes it'll show three or four 
    teams if you jsut got out of a deathmatch or similar game with those teams.
    In the any stair room, zoom in, and place an item at the top corner of the 
    ramp. Now, when you go back to the map layout, it won't show the item. If 
    you zoom in on the room again, it will sometimes not show the item as being 
    there, but it doesn't let you put anything else there, because in fact, that 
    item IS there. It will be there when you play the map.
    If you try to make a song other than the recommended play on the match setup 
    screen for a mapmaker map, it won't work. It'll still just play the 
    You can't make AstroLander, Anaconda, or RetroRacer music the recommended 
    music in a mapmaker map. There are no menu options to do so.
    If you don't play a normal story mode level before playing a mapmaker story 
    level, there will be no music in the temporal uplink minigames if you play 
    As soon as you turn the game on, before doing anything else, go into a 
    mapmaker story level, and play a temporal uplink minigame. The above glitch 
    will happen: the minigame will have no music. Once you quit the minigame, 
    there will no longer be any music in the level. Playing story before this 
    causes the below glitch to happen. Playing arcade or non-story mapmaker 
    matches before doing this causes the victory music to play, as stated earlier 
    in the FAQ.
    Play a story level. Then go to a mapmaker story level. Start a minigame, and 
    quit. The music in that mapmaker map will change to the last story level you 
    played. I tested this with Siberia and Wild West. I would assume it works 
    with every other level.
    Find the waterfall at the end of Wild West, and look down at it's bottom. The 
    entire waterfall turns black.
    In one of my story mapmaker maps, sometimes when I pick up an electotool, 
    it'll make both the normal weapon pickup sound and Sci-Fi Handgun pickup 
    On occasion, when the glitch occurs with the flamed people not respawning, 
    you can sometimes rarely continue flame tag. Sometimes you can go up to their 
    flaming bodies and catch the fire. They will still not respawn, but anyone 
    that touches them will get the fire and can tag anyone else with it. You also 
    have the option to tag the dead body and it will catch fire again.
    If someone gets down to negative lives in an elimination, they'll still show 
    up on radar even though they're dead. Negative lives can be achieved by dying 
    and falling off a ledge, or by falling on an instant death floor. The game 
    sometimes counts those deaths multiple times.
    119. I LOST MY HAT
    In Notre Dame co-op, Mr. Underwood starts out with no hat.
    Sometimes, bots will start backflipping over and over, never stopping until 
    they die.
    After I beat Chicago, the menu came and asked me if I wanted to go the main 
    menu or retry. As soon as I chose Main Menu, the game made the reload sound.
    The title says it all. I wasn't sure for a long time if this was really 
    happening, or it was just my imagination, but now I have confirmed it.
    They pop out on the other side. I have only seen this happen once.
    In Notre Dame, there is a full armor in the room with all the maidens. 
    Grabbing it is supposed to make zombies appear. But, if you skip it, get to 
    the checkpoint, and go back and get it, no zombies will appear.
    Put a crab adapter down (the two floor adapter), and connect a large wide 
    ramp to the top of it in mapmaker. Use Glitch 72 to go to the area behind the 
    ramp. One time, when my brother did this, he started floating outside the 
    level in the top corner of the room. Strangely, the game still showed his 
    body standing behind the ramp, and when I started him on fire, he died. I 
    can't duplicate this, and you may need more tiles around the area to do it.
    Sometimes, in Virus or Flame Tag, people die, appear on radar and 
    just stay there... forever? It's quite common, especially on icestation.
    127. MINES ARE FLOATING ON AIR- submitted by Infested-jerk (InfestedICD)
    In mexican, my brother and I have both gotten mines to "stick" in midair. 
    It's quite useful, especialy when your outside near all the buildings. But 
    it's hard to do, and seems random. 
    128. BOTS' AURA
    Sometimes, a mine attatched to a bot will seem to be floating around some 
    kind of "force field" around them.
    129. CHEATIN' BOTS- submitted by Infested-jerk (InfestedICD) and the Random 
    Bot's Miniguns and Plasma Autorifles never overheat.
    130. THE AMAZING LIGHT-SENSITIVE DOOR- submitted by The Random One
    In Victorian and Industrial tilesets, if you stand near a door that leads to 
    a room with different lighting, that room's light will reflect in your gun, 
    even if the door is closed. (I.e., if your room has a green light, and across 
    the door there's red light, you'll see a red reflection on your gun.) This 
    also happens on Alien and Virtual, but the doors on these tilesets are 
    transparent so it doesn't matter.
    131. A DOOR INTO MY CORE- submitted by The Random One
    You can't put doors or windows in a Core's third and fourth floors' 
    connectors; pressing the Y button doesn't do anything.
    132. EXTRA LARGE PROBLEM- submitted by The Random One
    Every mapmaker room has the same basic layout even if you switch tilesets 
    (as in, red connectors, solid floors and item spawn points) except for Extra 
    Large. If you have items/enemies/etc. on an Extra Large room and you change 
    tilesets, the game will freeze when you try to load you map or zoom into the 
    XL room.
    The Random One
    Bots will not jump down heights in Story mode. The reason for that is that 
    doing so is visually strange (or, looks bad). This can be easily abused, 
    though: in Atomsmasher, after you kill Kratos, instead of going towards the 
    ending and fighting the 'Splitters, go back to the catwalks. The 'Splitters 
    will follow. Go up the catwalks, then jump down on the laser room. The 
    'Splitters won't follow you, instead will go down the long way, giving you 
    way more than enough time to pull the switches and go through the portal.
    134. IT ONLY WORKS FOR THEIR STORY- submitted by The Random One
    However, on Story mapmaker maps, bots will jump down heights as they would 
    on a MP match. This makes them look weird if you have their patrol route jump 
    down from something; they'll fall standing completely erect.
    135. PSYCHIC DINOSAURS- submitted by The Random One
    Having a Dinosaur as an patrolling enemy on a Story mapmaker map will be... 
    visually strange. The gun you give them will be attached to their tights, and 
    when they spot you it'll magically float into their arms!
    Dinosaurs don't hold the guns with their hands, the guns float in front of 
    137. UNARMED BOTS- submitted by The Random One
    Story Bots cannot be unarmed, but they can run out of ammo and will punch 
    you. Usually they have more than enough ammo: this changes if their gun is 
    Dinamite (which has the max ammo 1).
    138. NOBODY MOVE! I HAVE A FIRE EXTINGUISHER! 2- submitted by The Random One
    Give a fire extinguisher to a Story enemy on mapmaker, and it'll attack you 
    with it. Make sure to kill the character later, otherwise he'll punch the 
    player when ammo runs out.
    139. I DON'T KNOW THESE BUTTONS... ONLY X...- submitted by The Random One
    This may not be true for everyone, but it is for me: on the manual, the 
    screenshots are from the PS2 version. Its trademark buttons appear on the 
    Mapmaker section.
    140. BOTS LIKE TOTALLY CHEAT WITH PLASMA WEAPONS- submitted by The Random One
    This one I'm not really sure, as it's based on what it seems to me rather 
    than hard data, but still. The lasergun, when wielded by bots, will deal 
    more damage than it should considered how fast they fire. This may be a way 
    to make up for the fact they can't (aparently) use its secondary function. 
    The Plasma Autorifle also works differently: its firerate gets faster as it 
    starts to overheat, but the bots' is constant, a bit slower than the faster 
    it fires. This may be because the game doesn't have enough RAM to keep 
    fourteen rifles in check.
    141. AZTECHNOLOGY- submitted by The Random One
    Play Aztec to the point where you pull the switch to unblock the dam. After 
    this point, the rolling stone by the pond closes, forcing you to go through 
    the spikes. If you go back to the stone and try to open it, you'll hear an 
    eletronic buzz and see the sentence 'Restricted Access', as if it was a 
    high-tech door rather than a stone.
    NOTE: This probably only works on Easy.
    142. THE SOUND OF ROCK- submitted by The Random One
    Play Aztec on easy. Go to the stone pillars and try to move them. They'll 
    stay still, but they'll sometimes make the turning sound. Only once though.
    143. THE SECRET OF THE BRIDGE- submitted by The Random One
    On both Victorian and Industrial tilesets, in the Large Bridge 2 tileset, the 
    'parapet' by the walls can be walked on - rather easily on Victorian, and 
    reasonably so on Industrial. The bots don't know that, though, so if you put 
    a room by a red connector on its second floor, you will be able to reach it, 
    but the bots won't. (You need to put a piece like a Adapter on the Large 
    Bridge 2's second floor blue connector, otherwise you won't be able to reach 
    the parapet.)
    Story enemies are supposed to be the same in story mode and mapmaker story 
    mode. Examples: Reaper Splitters always use stealth and lightning attacks, in 
    story and mapmaker story. Zombies behave the same in both. Moxes warp in 
    instead of generating normally in both. However, Stone Golems are different. 
    In normal story, they can only be killed with explosives or death floors. 
    However, in mapmaker, they can be killed with any weapon, except flamethrower 
    if abilities are on.
