Review by Ezekial Rage

"You come for the game, you stay for the nostalgia."

First off, I'd like to say this is easily one of the best games I've ever played, and I've played a LOT of them. This is up there with Halo, if not surpassing it. I wasn't a big fan of the whole first person shooting genre, until I played the first Timesplitters and Red Faction.. but this game blows both of those out of the water.

Whoa. That's the best word I can think of. Everyone, though a few of them look a little odd, move fluently, and the game RARELY, IF AT ALL slows down. The weapons and environments look awesome, and you can see the pain in the enemy eyes when you put that plasma grenade onto their chest, ensuring a kill. You can see their fear when they have a little silenced pistol, and you're running at them with a rocket launcher. The graphics in the first were good, these are great. It's still no Metal Gear Solid, but it sure gets the job done.

It's what you've come to expect, using the left+right joystick at the same time.Using the left to move/strafe, using the right to pitch/tun, the usual. The configuration is the same as the first, which was easy to use and just plain awesome.. and if somehow you can't get used to these controls.. CUSTOMIZE!! When you can have the controls ANYWAY YOU WANT, how can you not like them?

God.. it's fast paced projectile firing madness, and yes.. it gets better. The one player mode has been totally redone since the first, bringing a LOAD of nostalgia back from the days of Goldeneye. The environments, the levels, the objective based system, the enemies.. all of them go hand in hand, all of them are EXCELLENT. The missions go with something of a storyline, far better than the first.. but Still no Red Faction in that department. This really brings back memories of Golden eye though, in the first level.. It's as if they WANT YOU TO KNOW THAT. The music is taken directly out of the old Nintendo 64 game, and put in here to take you down that last stroll on memory lane.

NEVER have I seen a game with multiplayer this great. You can have up to 16 friends playing at once! Of course you need 4 PS2s, 4 TVs, and 4 TS 2 discs.. but..that would be awesome. With just one system, you can slap down a multitap and get a 4 way deathmatch going, or throw in a load of bots as your enemies. Now the thing that makes this multiplayer so excellent, is the fact that it's not just a shoot and dodge game. You can have mini games, like capture the bag (I guess Eidos likes to be original with their names) Leech, Theif and many, MANY others. The fun only ends when the last person finally gets carpal tunnel syndrome, or you all fall asleep.

There is a LOT to unlock. An excellent system of challenges, which are a bunch of fun.. and the addition of the arcade league, which pits you in certain situations and wants you to survive make this great for anyone.. whenther they have friends or not. (Yes, I'm talking to the old kid who hangs out in electronics botique and says they have the latest system, the Playtendo64Advance..BTW, that's sarcasm.)

You should get ready to leave and go get this game. Every second you waste when you don't have that game is exactly that, a WASTE. Go get the game, go get it now. DON'T READ ANYMORE! GO GET IT NOW!

And kick some ass.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/11/02, Updated 10/11/02

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