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    Craig by Kent Dela Pena

    Version: 1.3 | Updated: 05/19/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    *Craig Marduk*
    Author: Kent Dela Pena
    Email: anus_maximus@hotmail.com
    Version 1.3
    This FAQ is copyrighted (c) Kent Dela Pena 2001-02.  All rights reserved.
    I can't really believe I have to say this, but this work is not to be used for
    profit and doing so bequeaths you the title of poor sad loser who must find a 
    real job.  Really, there's better ways to make money out there.
    Don't try to reproduce this and write it off as yours.  You'll never amount to
    anything in life if you're out there copying FAQs and saying it's yours.  There
    are better and more important things to plagiarize.  Do not go out there
    claiming to be me either, or an FAQ writer for that matter.  Although I know
    these moves, I am not the greatest player, nor should I recommend living my
    life.  It's something you don't wanna do.  If you knew me, you wouldn't wanna
    be me.
    This FAQ is in English and the only foreign language I can speak is French.
    I'm sorry if you can't understand it or get any of the jokes (there's jokes?)
    Also, do not email me in any languages other than French or English.  They
    will be deleted if I can't read it.  Also put "Craig FAQ" as the subject.
    This FAQ should be posted on www.gamefaqs.com unless you ask me for permission
    to post it on your site (chances are, I'll say yes, especially if you baked
    This FAQ can also be found on the following sites:
    *Table of Contents*
      1. Version History
      2. Introduction
      3. Legend
      4. Who is this Brute?
      5. Move list
      6. In depth moves
      7. The Game  
      8. Mounting your opponent
      9. Credits
     10. Main Contributors
     11. Final Words
    *Version History*
    1.1 - Oct 10, 2001 - Added some more comments
                         Edited the finishes off the punch fakes
                         Added the Leg Scissors
                         Added the Bicycle Kick
                         Added the Rising Headbutt
                         Added more throw setups
    1.2 - Oct 22, 2001 - Always gotta add more comments
                         Added the Side Chop
                         Added the Tornado Chop
                         Added another site to find this FAQ
                         Removed some falsified strats
    1.3 - May 18, 2001 - Added more juggles and major updates
    This FAQ is for all those players who use Craig or want to learn to use him.  
    We all have our reasons, so just continue reading and see what's up with him
    in his first Tekken adventure.
    I made this FAQ and my previous FAQs mainly for myself.  I used it as a guide
    for which moves to use under various conditions.  I've always believed in
    sharing my wealth so I would like to pass on this knowledge to anybody else
    who wishes to learn Marduk.  Hell, when people ask me for some strats on certain
    players, it's easier for me to direct them to this FAQ.
    I'm assuming that you know the conventions such as 1_2 and so on.  Here's just
    a rundown on all the buttons and directions.  I think the illustration below
    insults your intelligence, but if ya stil need them...
         1P                                       2P
         UB  U  UF                                UF  U  UB   
           O O O                                    O O O
            \|/         (1)  (2)                     \|/         (1)  (2)
         B O-N-O F                                F O-N-O B
            /|\         (3)  (4)                     /|\         (3)  (4) 
           O O O                                    O O O
         DB  D  DF                                DF  D  DB        
    I'm guessing that you're aware of the PS2 buttons, so I won't use an illustration
    here.  Plus, everyone has their own button layout.
    u,d,f,b: Tap direction                    U,D,F,B: Hold direction
         CD: Crouch Dash (f,N,d,df)                 N: Neutral(no joystick direction)
         WS: While Standing from crouch            FC: Full Crouch
         BT: Back Towards opponent                VTS: Vale Tudo Stance (3+4)
        qcf: Quarter circle forward (d,df,f )      SS: Side step (u_d)
         CH: Counter hit (interrupt an opp's move) []: Optional input
          ~: Input next command immediately       L_R: Left or Right
          1: Left Punch                             2: Right punch
          3: Left Kick                              4: Right Kick
    *Who is this Brute?*
    Craig Marduk is a Full Contact Fighter.  His style is often referred to as Vale Tudo,
    anything goes.  He is a very large character.  That's all you need to know.  Do you
    really care about his story? What is this? The Craig's Story FAQ? Read that somewhere
    else! Given his size and fighting style, you know Craig is all about power and
    brutality than speed and finesse. 
    He can be really cheap when the Tudo Takedown is abused, but in the right hands,
    there's even more reasons to fear Craig Marduk than the silly Takedown.
    This man looks like a monster and should fight like one. I still can't get enough
    of this character's brutality during combat. If an opponent is way too defensive,
    they're gonna have a rough time against this beast. If your opponent goes on the
    offensive, you're gonna have a rough time yourself.
    *Move list*
    Okay, maybe not. There is no movelist on this FAQ. Honestly, if you need one that
    badly, check out www.tekkenzaibatsu.com; www.tekkencentral.com; and many other FAQs
    that lists Marduk's moves (Specifically Catlord's.  You do know Catlord, don't you?).