    Stand in front of a ground auto-gun in a mapmaker story map. Make sure you 
    are touching it. It won't be able to see you.
    146. THAT'S WHAT I CALL A SECRET WEAPON- submitted by the Random One
    The silenced Luger (and its dual) doesn't appear in any weapon lists, and 
    there's no discernible reason for that other than oversight. You use it on 
    Chicago story, and it appears in some Recommended weapon sets, such as 
    Hospital and Chinese, but you can't put it in a custom weapon list nor in 
    a mapmaker map.
    If you make it back to your bag base with the opponent's bag after time 
    expires, it will say "Score!" even though it doesn't count the score.
    If the winner starts on fire after the match ends, it will say they started 
    on fire at the same time as the person in second place.
    Go to the dead end on the top floor of the Industrial Extra Large Room, the 
    one with the huge hole. Now walk back to the hallway that leads to it. When 
    you're walking away from the dead-end, the hallway goes completely dark at 
    one point. 
    150. NO SOUND 
    The one kill remaining message is supposed to make a sound when it appears, 
    however, sometimes it doesn't.
    151. HANGAR ASSAULT REGENERATION GLITCH- submitted by Infested-jerk 
    I was playing one player assault, in the hanger with the conventional weapons 
    set. As I took the right to kill the first turrent I died. (As sentryBot 
    using teh S47) I suddenly sapwned right next to the keypad you have to 
    activate for the second objective! I mean, out of nowhere! So of, course, I 
    started going backwards blowing up turrents (Managed to get four, two up 
    there, two on the ceiling, maybe one on the floor near the hangar doors. 
    It's only happened to me once, although I'm certain it had something to do 
    with another bot's death. I'd say this is a VERY VERY VERY rare glitch.
    Sometimes, when you highlight a character's face on the character select 
    screen, they won't appear as they normally would.
    Sometimes, when someone dies on completely flat ground, they're body will go 
    into the ground, and only parts of it will be visible. I've seen this happen 
    twice in a Victorian mapmaker map and once in Streets.
    Zoom into the Victorian Extra Large Room. There are two floating X's in one 
    corner of the map. They are floating because they are actually on top of 
    coal, but it's not visible when you zoom in.
    Items placed on the two X's mentioned in the above glitch sometimes disappear 
    or turn invisible.
    Proximity mines stick to the laser gun when it's in one of it's spawn points. 
    They don't stick to any other items.
    Zoom into the Virtual Extra Large room in the mapmaker. Look at the two 
    ramps. On the sides of them, there is nothing there. You can see into the 
    eternal blackness. This only works when you zoom in to the room, when you 
    actually play there, the ramps are normal.
    This is two glitches in one. 1. Bots aren't supposed to be able to shoot in 
    Virus mode. 2. Bots aren't supposed to be able to shoot while on fire. I was 
    standing on the platform in the top corner of the industrial double height 
    room, and a bot with the virus came, stopped, and stared at me. Then he 
    started shooting at me very slowly with the sci-fi handgun. He shot about 
    once every 1.5 seconds.
    In Chinese, one time, flaming bots shot at me even though they were on fire. 
    They're not supposed to be able to do that. It happened 3 times in that 
    battle. They had been started on fire by a Grenade Launcher. They were 
    5-star bots.
    160. DISAPPEARING ZOMBIES- submitted by Shadows Revenge
    In Day of the Damned, I had one of the undead disappear and reappear, I 
    couldn't hit it and it couldn't hit me. Also, I heard the punch sound effect 
    from the undead. I also had this happen during a normal mission, it's always 
    with a zombie.
    161. LINGERING OVER OLD MEMORIES- submitted by Infested-jerk (InfestedICD)
    I've had a weapon glitch where I switched my weapons, something messed up, 
    and I ended up firing my old wepon even while the new one showed. 
    162. HELLO? HELLO?!!- submitted by GrammerAngel
    I was playing Chicago on Hard Mode and cleared out Big Tony's hideout. when I 
    got to the top the phone was ringing. I answered it, but to old lady voice 
    came up again and the phone kept ringing. After Marco called to warn me it 
    163. BAM BAM CLICK!!- submitted by GrammerAngel
    The Stone Golem in Golem Guru reloads his shotgun x2 after only firing one 
    shell from each. On other death matches they shoot all four rounds before 
    reloading. Strange...
    164. GLADIATOR GLITCH- submitted by BabaBzaa
    Have you noticed that you always win in Gladiator by an insane amount on 
    single player. Here's a possible reason. Whenever you're the Gladiator, 
    shoot a bot once. It abandons all cahones and runs away to find armor or 
    health before it attempts again. I've had a standoff with 9 bots only for 
    them to all run away, but since first instinct is to chase running bots you 
    usually never notice. 
    165. BOTS CAN'T SHOOT, EVEN THOUGH THEY CAN- submitted by BabaBzaa
    I don't think they use guns in BagTag when they have the bag even if you set 
    it so it is allowed.
    submitted by BabaBzaa
    On Capture the Bag, once a bot gets the bag, it goes to the location and 
    stays there, no matter what. If you have a bag and don't hunt him out 
    yourself, the match will probably go to time with no score.
    167. I'M GONNA GET YOU- submitted by BabaBzaa
    If you camp in Flame Tag, the flame will ALWAYS decide to make a straight 
    bee-line for you.
    168. DIE, MONKEYS, DIE!- submitted by BabaBzaa
    You can actually kill the monkeys on Monkey Assistant when they fade out 
    doing their post-kill ritual.
    169. LIARS!!!!
    In the Duel Meaning Category in Arcade league, the first two missions are 
    supposedly deathmatches, according to the game, but are actually eliminations.
    There is an award called "Most Sneaky." "Most Sneaky" is incorrect grammar. 
    It should be "Sneakiest." 
    171. WE LOVE TO HEAR YOU SCREAM- submitted by Grammer Angel
    In The Wild West story mission, stand on the fuse while you set the wagon on 
    fire to release Ramona, then set Ramona on fire as she comes out. She gives a 
    really weird scream that sounds like nothing I've ever heard. You have to try 
    it at least once!
    172. COME OUT, COME OUT, WHERE EVER YOU ARE...- submitted by Grammer Angel
    I was playing Atom Smasher on hard and got rid of the sniper right after the 
    checkpoint and fire then killed the one in the first crate, but no matter 
    what I did, I couldn't get the man in the third crate to come out.
    Update by Felix_Snowguard:  I was about to Fight Khallos on Hard when I 
    noticed I forgot the Remote Mines. I ran back to get them, and when I was 
    near the Crates that wouldn’t open, I saw someone was shooting at my back. I 
    turned around to see the 2 Henchman shooting at me from the Boxes that didn’t 
    open before, but were open now.
    173. ENEMIES GET STUCK ON FOUNTAIN- submitted by tylerv
    This happens in Mexican Mission. If you start a deathmatch, # of kills 
    regardless, and choose your weapons as all remote mines, you can easily score 
    many times with just one mine. The enemies will run to the area with the 
    fountain. They run onto the brown part of the fountain that holds in the 
    water, and get stuck. They keep running until you kill them. So an easy way 
    to score is to run next to the fountain. A bunch of enemies will come towards 
    you (especially if they're 5 star enemies) and will get stuck. Allow a few to 
    accumulate, and then score 3 or 4 at a time. It's a wonderful way to get 
    through a match quickly. 
    174. I THINK WE'RE ALONE NOW- submitted by Felix_Snowguard
    I was playing the Chicago Level after I reached the Checkpoint, but I got 
    shot to death by the First Two Guards in Front of the Sunrise Club. When I 
    selected 'Respawn From Checkpoint', the guards were gone. (This may not be 
    a glitch. I think it's intentional so you don't get shot to death as soon 
    as you generate.- BDK)
    175. YOU SUCK. DO IT AGAIN!- submitted by Felix_Snowguard
    if you drained all the Whiskey Barrels before Reaching the Checkpoint, after 
    you respawn there, the Whiskey Barrel in the Area where Big Tony's Brother's 
    Car came from is refilled, so you have to drain it again. While going to 
    drain the third Whiskey Barrel Again, I also noticed the Snipers that 
    appeared after I got the Sunrise Club Pass from the Safe had disappeared.
    176. OUTSIDE OF LEVEL BOUNDARIES IN UFOPIA- submitted by shadowgamer196
    I don't know if this is known yet, but in Ufopia (arcade level) if you jump 
    from the top level onto the first ufo in the room with the 3 ufo's, you can 
    walk to the third. Face the closest wall and run into it, you'll be inside 
    of the wall, after some walking around you can basically walk trough the 
    whole map without ever being hit, but you can hit everything and everybody 
    else. The only things you can see though, are the dots above peoples head if 
    you play a team game, half of the room with the ufo's and the "vortex" thingy 
    going up (you'll know what I mean when you see it).
    Simply unequip and re-equip a weapon. Useful for Tactical 12 Gauges.
    Unequip and re-equip it. The heat meter is back down to minimum.
