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"Just about everything about this game screams AWESOME!"

Now this is a game. A good game. Me and my friend decided to play it again a couple of days ago, so I got my copy out, and started playing. It was amazing. I forgot how good this game is. It was so hard as well, we kept being killed all the time, but it sure was fun. Why is TS2 so good though? Well, the original was pretty good, only being a launch title, it was made by about 20 people, and it was really good. The multiplayer was anyways. Timesplitters has made a return (in the form of 2 sequels) but TS2 has the best multiplayer out of the three. Trust me on that. Plus it has the chinese level from TS1, that was an awesome level.

For those of you who aren't familiar with TS, it was a PS2 game, where you had a couple of levels, which could be completed in about a minute. Your objective was to complete each level, on all difficulty modes, and as fast as possible to unlock more things for arcade mode. You also got challenges, where you had to, well, do a challenge to unlock MORE stuff. These were pretty good. But the best bit is the arcade mode. Select a level, point limit, game mode, characters, weapons, bots, all that crap, then go mad. It was fun. TS2 has just about all of this. But with some more stuff in it.

For starters, the story missions are slightly better, with more of a story line then the first. It isn't like TimeSplitters 3, with a proper story line, but there is a little background to it. You must travel through time, chasing after the Timesplitters, and collecting some crystals. It's pretty simple, but the story missions add a little bit more to the game. Being made by some people that worked on the legendary Goldeneye, it's slightly similar. On Goldeneye, to complete the game, you had to do the impossible task of finishing EVERY level on HARD mode, to unlock the actual last level. And trust me, that isn't easy. Well, in TS2, to get the most out of arcade mode, you might as well, complete the story missions, on every difficulty. Adding to this, you get more objectives to complete the harder the difficulty, you take more damage, and it is generally harder! Still, story mode is pretty good, and you might as well complete it at least once on easy if your lazy.

Challenge mode makes a return though! Harder then ever, even more crazy challenges await you. Its pretty simple, you have a challenge set, you complete the first one, and move onto the next challenge of that set. Then you must try and complete every challenge. It might sound simple, and may be easy at first, but its hard. Mainly because of the trophy system. Unlike TS1, you don't just have 1 target, do it, then challenge done. Instead, for example, say you had to kill 20 ducks in 1 minute. You would get a bronze trophy for that. 25 silver, 30 gold, and 35 platinum. The platinum are the hardest ones, and the game doesn't even tell you what you need to get for them. Luckily, you don't unlock anything new getting a platinum, so if you want to unlock everything, get a gold on all of the challenges, thats all you have to do. Some are easy, but obviously, they gradually get a lot harder, to the point where its so hard, you can't even get a bronze. It takes practice to do this game though.

Then we get onto the arcade mode. But there is something new with it. The arcade league, is a bit like the challenges. You must do a certain thing, in a certain time limit, to get a trophy, and unlock things. BUT, they are all arcade game modes. Deathmatch, team deathmatch, virus, assault, monkey assistant, literally all of them. This makes some hard, some easy, but its fun. This adds even more to the game, and of course, even more unlockable stuff for your game.

Then we get to arcade mode itself. You should be playing it with a friend, or friends. You can either play this on the PS2 with 2 people, or get a multi tap for more people. OR you can get the Gamecube or Xbox version, and play with 4 people. I have the PS2 version, because I don't have an Xbox, and I didn't see the gamecube. I was used to the PS2 controls anyways. So you choose Frantic (trust me, its better) which im guessing is the difficulty. Then, you choose your game mode. This game has it all. Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Bag (just a flag rip off, but still good) Bag Tag, Gladiator, Monkey Assistant, Virus, and some others. Some are crap, but most are good. Monkey Assistant is a classic though. Basically, every so often, whoever is last, will get some monkeys to help them. If your first, the monkeys are after you. And they are killing machines. Fight back if you can, but you won't be killing many monkeys trust me on that. Virus is good as well. Basically, a person starts with the virus, they are on fire (green or blue flames, I can't remember properly) and once they touch someone, they have the virus too. If you don't have it, your objective is to not get, just running around really small levels (all the levels you can choose for this arcade mode are small, its very tense) and trying to not get the virus. It's really fun and makes some nasty arcade league challenges. There are many more game modes too, but the game gives a good explanation about them.

So what can we do before we start an arcade game? Well, you will most probably play deathmatch first, so lets see. Point target, 50. Points are if you kill, you get 1 point, if you die, you lose 1 point. Set the obvious settings, then we get to the good part. You can choose a custom weapon set for the map. I make the ElectroTool my default weapon, you always start with this weapon, and its a killing machine. Then the other weapons I chose can be found lying around the level. Then we can set the bot set, this is basically every character you have unlocked, that can be a bot. You can set if they are playing, their skill, and their team if your playing a team game. There are some ones already set for you, like the undead one, thats a fave because all the skill levels are set really high. Now, we go onto the level select (this might be before though), there are different levels available for different game modes. Then we choose the character. The only difference is that they have three skills. But these don't really matter. So then, im playing with a friend, Streets level, loads of bots, deathmatch, and the game begins. You will have to be constantly moving, because when you spawn, you will most probably be shot, and killed straight away. This may seem crap to other people, so just set the difficulty down. But I like it high for this game.

You can get bored of this game after playing it for hours on end. A bit like Super Smash Bros Melee. But its really good fun, and great if you get some mates around, so if you have the PS2 version, get some more controllers and a multi tap. The story is a bit crappy, the challenges good, arcade mode is good, so really, just about everything is good. Almost as good as SSBM, but thats just the ultimate multiplayer game on Gamecube. So lets just say this is the most ultimate multiplayer game on PS2. Because quite frankly, it more or less is.

But can you stand the graphics? Well, they are just your classic 3D levels, 3D everything. They are better then Timesplitters, and very detailed in the cut-scenes. They are pretty nice then, so they won't bother you. So thats another good point. What about the music though? Is that any good? It's good. The music is nice, and usually suits the level. On the streets level, you get good music for that, and on the chinese level, you get chinese style music. And the sound effects are good too. You will mostly be hearing people/monsters/weird things moaning, or screaming because they have just been killed. And a lot of gun fire. A lot of that too. But you can still hear the music, so its not that bad.

So overall, TS2 is one hell of a game. There isn't any online play for it (TS3 has that) but I don't have broadband anyways so im not bothered. With a OK story mode, good challenge mode, and a completely awesome arcade mode, this is one essential purchase for your PS2/Gamecube/Xbox or whatever you have. This is one game not to miss out on. Get all your mates around, buy some random crap so loads of you can play, and well, play. You won't regret it. Unless your FPS hater. If so, stay away.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/03/06

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