    Tekken websites also gives you frame rates, damage properties, and such detailed info
    as well. I also made a site detailing moves and info on Craig. Check it out at
    www.angelfire.com/games4/t4_grapplers Please check there if you need it that badly.
    I'm just assuming you know all of Craig's moves and just want to know how to play him
    (or at least how I do).
    *In depth moves*
    The following are moves I use the majority of my matches.  If some moves I find are
    pretty useless, I won't mention it.  In no particular order, here are Craig's moves
    that I use a lot during his fights.  Word of advice:  These moves are what I consider
    to be good moves, but do not pick one move and stick with it the entire match a la
    Jab String Setup (1,2...)
    Jabbing has become an essential part of Tekken 4.  Every character has a string that
    is set up by 1,2.  Craig is no different, but his jabs are much slower than everybody
    else's.  This is what gives him such a big disadvantage in Tekken 4.  After 1,2 Craig
    can do the following:
     - 3+4 - VTS stance followed by its followups.
     - 3,1+2 - A midkick followed by a headbutt.  The headbutt is optional so that in
      the future, you can bait people into eating the headbutt.  On the other hand, if
      your opponent expects the headbutt and is using a standing block (they should've
      been ducking 'cause it hits high) or tries to retaliate, go in for a throw.
     - f+1 - Left elbow.  Useful if anybody tries to interrupt after 1,2.  Be warned,
      this blow hits high.
     - 2+4 - Not listed in any movelist, but Craig's standard throw flows easily from
      the jab strings.  Maybe not like King's, but just like everybody else.
    Jab to Gut Punch (1,d+2)
    If your opponent ducks a lot, the gut punch will punish.  Plus, the gut punch does
    gut/guard stun and can do well for a throw setup.  You can do the Gut Punch by
    itself by pressing df+2.
    Bezerker Chops (f+2,1,2,1)
    Craig goes wild and does 4 quick chops. This move is fast, which is useful vs.
    jabbers and also quite damaging for some measly chops. If the 1st one hits, the rest
    are guaranteed. Cutting the string short makes it good for throw setups. All the
    hits are high so watch for crouchers. 
    Crouching Elbow (d+1)
    Stagger Kick (d+4)
    Long ranged low kick resembling King's. Does decent damage and is unparryable. You'll
    probably want to abuse this a bit to get your opponent to low block.
    Bazooka Heel (b+4)
    Think exactly like King's Disgraceful kick, but hurts like a deathfist. The
    difference is this kick will knock your opponent back about one screen length, has
    more range than King's kick, and Craig won't recover BT. Other than that,think of it
    exactly like King's. Nail your opponent into directly into a wall (without juggling)
    with this kick and you've got yourself a free hit. Watch out, you can be Back thrown
    before this kick actually connects.
    Earthquake Punch (b+1)
    I'm calling this that move because it looks exactly like Juggernaut's from MVC2 fame.
    This move should be strictly used for okizeme or ending juggles if this is your thing.
    Spinning Back Fist (b+2)
    Craig does a slight SS by spinning to his right and letting loose a vicious backfist.
    If this connects on a CH, by all means follow it up with a f,f+3 or b+1 if it knocks
    your opponent down or go for a throw if they're still standing after this hit. Also
    a great way to hit people SSing to your left.
    Uppercut (df+1)
    Quick short ranged launcher. Punish anything upclose, stunned, or recovering with
    this move.  This is useful after a parry. If it's whiffed though, you're in for some
    Shoulder Ram ([2],d+1+2)
    A beginning and an end. To what? Juggles. Start 'em or end 'em, you can go with
    this. This move also goes under high hits, and that's very good in Tekken 4. End
    juggles with this and you've got some nice okizeme coming up. This is the launcher
    you'll probably want to try to land more often. Good speed, ducks under most high
    moves, and knocks the opponent further back. Like all his moves, try not to whiff
    this one.
    Elbow-Knee Strike (d+2,4)
    The initial elbow is good as a poke type move. The knee follow up is always optional
    which makes it good for baiting.  If the elbow hits, the knee is guaranteed. A
    powerful string itself.
    Spear Hand (VTS_WS+1)
    This move may look weird and ackward, but this move has its uses. This move hits mid,
    so tough luck for the crouchers. Use this as a juggle filler or better yet as a throw
    Side Chop (VTS_WS+2)
    This is an amazing move to use against people SSing to your right. Don't abuse this
    though, 'cause this hits high. On a CH, your opponent is sent rolling back. I only
    use this on SS scrubs SS Walking to Craig's right. Also a nice shot to give after
    ducking a high move or throw attempt.
    Tornado Chop (SS+2)
    Basically like the Side Chop, but this move hits Special mid and will always send your
    opponent rolling back. I only use this to catch a SS scrub going to Craig's right and
    I don't have enough time to VTS or instant WS.