    179. WALKING ON AIR 2- submitted by PerfecSean
    On Site there is a glitch where you can "walk on air" above everyone else in 
    the level. I don't remember exactly how I made it work but, I think you have 
    to run up the stairs near weapon #5 to the very top level and try to jump on 
    one of the stacks of bricks to the left of the stairs. This glitch sounds 
    similar to #94 in this faq because it has happened twice to bots before. 
    I'll see if I can get it to work again...
    180. AIM WITH FISTS- submitted by Felix_Snowguard
    Start up a BagTag or Capture the bag match and set 'Bag Carrier can shoot' to 
    no. Start up the match, and before you grab the bag, get out any weapon and 
    put the Aim Mode on. As soon as you grab the bag, you can only use your 
    fists, but you'll have a crosshair for Punch Aiming. (The crosshair you'll 
    have will be the same as the previously held weapon.)
    181. ROBOTS IN VIRUS- submitted by Infested-jerk (InfestedICD)
    In early versions of the game, you're not supposed to be able to choose robots
    in Virus, but somehow, sometimes, you can anyway. In later versions, they 
    allow you to choose robots anytime you want.
    182. SKIP SPINNING ANIMATIONS- submitted by monkeyukandy
    If you punch and spin around, the character model doesn't actually spin 
    around. You'll need a second player to see this.
    183. TWO BIRDS WITH ONE STONE- submitted by Infested-jerk (InfestedICD)
    I've had an instance, in Siberia Normal, where I've hit two Zombies with one 
    bullet. Me and a friend were joking around, he dared me to clear the tunnel 
    towards the bio containment site with only my pistol, so I did.
    When the first two zombie came out, I backtracked to the doorway and shot at 
    the first one in the head, but both died, because my bullet hit both in the 
    For some reason, I was racking up massive insomnia time without ever playing 
    past midnight. My nephew, who always comes over in the afternoon, and has 
    never been here later than midnight, has massive insomnia time as well. There's
    nothing wrong with my Gamecube's clock: it was only a few minutes behind.
    185. OUCH! YOU SHOT MY GUN!- submitted by foozdude
    In a Deathmatch match, I had shot my friend's gun (Lasergun) with my gun 
    (Sniper Rifle), and it killed him, though he was at full health, no armour, 
    and 'One-hit Kills' was DE-activated. However, just in case someone asks, I 
    was zoomed in trying to test the 'Lasergun Discharge' glitch, where you shot 
    their hand and the gun loses it charge. I shot, but he moved and it hit their 
    Lasergun instead.
    186. OUTSIDE OF LEVEL BOUNDARIES IN HOSPITAL- submitted by yoshifav
    Well, first you need to grab speed so you can go quickly, then go to the 
    second floor and go to the part where the cross of Jesus is but DO NOT FALL 
    DOWN. Anyway, stand with your back against the wall, then move a tiny bit 
    forward, and when you are ready move backwards diagonally on the control 
    stick. Instead of falling down to the second floor, you will go through the 
    wall and it will be black. It's so handy!!!
    187. BATHROOM OF DOOM- submitted by BionicZero
    I was playing a Virus match on the Chinese level with the weapon set being 
    mostly explosives. I headed to one of the two bathrooms (the one with the 
    blood on the floor) and decided to wait there. Since it had been a few 
    minutes of sitting there without the Virus carrier coming, I decided to go 
    out. As soon as I took, quite literally, two steps out of the stall, the 
    person with the Virus came out. I killed him and went back into the bathroom. 
    Upon trying to exit again, the Virus appeared again. This kept happening, 
    whether I waited ten minutes or thirty seconds; the Virus would only appear 
    if I tried to leave. So what, does the bathroom not appear on the CPU's radar 
    or something? Or was it just odd coincidence? This happened the next two 
    times I played on that level, too. My current theory is that the bathroom 
    is condemned.
    188. ONE SHOT AT A TIME- submitted by SuprNintendoChommers
    Bots only shoot a single shot at a time from the Sci-Fi Handgun. Normally, 
    it automatically shoots 3. I'm not sure why this happens. It's more than 
    likely a programming error.
    189. BOTS CAN'T RECOGNIZE SPECIAL LEDGES- submitted by SuprNintendoChommers
    In the Alien Tileset, many large tiles have a "ledge" sticking out from the 
    side walls. If you place an adapter connecting to the top floor of the tile, 
    you can walk on these ledges. I've confirmed this with the Bridge/Bunker 
    tiles and the Large Open. However, bots do not acknowledge this, and it does 
    not work on the Large Pit or Core (you slide right off).
    This is similar to the many leave the level glitches, but this one is in the 
    Victorian Tileset. With the Double Height Room, the metal girders at the top 
    entrances can be exploited. If you push against it (I haven't found the exact 
    way; you have to mess with the control stick a bit), sometimes, you'll fall 
    through the floor to the bottom floor, but sometimes, usually if there's a 
    top floor entrance, but no bottom entrance, you'll fall through, but also be 
    in the wall at the same time. You can leave the level.
    However, the game is rather jumpy in the blackness. Sometimes, you can walk 
    back through the wall, but sometimes you'll be blocked out. Sometimes you can 
    walk freely, but other times there will be an abundance of invisible walls. 
    Bots will know you're out there, and will try to shoot you, but they will 
    just hit the wall.
    FireFox717- You walk on the tiles. Say you put a ramp above there, you can 
    climb the ramp. You may also shoot into any part you can see, and you can 
    kill them.
    191. NAME CHANGE
    In Candi Sklyer's profile, it calls her "Candy."
    192. BOTS FIRE TWO WEAPONS AT A TIME- submitted by reggiefive0
    Bots fire dual weapons at the same time while you can only shoot them in 
    193. ACCURACY= FIRING RATE- submitted by reggiefive0
    The "accuracy" stat does not effect accuracy, it effects  the firing rate. 
    It does not affect humans at all. That's why bots with high accuracy shoot 
    much faster than others.
    194. OOOH.... MYSTERIOUS.- submitted by reggiefive0
    If you fail a mission on story mode, sit there for a few minutes. you'll hear 
    a creepy sound. After about a minute a woman says, "Is that too loud?"
    195. TRANSCENDING HISTORY, AND THE WALLS...- submitted by reggiefive0
    Explosions in other rooms next to you can hurt you and shake your vision if 
    you are close to the wall, you can see some of the explosion through the wall 
    too. You find this a lot in the Hospital.
    196. INDUSTRIAL EXTRA LARGE ROOM GLITCH- submitted by foozdude
    One time I was in the Industrial Large Room (30) in MapMaker Mode. I was on 
    the top part, and I walked along the huge pipe until the end of it, against 
    the wall. I had just gained a Speed Up. I fell off the pipe into one of those 
    pits where you die, but only some of me touched it (apparently), while the 
    other part of me was on the ground in front. I ended staying in that exact 
    spot with no health at all. If anyone shot/punched me, it would just go 
    through me. Finally, after I paused to go to the bathroom, I came back, 
    unpaused, and I died! After that, it only happened once.
    197. NOT SO TRIGGER HAPPY- submitted by astromuskratspacepirate
    If you equip a single pistol (it doesn't matter what type) hold down c upleft 
    and you can see the trigger. If you shoot the gun the trigger doesn't move.
    198. HEADS TURN BACK TO NORMAL- submitted by astromuskratspacepirate
    If you turn cardboard characters on and shoot an undead in the head so it falls 
    off the head unbecomes cardboard.
    In a Victorian map, put down a large ramp. Now zoom in. There is no item space
    directly under the ramp when you're zoomed in. When you're zoomed out, it's 
    there. Put an item there, and zoom in. It's not there on the zoomed-in 
    In Chasm, after jumping off a bridge in Chasm, a bot flew right back up.
    You can fire the Rocket Launcher more quickly when you hold the aim button.
    Riot Officer's dead body was floating above the ground in Chasm.
    203. WRONG SONG- submitted by MortalBeachBall
    When you use the music track "Victorian TS2 tileset" on a regular multi map, 
    it plays the credits remix. So to use the Victorian music in a pre-made map 
    you have to select "TS1-Castle" instead. (There is no TS2 Victorian song for 
    selection in some versions of the game- BDK.)
    204. SILENCED LUGERS IN YOUR MAPMAKER MAP!- submitted by Tipshake43
    To get Silenced Lugers in your mapmaker map, load the sample map "Porridge 
    Bust" and edit it. Silenced Luger is the third weapon, and Silenced Luger x2 
    is the fourth weapon. Simply don't change those slots, and you've got the 
    forbidden weapon in your map. You can turn it into a completely different map 
    if you want to. That's what I did. (I wrote the description for this glitch
    because Tipshake's description was hard to understand.)
    In mapmaker, if you spin a tile with the C-Stick on the tile select screen, 
    it'll continue spinning very quickly in the direction you pressed for a 
    After my brother got first in a ten-life elimination match in Compound and I 
    got second, the rankings screen said he got third and I got second. I chose 
    Return to Menu too quickly to check who got first. It was my brother who 
    noticed it said he got third.
    Bots will sometimes run in small, fast circles. This is a glitch in itself 
    that they do that. It is also another glitch because it's impossible for a 
    human player to do.
