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"Very good game, hope the next one is going to live up to the task"

I have not had the honour to play Time Splitters 1, but I sure have had the honour to play this fantastic game! Sure it does not have super perfect graphics, but the game play is fantastic. The missions were fun enough and the challenges and arcades are a huge bonus. Many people who should very well love this game.

Graphics 7/10
I have nothing against the graphics of this game, they are fine and everything is clear to see. The only reason they did not manage to get a ten out of ten for me was mainly because there are other games out on Ps2 where the graphics are outstanding. However the characters in this game have perfect emotion, especially during the video story mode clips.

Graphics make a game more fun and realistic and Time Splitters 2 has the graphics that fill the potential to be such a fun and realistic game. Some of things that I have noted are realistic are, the body's of the characters, the guns that the characters carry and the enemy which you must kill, the still look realistic even if they are a punt soldier but hey, it is having the little things look good which make a game great.

If only some of the final touches of the graphics for this game were a little bit better, I would have given the graphics a much better and higher score out of ten.

Controls 6/10
The controls of Time Splitters 2 are good, but they are not your average James Bond controls. They may take a little bit of getting used to, but once you get the hang of the right controls and you know how to change guns frequently, and you know how to reload your automatic shot guns before the next set of enemy aliens, you will soon become a pro of Time Splitters 2.

Most people might find it hard to use the controls of Time Splitters 2 because of – A) Most people would have played over similar shooting games to Time Splitters 2, such as James Bond games and time Crisis. Some people may not get used to the changes of what buttons to press. B) Almost every button is used in Time Splitters and some people may find it hard to remember which buttons to press.

Game Play 10/10
I have already mentioned of how good the game play is in the introduction. However may I refresh your memory. There is plenty of things to do in this game and the best thing is, they are all fun! Trying to pass the story mode on hard is very, very hard and some game players may find this difficult, especial some people who dislike the challenge and find it frustrating when things seem to fail to go their way.

There are also the Arcade games, which most patient and consistent Time Splitters 2 players should and will enjoy. There are three leagues and every time you pass one you will usually be granted a reward, which is for you to find out. Hey, if you have trouble, go to the game FAQ's for this game, they are very good.

That's not it for the fun game play! There are also Challenges and believe me, some of them are challenging. For most people, that's what makes them fun. There are heaps to chose from and once again if you were to pass the challenge well and in a good time or a good score, you very well should be given a reward.

Sounds/Music 9/10
The sounds in this game are very good and some are funny. Especially the old fashioned people in a old fashioned Chicago level. All the enemy humans seem to say the same things however and there voice is so annoying, especially when your trying to sneak around very quietly without been seen. However I must say the sounds of this game are good, but they could have been a tiny bit better. I think it is great that music is played in the background as you are sneaking around.

The music of each level matches the setting of each level also. For example if you are playing the old western level, Western music will be played in the background. That is what is good about the music of this game.

Life Span – 9/10
As it has already been mentioned many times, there is lots of stuff to play in Time Splitters 2. However if you adapt to the game very quickly and you somehow manage to complete everything, you will find yourself with nothing to do. However Time Splitters 2 is also a good 2 – 4 player game. There are heaps of different multi player games to chose from in the arcade where you can try and be the master.

Replay Ability
I honestly don't real see the point of putting all your effort into trying to complete a game and once you do finally complete it, you start all over again. This is applies to Time Splitters 2 mainly because the game is very big. However trying to beat story mode, each time on a different difficulty can be fun.

Also trying to beat a high score for your arcade and challenge modes is also fun to do, but not as fun as actually managing to beat them first!

Overall 8/10
The reason Time Splitters 2 did not get a ten out of ten for me was because some things like the graphics and the controls could have been the tiniest bit better. Still, it is a good game and in the end it is how you, the player enjoys it. You should find yourselves trying to beat story mode on the hardest difficulty, in the meantime getting angry at bosses who always kill you. P.S. the bosses in this game are not that hard.

I think that some people underestimate this game, maybe it is not as good as Grand Theft Auto 3, or Halo, but it is a game still worth having a go at playing.

Rent or Buy
At first I would rent this game and see if you enjoy the story mode. Once you think that is swell and then you find out there is more then the story mode, you should find yourself wanting to buy the game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 12/13/04

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