    Double Hammer (1+2) Press d+2+4 immediately for a Powerbomb
    This move is reminiscent of the Jacks from previous Tekkens. Stuns your opponent if
    it lands. If you press d+2+4, you can link into a power bomb. Great as some kind of
    punisher. If you don't do the powerbomb, nothing is guaranteed after it, but you can
    play a mean mixup. Do not whiff this move under any circumstances.
    Tornado Hammer(db+1+2)
    Another Jack-style move. This uppercut launches opponents higher than the uppercut or
    the shoulder ram. There is a slight SS windup to his right on this move. The recovery
    is a bit slow, so expect a regular juggle.
    Bicycle Kick (f,f_WR+3)
    Similar to Jin's version, but much more powerful. Though it is powerful, do not abuse
    this like a one-shot wonder Jin scrub. If the Earthquake Punch is too far to do, this
    will probably connect. Can be handy at the walls as well.
    Leg Lunge (FC,df+4)
    A long low hit. Just when your opponent think they're safe from low hits at mid range,
    this'll get them. You get a knock down from a clean hit, which guarantees you a b+1
    or a FC+1+2 depending on circumstance. This move is also useful in okizeme.
    Rising Headbutt (FC+1+2) Just Frame input b for the Back Body Drop throw
    If your opponent thought you were about to go low on a FC, this will get them. Sometimes
    guaranteed after you get the Leg Lunge. The Just Frame followup does awful damage, but
    it leaves Craig in a safe position.
    Double Stomp (uf_u_ub+3+4)
    If this move is used properly, it can give you great results. If your opponent uses
    KND kick moves when they're down and while you're beside them, this stomp will squash
    them. Hopping backwards can provide you a fairly good escape tactic, while hopping
    straight up can bait your opponent into eating something punishing. Craig's u version
    has longer range than the uf version if his opponent stays down. Finally, this can be
    used as part of an Atomic Buster juggle.
    Vale Tudo Stance (3+4)
    When Craig is crouched and his arms up in front of him, you know there's trouble
    coming up. He's got so many mixups that will be discussed in a later section.
    Anyways, if you really need to SS around, get into this stance because he covers more
    ground from this position than he would normally. This stance has auto-block, so don't
    worry about getting hit by opponents if you've stayed in this stance for too long.
    Regular throws (2+4_f+2+4)
    A throw is a throw and it's essential in every Tekken game. If you don't have
    enough time to use a command throw, go for one of these. Be warned, okizeme isn't
    guaranteed after these throws, but it does become a nice guessing game.
    Northern Lights Suplex (qcf+1) Press 1+2 to Mount your opponent
    A nice little command throw that puts Marduk into the Mount. This is a rare throw
    in his arsenal that uses 1 as its escape. Anything into a Mount is always good as
    long as it isn't scrubby. Anything that has a 1 escape is good too. So in
    conclusion, this throw is good, unless you have bad sticks.
    Jackhammer Suplex (db,db+1+2)
    This impressive throw has nice range, quite damaging, double button escape
    and can be buffered from a lot of things because of its long reach. This move can
    be compared to TTT's Armor King's DDT.
    Atomic Buster (f,f+1+2)
    A powerful and vicious throw by itself. It doesn't even end there. Craig's opponent
    is launched and is susceptible to juggles. With the f,f motion, this move has a lot
    of reach. Touchdown!!
    Powerbomb (d+2+4)
    Think exactly like King's crouch throw, but without the jumping. Catch crouchers and
    techrollers with this.
    Reversal (b+1+2_3+4)
    If Craig is successful in his reversal, he'll automatically mount his opponent.
    If your opponent is too predictable, by all means do this. Use b+1+2 to reverse
    high hits and b+3+4 is used to reverse mid hits.
    Body Slam (VTS 2+4)
    If you're really close to your opponent, use this to mix up from the Tudo Takedown
    throw. Although not as potentially damaging and less range than the Takedown, but
    at least the throw comes out faster and has a smaller escape window than the Takedown.
    Change Position (1+3+f_u_d_b)
    Something new added in Tekken 4 like Craig. Get yourself out of a corner and put your
    opponent into one by forcing a side switch with this command. You may shove your
    opponent into a wall by pushing them into one. Your opponent is stunned briefly
    which can set you up for a quick jab or some throws.
    Tudo Takedown (VTS 1+2)
    A move that needs no introduction. This is the main reason people hate Craig so much
    and this is the reason why we love him. I used to think that this move was so cheap,
    but after playing Tekken 4 for a while, my view has changed. If some guy wants to turtle,
    bust this out and make him pay dearly. Tekken 4 rewards offense over defense. There are
    set ups to this as well, which will be discussed later. People may think it's cheap, but
    from upclose, this move can be escaped like any throw. The Takedown has lower priority
    than a lot of moves. So jabs, hopkicks, and the whatnots can interrupt this move. This
    move can be avoided by using special stances like the Relaxed Position or Play Dead
    Position. You may even jump or SS to avoid this move as well. With all these handicaps,
    why do people complain?