    208. MISSING SOUNDS- submitted by Felix_Snowguard
    In any level, if you continuously play it over and over again, some sounds 
    will start to disappear, like the punching sound or the laser in the Atom 
    Smasher level. To fix this, simply restart the level, or if it's a Problem 
    with weapons, just fire them again.
    209. I KNOW YOU’RE THERE- submitted by Felix_Snowguard
    When I was playing Robot Factory on Hard, I was spotted by one of the 
    Immobile Turrets near the Beginning of the Level. Strangely enough, 2 of 
    the Turrets would spot, and keep firing, without ever stopping until I 
    destroyed them.
    210. NOTHING’S WRONG THERE…- submitted by Felix_Snowguard
    In any Map with an Autogun, if you can dash up against it without you being 
    spotted by it, it won’t see you even if it aims straight at you.
    211. THAT TICKLED!- submitted by Felix_Snowguard
    I was playing Atomsmasher on Hard after I just left the First Room. I shot 
    one of the Henchmen TWICE with the Silenced Pistol and he didn’t even notice 
    212. I CAN’T MOVE!- submitted by Felix_Snowguard
    If you use the Tile ‘Large Bunker Wall’ (Tile 24) without any way of getting 
    back to the Other rooms behind the Low Wall on the Bottom Floor, Bots may 
    get stuck behind it and Freeze, not noticing other Bots, and other Bots will 
    not notice them, but if you shoot them, they will retaliate Immediately, 
    with Deadly Damage and Accuracy.
    213. LEVITATING BULLET HOLES- submitted by Felix_Snowguard
    If you shoot an Autogun in it's Lens and look at your Bullet Hole up Close, 
    you'll see it isn't attached to the Lens.
    214. SLIDING BULLET HOLE- submitted by Felix_Snowguard
    In Neotokyo, there is a Tunnel near the Arcade, with the Posters of Ghost 
    and Chastity advertising Timesplitters 2. If you shoot them and strafe left 
    and right while watching your Bullet Hole, you'll see it seems to slide much 
    faster than any other bullet hole. It's easier to see with Paintball Mode on.
    215. UNBREAKABLE GLASS- submitted by Infested-jerk (InfestedICD)
    In the Ufopia stage there is glass that won't break. I've thrown bricks, 
    mines, shot bullets, plasma, grenades, etc., but still no flying glass.
    216. INVISIBLE GLASS- submitted by Felix_Snowguard
    In the 'Streets' Multiplayer Level, there are two Panes of Invisible Glass. 
    One Overlooks the Street leading to the Blue Base in a CTB Match, and the 
    Other is Overlooking the Street near the Residential end of the level. You 
    can Punch them out and see faintly brighter areas as they fall, but the 
    windows will stay invisible.
    There are tons of grammatical errors and inaccuracies in the subtitles, such 
    as missing periods.
    Dead bodies on the elevator in Siberia don't move with the elevator: they 
    float where they died, even if the elevator goes down.
    219. BOTS TELEPORT IN VIRUS- submitted by BlackIce
    When you play Virus on Ufopia and you jump on the UFO's (same place where 
    you go out of the map, see glitch #'176), the tagged bots sometimes teleport 
    on the UFO's, and tag you. It happened very often with my friend.
    220. GENERATE IN AN ABYSS 2- submitted by viewtifullink99
    When you are playing flametag in multiplayer, when one of the humans (not 
    human characters in the game, but actual people playing with you) gets the 
    flame, you can kill them and keep pausing and unpausing during their death 
    sequence to perform the spawn in an abyss glitch on them. This will cause 
    them and the flame to go away with them into the abyss, leaving the rest of 
    the match open for you to do whatever you want without fear. It can also be 
    done with one person operating 2 controllers if that person wishes to boost 
    their stats. Since in flametag, the bots don't shoot at you, if this glitch 
    is performed, then the humans that are still left playing can use this time 
    to boost their accuracy stats or they can snipe running bots or whatever they 
    feel like doing without fear of getting tagged. It may also have some effect 
    on the bots. I know that a bot can be made to never respawn in flametag if 
    you give them the flame at the right time and/or take it away, but right 
    before doing this glitch, my friend had killed a bot who had not had the 
    flame yet that match at all. About 1 second later, I did the glitch on the 
    third player and for some reason, after that the bot wouldn't respawn.
    221. RICOCHET IN THE ABYSS- submitted by viewtifullink99
    When you perform the spawn in an abyss glitch, if you have a gun that can 
    ricochet as the first wepon listed in the weapon set and the option "Always 
    Start with Gun " is turned on, then when you shoot, you can actually hurt 
    yourself. However, the scifi handgun is a different case from this. It has to 
    be a weapon like silenced pistols or luger or another type of handgun. You 
    may not see your gun shooting or hear a sound, but the ricochet still comes 
    into play even in the abyss. I would suggest trying this with infinite ammo 
    on if you have it unlocked. You can hurt yourself, but I have not yet been 
    able to kill myself to see what happens.
    222. MAKING BOTS COMMIT SUICIDE- submitted by viewtifullink99
    When bots are lit on fire with the flamethrower, crossbow, or secondary 
    shot on the grenade launcher, they will do one of four things, run in a 
    straight line and bat at themselves, turn around and run in the opposite 
    direction they were going and bat at themselves, keep on fighting, or run in 
    a circle and bat at themselves. Well, if you put a bunch of bots in the chasm 
    with flamethrowers and wait until they reach one of the paths in the center 
    of the stage over the darkness, you can light a bot on fire and if they 
    decide to turn around, or run in circles, then they will run right off the 
    side of the path and into the dark ground below, thereby killing themselves.
    223. HALTING RECOIL TIME- submitted by viewtifullink99
    If you are shot at in the precise second that you pull the trigger on a gun, 
    preferably one that has a long recoil time after the shot such as a rocket 
    launcher or a grenade launcher, the first shot will go off in the direction 
    you pointed, and the recoil time is halted, enabling you to pull off another 
    shot faster than normal exactly after you were shot. But when I say precise, 
    I mean precise. Most people probably don't notice this glitch since most of 
    the weapons in the game have a recovery time after each shot, so you wouldn't 
    be able to pull it off anyway because you are recovering from the blast. The 
    weaker weapons can almost pull off one shot after another anyway if you have 
    the button held down, but this glitch does have its ups when someone tries 
    shooting you with a pistol and you have a rocket launcher. You have to be hit 
    with a weak weapon like a pistol or luger or some type of handgun (the kinds 
    of weapons that don't give you recovery times after you are hit) and weapons 
    such as mines do not work since technically, your character in the game 
    doesn't notice when they are hit with one.
    by viewtifullink99
    If you are playing on a match with bots, one of the bots was alerted to your 
    presence and you begin shooting at eachother, you can hide behind something 
    and even if you show only part of a hand or a piece of a shoulder from where 
    you are hiding, the bot will continue to shoot. The bot will not try to get 
    a better angle until none of you is visible at all to it. It may look as if 
    they are trying to get a better angle, but if they do, they only happen to 
    stumble upon it when doing their programmed flips and strafes. For the bots 
    that don't do those flips and stuff though, they wil stay in the same spot 
    shooting at you and will usually have the same accuracy if none of your body 
    is hidden.
    submitted by viewtifullink99
    When a low star/level bot gets down to low health and there is a first aid 
    box in the near vicinity of them, they will always, always, run to it and 
    grab it without shooting anything until they have it. If you have full 
    health, then you can simply stand upon it and wait for them to come to you 
    so you can kill them. If you don't have full health though then you will get 
    it, they will see that it is no longer there and resume shooting until 
    another one can be found in their near vicinity. If it is a 4-5 star bot then 
    it will occasionally try to get the health despite your position, but most of 
    the time they will just shoot you.
    226. NO WEAPON MESSAGE- submitted by viewtifullink99
    If you find a weapon that hasn't been dropped by an enemy, but is waiting at 
    a pickup station, when you barely touch it and you pick it up, then it won't 
    give you the "You got (insert weapon name here)" message sometimes even if it 
    is your first time touching the weapon the entire match, but you will hear 
    the sound. I guess it needs an example, cause I can't really accurately 
    explain it. On the level training ground, there is that little cliff you can 
    go up on that has ammo at the very end of it, and there is a gun in the 
    middle usually if someone hasn't already picked it up. Try your hardest to 
    avoid the gun and still get to the end. It is nearly impossible to do so, but 
    in the process you may barely touch it, and if you were far enough away from 
    the actual weapon when you picked it up then it may not give you the message.
