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"Time to Split to the Shops and BUY THIS!"

Timesplitters was one, if not the, best release game for the PS2. The easy, fast and furious gameplay combined with the great graphics and the huge multiplayer ability made it a great pick-up-and-play game and a game that would keep you up all night. There was one downside to the game though, single player story. You had one objective, run in, kill, and get out with the crystal. This was fun for a while, but soon people were bored of it and even with 2-player co-op on it it was boring. This left a nice empty gap for Free Radical to jump right in and fix. But they didn't just do that, oh no, they did what many thought was impossible, improved the graphics, gameplay, multiplayer, map maker, challenges and most of all, the story line.

Graphics 9/10
WOW, that about sums up the graphics...WOW! The detail is great and the cartoon style people that blend realistic people with a kinda 3d comic cartoon is GREAT. The animation is soooo smooth with each finger moving in cut scenes and people blinking. In game people are jumping and rolling and shooting everywhere with not a bit of slow-down and all with very fluid motion! The guns look great and by removing the hands out of the weapon model there is no need to create different hand models for everybody in the game. The reloading is still simple, but what do you expect with no hands! The one and only thing I don't like about the graphics is something parts of the characters have ''plain'' spots on the with the same colour covering the whole of their vest and little detail on it, but this is hard to see so don't worry about it!

Gameplay 10/10
You wouldn't better it. The gameplay is so fast, fluid and smooth that the it makes fragging and killing more fun and easy to do then never before. The story mode now has multiple objectives and still has the great co-op mode. Arcade/multiplayer is improved with just about every thing scaleable or changeable from kill limit to the weapon layout around the level. New game mode such as monkey assist, where a monkey will help last place is a stroke on genius and the great mode of Shirk will have you in tears! And now, to make multiplayer more fun and interesting, LAN! For all you PC First person shooter fans here is a treat. Luckily in my year I have about 20 people who love Timesplitters 2, so we decide it was LAN time, we connected 4 PS2s up with 4 multitaps, 16 controllers, i Link and 4 TV and played a 16 player deathmatch. UNBEATABLE!!!

Lifespan 10/10
Everything I’ve said about this game, plus a map maker to recreate your favourite levels and maps with the new feature of singleplayer and multiplayer maps to make with doors, windows and multiple objective and enemies respawning where you want, this will have you coming back for MORE! And the crazy challenges, how many windows can you smash in Siberia with brick!? This is the ULTIMATE fps on the PS2!

What you waiting for, GO AND BUY IT!!!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 10/19/02, Updated 10/19/02

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