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Reviewed: 10/31/02 | Updated: 10/31/02

TimeSplitters 2. You want this game.

There comes a game but once every few years that absolutely stuns all those who play it. Goldeneye 64 was one such title. It changed the way First-Person-Shooters (FPSes) were done on a console. A few years after that, Perfect Dark made it's way onto the Nintendo 64 - and in fact, it did change the face of console gaming; the addition of Simulants (sims), customizable weapon setups in multiplayer mode, and a single-player mode that broke the barriers Goldeneye 64 couldn't get passed. However, after a long while, there were no FPS games that seemed to live up to any standards out on the market. There was one title, though, that snuck onto the gaming scene with the arrival of a new system, the PlayStation 2. TimeSplitters, while not a total ground-breaking title, brought back the old-school fun of Goldeneye 64, while giving players a fast (60 frames-per-second) engine, a larger selection of characters, and multiple weapons from multiple time periods. The down-side to the original TimeSplitters was the single-player mode, which had a seemingly absent story line. One of the wonderful things about TimeSplitters 2 is not only does it improve on every aspect of it's predecessor, it has a deep and indulging story-line that actually makes sense. So, without any further babbling, let's review the elements of this wonderful game.

Graphics - 10/10
It's no suprise here; the graphics for most of the PS2 games coming out these day have wonderful graphics. However, what makes this game stand out from the rest of the crowd are the weather/lighting effects of the levels in this game. For example, in the Compound, the rain comes down in a realistic way, and splashes on the screen as if it were a car window. The weapons also have amazing effects with the graphics - if you light a plant or person on fire, once it burns out, the leftovers will be charred, black, and coal-looking. Very, very impressive.

Sound - 10/10
Jeebus. This is where the game excells and has absolutley no faults. Goldeneye 64 fans will feel a massive rush of nostalgia while playing the Siberia level. The music just has a certain feeling to it, I'm not able to put it into words, it's just that beautiful. Certain things that also deserve attention - the 8-bit feel that the mini-game songs have will remind the older players of the days when the Atari and NES ruled the market. It's also a great feature being able to pick which song you want playing in the multiplayer mode, out of almost 30 or so tracks. I often leave the game on at night with the music to NeoTokyo or Siberia playing, they rule that much.

Replay Value - 10/10
This game deserves a 10/10, just as Goldeneye 64, Perfect Dark, and the original TimeSplitters do. They all allow for a four-player deathmatch, with the latter of the two giving the options for sims in custom games as well. TimeSplitters 2 also allows for other things this time around in multiplayer mode - different forms of gameplay that focus on a certain aspect of gameplay. Running away from players, working in teams, being able to stay stealthy, and just plain kicking the crap out of other players. I won't go into detail on the names of these modes, but I'm pretty sure most players will enjoy a game of Virus and Monkey Assistant every day or so. They're so much fun, they make other games useless. :D

Special Features - 8/10
I'd have given this section a 10/10 if the company programming this game had put in the online capability out of the box. Thanks to some diligent players out there in the world, though, players can connect their PS2 to a network and fool the PS2 into thinking it's playing over a LAN. Many people have done from what I've read at the gameFAQs message boards, but I've yet to try it myself. Another feature worth mentioning is the being able to connect four PS2s in the same room with i-Link cables to play a networked game. I've never tried this before either, but I hear it works just fine.

Gaming - 10/10
Everything needed to have a solid FPS is here; from guards having different reactions to being shot in different places, cameras being able to see you and alert other people of your being there. Something else not found in other games, though, is well everything seems to go together. The music complements the level, which seems to have a certain feel to it that certain characters just seem to fit in there - Capt Snow in the Siberia level, The Colonel in the Wild West level, and two futuristic marines in the Space Station level. The gun's secondary features, however, are few and far between this time around in TS2 - but it's nothing you'll really worry about. The weapons are still cool all the way around.

Rent/Buy - Buy
This is a definite *must* for all fans of the series, fans of FPSes, or anyone looking for a Goldeneye 64 style good time. You'll love this game, I promise you.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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