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Reviewed: 09/02/03

The best FPS around!

One of the first games I bought for my Playstation 2, I was overawed by the way that the game played and how much better it was compared to my crappy Playstation. Anyway the review...

Story: 9/10

By now everybody knows the story of the Timesplitters. You time travel around the world searching for time crystals to defeat the evil monsters who have taken over the world. You also play many different characters as you morph around collecting the crystals. You arrive at a space station as Sergeant Cortez one of the toughest fighters around. You and your sidekick Corp Hart are sent to fight the aliens. On arriving you will find that time travel is of the essence as the monsters haven taken the time crystals and made a dash into different years. You, a brave warrior must jump in after them and grab back those precious crystals. As always there is an expected end of level boss, varying on the time you have travelled to. You will encounter evil zombies in a 1800’s Notre Dame, golems in the jungle and aliens in the 29 century.

Gameplay: 10/10

This basically is what makes the game. Ok the single player mode will take you months to complete with all the arcade league options and the story mode to finish on three difficulty to finish the game 100% and get all those elusive prizes such as new characters levels and weapons but the multiplayer option will get you heavily involved here. The amount of options you can tinker with will amaze you. All the maps that you can play on are carefully planned with spots for killing and running. Whether you have 1 or more friends who like this game you will not be disappointed with the final result. You and your friends will work up an atmosphere of suspense as you hunt each other down to win that match and prove you are the champion. The games can be very silly, varying from the usual Death match and capture the bag to Monkey assistant (you get monkeys to help you when you’re losing) and virus (basically a big game of tag where the last person alive is the winner)

Also the multiplayer stretches to a story co-op. You and your friend can go through the story mode together helping one another to complete a mission. (Not advisable if your friend is crap though) In the arcade mode you can unlock new things. The challenge is set and has a gold, silver and bronze award along with a not so secret platinum award for any body that is good enough. All of the challenges have a fairly basic story behind them (Even if they are zany) and are good fun. They are also split into leagues. When you do manage to get that elusive gold you will be rewarded with many things. This is less so if you complete the challenge with only a bronze medal. The challenges will grow harder and harder until you will be found one day frothing at the mouth tearing your hair out trying to get gold on the last level. Good times.

As it was my first game I bought on the PS2 the thought of using the analogue sticks made me think twice about this game. Of course you can fully customise them in the options mode but there is no need. It’ll take around 5 minutes to get used to moving with the sticks and once you have you’re ready to go. At first it may take a bit of getting used to using R1 to shoot but later on after playing the game continuously you will find it is gods send to have it there.

Graphics: 9/10

The characters are cartoony but very detailed and guaranteed to give you a laugh when you see characters like Stumpy and Crispin. The background graphics are top of the range and the way the bullets drop from the gun look amazing. The graphics are dropped a bit in multiplayer but you’ll be going so fast it will hardly bother you.

Sound: 10/10

In arcade you can choose the kind of music that you like along with a random option for those who are new and don’t know all the different sounds. Also the screams of the people who are playing and the ping of bullet hitting floor and person are satisfying to the ear. The sound of limbs detaching themselves from the owners’ body is quite a sound as you let rip with a Minigun.

Play time: 10/10

When I first started playing this game I was amazed at the content and difficulty. It really will have you playing for months, maybe years to finally complete every tiny mini game. To complete the story on all three difficulties could take up a lot of time that you will be more than willing to take up. Just make sure you make a few friends before starting this pastime as it will prolong the play time by a few months or so. Taking out your friends on a seriously tense game of elimination is bound to get you buzzing. Overall this is the longest game I’ve ever played.

Repeatability: 2/10

Once you’ve completed the entire mission you will not want to do them again especially the hard ones. Just be content with the multiplayer and arcade options and you will be fine. Of course you could delve in and use the map maker to make your own level and prolong the fun as the tweaking of a perfect map can be very rewarding.

Overall: 10/10

This is definitely a 10/10 game and one you should have in your gaming rack. At the reduced price it is at now I suggest buying it rather than renting it and trust me, it will be the best first person shooter you ever bought. If you still aren’t sure after my review, rent the game or check out a few scores from a magazine, they will tell you that it is the best game around.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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