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"Better than the original, indeed. BUT IT DOESN'T HAVE ONLINE PLAY!!"

This is the best console shooter I have ever played. Plain and simple. There's really not much else to it-- this game offers pretty much EVERYTHING a shooter fan (or a fan of fun games in general) could want: great multiplayer capabilities, excellent graphics and animations, tons of weapons, and a nice, diverse variety of levels. It does, however, have one flaw that I will consistently hate Free Rad for not fixing.

Graphics: 8
Great animation, great colors, and very hi-poly models... there was a lot of work put into the detail in this game, and it shows. Every aspect of this game's graphics oozes creativity (for the most part) and pretty much everthing looks really great. Loses 2 points for what I've come to hate my PS2 for-- low-res textures. (Die, Sony.)
One thing that is quite exceptional in this game is the facial animation-- just watch the game's opening sequence, it's absolutely gorgeous. Notice the solider guys' fear as the (very weak, easily avoided) zombie kills them... it looks real! A job well done.

Music/Sound: 9
I loved it when I turned this game on and heard a remix of the classic TS theme. Quite catchy. I liked the music in many of the levels, and pretty much all of it suited where it was placed. Many sound effects were remixed or reused from TS1, but a lot of new sounds were added, like my personal favorite, the flamethrower and the screams that accompany it. There's nothing like making a nice, narrow hall-map, grabbing the 'thrower, torching someone, and watching as he lights up everyone in the hall. :-)

Control: 8
Pretty much identical to every other PS2 shooter out there. I think the control works very well, and will not fail you when you need it most-- in the heat of battle. One thing that is a little tricky is the precision aiming. It's not exactly difficult, but it can be irritating-- but having played the GameCube version as well *fills with hatred for the horrid aiming control*, I assure you, the PS2's aiming is not that bad-- to me, anyway, you could be different.

Gameplay/Extras: 10
This game is awesome. It plays like a fast-paced version of the original, only with the fun-factor blasted way up. Imagine making a 2-floor deathmatch level, putting 2 machine/rocket turrets on the 2nd floor, and the level's best weapons right beneath them. :-). Also, the sheer variety in the levels (and their objectives) was enough for me to actually want to play through some levels on higher difficulties, just to test my skill. All fun stuff.
This game is an extras machine. There are so many things to unlock, it's not even funny. Game modes, levels, characters, even classic games to be played on your radar when the shooting proves to be too much! Also, the game offers one character which instantly makes this game worth buying to anyone who is a human being-- you can play as a monkey. Now if that isn't enough to sell you this game, I don't know what is.

However. There is one thing that makes me want to destroy Eidos and Free Radical, something that would've made this game a perfect 10-- online playability. This game is already multiplayer perfection, online play would've only made the game even better, and virtually limitless, with all the created map possibilities. Maybe we'll get an online upgrade disc, like Frequency did!

Overall: 9
Overall, this game simply offers a ton of bang for your buck. It's a great rental, and an even better buy. I can't recommend either more than the other, because I feel that you'll enjoy this game regardless of whether you rent or buy it. Of course, it still needs online play.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/26/02, Updated 11/26/02

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