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    Violet/Lee by IC

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    Violet (Violeta)
    Written by IC September 30, 2001
    Tekken 4 is a copyright of Namco 
    1995-1999, 2001. 
    Version 1.0
    URL: http//www.isaiahcornejo.com
     Out of nowhere comes Violet all pack with a purple suit. Many will
    be shocked that he is actually Lee Chaolan in disguise (check more info 
    on bio). Many will say "a Law ripoff","useless",etc. This is where they 
    are wrong. Violet is one of the most umpredictable characters in the T4
    series(along with Jin), hopefully people will change their minds. This FAQ 
    is made in a simplefied format so everyone new to Violet can get accustomed 
    with Violet/Lee easily, so you won't see a "legend" info just the Violet 
    only stuff. If you have stuff I should add or correct or questions then 
    email me at ic35@hotmail.com. In conclusion please don't sell this FAQ 
    or copy to another FAQ because this took me hours to do this and I WILL 
    FIND YOU. All written aspects(non-official) are copyright to Isaiah Cornejo 
    aka "Riskbreaker" and it's respective owners. 
    *By the way many many people say if he's gay or not? My answer:
    I could care less as long as he whoops some can of whopass. People, it's 
    your imagination that makes him look what you think. This character is 
    pure fantasy. Nuff said.*
    I. Bio
    II. Violet's Techniques
        -Mist Trap (coming soon)
    IV. Thank you
    I. Bio.
      Violet is a majority shareholder and the de facto leader of a 
    manufacturer of humanoid robots. Apparently a fighter in his past, 
    he lived a quiet life in a mansion in the Bahamas. Bored by his career 
    lifestyle, Violet decided to enter The King of Iron Fist Tournament 4.
    The senior executives in his company wrote this off as the mere 
    diversions of a rich man.  In any event, there were no weaknesses in 
    Violet's physique, forged by state of the art training equipment.
    There was another significant reason for his entrance in the tournament.
    Violet believed that he could complete the ultimate fighting weapon 
    based on his pursuit of developing advanced humanoids.  He believed in 
    a utopian world where inorganic humanoids would carry out the will of 
    their human masters.But the tide of technology in the world favored 
    biotechnology.  The Mishima Zaibatsu and Heihachi Mishima were part 
    of this movement, seekers of unfathomable power through genetic engineering.
    Violet accelerated the development of a prototype humanoid for the 
    tournament. If the prototype could be completed in time, he could 
    leverage this tournament as an excellent PR tool.  Violet's mind was 
    filled with visions of him and his prototype dominating The King of 
    Iron Fist Tournament 4.
     (Credits to Namco) 
    II. Basics
     Well on we go with the basics. I will specified his throws, here we go:
    2+4---Wu Tip- His new and second best throw. Violet grabs the opponent on 
    his/her sholders, handstands over them and crosses his body to flip and 
    roll opponent off the ground causing opponent neck and back to twist and 
    hit the groud. Fancy *** This does about 30% damage
    F+2+4---Neckbreaker, Shoulder- Violet grabs the opponent on his/her head 
    on a front face lock, spins to the side, twisting the head of the victim 
    and falling to the floor. This does about 30% damage
    f,F+3+4---Knee Lift- Violet grabs opponents head and rams his knee to the 
    opponents head seding them flying up. This does 30% damage 
    2+4|F+2+4---Left-Harrasment- This is his coolest throw. Violet grabs one 
    of the opponents arms and joint-locks their wrist bending the arm backwards 
    making the opponent go down to the floor in pain, while they are on the 
    floor Violet starts to scrape his foot on their head and finally making a 
    deadly stomp at their head. Killer Five Star!! ***** about 42% damage
    2+4|F+2+4---Right-Somesault Crusher/Cutter/Stunner- His third best
    looking throw. By his/her side, Violet jumps and flips over them grabs their
    neck to create a 3/4 facelock and drops down the ground to hit the opponents
    neck and chin. Brutal ** 40% damage
    2+4|F+2+4---Flying Bulldog (close to opponents back side)- Violet jumps up
    to the opponnets back and side headlocks the victim and drops them down on 
    their face. 45% damage.