    227. FREE ARCADE AWARDS GALORE- submitted by viewtifullink99
    Start a flametag match with however much time on the clock you want with the 
    only weapon set as remote mines (I suggest 2 minutes though because the whole 
    point is to retrieve the awards fast). When you start the match, immediately 
    lay a mine and kill yourself with it. Perform the generate in an abyss glitch 
    and just watch the game go by. You will get certain awards based on what you 
    did while in there and the few seconds before going there. For example, If I 
    held the control stick to the left or the right the whole time while in 
    there, I would get the sidestepper award. I went in there with remote mines 
    and threw all of them and pressed Z. It gave me the vandal award. The vandal 
    award seems to be most common though when using remote mines to kill 
    yourself. This is the list of awards I have encountered performing this 
    Shortest Innings
    Most Peaceful
    Most outgunned
    Weapons Expert
    Sometimes when you throw a remote mine at a turret (I assume he means 
    controllable camera gun) and don't detonate it, the turret will say bad input 
    signal and wont work at all. I did this and tried to use the gun. It didn't 
    work so I went outside and looked at it. On the gun screen, it looked like it 
    had been blown up and it was pointing towards the ground. In My screen the 
    gun was fine. I finally did detonate the mine and I saw the gun explode and 
    do its animation when it is broken even though according to its screen, it 
    already was before.
    229. PUNCHING SPEED GLITCH- submitted by viewtifullink99
    When punching the first time, the first punch is very fast and extends 
    longer, but when holding the button down after that, the punches are shorter 
    and slower. It is actually alot better when unarmed to punch people by 
    pressing the R button every .6 seconds than it is to hold the button down for 
    some reason. I seriously doubt this was intentional.
    230. EXCUSE ME, BUT DO I LOOK LIKE I'M DEAD... OR ON FIRE?- submitted by 
    I was playing flametag with some bots. The game doesn't let you respawn in a 
    new area when you kill yourself if you have the flame. You will respawn 
    exactly where you died. Anyway, our match was remote mines. I got the flame 
    in the beginning so I ran to one of the stationary guns in the training 
    ground and Robofish was in there waiting for me. I attached a mine to him and 
    detonated it blowing us both up, but as my body flew through the air, it 
    touched Robofish and gave him the flame. I respawned right on his dead body 
    and thought nothing of it at first because people do spawn right next to the 
    stationary guns alot. After killing myself several times however and still 
    respawning right where he was I noticed something was wrong. I used the 
    remaining 2 minutes of the match to kill myself over and over and I still 
    respawned there. Apparently for some reason the game couldn't distinguish who 
    had the flame, me or Robofish. Robofish had the flame on his body, but the 
    game treated me like I was the one who had it. When I ran by people and 
    touched them, the bots even screamed like they got lit on fire, but they 
    didn't do the animation.
    231. INDESTRUCTIBLE REMOTE MINES- submitted by viewtifullink99
    If you throw remote mines on a lasergun that hasn't been picked up yet, then 
    get killled, on occasion when you come back some of the mines will never blow 
    up. A lot of them probably will, but ones placed on certain parts of the gun 
    will not go away and stay hovering for the rest of the match. If you throw 
    one of your mines in the pile and detonate it, it should take care of most of 
    them, but some of them are already indestructible.
    In a flametag match, with alot of time in it (preferably 10 minutes or more) 
    if you kill yourself in the beginning before anyone is touched with the 
    flame, then spawn in the abyss, the bot that started with the flame will most 
    likely never give it away to anyone else. Its fine on 2P, but for some reason 
    the bots are connected to their own little world and apparently when you're 
    not in it, they don't mind the flame so much.
    Sometimes at random intervals when in the abyss, your life will suddenly drop 
    all the way to zero and the red rimmed screen will show up because you are 
    dead, but it will stay there for a while because you aren't respawning 
    anytime soon. The health will never go back up.
    234. ENTER THE UNKNOWN FULLY EQUIPPED- submitted by viewtifullink99
    Pick up a weapon just before you die and enter the abyss. You might still 
    have it once you are in the abyss.
    It happens very often.
    When somebody dies on an inclined plane such as a ramp, their body won't be 
    slanted like the floor. Part of their body will be going through the ramp, 
    and part of it will be floating off of the ramp. This happens 100% of the 
    When someone drops a gun in multiplayer and someone else picks it up, it'll 
    have a certain amount of ammo in it, not what was left in the gun when it was 
    In the Gamecube version, on menus like the results screen, it shows the PS2's 
    control pad, as opposed to the Gamecube's. It probably shows the PS2 control 
    pad in the Xbox version as well.
    There is a Gothic tileset in TS2. It's inaccessible without an Action Replay, 
    though. It can only be accessed in the Gamecube version. Here's a link to a 
    page with some info and pictures:
    240. DIFFERENT SCI-FI HANDGUNS (thanks to jxflipside's site)
    You may have noticed that in Return to Planet X, some of the enemies wield 
    normal Sci-Fi handguns. Others, however, wield ones that shoot red and green 
    lasers. It can't be picked up, but in the US Gamecube version of the game, 
    you can still access it with an Action Replay. Find more info on this site:
    241. DEAD AND ALIVE- submitted by Felix_Snowguard
    In any mapmaker level, switch to the Virtual Tileset and place an Extra Large 
    room anywhere. On the top floor, there is a ledge in the middle that sticks 
    out. Put a turret (not Sentry Gun) there. Preview or play the map. Go to the 
    turret and pilot it. Turn all the way around and your character will fall 
    (or float, I don't have a second controller), and the turret's view will be 
    lowered, like when a short character is piloting it. Fire a missle, and your 
    character will die, but you can still move him/her around as a Corpse. The 
    Controls seem random every time you load the level, and you can still punch 
    or shoot if you get ahold of a gun. You can only die by falling from any 
    distance or being shot, since you have 0 Health.
    After further investigation this also worked with the Industrial tile set 
    extra large room. I'm sure it'd work anywhere if the you could get your 
    character hanging like that on a turret. Also, you have to find any weapons 
    you want to use after you die cause when you die you lose any weapons you 
    had. (Justin Cox)
    242. I HATE CAMERAS. . .- submitted by Donald P. Pozzi
    On Siberia normal or hard, the guy in the room (with the mounted turret) if 
    you shoot him in the foot, he will start shooting at the camera. He will only 
    stop if he destroys the gun or gets shot by you.
    243. WHERE'S THE AMMO?- submitted by Donald P. Pozzi
    Okay, so I was playing a CTB in my map and and I shot a plasma grenade on the 
    ground, and just as it was about to blow up, I switched to my lasergun. So 
    after I respawned, I went back to that spot and got back my lasergun, but it 
    didn't switch to it, and I had the Sci-Fi Handgun. So, I went to my inventory 
    and it said it was out of ammo. My current theory is that since there was no 
    gun showing, there was no ammo for it either.
    244. MAD SCIENTIST- submitted by Remy Cotton
    One time in atomsmasher after I got the remote mine I layed one on a scientist
    (can't remember which one) so he tried shooting at me with an imaginary gun so 
    I cracked up while he beat the crap out of me with his fists.
    245. SCI-FI FIRING GLITCH- submitted by Infested-jerk (InfestedICD)
    If you barely squeeze the trigger, you can fire 1 shot from the Sci-Fi Handgun 
    at a time.
    246. ELECTRICITY GOES THROUGH WALLS- submitted by Infested-jerk (InfestedICD)
    The Electrotool can phase (clip) through walls. (Does anyone know how this 
    247. ANOTHER STUCK SOUND- submitted by Infested-jerk (InfestedICD)
    Try firing any conventional weapon without any ammo. Sometimes that annoying 
    click of having no ammo will get stuck.
    Infested-jerk (InfestedICD)
    I've killed my brother using conventional weapons with friendly fire on. I 
    happened to hit a wall in just the right way and the ricochet hit and killed 
    Infested-jerk (InfestedICD)
    When playing as the monkey, you do not appear to crouch, yet to other players 
    you do. (When playing as it, the screen doesn't move "down" as notably as the 
    other characters.)
    250. FILING CABINET IN SIBERIA GLITCH- submitted by Infested-jerk 
    My brother and I were fooling around. We threw a mine on the cabinet while it 
    was open, closed it, and then it exploded, without giving us credit for doing 
    it. The papers were burned, but the game didn't count it as being destroyed. 
    So even as we threw more mines at it, it still didn't explode or get 
    Another note from Infested-jerk (InfestedICD): 
    It's now happened two more times to me. Once when the drawer was closed with 
    the mine outside, another when trying to hit two cabinents with one mine.
    251. FROZEN BOT DURING FLAME TAG- submitted by BabaBzaa
    In a dark industrial mapmaker level I've created (which I also made a story 
    level), when you play Flame Tag, the bot on fire has an eerie habit of 
    standing at a section without moving (near where I put the story object. If 
    you stay away, it might never move. However, if you look at it long enough, 
    it tends to randomly spring up and chase after you, as if the "kill the 
    camper" logic has kicked in.
    252. EVIL LADY JANE- submitted by BabaBzaa
    I've seen this mostly at the Hospital, but once at Mexican Mission. My 
    stepbrother and I tend to play 3-on-3-on-3-on-3 deathmatches. The character 
    in question of this rare glitch has always been Lady Jane. She has a tendency 
    to disappear from the map and radar entirely, but her dot will still move 
    around (more like dance around at a speed that can't be reached normally) and 
    occasionally she will suddenly appear and start blasting at you. She can hit 
    you but you can't really harm her and then she'll suddenly disappear and her 
    dot will move.
