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"Best shooter on the PS2?"

The answer is yes. TimeSplitters 2 is the sequel to TimeSplitters, a PS2 launch title. While the first TimeSplitters was a great game it was lacking in the storyline department. However TimeSplitters 2 vastly improves on the first TimeSplitters. Here's how...

Graphics - 9.5/10

The graphics are the best I've seen yet on the PS2. On some levels snow and rain fall very realistically. When you shoot the guns it makes a little trail after it, which makes it look pretty cool. The characters, while cartoony, are modeled VERY well. You can see their emotions, like if they're scared or not. All in all the graphics are awesome. Another HUGE plus is that the game always runs at 60 FPS (frames per second), which means no slowdown in the game at all.

Audio - 10/10

Awesome. The guns sound realistic and your person grunts when he/she is hit. The cutscenes are nice with good voiceacting and sound effects. The music is amazing, especially the first level.

Storyline - 8/10

The story isn't the BEST in the world but it's pretty cool. You can pick what level you want to go to after defeating its preceding level. The story is pretty good for a shooter...

Replay Value - 10/10

The best part in the game. You'll never tire of all the things in this game. There's the actual story mode where you can play and unlock stuff on 3 separate difficulty levels, the challenge mode (21 challenges in all), and then arcade mode. Arcade mode is divided into two parts, arcade league and arcade custom. Arcade custom is basically a deathmatch game or 1 of the other 15 types of game. Arcade league is another place where you unlock stuff. It also has 3 difficulties. And to top all that replay value is the MapMaker, where you can create multiplayer AND single player scenario maps. You can choose spawn points, where the guns go, doors, everything. And you can create triggers like killing person A will open door B. So basically there's so much to unlock and do in this game (16 modes of play, somewhere around 25-30 guns, 126 characters with their own abilties), that it'll take you years to tire of. Or at least it'll take ME years to tire of.

Gameplay - 10/10

Where to start?? Okay there's like 25-30 different guns, ranging from crossbows to flamethrowers to futuristic handguns and plasma autorifles. Some have secondary fires too. There's 10 levels in the actual story, with 3 separate diffilculty levels each. (Easy, medium and hard) There's 126 characters, each with their own abilities (Stamina, agility and accuracy), and powerups like invisibility and speed. There's also 16 different modes of play, from deathmatch to capure the bag to zones (where you control different areas to score points) When you're actually playing you are totally engrossed in your mission, whatever it might be. (At least I am!!!) The music and graphics also really add to the gameplay, as do the multiple objectives.

Unlockables/Extras - 10/10

So much stuff to unlock it'll take a long time!!! 126 different characters, 16 gameplay modes, and 25-30 different guns will keep you trying to unlock stuff for a long time.

Rent ot Buy??

I'd say buy, but only because I'm a fan of first person shooters. If you are too, then buy, but if you're not then rent it first. (Who knows you may hate shooting games??)

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 10/16/02, Updated 10/16/02

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