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"FPS Nirvana With Tons of Humor, Action and Style."

I'd always heard about this series but never purchased a TS until last Christmas. I tried to buy TS1 for only £1.50 but to my surprise I was given TS2 instead and man was I happy. I popped it into my PS2 all excited and this is what I thought.

Story ??/10
The story is extremely limited. It's something about a man named Cortez out to collect items called Time Crystals. I skipped the cut scenes so I can't elaborate any further. Sorry. But TS isn't about story. It's all about all out multi-player action.

Gameplay 10/10
This is the core, the heart and soul of TS2 and this beauty is worth falling in love with. Yes your heart will be stolen because this is FPS heavens heaven. Basically you battle against a vast array of unique and crazy bots (Handyman is the best) in arenas. There are a multitude of multi-player modes (about 12). Deathmatch, the common battle for the most kills battle set up. It's fast, furious and brilliant; Elimination, everyone has a set number of lives and you need to make the last. The last man standing is the winner; Virus, one character is on fire and every bot in the arena has to avoid said on fire bot. If you're touched you're also on fire. The point is to avoid the other bots on fire until the time limit it up to be declared the winner; Capture the Bag, two bases, two teams, two bags, you have to capture the opponents bag and return it to your base. Those are just a few of the fantastic modes on offer. Apart from the fantastic multi-player mode there is still a lot TS2 has to offer. There's a whole story mode where more mission objectives are added depending on the difficulty. Each level is varied and you'll never get bored because there is so much variety on offer in story mode. Then there is the challenge mode and Arcade League modes will test your FPS skills to the max while unlocking a fortune of goodies and secrets in the process. TS2 has so much to offer and does everything as well with style. Plus as an extra there is the Map Maker. Come to this place if you want to make your own multi-player maps, but be warned it can get a little bit scary but the after math is rewarding.

Visuals 7/10
Free Radical obviously opted for gameplay over visuals and rightly so. Now while TS2s visuals aren't as good as many PS2 titles, they certainly aren't the worst. Each environment is distinct (especially in story mode) and they are quite pretty to look at. Siberia (story modes first level) dons the Russian secret base kinda look set in the arctic or something. Chicago, the second level has a gangster setting where enemies have tommy guns and all wear stylish suits. The third level is set in Notre Dame etc... Each level follow suit and is completely different from the last and I love the way Free Radical did that. The character models don't fair as well as the locations, but they still look pretty good (Did I mention that there are about 150 characters over all?) TS2 looks nice but plays better. What more could a gamer ask for?

Audio 8/10
Expect each area to have its own style of music. Amazon jungle will have jungle like music such as drums and flutes. Wild west supports that trumpet style theme. The music is up beat and allows the pace of the game to run more fluidly than rigidly which is a nice considering. My favorite theme was that of Notre Dames, it supported a choir of sorts and dramatic instruments which were simply amazing. Characters in this game make noises when they die, but they're so similar in execution but it doesn't take anything away from the game that they do this.

Controls 9/10
It's all about finding your perfect control setting. TS2 gives the gamer free control over his/her controls and once they're found you'll have no problem racking up those kills.

Replay Value 10/10
There's unlimited replay value here. TS2 has so much on offer you won't know where to start. Like I said above there's Story, Arcade league with three divisions, Challenge mode with loads of missions, Map Maker (self explanatory) and of course Multi-player with over 12 modes of play. Challenge, Story and Arcade League allow you to unlock characters, arenas, weapons, further missions, cheats and secrets. TS2 is a pirate gamers dream. Your local game store will probably have a big red X on this one so go and dig up this golden treasure, you won't regret it.

TS2 is a tremendous game that provides gamers with everything a game deserves to have, but very few actually do have. The thing is that TS2 does everything extremely well. TS2 is that special underrated title that everyone should play. A truly wonderful masterpiece and a gaming experience to remember.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/04/08

Game Release: TimeSplitters 2 (EU, 10/18/02)

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