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"TimeSplitters 2 is a worthy sequel to..."

TimeSplitter 2 is a worthy sequel to GoldenEye. The single-player levels have a very similar feel to the great Nintendo64 Bond game as well as Rare's other popular First Person Shooter, Perfect Dark

GRAPHICS: The characters are not realistic but, instead, very unique and stylized and well-done though they could have been a bit more detailed. The Levels and weapons also look good. But one of the most impressive little effects in the game is the way fire creates a very realistic wavey, blurring around the immediate area.

SOUND: The sound is good. Nothing wrong with it at all. The guns sound fine, explosions sound like explosions should, the characters make your normal ''Ooo's'', ''Aaa's'', and grunts when hit them and they yell when they are killed or a on fire. The music fits the game's levels very well. The Siberia level has to be my favorite.

GAMEPLAY: With 125 (I think) characters, a great selections of gameplay modes, and many levels and secrets to unlock, you'll be playing this game for quite a while. One interesting thing that caught me pleasantly by surprise was that you will sometimes see torches hanging on walls and if you happen to have the crossbow, you my actually touch the torch and your crossbow will shoot flaming arrows! Now that's cool!

The single-player levels are well designed as are the multi-player levels. Unlike the first TimeSplitters game where Easy meant hard, Normal meant very hard, and Hard meant near impossible; this game's difficulty levels are exactly what they say- Easy is easy Normal is normal and Hard is hard.

MAPMAKER: The MapMaker also adds a lot of replay value to the game. You can make multi-player or SINGLE-player levels with this thing. You have several tile themes to chose from and 30 tile pieces to use. For single-player levels you place your start point, pick what enemies you want, what weapon they will use, and if they should patrol or just stand around. To make it better, you can put in objectives, auto guns and gun turrets!

FINAL THOUGHTS: If you liked the first TimeSplitters, you will LOVE this game with. Even if you didn't like the original, I think you should at last rent this game. I am fairly impressed by TS2 but it could have been even better had they kept in some of the cool features the original had like the character select animations.


Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/14/02, Updated 10/14/02

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