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Reviewed: 10/15/02 | Updated: 10/15/02

It' ok..........Save your money for Red Faction 2

When I played the first Time Splitters forever ago I thought the single player mode was very boring. Multi-player was really cool. So when TS2 came out I was like this should be great. I was wrong. This game's strong point is still multi-player. At least the single player game has a story line now. ( all be it not a very good one.) So saying this let's start the review!

Story: 6/10

The story starts off in the future as two soliders go through different times and places in history to find time crystals that were stolen. When you get to the place in time you assume and trasform into a person from that time. It's like a bad episode of quatuam leap. Just not very fun to me.

Game play: 7/10

The gameplay is pretty good. It's very similar to golden eye for n64. Controls are a little bit crazy at first. You can change them to fit your liking though. (Thank God) The missions in this game is another sore spot for me. IT IS VERY ROUGH!!!!! There are no save points and you have to reach certain check points to continue from if you get killed.(Which you will, over and over again!) Also I felt like I was playing the first resident evil with all the shortage of ammo. The only reason this part gets a 7 is for multi-player. There are so many types of multi-player modes, and weapons and types of characters to choose from. It is by far the best part of the game. Hands down.

Graphics: 6/10

This area of the game is where it falls short again. Unless you like cartoon like characters with guns running around shooting each other then you really won't like the graphics at all. I am a fan of serious gaming when it comes to good FPS. IE Red Faction and Hitman2 ( usually I play in first person mode) I just really cant't get into a game where I can get killed by a monkey with a minigun. It's just plain dumb.

Sound: 7/10

All the normal sounds are here and done fairly well. I do like you can pick the music you like for multi-player levels. But all in all everything here is just plain fair. Not anything to make me say wow.

Bad points:
1. Story line in single player mode stinks!
2. Cartoon like graphics.

Final thoughts:
When it comes down to it, TS2 just doesn't live up to the hype. I was really looking forward to getting this game thinking that the single player mode would be good. Insted It turns out to be a flat out sleeper. BORING. This is worth a rental just for the multi-player mode to have friends over. But if you want a single player experience then wait a couple more days and get Red Faction 2.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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