    In the mapmaker, place the cursor on a tile. Now, scroll in any direction 
    with the C-Stick. As soon as you get off of the tiles and on to a blank 
    space, the blank square flashes green for a second as if a tile were there. 
    It doesn't do this if you scroll with the control stick. 
    When the Timesplitters 2 logo appears, but before it makes the sound and has 
    you choose the amount of players, open the Gamecube's disc cover. The game 
    disappears, and you'll get a message telling you to close the disc cover. On 
    this screen, the sound that plays when it goes from the logo to the player 
    select will still play.
    One time, in an Industrial level, my brother was walking down a hallway. 
    There are little places on the walls that stick out slightly, I believe it's 
    where two tiles connect. He accidentally ran right into one of those 
    protusions, and he was momentarily able to see through it.
    When playing Wild West in co-op, Player 1 can stick his guns through the cell 
    walls where Player 2 (Ramona Sosa) is being held. On Player 1's screen, it 
    doesn't look like the guns are going through the wall, but on P2's screen, 
    they are. 
    257. NO FEAR OF DEATH- submitted by Infested-jerk (InfestedICD)
    In hard mode, some enemies won't turn and run away when a mine is thrown on 
    In multiplayer, whenever a bot starts on fire or gets a mine or TNT put on 
    them, they stop shooting and run around until they die. It's strange that 
    they don't do this when a Plasma Grenade is on them. They do in 
    Future Perfect, suggesting that they were meant to do it in this game too, 
    but for some reason, they don't.
    259. REAPER SPLITTER IN STORY MAPS- submitted by Milesboshi
    I was making a mapmaker story level and I chose the Reaper Splitter to play 
    as, but he could not pick up guns or use teleports for some reason.
    (This probably has something to do with the fact that AI Reaper Splitters 
    attack with lightning and can't use guns in story maps- BDK)
    260. DUMBASS ZOMBIES- submitted by Milesboshi
    When I play co-op with my mates on the Notre Dame level, the zombies will 
    just walk up to us and stand there like idiots. 
    261. FLOATING PLATFORM- submitted by Felix_Snowguard
    If I have it right, if you place two large open lows on top of each other 
    and surround them with large open tiles, then you get the effect of a 
    platform floating above the other without supports.
    X = Large Open
    O = Two Large Open Lows on top of each other
    The closest thing you can get to a support is a thin pipe in the Victorian 
    262. USELESSNESS OF TEAM STARTS- submitted by gamefreak91
    I just made a pretty awesome map, but when I put team spawn locations and 
    play Capture the Bag, everyone gets spawned in the Start All locations. I 
    know I got the team spawns too...
    submitted by The Devil of Nothing
    I was playing Team Deathmatch in Nightclub with 2 bots on each team except 
    Green, with me and a bot on Green. I was fighting Calamari (on Red) when he 
    disappeared after going out of my sight. His team icon was floating at the 
    edge of the room near a stairway top, and I don't think he was anywhere at 
    all, really. I thought he was cloaked at first, then I figured it out after 
    I remembered that the team icon disappears when someones cloaked (or when I 
    walked under the icon), but not before I tried punching him to death. After 
    I died Calamari appeared somewhere else and nothing else strange happened. 
    I'm not sure why it happened, but it might have something to do with the 
    game not having time to load the model and thus got confused.
    264. MODERNIZED MONEY- submitted by Nissan Skyline
    Has anyone noticed that there are modern dollar bills in the cash registers 
    in the Chicago level?
    265. FIRE ITSELF GOES THROUGH WALLS- submitted by FireEmblemGuy
    If you set a fire on an area right by a wall or on an upper story floor, you 
    can see the flame itself on the other side of the wall/floor, and be lit on 
    fire by it. This also works if you launch a fire from the Grenade Launcher 
    and it scrapes the underside of a bridge on Chasm.
    266. CHASM MINE GLITCH- submitted by FireEmblemGuy
    Sometimes, bots in Chasm won't turn and run away when a mine is thrown on 
    267. SWARMING CIVILIANS- submitted by chaz
    In Neo Tokyo, go straight, turn right, then left. If you go down all these 
    stairs, you will see  no people. When you hit a dead end, turn around and 
    there will be a guy standing there and the city will be swarming with 
    civilians! If you kill everyone and repeat, it will happen again. This is a 
    good way to get the Brutality award.
    268. SITE GLITCH- submitted by an anonymous person
    It goes like this: you go upstairs on the building to the top floor.
    Then go where the shrink power-up is and there's this metal bar in front of 
    it...you go through it and fall down...you will see the stage background and 
    the building (which is good for virus, but they can still tag you).
    You can explore/play around as normal (picking up weapons, hitting people, 
    UPDATE by Dubble_G:
    The out of level glitch is found going up the dual ramp.  Jump onto the
    narrow girder (second story height) now face forwards, and then run
    backwards, and out of the level.  Very useful for getting platinum on
    that Stonegolem elimination challenge.
    269. VAMPIRE DEATHMATCH-submitted by SlyMold
    When you put the amount of lives in Vampire to "Off", you can have a score 
    limit, like in a deathmatch. No matter what the score limit, however, the 
    match will never end. This happens on arcade stages, mapmaker stages, with 
    Recommended and Custom Weapon and Bot sets. I went all the way to 302 kills 
    when the score limit was 20 in the Hospital. I went to 20 or so when the 
    score limit was 3 or 5 in the Nighclub and in my mapmaker map.
    270. HOMING LAUNCHER DOESN'T HOME- submitted by SlyMold
    When auto aim is off, the homing rockets go in a straight line, no matter 
    271. TWO GUNS IN ONE PLACE- submitted by SlyMold
    In the Arcade League Match, "Can't Please Everyone...", in the room with 
    zone #3, there is a gun pickup that has two guns. You pick up the Tommy Gun 
    and the Silenced Luger Pistol X2 at the same time.
    272. INVISIBLE BOT ROOM IN HOSPITAL- submitted by aunwit
    In Hospital, in the middle room of the bottom floor [broken tables...3 doors, 
    one of the rooms next to it has a few glass cabinets and a health pack...
    don't know how else to describe it]...sometimes randomly, a bot just turns 
    invisible for a few seconds, then re appears, then turns invisible again, and 
    so on, and is impossible to kill sometimes...this glitch has happened to me a 
    few times...
    273. STUCK IN CAMERA MODE IN NEO TOKYO- submitted by aunwit
    i was playing Neo Tokyo in Normal mode, and i reached the underground area 
    [after following the girl]...i went to turn off the cameras...so i pushed A 
    to access camera mode, turned off all the cameras, and was stuck...the game 
    just locked into camera mode...i couldn't get out of it unless i restarted 
    the level...i could turn the last camera on and off, and it made the "camera 
    switching" noise like it usually does, but it wouldn't let me leave the 
    camera mode...this only happened once...
    I was playing Team Deathmatch at the Aztec, and I got the Shrink, and I was 
    being chased by someone, so I ran to the pond and walked through the wall. I 
    think it was because I was Monkey, and as one of the glitches said, I could 
    do that if I was super-short. I had all my waapons, and everything was the 
    same, but I could shoot people in the pond area. Otherwise, all I could see 
    was the dot(s) of the team people, and when someone respawned, I could see a 
    weird puff of blue, and a dot appeared, but no person.
    275. OUTSIDE LEVEL BOUNDARIES IN CHASM- submitted by rosesixberry1
    I don't know how this happened. I was doing Flame Tag with my brother, and he 
    was Stone Golem. Okay, so he crossed the lowest bridge (he was coming from 
    the side that had the blue lighted hallways) and he walked into a wall. He 
    went right through it, and he could see through it, and parts of his body 
    were sticking out. I got a shock when I walked past and saw the white, then 
    he walked out of the wall. I ran and jumped in the Chasm. ;)
    Update by Brett Notheis:
    Okay, well I was reading through your glitch FAQ on gfaqs and I saw that you 
    had a way to get out of chasm. Well trying to do it, me and my brother 
    couldn't. So afterward we were playing Virus and I had obtained a speed 
    powerup. Well I ran to the better side of the Chasm, across the middle birdge 
    and I ran and jump off the ramp that went from the lowest floor to the middle 
    floor (and vice versa). Well, when I landed I was out of the map. What I had 
    done is I had run and when I jumped down to the bottom floor the top half of 
    my body went through the top of the doorway and I slipped out of the map. 
    After experimenting further me and my brother found that you can run anywhere 
    in the map (obviously) but you can also float. If you run off the sides of 
    the bridge while off the map you will float in mid-air. We found out by 
    having my brother use a Homing Launcher to find out where I was. I also have 
    a picture, it has bad quality but I hope you can see that we are out of the 
    map. Here's the link: http://i566.photobucket.com/albums/ss109/AoW_Cyanide/DCP
    This can only be done if you have a speed powerup and arent using any short 
    characters, Also if you do this in Virus you can still be virused of the map 
    unless you are floating in mid-air and the bots dont jump of the bridge to 
    get you. Hope this helps ^-^ 
    276. HAUNTED DINOSAUR- submitted by rosesixberry1
    I was in the Hospital, and there was a dinosaur as a bot. I was on the big 
    balcony over the entrance room when I started to get shot. I turned to the 
    doorway and saw the dinosaur, so I shot him but he disappeared. I shot him, 
    then fled. He came up behind me and shot, and I could see him, but I had out 
    a fire extinguisher (don't ask why). As I switched to my tommy gun, he 
    It happened again, this time at the Chasm. I was on the bridge, and he 
    attacked me, but it was elimination, and I had one life, and I fell off, but 
    someone else shot him and he fell down into the Chasm, and he was visible, 
    but just before he hit the Chasm, his body disappeared again.
