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"Timesplitters 2 is back! Bigger! Better! Faster!"

The first timesplitters game was a launch release for the ps2. Although this game was much loved for it's fantastic multiplayer, lets be honest the single player was no golden eye and felt heavily rushed. Well it's back and is just as good as we all expected, and better!

Graphics: 10/10
The graphics have been improved vastly since the original.
The game still maintains that unique cartoonist look and looks better than ever. The colors are big and bold, the characters faces are filled with expression and it looks great. The game now has cut scenes, one before each level!
These cut scenes are used to introduce the games craziest characters, and also adds more variety. The cut scenes look pretty nice, and the creators have added comedy to many of the cut scenes, including matrix and James bond (gold finger) spoofs!

Sound: 9/10
The sound pretty much like the original will blow you away.
The creators have added a few new effects, including screen shake, which adds realism to the gunfights. The weapons sound pretty nice, each having their own unique sound.
Overall the game still has great sound, and is now even better.

Game play: 10/10
The game runs smooth, very smooth! I could not complain about the frame-rate for it is the best I have seen yet in a console shooter. Unfortunately the creators had to take out reload animations to keep the game running fast. However by the time your stuck in the middle of a frantic death match you really wont care! The controls are the same as the original, although you can customize your own if you so desire.

Story mode: 9/10
Why a 9 you wonder? Because there weren’t enough missions!
I don’t think the developers realized how much fans of the series would love these fantastic levels! There is so much variety. The levels range from 1853 'wild west' to 2019 'Neo Tokyo'. Each level has its very own graphical style and feel. Objectives add lots of variety to the missions. In the 1972 'atoms masher' level you will find yourself disarming bombs in an evil villains base. While in 1930 'Chicago' you play as detective Jake Fenton, obsessed with bringing down crime boss Big Tony! Some of the objectives require stealth, e.g. in the Neo Tokyo level you will have to trail a hacker back to her underground base. While in the robot factory you will find yourself destroying energy nodes! Overall a massive improvement over
Its predecessor.

Multiplayer/challenge: 10/10
The original had great multi player and so does this?
Yes multiplayer is back and much, much better! Not only are there more match types and characters, there is an all-new mode 'arcade league'. Arcade league pits you against bot's in different match types, Unreal Tournament style. Not only is it fun, you can unlock new characters and match types by completing matches with high scores! Challenge is also back,
This time it's even more challenging yet even more rewarding. And yes there are some very fun monkeying around mini games!

Lifespan: 10/10
Trust me on this; time splitters 2 will take over your life!
You will lose sleep, but it will be worth it. With loads of variety in both multiplayer and single player, you will never tire of this fantastic game. You will play through the single player mode quite easily on easy/normal mode,
But crank it up to hard and a whole new challenge awaits you! When you finally do get sick of the immense multi player, the incredibly challenging challenge mode and finally the amazing single player there is still one last mode!

Mapmaker: 9/10
Those of you who played the original will know and love mapmaker. In the first game you could plonk a few rooms down and create a death match. In ts2 you can create your own story levels! Stealth? Shooting? Create what you want!
You can set your enemies to reaspawn and set the mission to end if you are spotted. How much variety do you want?
Mapmaker will become famous for endless nights of sleep lost.

Overall: 10/10
Timesplitters has been improved in just about every way possible. Any fan of the series will tell you that. The multiplayer is just as crazy, single player is now fun and the mapmaker is just as addictive. Overall you will love this game, fan of shooting games or not!

Rent or Buy:
If you played and liked the first game buy.
However if you are new to this type of game, rent it first.

I hope this review was helpful.

I'll be back!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 12/11/02, Updated 12/11/02

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