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Reviewed: 07/28/05 | Updated: 04/22/09

Not revolutionary, but truly a FPS gem

There is a lot of arguments over which FPS (First Person Shooter) is the best. Games like Doom, Halo, Perfect Dark, and various other FPS battle for the spot of number one. But what really is the king of all FPS? Well it’s a title I like to call Timesplitters 2. Timesplitters 2 (TS2) is the sequel to the hit Timesplitters. It continues the series where you can do minigames, deathmatches, or the story mode.

You just gotta bust me outa 'ere Elijah

The top choice lets you go to story mode where you are Sgt. Cortez and if you are doing Co-op story mode, player 2 is Corp Hart. The timesplitters are aliens that have stolen the time crystals and traveled throughout time reeking havoc. Your job is to follow the timesplitters throughout time and recover the time crystals, for every new place your go to, your appearance changes. The first level starts you off in Russia in the 1900’s and you take the appearance of an old man in snow clothes. You eventually move to levels of Chicago, the old west, and the jungle. There are three levels of difficulty in this mode; easy, normal, and hard. Beating the level on normal and hard require much more time and skill but the efforts are not futile, you receive one of the main characters from that period.

Next on after Story mode is Arcade mode. In Arcade mode you have a couple of options; there is an Arcade League where there are three levels of expertise that unlock after the previous one is complete. The challenges start of easy giving you a set time limit and a required number of kills you must get. Depending on how you performed is what determines what kind of trophy you get. By getting a gold trophy you can unlock characters and levels, if you are able to exceed the gold requirement then you can get a platinum trophy which only purpose is to make you feel better. This mode ends with challenges such as getting an insane number of kills, going trough an adventure mode, and capture the bag.

Playing a game in this FPS is like no other, you don’t spawn far away from enemies, and you certainly don’t spawn away from ammo. You never feel like you have to run halfway across the level just to find someone or switch guns, usually they will find you. Unlike other FPS, where the CPU will stay in certain parts and have mini-duels all over the place where the winner then has to run around forever to find someone else, in Timesplitters 2 the CPU tends to gather enemies where they are and work as a team to eliminate players.

There is one other Arcade mode; Custom. In this you get to decided the speed of the game, number of lifes, type of game, map, weapon set, time limit, kill limit, and types of bots. All maps and characters unlocked through challenges, arcade league, and story mode are available for use in Arcade mode. With the exception of a few maps on the mode Capture the Bag. After you have chose the options you can set what kind of bots you want in the game and what team they are on, there are four teams total (red, blue, yellow, and green) and you can make them on your team or on the opposing team. All the stats that you get from this mode are recorded in the options menu and you can receive trophies for tallying up stats. A neat feature this game offers is after you have completed the game you mad, you receive awards for what you did in battle and they are recorded in your stats window as well.

After those modes comes Challenge Mode. Challenge levels are like the name implies, Challenging. Here you won’t necessary do things like kill 10 people in 3 minutes, but things like “Behead the Undead” where you score points for killing the undead. Sniping watermelons off monkeys’s heads, cardboard character shootouts and infiltration levels which are a real pain. Your efforts here award you with such cheats as cardboard characters, paintball mode, spinning head mode, and hat mode.

Online play was cut before the release, my best guess is that they needed to get it out fast or just couldn’t add it. They did include LAN play which you need more TV’s, another PS2, a link and some other things in order to add four more players to the battle. The max amount you can get to is 16 human characters using four of each of those items.

The last mode is Mapmaker, which you do just that. You are able to create your own levels. The list of possibilities include; gun turrets, spawn locations, weapon locations, power-up locations, lighting of rooms, doorways, stairs, and windows. Creating a good level takes time but is awfully rewarding when you complete the level as it creates more replay value for this game. You may also choose to create story level here with guards, keys and warps. Just make a level and let your friend playthrough. Keep in mind you aren’t able to create wonders as of the story levels they have but they can be interesting.

Last on the list is not a mode but just a section; options. In the options menu you can turn cheats off/on, adjust settings, look at trailers, and check your stats for your profile. Along with all that they have a section that shows all of your characters which totals well over 100 characters.

You've heard the saying, "Graphics don't make the game, gameplay does." Well that is defiantly try here, the games cartoony graphics fit the gameplay of this game perfectly. It's like saying you want realistic looking rabbits in Bugs Bunny. The characters look good and it's not like one is too cartoony while the other is realistic, they all have the same feel.

The sound is great and and you rarely feel the game skip around the tracks. Voices are done nicely and there is some funny dialogue at times. And the music fits the levels perfectly, not to mention that they brought most of the songs from TS1 and combined them with new tracks.

Weapons in this game are in great supply and variety, you rarely run out of ammo and if you are doing a fast paced game you will be dead before you run out. The list ranges from pistols, tommy guns, laserguns, missile launchers to bricks. Not to mention a variety of bombs and flame-throwers.

Buy or Rent?
This game is the best FPS ever, you should defiantly buy this game and add it your collection. It rarely appears new in stores with the release of the not as great sequel and it’s also pretty rare in used game stores. However new copies should be under $20 and used should be under $10.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: TimeSplitters 2 (US, 10/08/02)

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