    277. FIRE EXTINGUISHERS OF DOOM- submitted by rosesixberry1
    I was on a one-hit kill elimination with one life and all fire extinguishers. 
    I was facing a guy (Jebediah Crump) and I laughed because he was tryig to 
    kill me with a fire extinguisher. Then he squirted me and I died.
    278. WON'T YOU COME BACK? -submitted by Dr. Weird, The Glitch Guy
    My brother and I experimented being (what I call) dead for good (which is 
    when someone dies and never respawns). Well, Connor had killed the flame 
    guy (we were playing Flame Tag), but the body fell over and hit Connor. 
    Connor couldn't set the person back on fire, so he lit someone else up. Ten 
    minutes later we went down the hallway and found the bot Connor had killed 
    just lying there, dead. He also couldn't get set on fire. Connor later 
    learned that if you steal the flames from the flame bot while they're 
    falling, they never respawn, so make sure it's someone you really want to win 
    before you allow them to be dead for good.
    279. YOU'RE DEAD FOR GOOD... HOW COME YOU"RE STILL IT? - submitted by Dr. 
    Weird, The Glitch Guy
    This is pretty much the same thing as Won't You Come Back, but the guy who 
    was dead for good was still on fire, and we couldn't take the flame (but we 
    had to take the blame). I can't make this happen; I guess you just have to 
    steal the flames and give them back as he/she falls.
    280. HEY! YOU'RE DEAD - AND ALIVE! -submitted by Dr. Weird, The Glitch Guy
    I can't make this happen. I was in the Hangar with Connor, and Harry Tipper 
    was dead - for good. He also had the flame. He was just like a wall. We 
    couldn't walk past him. When we shot him, he barked and yelled like he 
    normally would, but he was dead for good. He was also clogging the entrance 
    to the storage area (where you start in Superfly Lady), so we had to walk 
    through the conveyor area just to get in and out of the hangar.
    281. I KNOW YOU'RE OUT THERE... (FLAME TAG GLITCH) - submitted by Dr. Weird, 
    The Glitch Guy
    If you're the monkey, and you're in a Flame Tag, and you're in the Aztec, and 
    the Powerups is on, grab the shrinkydink (or shrink powerup, I call it 
    shrinkydink) and run to the pond, then walk through the wall. You'll be out 
    of the boundaries, and the flame guy will run into the wall, hoping to reach 
    you. You may want to practice finding the shrinkydink, getting to the pond 
    before the shrinkydink wears off, and avoiding the flame guy all at the same 
    time. In your face, Flame Tag!
    The glitch's name tells all.
    283. COMPLETED AND DEAD- submitted by ShadowMario3
    I found this glitch in Story Mode level Wild West and any difficulty will do. 
    Make sure you have completed all objectives and the Time Portal should appear 
    at the bridge area at the end of the level. Go to the ground on top of it, 
    and jump off the ledge toward the portal so you make it. If you hold the 
    control stick in the direction toward the abyss, you should die. On the 
    completion screen, it should show that your life is gone (armor will still 
    be there if you had it) but the game shows you completed the level. Possibly 
    because you ran through the portal, where you already beat the level, but the 
    death doesn't matter. 
    It's impossible to receive a time in Retroracer with an odd digit in the 
    hundreths place in the PAL (European) version of the game.
    Sometimes, the time that appears in the upper-left corner of the screen will 
    be rounded on the results screen, but only in the PS2 version.
    In Arcade League and maybe challenges in the PS2 versions, it isn't set-in-
    stone where the bots generate. They can randomly generate in any spawn point. 
    This can make the stages easier in some situations.
    For some reason, the Anaconda playing space is smaller in the PS2 version, 
    making high scores harder. I'm not sure if this is a glitch, but if it were 
    on purpose, I can't see the reason. I'm sure the PS2 can handle a bigger 
    black rectangle.
    PAL version users can't throw grenades, bricks, and mines as far as NTSC 
    players. Once again, I'm not sure if they intentionally lengthened it for the 
    NTSC version, but it may just be something that didn't transfer quite right in
    making the NTSC version.
    289. BILLION-MILE RUNNER- submitted by unReleased
    If you fall into the abyss by pressing start between when you die and respawn,
    blah blah blah, your Distance Travelled and Average Speed statistics will 
    shoot through the roof my average speed is well in the billions of billions. 
    290. DROP MULTIPLE COINS IN THIEF- submitted by Silent Thunder
    When you kill yourself with a rocket launcher, you'll normally leave behind a 
    single coin. However, if you commit suicide with the rocket launcher while 
    falling off a ledge, you can drop more coins. Go here for more details:
    291. INACCURATE TO PERFECTION- submitted by The Devil of Nothing
    When you are wielding any weapon (except shotguns and maybe others), holding 
    the aiming button (by default, L) will make every bullet fired land wherever 
    the crosshair is pointing for as long as it's held down. This trick works 
    with even the most inaccurate non-shotgun firearms, including automatics like 
    the Soviet S47. This trick can be useful for quickly dispatching medium-long 
    range enemies without wasting sniper bullets better spent on other things, or 
    quickly delivering several bullets to your friend's noggin.
    submitted by The Devil of Nothing
    If you repeatedly punch any enemy in the right spot, he will be unable to 
    fight back because of the animations played when hitting them in those spots. 
    This even works for bosses. However, don't try this against any multiplayer 
    adversary, bot or otherwise, as they just don't work in a way that would let 
    you corner them.
    293. SNIPERS CAN'T TURN AROUND- submitted by Raining Metal
    I found a funny little trick:
    In Chicago, Normal or Higher, let the Louie sniper live while escorting Marco.
    Go up to the window he's at and he can't turn around to shoot at Jake!
    In fact, no sniper bothers to turn around! Try sneaking behind their backs!
    294. MORE FLOORS IN MAPMAKER- submitted by admiralhowdy
    You can push tiles up past the 7th floor like you can in Future Perfect: put 
    a Story AI in a tile on the 7th floor, then put a tile on floor 1. Mark both 
    tiles, grab the one on the first floor, then move it up to 7. The tile that 
    was on 7 is now on the 13th floor. Go to the Story AI menu and click the AI 
    icon, and the map view will go to the floor where the AI is. Unlike in TS:FP, 
    tiles will connect on these "limbo" floors, and you can place items without 
    any trouble too. However, you can't overlap the tiles like in FP. But you 
    don't have to be limited to 7-floor high buildings, you can make them taller 
    if you want to. 
    295. PUNCH AND RUN- submitted by Infested-jerk (InfestedjerkICD)
    An interesting little glitch is that punching does not affect your running 
    speed -at all-.
    296. CONTINUOUS ESTABLISHMENT- submitted by nissan skyline
    The sign on Big Tony's restaurant reads "Established since 1922."
    That means the restaurant was never finished (Either "in" or just 
    "Established 1922" is used).
    297. A WRINKLE IN TIME- submitted by nissan skyline
    the Notre Dame mission shouldn't even contain the Luger pistol as a weapon - 
    Georg Luger, who designed it, didn't have it patented until 1898, and the 
    Notre Dame mission takes place in 1895.
    298. STATIC OF A NONEXISTENT COMPUTER- submitted by ShadowMario3
    In the Robot Factory on easy mode, go to the place where the computer 
    terminal is supposed to be in normal and hard (right before the checkpoint). 
    It still makes the static noise that the other computer terminals make even 
    though it's not there. 
    299. SLOW TURNING WITHOUT CROUCHING- submitted by Dubble_G
    No idea how this happened, but here was the setup.  3-player arcade
    match with max bots at circus.  I was monkey.  Off and on throughout the
    match my turn speed would be cut in half, as well as my run speed.
    Crouching was also impossible to do.  Don't know if it had something do
    with so many people playing at once, or what.
    300. HEATSEEKING MISSILE WON'T BLOW UP- submitted by Dubble_G
    I've noticed in frantic matches (and in usually open places like Ice
    Station) that sometimes when a two people shoot a homing missile at one
    bot, and one missile destroys the bot before the other, the confused
    missile starts flying in circles and circles.  Sometimes blowing up
    shortly after, sometimes not.
    301. SUICIDAL BOTS- submitted by Dubble_G
    In deathmatches in the Chasm level, I often notice bots jumping off
    the edge for whatever reason regardless of the -1 score factor.
    302. AUTOMATICS ARE NOT SO AUTOMATIC FOR BOTS- submitted by Dubble_G
    Tommy Gun and Miniguns, and maybe even Soviets are
    handicapped for bots. When bots wield any of these weapons, none of them 
    shoot as fast as normal for a human player. Instead, they shoot one bullet at 
    a time, at a fairly quick speed.  I think this was done maybe purposely so 
    bots aren't too strong.
