Review by nightshade85

Reviewed: 06/29/06

All-Time greatest FPS

If you've ever played Goldeneye or Perfect dark for the N64 you would do good for yourself to try this game. It is made from the same developers and has been improved alot from the original Time Splitters. I actually prefer this game to TS 3. Although I haven't played TS3 enough to really justify that. Anyway.

Without giving away too much, in story mode you play as Sgt. Cortez, a space marine, that travels to different periods of space and time to retrieve the Time Crystals that were stolen by the Time Splitters, a violent alien race. There is also two-player co-op, which makes the game really shine.This game will take you from 1920's prohibtion Chicago to a 1960's Bond type mission to strange alien worlds like Planet X. Every level has its own atmosphere and mood. Very well done and addictive. Every level also gives you objectives besides retrieve the Time Crystals such as stop a bomb from detonating or burning file cabinets. The story isn't neccessarily deep, and has little character development but it is played becuase of the high fun factor. Every level has a cut scene to explain a little bit about the level and whats going on. Also every level offers differnt lead characters that are representations of Cortez and Hart. Such as Captain Ash in the Aztec Ruins and Gretel MKII in the Robot Factory. Each has a male and female counterpart. Each stage offers its own story line besides retreive the Time Crystals. Like stop the rogue hackers or escape the space station alive. Most stages offer a rival or boss that you usually confront at the end. Once the time portal opens the Time Splitters arrive to make a last ditch effort to stop you.

The controls can take some time to adjust to at first. They are all customizable and you can set your own preferences. Like inverted or toggle crosshairs. If you've ever played Goldeneye or Perfect Dark it is very similar. There is no jumping or special moves though. You can crouch and strafe, thats about it, somewhat simple. There are also many different game modes and unlockables. Some unlockables can get frustrating but are rewarding. Characters are varied and colorful, alot of choices. Each with their own stats and some with abilities, like fireproof or fire resistence. Weapons range from old style western revolvers to Plasma autorifles and homing rocker launchers. This game can be very difficult at times especially on hard mode. Some stages bring new meaning to the word difficult. On normal, it isn't too bad. It takes much practice and determination to win on hard. Aside from story mode there is an arcade league and challenge mode. Each has most of the games unlockables. They give you certain challenges and depending on how well you do yuo can get a gold, silver, bronze, or platinum. Platinum is only awarded to outstanding performance. Getting gold assures you of getting the unlockables of that challenge however.

I covered this in gameplay, they are customizable and after a while very smooth. No jumping or special moves though. The arcade bots have special moves, such as rolling, back-flipping, or side-stepping. But you as the player have none. Remeber, every thing on this game control-wise can be personnalized. From inverted movement to the reloading button.

Very colorful and well shaded. Cartoony in a good way. The special effects of some of the guns are amazing to look at. The game really shines when combat gets chaotic and all you see are purle and blue balls of light flying every where. All the characters are appealing. The way they move is well designed. The characters range from gangsters to robots to zombies. And everything you can think of inbetween. There are ALOT of characters and all of them look beautiful. The death animations are entertaining also are the hand to hand combat sequences.

Every stage has its own music that fits it pretty much perfectly. Some are very dramatic and others make you frantic. In arcade mode you can select which type of music you want, it even has music from the first TS. Most of the tracks are techno, but are very fitting. The sound effects are great. The firing and reloading sound real. They even took the siren sound effect from Goldeneye and put it in this game. Some characters also have voice clips when they die or are shot. Also in flame tag they say some humorous things. The snowman yells, "I'm melting!" when caught on fire. Some humans will scream, "It burns!" There is only voice acting in the cut scenes before stages or at certain parts in story mode.

This is a must have for any PS2 or gamecube collection. Especially if you are a FPS fan and enjoy some difficulty. I would say buy this definitely. This is the kind of game that is fun whenever. It doesn't get old, even after hours upon hour of playing. The replay value is infinite since arcade mode has tons of variety and characters. Timeless characters, well-made levels and gameplay make this an all-time classic. It produces many memorable moments.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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