Review by Jagstang

"Better Than The Original"

TimeSplitters 2 exceeds the original in many ways, including graphics, sound, and overall gameplay and speed. Yes, it keeps the solid 150 FPS going ALWAYS. It however, leaves a few problems lingering about.

Graphics 10/10- Characters now have more detail and a variety in how they die, better level design and level graphcs, and the anti-aliasing problems and minor draw-in of the 1st TS have been completely fixed. Zombies now lose limbs as they get shot too, and everything just looks great, I don't know what else to say.

Gameplay 9/10- This is what put TS on the map and it elevates TS2 above all other first person shooters in the PS2 genre. Control schemes could be better, and an online option would be nice too so that significantly lowers the score somewhat. Also, during intense fire fights you're basically blinded by the blur effect, making it nearly impossible to retalliate accurately with fire. The new minigames such as (e.g. Anaconda) are quite fun and interesting on their own as well as the wide selection of arcade mode missions and improved maps raise the score. And as usual the multi-player mode is the best in the biz. You can choose game (from fast to EXTREMELY FAST) speed and fully customize virtually everything including weapons and the level map.

Sound 8/10- Great background music that sort of fades away when the action gets intense is perfect for this game. A few flaws are here as the weapon sound effects aren't that great as well as the characters voices. People don't sound like they're dying when they get shot, instead they sound ill in a way, plus the voices are repetitive, which does get a little nerve racking.

Story 7/10- TS2 isn't really about the story, much like the original it's about pure fun. The cut-scenes between levels are a nice touch though, along with the text story line analysis that you read before entering an area. Still, it isn't worthy of being called a ''Story'' mode, more like an ''Unlock Cool Stuff'' mode.

All in all we have a great game on our hands people. If you're looking to chill and play some games with your friends or just play on your own, TS2 should be your prime choice for now. Even if you aren't exactly a fan of the FPS genre, this game will keep you entertained for many months to come.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/26/02, Updated 10/26/02

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