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Reviewed: 07/01/03 | Updated: 07/01/03

Huge Value. Possibly the best multiplayer game of all-time.

Timesplitters 2 is the sequel to a game which was hailed as one of the best multi-player games of all-time, although it was pretty clear that the single-player campaign was lacking. Timesplitters 2 rids itself of that problem, and improves upon it's amazing multi-player game. This is easily one of the best split-screen multi-player games ever created.

Graphics- 9/10

The graphics in this game are very good. Character models are many, and they all look detailed, although slightly cartoony. The levels also look great, ranging from an outside snow level, to a mexican village. When the glass breaks, it actually shatters like real glass! Guns all look realistic (however realistic a lasergun can), including reflective scopes and surfaces. Water effects are also great, in the few places they appear.

The graphics do however show their limitations. This usually occurs when you are close to a wall. You can see that the wall looks flat, regardless of whether it's curved or not. Also, some textures look bland and rushed. However, this does not affect the graphical prowess of this game.

Gameplay- 9.5/10

The game plays like a dream. The usual control problems for console First-Person shooters are gone. You use the left analog stick to move, the right analog stick to aim the guns (unfortunately, no crosshair). The R2 and R1 buttons function as primary and secondary fire.

There are a wide variety of guns in this game, ranging from the basic (silenced pistol), to favourites (rocket launcher), to the high-tech (electrotool). All weapons are a joy to use. As well, there are many levels. Only a few of them are available from the start, the rest must be unlocked in Arcade League or Challenge mode.

This reminds me, there are a lot of modes in this game!! They include: Story, Arcade League (skill-testing challenges), Arcade Custom (Deathmatch, etc. includes bots), Challenge (skill-testing challenges again), and Mapmaker. For 2 people, there is an option to play story co-op, which is a welcome addition.

For arcade challenge, there are an amazing amount of modes. For instance, you can play a mode that gives the person in last place helper monkeys, to help them(obviously). Or you can play elimination, where you are given a certain number of lives, and the last person standing wins. All these modes deserve a play, and are guarranteed fun by yourself, or for 2 people.

There are an astounding amount of characters in this game, most of which will need to be unlocked in story mode or arcade league. Over 150 characters can be unlocked throughout this game, which proves how much replayability it actually contains.

Sound- 8.6/10

Let's get the bad out of the way first. The music is not great. It consists of techno/instrumental beats, which you will have to hear over and over and over. However, this is not TOO much of a pain, as the amazing sound effects will distract you from it.

On the topic, the sound effects are great. Each gun has a different sound, and each person has a different sound when they are hurt. Also, if you shoot different surfaces with different guns, the sound completely changes. For instance, in the ''Chinese'' level, shooting a gong will cause a resounding BOOM that will resonate throughout the level.

In conclusion, the music is bland, but the sound effects more than make up for it. Listening to each different effect in the game takes ages, and you almost never hear each one twice.

Replayability- 9.5/10

You can play this one forever. With so many modes and unlockables, this game is guarranteed to be a favourite in your collection. If you owned Perfect Dark, remember how good the combat simulator was? This blows it away. There are over 150 characters to unlock, not to mention the uncountable amount of challenges and arcade league goals in the game.

The story mode contains 10 different levels on 3 different difficulty levels, and usually warrants a 5-10 hour play on each difficulty setting. The story may be a bit lacking, but it gives the protagonists a reason to travel back in time.

Statistics are kept throughout the game. Including arcade awards you have gotten. This gives you yet another reason to continue playing this game. Finally, the MapMaker is truly exceptional, allowing you to make maps for each of the game's modes. It's also easy for beginners to use, as I quickly found out.

In conclusion, this game never wears thin. The only thing that could possibly improve upon the experience is Online play, which will be added in the expansion pack Timesplitters 2.5 (no joke).

Tilt- 9.1/10

In conclusion, Timesplitters 2 is the total pack. Great graphics, sound, and an astoundingly high replayability make this a must own FPS for any fan of the genre. The sheer amount of unlockables make this a 60+ hour game, shockingly long for the genre. If you have an interest in FPSs, purchase this game immedietly. If you despise the genre, wait till it comes out as a greatest hit, you still won't be disappointed.

Recommended: Buy Score: 9.18

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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