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TimeSplitters 2

TimeSplitters 2 is easily one of the best games on the Playstation 2 gaming market. It is the sequel to TimeSplitters, a very good game in itself, so it
had a very good jumping off point. The original had some serious drawbacks; a somewhat pointless story mode to be specific. It did have a very good multiplayer setup, even compared to later games. It's not a game somebody made to get a few extra bucks; it took a lot of work to make this game one of the best on the market. Major changes were implemented, such as: well, you'll see... The first was good, the second is better.

Gameplay - 10/10
This game incorporates stealth, suspense, and hard firepower! It requires that you can change from being on rampage to as silent as possible. This make the
game challenging, plus an added sense of a major adrenaline rush. It is fun to play with friends, too, with it's I-link networking capacity, supporting up to 16 players on 4 systems. The 2-4 player 'same console' mode is really exciting, and is where most players get their experience in actually playing the game, refining their tactics and strategies, and increasing their accuracies. It also has 2 player ''Story co-op'', adding a whole new level of degree to the game. The weapons range from the old-fashioned crossbow and luger pistol to the SciFi handgun with bullets the bounce and the Plasma Autorifle, with it's fast firing rate and plasma grenades. Then of course are the weapons we all are familiar with, the Tommy Gun, Tactical 12-Gauge, the Soviet S47(Ak-47), the Minigun, and the Shotgun. These make for some serious gameplay. Playing in Multi-player is the highest point in the game; aside from a good storyline, great weapons, smart (but sometimes dumb) bots, and last but certainly not least - unlockables.

Story - 9/10
The storyline is simple - an evil race of beings called TimeSplitters are bent on conquering the Earth. When they failed (you stopped them in the prequel, remember?), they build a machine to go back in time, to change history so that the people who stop them in the future never exist. You play as Sgt. Cortez(player 1) and Corp. Hart(optional player 2), two of the most experienced soldiers in the marines, and are deployed at the space station to stop the splitters' evil plans, once and for all. You arrive as the splitters are about to change history, and this dynamic duo are ready to make some. Your team moves in, but is quick to find out that the splitters are taking the power source, Time Crystals, through time so that they can wreak havoc while the world is in it's infancy, before it can effectively fight back; but most importantly, to alter key events leading up to your existence. Your mission: go back in time, retrieve the crystals and foil their plans before it's too late...

Graphics/Sound - 10/10
The graphics may look a bit cartoony, but the smooth frame rate is a lot better than most other games on the market. The realism of their movements is unmistakable. For instance, if they are shot in the leg, the bot will stand on the other and hold his/her wound. It this point, the bot will not shoot at you. If you shoot them with a Shotgun, they will recoil from the impact and be unable to fire. When anyone dies, you'll notice that it appears as if they are directly responding to whatever hit them. You can see the surprised look on a bot's face when he/she spots you. Head shots usually, if not always are one hit kills, and speaking of heads, if you shoot a zombie's head it will fall off. The sound quality makes you feel as if you really were in the game. You can hear everything around you, including computers, machinery, and other 'people' and if the sound is far away, that's the way you will hear it.

Play time/Replayability - 10/10
This game WILL keep you addicted for a very long time if you have experience or determination. I have owned and played the game for a long while now and am only a little bit shy of 90% complete. Depending on how much you play and how good you are, it may take a month or a year. The latter seems much more likely. It'll definitely keep you occupied for a long time, though, and when you're done, it's challenging to do it again! In the Arcade League, you complete certain scenarios to unlock, well, stuff. There are 4 levels of achievement for every setup. Bronze - the least you can do while still passing, like a low C. Silver - Middle-of-the-road, easily compares to a B. Gold - Completing the level with a great level of achievement, like an A+. Then there's Platinum, the ultimate Medal of Honor in the game. How do you get one, you ask? You'll just have to find out... But the really nice thing about this game is the Multiplayer. You never beat it, it's entertaining, and can be played over and over and over... It isn't like most other games; the Challenge and Arcade League modes are interlinked with Arcade Custom. In other words, the more you get on the other game modes, you'll have more to 'work' with in multi-player. In addition to that, you can make your own levels with their own missions with the new-and-improved MapMaker. There is no limit to the time you can spend on this game. It is great for parties and gaming marathons, 'cause the fun never stops.

Final recommendation - YES, definitely!
Really, this game is one of (if not THE) best FPS on the market. Buy the game... (and stop wasting time reading my review!) If you don't like it, I have no power to refund your money. I really don't think that'll be a a problem, though. If at first you don't succeed... Keep at it! Giving up only makes the game boring. Besides, why not? Buying, renting, or at least playing this game is one of the better choices you can make and and experience you'll never forget.

Overall rating - 10/10

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/22/03

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