    *The Game*
    As you fight, you'll be put into various situations. Here are some moves that I've
    suggested during each scenario.
    Pre fight - What you do right off the bat can determine the outcome and flow of the
               match. Now that can move before throwing out moves, it's good to get
               some good positioning before duking it out.
     Before the announcer says fight:
       - SSing - A good idea to move yourself into open area and not close to a wall.
        Also a setup to some SS buffered moves
       - F dash - Show your aggressiveness before a fight. Also an indication that
        you'll go for a throw. Watch out for jabs or a throw when the fight begins.
       - B dash - Shows defensiveness and turtling. If you repeatedly do db,db as you
        b dash, you're buffering a Jackhammer.
       - Hop over - If you can time this right, just when the announcer shouts "Fight!"
        you can find yourself behind your opponent and with a free kick.
       - FC - Assume this position and have your opponent guess what you'll be doing.
        See the FC aspect of the game to find out your options from here.    
       - VTS - Get into this stance and let your opponent fear the Tudo Takedown. SS
        a bit so your opponent knows that you're not FCing.
     When the announcer says "Fight":
       - Throw - Command throw, regular throw, or VTS throw, if you've caught your
        opponent turtling at the start of the match, here's some good instant damage.
        Using setups increases your chances of landing throws.
       - Jabs/pokes - Use some annoying but quick tick damage to start the match. Your
        opponent would've probably have done the same. Perhaps you could set up a
        throw from here too. You can setup a VTS from the jabs too. You can do lots.
       - FC mix up - See the FC section about your options.
       - VTS mixups - Do some nasty things from here. See the VTS section.
       - Shoulder Ram - If your jab happy opponent starts jabbing right off the bat.
       - Idle - Stand still, block, then retaliate. Starting on defense can be
        rewarding at times.  There's no risk of receiving a CHed attack from your
        opponent and you have the opportunity to read some tendencies and patterns in
        one string or series. Watch out for throws though.
    Pokes - Now that everybody fights without a partner, ticking and chipping away at
           your opponent's life is more important than ever. Poking and jabbing is not
           a big part of Craig's game since he doesn't have any long quick strings. 
           Marduk is best suited for mid to long range fighting. In the event that he
           does poke, use Craig's poke strings as a means to bait people into stuns and
           such or to push your opponent back. Do this by not completing each string.
           If you do get caught upclose with your opponent, try these moves to give
           yourself some breathing space:
       - Jab string setups - These are good for setups, baiting, and giving yourself
        some space. Do not get into a jab contest with your opponent or else you will
        lose. Craig has one of the slowest jabs in the game.
       - Jab to Gut Punch (1,d+2) - Good vs. crouching opponents and knocks your
        opponent back. Makes great for a throw set up.
       - Bezerker chops (f+2,1,2,1) - Very fast and will knock your opponent to mid
        range. All hits are guaranteed if the 1st hits.
       - Elbow Knee Strike (d+2,4) - Doing the elbow can be quite effective. Not much
        to say here. Of course, if your opponent tries anything funny, put a knee into
        their chin.
       - Mid kick (df+3) - Nice mid hitting kick to keep them out of range. If your
        opponent likes attacking after the kick, use 1+2 to land a headbutt.
       - Crouching elbow (d+1) - Although short ranged, this is one of Craig's fastest
       - Low punch (d+2) - A fast, longer ranged way to keep your opponent away. Can
        set you up for FC stuff.
       - Shin Kick (d+3) - Short, but rather quick low kick.  Only use this for
        annoying opponents.
       - Stagger kick (d+4) - Just like King's except he can't do multiple ones or
        uppercut followups.
    Whiff punisher - If your opponent does a move from too far and completely misses,
                    you've successfully dodged it, or you blocked a move with lots of
                    recovery, try these:
       - Command throws - Usually devastating and spirit breaking. A qcf throw is the
        best way to get into the Mount, which is ideal for Craig, but you can't go wrong
        with the launching Atomic Buster. Hell, you can't go wrong with any throw.
       - Bazooka heel (b+4) - Knock your opponent to the other side of the field.
        Better if you can knock your opponent into a wall or structured object. This
        move has a really long reach itself. Watch out though 'cause this move hits high.
        After blocking one of the CPU's moves, this will always connect.
       - Launchers - You're guaranteed some hits after knocking them in the air. Plus,
        if you finish with a Bazooka Heel, you could get a wall stun given the right
        distance from a wall. Finish with a Shoulder Ram, you've got an okizeme game
        coming at them.
       - Spinning backfist (b+2) - Stun 'em and knock to the side. If you knocked down
        your opponent with this move, then by all means use f,f+3 or b+1 as a followup.
