"A good wait for a Great Game."


I’ve been waiting for this game basically since I first rented the first Timesplitters. Although it was one of my favorite games, I knew much could be tuned up. Timesplitters2 brings a lot of action, fun, great multiplayer, and a not to shabby story this time around.

<b.Gameplay (10/10)

At first I was a little skeptical about the no-crosshairs without aiming, but it turns out to be a gift in disguise. Timesplitters2 almost forces you to get better every time you play; whether you playing the story mode or doing the challenges. When you first start playing you’ll probably just shoot w/out even aiming, but you’ll soon realize that it doesn’t fly as you get into the harder levels. The smoothness of the gameplay and the enemy A.I. make this a very fun game to play. Sometimes the difficulty can get pretty annoying. It took me quite a while to beat the game on Normal and don’t get me started on Hard. The single player does offer many challenges though from stalking a lady to sniping in the Serbia snowlands.

Story (6/10)

Don’t get confused now, this isn’t an RPG. It seemed like the makers had an idea for a great story, then as production went on then just scrapped it. Each mission has an objective at the beginning and some more are thrown in during the mission. I personally could care less about the story. Although I can honestly say I enjoyed every level that I played with or with out the story. The story mode does take you to many sweet locations such as Chicago in the early part of the 1900s to my personal favorite Notre Dame. Each environment comes with its own set of weapons that fit perfectly with the era.

Multiplayer (10/10)

This is where TS2 really shines, in fact it basically makes the whole game for you. There are many great maps for you to unlock through challenges and story mode and the makers were even kind enough to throw in a classic map from the original (although I would have loved to see Temple in TS2). My brother, my friends, and I have gotten in trouble loads of time for getting a little to loud while playing FlameTag at 1:00 am. Game modes vary in many ways. You have the straight up Deathmatch where you just kill kill kill!!! And you have the Capture the Bag (My favorite) where you fight against your friends/ bots in a game like capture the flag. But they also have some quirky ones like Monkey Assistant where if you’re having some trouble, monkeys will come to you rescue and fight along side you. Along with the monkeys, TS2 comes jam packed with all the bots you could possibly want. I don’t have a personal count for you, but I’d imagine its up in the 50s or higher.
One thing I can’t understand is why there are only two teams max. In TS1 you could go face to face against 3 other teams. I would have also liked to have seen more ,maps. Now I know that there are a good variety, but some of the maps just aren’t very fun. I would have also like to have been able to use a better sniper rifle, but that’s just me.

Graphics/ Sound (10/10)

To tell you the truth, I was stunned when I first played TS1 (it was my first PS2 game), but TS2 just blows it out of the water. Everything looks so great and so smooth in its cartoony way. From the Serbian soldiers masks to the Chicago gangster’s hat, it looks great. The characters in TS2 beat out the models from just about every other PS2 game I’ve experienced. It’s also fun to light these models on fire in multiplayer! Plus, the maps look great. The one map that sticks out in my mind is Planet X. I don’t know why, but you can see a very clear improvement from TS1. I have no beef with the graphics.
The sound is also great. The only other game I can think of that has this game beat here is Medal of Honor. The music is simply Tight. Now, I’m not much into techno music or dance music, but the music fits so well with the environment that you can’t help but like it. Now, It would have been great to be able to download some of your own music onto the game but that’s ok.

Replay/ Time (9/10)

Replay gets a high score in my book. Some people might argue that there is no replay, but I would disagree. The simple fact that you can make your own map makes the replay almost unlimited, but I understand that some people don’t want to invest that much time into that. You also have the challenges. In the challenges, you go head to head against some bots in order to complete an objective. The objective range from breaking windows to winning a deathmatch. Most of these are rewarded with a map or a character in Multiplayer.
Timewise, this game is very short. You could probably beat this game on easy in one sitting. But, to beat it on hard, it will take a lot of attempts and a lot of memorization. Plus, when you add in Multiplayer, you can play this game for a very long time. Add in challenges and you have a great length for a game.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 02/10/03, Updated 02/10/03

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