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"The Best Multiplayer FPS on the Market!"

If you are looking for a great multiplayer FPS, then look no further as TimeSplitters 2 will fulfill all your multiplayer needs (and then some). It can be played for hours with friends or by yourself attempting to complete story mode, arcade league, and challenge mode.

Story (7/10): Story mode is really the only place where TimeSplitters 2 lacks a bit of luster. The story isn’t exactly as involving as such first person shooters as Halo, but it is at least decent. It basically takes you to several parts of the world in many different time periods. There are ten levels, each with three difficulty settings. Story mode doesn’t take very long to complete on easy, but it can start to get a little challenging on normal. On hard, I imagine it would take a while to beat; however, you can play co-op to make it a little easier. Throughout story mode, you encounter a few different types of TimeSplitters, as you continue your quest to get all of the time crystals, while trying to beat the level bosses. There are a variety of level types, from stealth to going in with guns blazing, and there are several types of weapons. Story mode lacks a great story line, but it makes up for it in having a variety of level types and guns.

Graphics (9/10): The graphics in TimeSplitters 2 are made to give the game a slight cartoon feel, which was really a good choice. I don't think you would want realistic looking monkeys chasing you around. Anyway the graphics are pretty great. The environments look great and all 126 characters look pretty good themselves. You have everything from hot girls to robots to animals. I have also never seen the game slow down for any reason what so ever. All of this adds to giving TimeSplitters 2 a better feel and gameplay.

Gameplay (10/10): What can I say about the gameplay? Well, for starters it's as good as I have ever seen for a FPS. Everything seems to run smoothly. The controls in TS2 are fully customizable; so, no matter how you want to set up your controller, you can do it. There are also plenty of different game modes to keep you hooked to the game. Single player is great. In addition to story mode, there is arcade league and challenge mode; however, multiplayer is what makes TS2 so great. You can play with up to ten bots, or you can play with 15 of your friends. And, did I mention that it is fully customizable? Because it is fully customizable, the pace of the game can be so fast and furious as to cause seizures or slow and steady depending on how many bots you use, weapons, etc. Yeah, if there is one game that can cause seizures, it's this one. Knowing this, how can you go wrong with buying this game if you are an FPS fan?

Sound (8/10): Ever since I played Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, I expect a lot if I am going to give a perfect 10 for sound. Now, the sound in TS2 is great. The sounds of the different weapons firing are excellent and you can even hear the bullets from certain weapons ricocheting. It is also fun to hear some of the characters unique screams and moans when they are about to die or catch on fire; although, it can get annoying. The music is great too. There is a different song for every level in the game, and in multiplayer you can pick your music if you like. They even have a few TS1 songs on there for all you big TimeSplitters fans.

Value (10/10): TimeSplitters 2 has tremendous replay value. First of all, there are three single player modes that will keep you busy for quite some time, story mode, arcade league, and challenge mode. Then you've got arcade custom, otherwise known as multiplayer. This mode is where I spend most of my time. As the name implies, you can customize just about everything, from the music to the weapons. The people at Eidos Interactive really put a lot of time into making this mode great. There are several different types of game modes as well. You have your standard deathmatch and then team deathmatch, thief, capture the bag, and monkey assistant just to name a few. You can customize how many bots there are and which team they will be on if you are playing one of the team modes. Plus, each bot has certain character abilities such as how robots can't be put on fire, which can be turned off. Yep, this game just goes on and on. Heck, if you somehow manage to get bored you can always play one of the mini games you find in story mode.

TimeSplitters 2 is a great FPS that can be played for hours, causing a few sleepless nights every once and while too. For people who like to play first person shooters for their story modes, this game deserves at least a rent, but if you like arcade challenges and multiplayer modes, then I would run right out and buy this game!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/02/03, Updated 03/02/03

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