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"TimeSplitters is back and better!"

TimeSplitters 2 (Playstation 2)

Quick Overview…

Wow, as if Free Radical and EIDOS Interactive didn't have their hands full before with the Original TimeSplitters, they managed to bring back to life a game that has the possibility of rivaling, and matching 007, Halo, and Red Faction. With the outstanding game play and multiplayer features that this game represents, TimeSplitters 2 is easily a possibility for Game of the Year, and other multiple awards. TimeSplitters 2 is definitely a game that has great graphics, awesome multiplayer, lots of play time, and will keep you up for nights to come. There are around one-hundred characters that you will be able to get, and tons of weapons… This game will keep you busy for a long time, that is, if you don't use cheats.

Graphics – The Graphics in this game are outstanding. Knowing that there are 10 huge environments, tons of multiplayer maps, characters, and weapons, one would wonder how a game could keep almost perfect graphics. Well, maybe not perfect, but for the amount of things that you could do on this game, they are pretty close. When you are wondering around in this game, you WILL be astounded by the explosions, fires, lasers, and bullets. Almost everything in this game looks perfectly realistic. EIDOS and Free Radical spent a lot of time on the engine that they used in this game. There work was well worth it.

Controls – The controls in this game are simple. The only thing that you should need to change may be the inverted that it starts in. That is, if you don't like to play that way. The controls other than that are fairly easy, and then clearly make the controls simple for you to move, shoot, and aim. You shouldn't have much of a problem in trying to get the most of the games controls, luckily, just incase you don't like the way that the controls are set up, they include a VERY easy to use switching system to allow the user to pick what they are most comfortable with for controls.

Features – If you have not already been influenced to play or buy this game more, then this should really do the trick… This game has a vast amount of levels for users to play on. With ten single player levels and about 10 multiplayer levels, one should never feel like they don't have enough to do. If it does seem like there isn't enough to do with that, then one should turn to the Map builder. This tool is a great way to make your own maps to play in either multiplayer or to make your own campaigns. All you need is a memory card and a little bit of time. After you finish making your cool map, you can choose to either play it alone, with enemy computers, or in multiplayer. This game also includes the ability to use a LAN or i.Link connector to play multiplayer network games. This is always fun for those who enjoy the ability to play on multiple TV's for that non-screen peaking player. After all of this fun, it is time to enjoy the types of games that this game has, yes, in the game, you can choose different game types or presets to play a variety of different games. Inside this game type you can choose what type of weapons you will be using in the game. If you are thinking right now that it won't be hard to choose from a few different weapons you are wrong. This game, just like the original, has a TON of weapons, some in which, you must unlock, but even without that, you should have enough fun trying to pick which weapons you want to use in the game. Now, after all of this, it's still not over… Now you must pick a character… Now, at first, it might not seem like there is much to choose from, but when you get further in the game, there are over 100 characters that you can choose from. WOW! After all of this, if you are still worried about not having enough to do, you can go to the games challenge mode, or Arcade League, in which you have to complete a task to get a special award or prize. Completion of these tasks is important and required to finish the game. The last good feature of this game is the ability to see what you have done in the game in the player statistics. These statistics show you what your player has been through and give you everything from playtime, to amount of bullets fired, to kills, to speed at running. You will be amazed at how many things are shown in the game as far as stats go. Some of the statistics require that you complete certain tasks; others are just there for the heck of it. Either way though, the game has way too many statistics to keep track of all the time.

Game play – The game has excellent game play. With the in game screen as a first person view, you get to view, your kills/points, ranking, health gauge, radar, armor gauge, ammo remaining, ammo, and current weapon. With all of this going on at once, you would think that it would get kind of confusing. Luckily, they have spread out what is going on around the screen so that you can easily look to a side, and see what is going on while still shooting a player, or computer. The On-Screen display is excellent and will allow you to see about a 135 degree view around your body. The only downside in the In-Game screen is that you can't really see what is next to you. You would have to move your player around a bit to see more. But don't let that get you down; the game is overall pretty realistic.

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Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 05/09/04

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