        If they're still standing go for a throw or Shoulder Ram for the crouchers and
       - Double hammer (1+2) - Punish with a stun, followed by a throw or launcher mixup.
       - Throw setups - Using one of your favourite throw setups will increase chances
        of landing a throw.  Sometimes, players duck on reaction after whiffing or
        recovering.  Use setups to keep them standing before throwing.
    Throw setups - This is a big part of Craig's game. Being about strength, he needs
                  to manhandle to win fights. The main throws you'd like to land are
                  the Northern Lights Suplex, Jackhammer Suplex, and the Atomic
                  Buster. Here are a few common setups:
       - f+1,f+1+2 - If you're new to the concept of throw setups and buffering,
        practice this. Basically Craig will move forward with a left jab, followed by
        an Atomic Buster attempt. It's that simple.
       - Jab string setups - Kinda self explanatory.
       - 1+2,throw - When your opponent is stunned from the hammer, can't see why you
        shouldn't go for a throw.  The crouch throw is the natural string, but when
        people break that, prepare to go for other throws.
       - df+2,Jackhammer_Atomic Buster - Gut punch into a throw. The Jackhammer has
        a long range and will work if your opponent tries to step forward. If your
        opponent tends to back off a lot, you'll probably have more success with the
        Atomic Buster.
       - 1,d+2,Jackhammer_Atomic Buster - A modified and better version of the df+2
        setup. This is my favourite setup.
       - VTS 1_WS+1,qcf throw - You don't even have to do the qcf throws. The Spear
        Hand can buffer into so many things. I just prefer the qcf stuff.
       - f+2,1,2,throw - You don't have to do the 2nd 2, but you at least should do
        the first 2 strikes of the string so your opponent can identify the move you're
       - d+2,4,Jackhammer_Atomic Buster - If your opponent tries to retaliate, go for
        the Jackhammer. On a defensive opponent, go with the Atomic Buster.
       - 4,Atomic Buster - As long as the kick doesn't knock your opponent down, you
        should have some luck.
       - b+2,any throw - As long as the Spinning Back Fist doesn't knock your opponent
        down, you can try this out.
       - f+1+3,Atomic Buster - You can buffer the f-change position into an Atomic 
        Buster. Amazing results with a juggle coming up.
    Note:  If your opponent is familiar with your setups and ducks, mix up the throw
         with a launcher or a crouch throw. For jabbers, use a Shoulder Ram instead. If
         your opponent is constantly holding B bringing them out of range, go for the
         Tudo Takedown instead of anyother throw.
    FC mix ups - A crouching opponent can be a dangerous opponent.  Just look at Bryan
                and Kaz. Craig can become a serious threat while he's ducking. Some
                people like to start the FC by simply ducking, while others use d+1_2 or
                d+4 before getting into the crouch. Marduk can cancel his VTS stance
                into a FC by pressing df_db while in VTS. Here are some useful moves from
                the crouch position:
       - Leg Lunge (FC,df+4) - Nifty little long reaching low kick. If you knock them down
        on a CH or on a higher surface plane, you can probably get the FC+1+2 headbutt.
        A b+1 is much safer as a followup on a flat surface.
       - Rising Headbutt (FC+1+2) - The nice Rising Headbutt to punish whiffed high hits.
       - Spear Hand (WS+1) - Spear Hand goes nicely into throw or launcher setups
       - Side Chop (WS+2) - Side Chop makes a nice alternative if you've just ducked a high
    Okizeme - Sure, hitting people when they're down is cheap, but not in the UFC. So,
             that should apply here. Craig is quite powerful in this department. These
             are the moves that I use in okizeme and their situations:
       - Earthquake Punch (b+1) - If your opponent lies still, punish them with this
        vicious punch. If your opponent is lying in a corner, bust these out and
        they'll lose a lot of energy before they roll out. This move also tracks well
        against side roller who rolls the wrong way and at the wrong time.
       - Tudo Takedown (VTS 1+2) - If your opponent rolls back, Mount them with the
        Takedown. You can also SS from the VTS to adjust accordingly in case your
        opponent rolls to the side.
       - Leg Lunge (FC,df+4) - Best done when cancelled from VTS. When your opponent
        thinks you're setting up for a Tudo Takedown, cancel the VTS and kick them
        while they're lying down.
       - Bicycle Kick (f,f+3) - Use this like a Mishima does. If your opponent is too
        far for the b+1 or your opponent is rolling back, go for this.
    Vale Tudo Stance - This is a very dangerous position. Obviously, Craig can do his
                      trademark Tudo Takedown from here. There's still a lot more things
                      Craig can do from this position. Here are the best ones to use:
       - Tudo Takedown (1+2) - Obvious and well known. If you do this from upclose, you'll
        do an escapable double leg take down throw. If you do this from 1/2 screen away
        from your opponent, you'll get a spear tackle. You can use this after a low parry.