    303. OUTSIDE OF LEVEL BOUNDARIES IN CHASM- submitted by Justin Cox
    This works better if you start from the non-crumbling side (or I guess the 
    new side). You start crossing the highest bridge there is over to the other 
    side and walk off to the right. You have to be pretty close to the other 
    side. This also probably works better on chilled since its pretty easy to 
    over-shoot. If you keep holding forward and don't walk off too far to the 
    right you should land in what is basically in and out of the level boundaries 
    at the same time. You won't be able to see anybody, except the flame of the 
    scourge splitter and gunshots. It will be mostly black unless you look toward 
    the other base where you can see everyone who's over there. If you get far 
    enough to the right you won't be in the map at all and will be able to either 
    go to the other side or walk really far away. If you can get to where you'd 
    go to cross a bridge you can reenter the level on a bridge or walk through 
    the canyon walls and fall in the chasm. After you've done it once it becomes 
    really easy. The first time I did it was a pure accident.
    I was playing a custom arcade match by myself in the Ufopia level. I
    chased Robofish into the level with small green tinted windows on the
    left side. He would've been dead in a second from a shot with a 12-gauge
    but he jumped THROUGH the small unbroken window, and down into the
    part of the level below. It was very odd to see I tell you, and I'm sure
    it's impossible to do normally.  
    305. INVULNERABILITY SPOT IN AZTEC- submitted by SinisterSandman
    You know the log bridge (not the bridge bridge, the log that IS a bridge) in 
    Aztec? If you stand on that and drop off the side, you can stand there for as 
    long as you like without getting hit. At least, I've never been hit, unless I 
    move. It's harder to hit people who are trying to shoot you too though.
    I know it worked for sure on the Arcade Mode - 'Babes in the Wood' (with all 
    the Jo-Beths) It's ineffective unless you're on Shrink mode. And it probably 
    depends on what place you're in and what size character you use. I chose 
    Frantic Mode, with Robofish (because he sets a lot of glitches, I think) and 
    did it. 
    I was in ninth, the guys are pointing Shotguns and Pistols and Homing 
    Launchers at me and they aren't connecting. I've left it running while I 
    type this.
    I have been barged about a little, but haven't recieved any damage as yet. 
    Even from the opposing Robofish... the smallest character in the bot set I'm 
    against. It's been running about 10 minutes already, with me not taking 
    100 points to win... obviously I'm going to lose... I'm sitting at this 
    computer typing as they fight...
    Dead. Took them ages to hit me though. Between 10 and 15 mins, not timing 
    306. ROBO-ZOMBIE-submitted by Stuart
    I was playing an endless deathmatch on the compound with all bot spaces used 
    by Gretels. I got to first (with the SBP90), and when I shot an unarmed Gretel
    she swiped just like a zombie would! She then stood in a zombie stance for a 
    second before continuing to run for a gun! Weird. I've now tried this same 
    thing with other characters, and it no longer appears to be happening. It 
    might only be for Gretel. The fact that robots are the opposite of zombies 
    just proves how weird her act was.
    307. GLITCHY SKY-submitted by Stuart
    I was doing Planet X on Normal. At the elevator bit (before you enter the UFO 
    base), I was getting stung by those annoying bees. I ran to the elevator as 
    it was going down, and that resulted in a sky glitch. I haven't seen this on 
    any other sites. Maybe it's new?
    308. HOMERUN KINGS-submitted by Stuart
    Bots' Homing Launchers are always locked on, even the second they turn 
    309. SCOURGE-B-GONE-submitted by Stuart
    I was doing the Atomsmasher on Easy. I had killed Khallos before Defusing the 
    Last Bomb. After the Last Bomb was Defused, I pulled all the Switches as I 
    got ripped apart from the Scourage splitters. The Time portal Opened but I 
    decided to go back to the Fire Door and go up the VERY slow elevator to the 
    Catwalk (Where one of the Snipers are. Soviet Grenade and Bullet Ammo) I had 
    noticed that the Splitters were not appearing (or Spawning as it May be). 
    I've left My PS2 on for 20 Minutes and they still aren't appearing. This may 
    be Related to me Killing Khallos before Defusing the Last Bomb.
    310. BOT DEATH SOUND GETS STUCK-submitted by Jeff Keys
    It happens frequently is Chasm. I had it set to 1 hit kills, punches only, 
    with the recommended bot set. I died, in about 8th place, and when it got to 
    the last 2 people, one of them made his weird gasp sound and it repeated 
    itself (Kind of like the Lasergun and Minigun stuck sounds, but it was the 
    bot's final sound. It stopped if you paused, but then came back. No one can 
    win after that.
    311. FLYING MONKEY-submitted by Jeff Keys
    It happened during a Regeneration match at Mexican Mission. It was the 
    Recommended bots, with all on Red except Jared Slim, who was on Blue. After 
    my teammates killed Jared, Monkey just started running in circles above the 
    small, lightened place in the middle of the level (with the four explosive 
    jars). I was coming to get the armor and cloak from the ledge when Monkey 
    just started running in circles above the ground. Eventually he ran back to 
    the bell and stole my armor.
    Section 2: 
    Points of Interest
    <Not glitches or programming errors, but interesting bits of information.>
    Robots and stone characters cannot be caught on fire (with character 
    ablities off).- submitted by reggiefive0
    In multiplayer, zombies can get their heads blown off and still play, and 
    you can't do headshots again until they die. Also, when you lose your head 
    on stairs, your head bounces down the stairs.- submitted by reggiefive0
    Sentry Bot is the only character in the game that is immune to headshots. 
    - submitted by reggiefive0
    In Lt. Bush's profile, it says, "Lt. Bush used to get into trouble with her 
    superiors because of her unruly hair. Now she follows their advice and keeps 
    it neatly trimmed." It's not talking about head hair.
    "Hit Me Baby One Morgue Time" is a play on the Britney Spears song, "Hit Me 
    Baby, One More Time."
    "Men in Gray" is a play on the movie, "Men in Black."
    Here is the briefing for the Killer Queen mission:
    Briefing: "the monkey wasn't too happy but the lion said he was glad he ate 
    her!" Ha ha ha! The Jungle Queen is sick and tired of what passes for humor 
    round these parts. Crack some heads and wipe those silly smiles off their 
    "Glad he ate her" sounds very similar to Gladiator, the type of match being 
    "Aztec the Dino Hunter" is a play on "Turok," a dinosaur hunter from another 
    shooting game.
    "Half Death" is a play on the videogame "Half Life." Both the TS2 mission and 
    that game involve scientists.
    "Dead Fraction" is a play on the videogame "Red Faction."
    The Sniper Rifle and Vintage Rifle use the same bullets. If you have both 
    weapons, picking up ammo for one gives you ammo for both.
    In Arcade League, you can play in a multiplayer version of the Siberia story 
    map. You can't, however, play the map in Arcade Custom, probably because it's 
    so small.
    Bots cannot use the Laser Gun's or Tactical 12-Gauge's alternate fires.
    AC-10 Award is a reference to Dungeons and Dragons, where AC-10 is the best 
    armor class.
    Many of the weapons used to look different in TS2. You can see the 
    old versions by going to this site:
    Killed by my own weapon (Infested-jerk (InfestedICD)):
    Put one hit kills on, have the brick as your only weapon. Fire the brick 
    straight for a wall, and it might bounce back and hit you, killing you in the 
    process. This can also work with the sci-fi.
    Zombies can use the elevators in Siberia, mostly to get on top of the dam. 
    (Infested-jerk (InfestedICD))
    When you put down a door in the Industrial tileset, the wall on either side 
    of the door is brown. All the other walls in the Industrial tileset are blue. 
    This suggests that the Industrial tileset may have been originally brown, and 
    when they switched it to blue, they didn't change the door.
    Melons can be quite resilient. (Infested-jerk (InfestedICD))
    Punch a fuel barrel in Training Ground and it will explode. (Infested-jerk 
    If you shoot a controllable turrent in the black box, you can still control 
    and fire it, although the view will be incredibly hard to see through. 
    (Infested-jerk (InfestedICD))
    In the Streets arcade level, you can actually shoot the plane that flies 
    overhead. You can't kill it though, as I have shot 3 rockets at it, and it 
    keeps flying. (chaz)
    Some bots, like Badass Cyborg, have stronger punches. The ones that do all 
    seem to have claws and swipe them as a replacement for the standard punch.
    (The Devil of Nothing)
    Punches, while no doubt the worst weapon in the game (the brick has RANGE at 
    least), may be used to silently take out an enemy (especially from behind). 
    Section 3: Hall of Fame
    The Random One
    21 Glitches
    20 Glitches
    Infested-jerk (InfestedICD)
    18 Glitches
    14 Glitches
    9 Glitches
    Special thanks to all who have submitted glitches.
    Thanks to someone who doesn't want his name in the FAQ, for submitting section
    Thanks to jxflipside and his site, TimeSplitters Resource:

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