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"TS2 for the PS2, nothing really, can beat you!"

Before i say anything, i have to thank my freind. cos if it wasn't for him, i wouldn't have ts1 or 2. So, ts2. created by those rad-mad dudes from goldeneye. lets take a lok at their sequel to the 1st game.


Over the past week or so, people on the message board have been asking, whats the better version for this game, and people have answered that the graphics are better on XBOX & GCN, well, as 'Deacon Swain' says on one of the posts, - the graphics are fine, and he said he wouldn't care about looking at a wall when some robots are up his back! (nice one there! ;-]) and this is right, the graphics are fine, graphics aren't everything its the game thats the crucial part. Now i'm not saying the PS2's graphics are the crapest of the console but they satisfie most people so i give them a 9 because they not the best BUT THEY ARE FINE GOOD NO GREAT! EXCELLENT!!! YOU GET THE POINT NOW?



Some people think the controls are awful, most people don't like using the analog. Well when i first played this ( when i was a wee little rookie!) i wasn't really happy how i hadt use the sticks either! but now i'm really good! all you need is to practise for 5 minutes and after a while they're as easy as playing pac-man. And to prove, (i've said this twice before) my 8 year old brother can do it easilly!contols, get a 9.



The music is quite good, but in my oppinion; the ts1 music is better with some exceptions: wild west and chicago are good. other levels music is ok but i feel i like those musics the best!
because this is a sub-section of sound the score is out of 5 and sound earns 4.5 but we'll round that to 5! for gamefaqs.

-Sound FX-
one word to explain this... great, thats it really. they're realistic, so it just shows 5!

sound is overal (uh, whats 5 + 5?... ah, yes 10!) good and gets, (whats was that again?) 10!


unlike the first, ts2 has fmvs that are beast, the storys about some timesplitters in their space station destroying te humans past, space troops have tried to stop them but failed, and now, Sgt. Cortez and Corp. Hart, have been sent to stop them.each level is in a certain time and area of this world each with its own story and objectives. here's some parts from each FMV.
''we shoudn't be in the reasearch centre without security clearence!'' ''i know, but i heard gunshots!'' - from th first level, Siberia. ''What'am i worried about? Its not me whose gotta tell the boss!'' ''WHAT, hes back in town!'' - from chicago. ''so inocent!'' ''AAAAAHH!!!'' from Notre Dame. ''I should be ok if the engine doesn't over-heat'' ''gottcha!'' from return to planet x. ''-WACK-'' ''aahh!'' from the fight in neo tokyo. ''RRRRR'' ''come on boys, get 'im'' from the wild west. ''Has anyone told you, you have a screw loose!'' ''YES!!!'' from Atom Smasher ''Listen golem, you can't have it!'' ''the crystals mine you know!'' from Aztec. ''Bleeb'' ''wah!'' from robot factory and ''What?'' ''NNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOO!!!'' from Space Station.

Well the story and FMVs add up to 10.simple.



The best console for features is the PS2. with the i-link connection and modem. ''modems not out you say!'' well there is equppment to still play TS2.



A Great game for the PS2 and one of the best shooters (one of the only :-D) well now that i recap on all the levels the score i 9.5, rounded to 10. I think the timesplitters series is great and a must have for shooter fans.


Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/27/02, Updated 11/27/02

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