Review by Katana Mantis

Reviewed: 10/18/02 | Updated: 10/18/02

The perfect game to beat GoldenEye and Perfect Dark.

TimeSplitters 2 is perhaps one of the most highly anticipated games of the year, and when I saw it at E3 2002, I knew it wouldn't fail. Thank Almighty God it fully lives up to the hype.


This is the area where TS2 falls short. The story is pretty basic, kinda like DMC. You don't play Time Splitters 2 for the story, but for the brilliant action thrill it delivers. The story is that the Time Splitters have once again arisen and it's your job to stop them by collecting time crystals. Not exactly MGS, but oh well.There is enough story to carry the game and I guess that's all that matters.


This is the area where TS2 excels. The one player is very hard, the AI is quick and tough and you should be too. Each level is in a different time zone, and they are presented with a very high challenge.The one player doesn't let you put the controller down, when you die it beckons for your return, it's very wierd but once you start it's impossible to stop.


Oh my God, the game that defeats GoldenEye and Perfect Dark. The multiplayer is by far the greatest I have ever seen in any game period. The action is fast and never ending. After one match you and your friends will be gasping for air after experiencing the adrenaline rush that is Time Splitters 2. The sheer fun of mapmaker mode is phenomenal, so far I have recreated the Facility from GoldenEye, and an even more deadly area I call Deadlock. It all pieces together perfectly and is the best fun I've had in years for a multiplayer game.


The cartoony look to the characters is pretty neat, but isn't exactly graphical excellence. The entire game runs at 60 fps, and there are hardly any jaggies at all.The backgrounds are full of life, like I said cartoony, but colourful.When you are in a dam in the first level, everything is very well rendered.The zombies are perhaps the stupidest animations in the entire world! they look like my old Social Studies teacher. Overall the graphics are pretty good, but aren't the best in the world. Nevertheless it gets the job done.


Time Splitters 2 is the most fun I have had in a game since MGS2 and GTA3 came out an entire year ago. The multiplayer is where TS2 shines the most though. GoldenEye and Perfect Dark have now been out done thanks to the brilliant team at Free Radical and Eidos. Time Splitters 2 blends fantastic gameplay, good graphics, and THE BEST MULTIPLAYER MODE EVER into one amazing final product. So do yourself a favour go out and buy this game, invite over three friends and enjoy the ride, it shouldn't be missed.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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