        See what happens after that under the Mount section.
       - Body Slam (2+4) - Mix up your throws by doing this move. Some people will never
        see it coming especially from upclose. This throw comes out real fast. Mix up
        your VTS throws between this and 1+2. This is best done after a 1,2 string.
       - Position Change (1+3+f_u_d_b) - Another throw mixup that leads to throw setups or
        launcher setups. 
       - Side Chop (2) - Craig will do a quick SSL before brushing away his opponent with
        his right arm. Your opponent will be knocked down and if you're fast enough, you
        can connect with a b+1. Be warned, this hits high.
       - Spear Hand (1) - This quick mid-hitting move looks kind of ackward and useless.
        Don't get me wrong, since it's fast, this can be used as a throw setup.
       - SS (u_d) - Throw off your opponent's timing or avoid their quick poke by using
        this wide SS.  You can also do a SS+2 from here with great results.
       - Cancel (3+4) - It's best doing this repeatedly and especially from mid to long
        range. Craig looks like he's bobbing up and down and when your opponent least
        suspects it, it's Tudo Tackle time.
       - FC Cancel (db_df) - Go into a FC game by cancelling the stance this way.
    Launchers - Craig has amazing launchers to initiate a juggle game. Unfortunately,
               he doesn't have good moves for high damaging juggles. Anyways, here are
               Craig's best launchers:
       - Shoulder Ram (d+1+2) - Craig ducks a little before driving the opponent into
        the air. Probably his most reliable launcher under usual circumstances since it
        helps him duck high attacks and pushes blocking opponents away from harm.
       - Uppercut (df+1) - Quick but short ranged and weakest of the launchers. This is
        best used after a low parry or when the Shoulder Ram won't connect in time.
       - Tornado Hammer (db+1+2) - Craig will do a short SS to the right before lifting
        the opponent with a hammer blow. That little SS helps, but even though the
        adversary's launched high, Craig recovers a bit longer, thus resulting in a
        standard Shoulder Ram juggle.
       - Atomic Buster (f,f+1+2) - This throw results in a sweet juggle. Always good
        if you can set it up. Try not to abuse this since it can be escaped and ducked.
    If you want to be successful with juggles, you have to have the mentality that all
    your launchers will connect.  That way when you see your opponent in the air, you
    won't be caught off guard.
    Juggles - Although it's unlikely, Craig Marduk does possess some ability to juggle,
             even if it is weak. Juggles have been toned down in T4, but you need to be
             able to do them with Craig in order to create an effective mix-up in throw
             setups and techroll/okizeme traps. If your opponent ducks a lot, do not
             hesitate to launch them in the air. Here are a few simple juggles that I use:
       - Any launcher,1,1,1,b+4 - Simple juggle. You can even try adding another 1.
       - d+1+2_db+1+2,1,2~d+1+2 - Delay the 2 after the 1. You're only doing a single 1
        jab on this juggle followed by the 2,1+2 string. Not the 1,2 jab string.
       - d+1+2_db+1+2,1,d+2,4 - If a wall may ruin a powerful juggle, the Elbow-Knee Strike
        provides great damage, plus knocks your opponent into the wall.
       - d+1+2,b+4 - If I'm close to a wall, I want the Bazooka Heel to land for sure.
       - f,f+1+2,b+4 - Simple yet vicious. This is kinda scrubby.
       - f,f+1+2,f,f+3 - Nice if timed right. You have to be quick to land that kick.
       - f,f+1+2,3+4,22 - Nice damage and leaves a tech rolled opponent prone to a tackle.
       - f,f+1+2,3+4~1,2~d+1+2 - Looks fancy and does quite a bit of damage for a juggle.
        You've got some nice okizeme from here or a techroll trap too.
       - f,f+1+2,f dash,uf+3+4,b+1 - Looks fun to do. Not fun to receive. This can be
        tech rolled though. That means mix up between a Tackle for rollers, or b+1 for
    Note:  The shoulder ram ender leaves your opponent prone to a Tudo Takedown if they
         roll back. A quick f dash followed by a crouch throw will catch techrollers. If
         they don't roll in any way, then by all means, Earthquake Punch. You can still
         use the Bazooka heel, but that's best reserved when you have the opportunity to
         knock your opponent into a wall.
    Guaranteed stuff - While these aren't juggles, the followups after the moves are
                      guaranteed. Here they are:
       - CH b+2,b+1 - If your opponent was knocked a bit further, use a f,f+3 instead.
       - WS+2_VTS 2,b+1 - As long as your opponent isn't sent rolling back.
       - KND 3,b+1 - You may also substitute with a FC,df+4.
       - FC,df+4,FC+1+2 - Will hit on a CH or on a higher plane. If the Leg Lunge wasn't
        a CH or on a flat area, use b+1.
    Walls - With the addition of walls, Tekken has taken an interesting twist.  
           Punishing your cornered opponent seems to be the focus of this Tekken.