    Daiji Arts:
    I will show you from left to right: moves, name of move, positions(low, 
    medium, high), and hit/percentage.
    *(new moves)
    W/A-while standing    J-juggles       U-unblockable     ~-Immediately
    :-Frame Action Moves(accurate timing) SS-Sidestep       >-Delayed
    Move                  Names                 Position   Hit %
    1,2(starter)----------left, right punch-----HH---------5,10
    * ~f,N----------------Mist Step------------------------
      2-------------------Violet Knuckle--------H----------10
    * (>)4----------------Violet Kick-----------M----------10
        ~3----------------Hitman Stance--------------------
    *1,F+2,2,(>)2---------Violet Knuckle Combo--HHMH-------5,12,5,10
    *1,3:3:3--------------Acid Rain Combo-------HHMH-------5,14,8,5(CH last)
    b+1,1-----------------Backfist Rush---------HM---------10,8
    * ~f,N----------------Mist Step------------------------
       2------------------Triple Fang-----------H----------15
       3+4----------------Hitman Stance--------------------
    b+1,N+1---------------Backfist Rush II------HH---------8,8
    * ~f,N----------------Mist Step------------------------
       2------------------Triple Fang-----------H----------15
       3+4----------------Hitman Stance--------------------
    2,2-------------------Rave War--------------HH---------10,10   
    F+2>2>2---------------Rave War Combo--------HMH--------12,5,10
    d/f+2-----------------Uppercut(J)-----------H----------10(CH Juggles)
    SS+2------------------Rear Cross Punch------H----------10
    * ~f,N----------------Mist Step------------------------
    *SS+1+2---------------Schwartz Rose Hook----M----------20(CH last)
    3---------------------Head Kick-------------H----------18
    * >3------------------Violet Hammer---------M----------15
    * (f_d/f)+3-----------Step In Kick----------M----------15
    *F+3:3:3--------------Acid Rain Combo-------HMH--------14,8,5(CH last)
    B+3-------------------Mist Wolf-------------M----------18
      >3------------------Mist Wolf Combo-------H----------18
      ~3[4]---------------Feint Mist Wolf[Trap]-H----------18[30]
      ~4------------------Hitman Stance---------------------
    d+3,3-----------------Silver Low-Head Kick--LH---------8,18
    * >3------------------Violet Hammer---------M----------15
    * (f_d/f)+3-----------Step In Kick----------M----------15
    u/f+3-----------------Quick Silver Sting----H----------20
    d/f+3-----------------Side Kick-------------M----------18
    d/b+3-----------------Low Slice Kick--------L----------12
    f,f+3-----------------Split Axe Kick--------M----------23
    FC,d/f,d,d/f+3--------Dragon Slide----------L----------18
    WS+3,3----------------Tsunami Kick----------MM---------10,17
       d/f+3_(D+3)--------Mid/Low Infinite------M(L)-------15(15)
           3,3,3,3..------Rave Kicks------------MHMH-------10,15,10,15..
            u+3,3,3..-----Violet Hammer-Rave----MMH--------15,10,15..
            d+3,3,3..-----Silver Low-Rave-------LMH--------15,10,15..
