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"TimeSplitters 2 lives up to the hype!"

Simply put TimeSplitters 2 has lived up to all of the hype recieved by numerous sites across the web, and to date I belive that this is the best console fps to date.

Very good for the ps2. The game plays extremely fast; so much so that I have trouble with the frantic speed mode. The characters are colorful, full of life and immediately lovable, also the levels have the right atmosphere and colors.

I absolutely love the in game music; plus you have the option to change it for whatever level you wish to play in which is an option I think is very important and that should be the standard in all games because it helps spice up a map after you have started to get bored of it. Also there is a lot of extra music and mixes so it will take a while to get bored of all the music as well.

The most important of areas for any game! TS2 plays very well in my opinion except for one small thorn in my side. The options are plentyful, the controls are good(could be better), and everything seems to work together nicely. However the game is very challenging or should I say HARD! On easy the story mode is ridiculous; hardly any objectives or enemies. On normal it seems like a completely different game because it gets challenging real quick where small mistakes add up in a hurry towards your demise. I haven't played it on hard, but the normal setting is hard enough for me already thanks. What is good is that the game is not hard in a stupid way; like enemies that never miss or a ridiculous shortage of artilary. Some will look at the difficulty as a setback and others will love it. I personally like the fact that the game is not a walk in the park even though I get annoyed and throw my controller against the wall now and then. Frankly I am sick of games that boast hours of gameplay yet offer no challenge. Except for this tiny area and the quirkyness of the storymode the game is definitely well made. The story mode doesn't flow together very well and jumps from mission to mission without a hint of what brought you there or why you chose that time at that particular moment, but the fmv's are good and missions are laid out well. I recommend the game especially if you plan to play it with others - it's a blast!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/14/02, Updated 10/14/02

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