           Catching somebody beside a wall or structured object can be so much fun.
           Slamming them into one is even more fun. Here are some useful moves given
           in certain situations:
       - Bazooka Heel (b+4) - This will slam your opponent back into the wall. They
        can wall tech it though, but not without costing them a nice chunk of energy.
       - Elbow-Knee Strike (d+2,4) - Suck down a lot of your opponent's life with this
       - Shoulder Ram (d+1+2) - If your opponent's stunned and you're close enough,
        start a juggle and possibly create another wall stun by finishing it with a
        Bazooka heel.
       - Spinning Back Fist (b+2) - Good vs. wall techs, tracks well, and causes a
        knockdown or a potential stun.
       - Bezerker Chops (f+2,1,2,1) - This is guaranteed if you Position changed (1+3+f)
        your opponent into a wall.
       - Bicycle Kick (f,f+3) - If your opponent is stunned and standing or your
        opponent is down and right beside the wall (not object), go for this if you wish.
       - Earthquake Punch (b+1) - If your opponent has already collapsed, plant this on
        their back.
       - Command throws - If your opponent wall teched, they'll instinctively go for a
        standing block. This is where command throws come in handy.  Remember to mix them
        up, okay?
    *Mounting your opponent*
    If any reader watches any UFC matches, you'll notice that a lot of fights end up
    with a fighter on the ground and on top of his opponent. This is the same position
    you want Craig to find himself. Marduk's mount is very different from everybody
    else's. This appears to be a key aspect to his game. Before I get into the Marduk
    Mount system, here are the ways to initiate the mount:
       - VTS 1+2 - The most common and most abused way to get into a mounting position.
        If Craig is upclose, he'll pickup and slam his opponent into a throw, which is
        escapable. However, if he tackles from a further distance or if your opponent
        is in a special stance, he'll mount his opponent after doing an inescapable
       football (the not-soccer sport) tackle. This move can be interrupted by jabs,
        kicks, and high priority moves. A hopping or lying down opponent will also
        avoid the tackle. Don't think it's invulnerable to any move.
       - qcf+1_2,1+2 - From either a Northern Lights Suplex or Powerslam, Craig can
        Mount his opponent by pressing 1+2. Personally, I prefer using qcf+1 since
        most of his other vicious throws are escaped by 2 or 1+2.
       - b+1+2_3+4 - When Marduk reverses moves, he'll automatically assume the Mount.
        Reverse high hitting moves with b+1+2.  Reverse the mid hits and everyone's
        (except another Craig's) initial tackle attempts with b+3+4.
       - WR - When Marduk runs at his opponent from 11-18 steps away, he'll initiate
        the inescapable tackle to his mount rather than everybody else's.
       - Tackle reversal - By pressing 1+2 when Craig's back is about to hit the ground
        from a tackle attempt by his opponent, Marduk will reverse the tackle and mount
        the opponent instead.
    After mounting, Craig can throw up to 4 punches before finishing the mount with a
    hold.  Unlike the standard Mount system, Craig can throw any combination of punches
    with which ever side.  For example, Marduk can throw any combination of following
    punches (In case you forgot the legend, L = Left and R = Right):
      (Remember, the possibilities are only limited to your creativity)
    On top of that, you have up to 1 second to throw each punch. Basically, you control
    the flow of the mount. You may go through the punches real fast or you can take
    your time. You're in control here. When mounting experts, try to go through your
    punches as fast as you can. This gives them less time to watch Craig's shoulders
    and block or break the mount.
    By pressing 3+4, you cancel your mount. This can be done before throwing your 1st
    punch or before the last one. How can that be useful? When Craig gets off his
    opponent, you can play a mean okizeme game. A cheap sick thing to do is doing
    another Takedown on a rolling opponent after cancelling the mount.
    Craig's finish depends on which punch you used. If Craig uses a left punch as his 4th
    one, he'll do a Triple Headbutt. He'll do a Cross Arm Lock off a front Mount or a
    Choke Sleeper off a rear Mount if he finished with a right punch. As caution, when
    fighting another Craig, Paul, Nina, or King, keep pressing 1+2 while doing the Cross
    Arm Lock. Those 3 characters can reverse it by pressing 1+2 themselves. When you
    press 1+2, you will return the favour and so on and so on until somebody's arm is
    Okay, so the 1st 3 punches can result in you being kicked off if your opponent presses
    1+3_2+4 to escape. If your opponent think they're smart by doing that, then press
    1+3_2+4 yourself when doing punches. 1+3 is for Left punch and 2+4 for Right punch.
    Sure, you will be kicked off, but not without giving your opponent a leglock if you
    mounted them from the front or a choke on a mount from behind. This only applies to
    the first 3 punches. Be careful though, if you press 1+3_2+4 as your punches and your
    opponent presses 2_1 as a successful block, the mount will end automatically.