    SSRight+3-------------Violet Screw----------H----------25
      ~4------------------Hitman Stance--------------------
    u/f+3+4---------------Silver Sting----------H----------30
    f,f,N+3+4-------------Falling Dragon Slide--H----------15
    b,b,N+3+4-------------Handspring Backflip--------------(Hitman)
            >4------------Shredder Combo--------H----------25 
            >d/f+4--------Shredder Mid----------M----------15
            >d+4----------Shredder Low----------L----------15
    *4,3,3----------------Violet Spin Hammer----HHM--------16,12,19
    4,3,4-----------------Shaolin Spin Kicks----HHH--------16,12,12
    4,4,4-----------------Machine Gun Kicks-----HHH--------16,8,10 
    f+4-------------------Silver Whip-----------H----------8
    b+4-------------------Silver Heel(J)--------M----------22 
      ~3------------------Hitman Stance--------------------
    b,b+4-----------------Quick Cutter----------M----------20
      ~3------------------Hitman Stance--------------------  
    *u/f+4----------------Violent Knee(J)-------M----------15
    U/F+4-----------------Hop Kick(J)-----------M----------12
    D#+4>4>4>4------------Laser Edge Rush-------LLLM-------7,5,5,21
    D+4-------------------Laser Edge------------L----------7 
      >N+4,4,4------------Machine Gun Kicks-----HHH--------20,8,10
    * >N+4,3,3------------Violet Spin Hammer----HHM--------16,12,19
      >N+4,3,3------------Shaolin Spin Kicks----HHH--------20,12,12
    * ~N+4~3--------------Silver Cyclone(U)-----H----------80 
    d,d/b+4---------------Blazing Kick(J)-------M----------22
    d,d/f+4---------------Silver Tail-----------L----------12
    WS+4_(d/f+4)----------Rising Kick-----------M----------20 
      ~3------------------Hitman Stance--------------------
    SSLeft+4--------------Violet Screw----------H----------25
      ~3------------------Hitman Stance--------------------
    FC,(u/b_u_u/f)--------Fake Catapult--------------------
    FC,(u/b_u_u/f)+4------Low Catapult----------M----------15_22_25
      ~3------------------Hitman Stance--------------------
    FC,(U/B_U_U/F)+4------High Catapult---------M----------25_28_30
    FC,(U/B_U_U/F)+3+4----Rainbow Kick----------MM---------30,20
    3+4-------------------Hitman Stance--------------------
    F+3+4-----------------Hitman Stance(step)--------------
    *f,N------------------Mist Step------------------------
    * 3,4-----------------Soviet Kicks(J)-------H----------10,16
    * b,N-----------------Reverse Mist---------------------
    *   4-----------------Code Red--------------L----------15
    d+3+4-----------------Silver Cyclone(U)-----H----------80
    d/b+1+2,(u,u)---------Silver Demon(U)-------MM---------10,70(cancel)
    *b,b~u/b--------------Wall Backflip---------H----------20(BK to Wall)             
    Hitman Stance: 3+4(F+3+4)
      U(D)----------------Hitman Cancel--------------------
      F(hold)-------------Forward Step---------------------
      b(B)----------------Hitman Cancel--------------------
      1,1,1..-------------Freaker Jab-----------HHH--------15,15,15..(HM)
      1,3-----------------Traping Kick----------HH---------21,13
    * 1,4-----------------Jab,Violet Kick-------M----------10
        ~3----------------Hitman Stance--------------------
      2-------------------Scatter Blow(J)-------M----------23
      3-------------------Trapping Kick---------H----------21,13(CH)
      4-------------------Ship Slicer(J)--------L----------22(Floats)
    d/f+ (last hit juggles, if hit of course)
    start with: 1,2,4,
    trick with: 
    (more coming soon)
    This is in construction.
    Start with: d/f+2--U/F+4--u/f+4--f,f+3
    1,D+4,4,4,4(only haved worked on Marduk and King)
    Start with: 1,3:3:3--F+3:3:3(if last hit)
    Start with: d,d/b+4
    4,u+3,(f,3,4-only have worked on Marduk)
    Start with: Hitman 2
    (2), u/f+3+4
    Start with: Hitman 4
    Start with: b+4
    Start with: f,3,4
    1,D+4,4,4,4(only haved worked on Marduk and King)
    More Combos to come!
    IV. Thanks and Credits
    Well its time for me to say thank you to everyone and hopefully I can 
    help someone out there about Violet. I have to thank GameFAQs for letting 
    me put this faq out. Namco for giving us something to not give up the 
    coin-up industry and putting the best fighting game out there. I like to 
    thank my girlfriend Erika and my daughter Jaleen(14 months!) for letting-
    supporting me while playing Tekken. Also I like to thank Catlord 
    and the tekkenzaibatsu.com for having all the names of every single moves 
    in T4 and great faqs. If anyone has stuff or corrections I need to add email 
    me I promise to respond just give me some time please. Oh and I love to hear 
    your feedback about my Violet's faq. 
    Thank you

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