    After throwing 3 punches, Craig can fake one of his punches only to punch his opponent
    with his other fist. This is useful when people expect one side and those who watch
    the shoulders. Be careful not to make a habit of this or opponents will pick this up.
    Anyways, here's how you do 'em:
       - 1~2 - Fake left, punch right, Cross Arm Lock/Choke sleeper finish.
       - 2~1 - Fake right, punch left, Triple Head Butt finish.
    Sorry about this complicated explanation, but this is much easier to do than it is to
    I would like to thank the following:
    Anybody's who's made a Craig FAQ before me - Being pioneering writers for this guy.
    Avex Honda NSX - Giving me those mercy rounds so I could practice TTT on campus.
                   It's a real pity that you've "left" the Tekken scene. Well, life goes
    Every opponent - Challenging me. Nobody likes to play the CPU all the time. This is
                    the only way we get better.
    Any game site - Posting this up.
    havoc - Seeing you use Craig inspired me to use him. Well, that and my dishonour.
    Me - Need I explain?
    Namco - Making a great game to a great series with a great character
    Pascal - See Avex Honda NSX and also for getting me into Tekken
    Tekkencentral - Having that forum for Canadian players and other useful info.
                   Hilarious posts...you should read some crazy stuff I've posted.
    Tekkenzaibatsu - Information on move lists and such.
    Tekken_Toronto - Like Tekkencentral but with Canadians only. Funny yet useful
                    stuff, well only for T.O.  www.geocities.com/tekkentoronto
    T_T Crew - Showing me that there are many people better than me in Toronto.
    UFC and shoot fighting - These leagues probably inspired this character.
    Video Amusements - For having this game and for being 15 minutes away from my
    York University - Having this game on campus so that I could find some time to
                     play when I'm not studying or getting drunk on campus.  But no
                     thanks for charging us a loonie to play!
    You, the reader - Giving a purpose for this FAQ and for trying to learn that there's
                     more to Craig than the Takedown.
    *Main Contributors*
    These guys had some major input when it came to this FAQ. Although I started writing
    this, these people helped out on some strats regarding Craig Marduk:
    Noh Bah Dee - You'd get this if you've read the Odyssey
    *Final Words*
    This FAQ wasn't that difficult to write, just long. Not as long this time because
    I just took my King FAQ and added Craig and his moves plus a few adjustments.
    Unless I get real bored and start using someone else or have reached my maximum
    potential with Craig, this FAQ will never be finished. Always feel free to write
    (email's at the top of the page) and you will receive credit for any worthwhile
    contributions. Just because I am teaching others out there how to use Craig Marduk
    doesn't mean that I won't learn anything here.
    I only listed and suggested moves to use during each aspect of play. Some Craig
    players prefer to set up their opponents using throws. Others may like to utilize
    his arsenal of powershots. There are many ways to play him.  Well, in the end, 
    the best play similarly. Right now, Tekken 4 is fairly new so there's so much to
    experiment and no fighter fights the same back in TTT, especially Craig 'cause he
    wasn't around then.
    When playing Craig, you will be playing an ugly game, except for people who are
    first impressed with his brutality. Don't expect fancy things from him. I used
    to think using the Tudo Takedown was dishonourable, but my views on it have 
    changed. Craig is severely handicapped from close quarters. A pitbulling Ling, Steve,
    Paul or anyone will cause a Craig player a lot of difficulty. So if pitbulls
    have the advantage, why should turtles? If a guy takes 3 steps backwards or there's
    3 seconds without any movement from your opponent, do not hesitate to tackle them.
    Make them change their game, not you. The better the players you play, the harder
    it becomes to get maximum damage from the Mount if you're able to Mount them.
    If you ever catch a guy in a Mount and you see them going mad on the stick, please
    tell them that doing that is useless and to stop it.  Nobody likes to play with
    damaged joysticks. If you want more competition, do not repeatedly Tackle everybody
    repeatedly so they stop playing the game. We want newbies to beat on and not being
    turned off of this game, but if you need to win, tackle by all means. Just be smart
    when doing it.  
    I am not the greatest Marduk player in the world or even in Toronto for that
    matter. I can say I'm the best on campus because I'm the only guy that uses him.
    Ha Ha Ha! I'm sure there are some readers out there who can beat me using Craig.
    In the Tekken Central, GameFAQs, Toronto_Tekken, Tekkenzaibatsu, or any Tekken
    related forums my screen name is Mini King. If you're from Toronto and you know
    Avex or the rest of the Tekken Crew, then they can tell you who I am. If I ever
    come across an establishment with this game, I'll be there playing. Currently, my
    source for Tekken 4 has been on Campus Cove at York University. You'll know you're
    playing me since I'm the only guy who uses Craig Marduk.
    I don't have internet access at home during the summer, so you may not get any
    replies right away.
    Remember, reading 10 FAQs will not substitute for experience. So go out there and play.

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