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    Bryan by Kent Dela Pena

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 05/19/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    *Bryan Fury*
    Author: Kent Dela Pena
    Email: anus_maximus@hotmail.com
    Version 1.0
    This FAQ is copyrighted (c) Kent Dela Pena 2002.  All rights reserved.
    I can't really believe I have to say this, but this work is not to be used for
    profit and doing so bequeaths you the title of poor sad loser who must find a
    real job. Really, there's better ways to make money out there.
    Don't try to reproduce this and write it off as yours. You'll never amount to
    anything in life if you're out there copying FAQs and saying it's yours. There
    are better and more important things to plagiarize. Do not go out there
    claiming to be me either, or an FAQ writer for that matter. Although I know
    these moves, I am not the greatest player, nor should I recommend living my
    life. It's something you don't wanna do. If you knew me, you wouldn't wanna be
    This FAQ is in English and the only foreign language I can speak is French.
    I'm sorry if you can't understand it or get any of the jokes (there's jokes?)
    Also, do not email me in any languages other than French or English.  They
    will be deleted if I can't read it. Also put "Bryan FAQ" as the subject.
    This FAQ should be posted on www.gamefaqs.com unless you ask me for permission
    to post it on your site (chances are, I'll say yes, especially if you baked
    This FAQ can also be found on the following sites:
    *Table of Contents*
      1. Version History
      2. Introduction
      3. Legend
      4. Who is this Mad Man?
      5. Move list
      6. In depth moves
      7. The Game
      9. Credits
     10. Main Contributors
     11. Final Words
    *Version History*
    1.0 - May 18, 2001 - 1st Edition rushed badly
    This FAQ is for all those beginners who use Bryan or want to learn to use him.
    We all have our reasons, so just continue reading and see what's up with him
    in his latest Tekken adventure.
    I made this FAQ and my previous FAQs mainly for myself. I used it as a guide
    for which moves to use under various conditions. I've always believed in
    sharing my wealth so I would like to pass on this knowledge to anybody else
    who wishes to learn Mr. Fury. Hell, when people ask me for some strats on
    certain players, it's easier for me to direct them to this FAQ.
    This is an early version of the FAQ.  There are many things still to sort out
    and a lot of aspects of the game that is still to be developed.  If there are
    errors, holes, or strats to add, you are more than welcome to kindly send an
    I'm assuming that you know the conventions such as 1_2 and so on.  Here's just
    a rundown on all the buttons and directions.  I think the illustration below
    insults your intelligence, but if ya stil need them...
         Facing Right                             Facing Left
         UB  U  UF                                UF  U  UB
           O O O                                    O O O
            \|/         (1)  (2)                     \|/         (1)  (2)
         B O-N-O F                                F O-N-O B
            /|\         (3)  (4)                     /|\         (3)  (4)
           O O O                                    O O O
         DB  D  DF                                DF  D  DB
    I'm guessing that you're aware of the PS2 buttons, so I won't use an
    here.  Plus, everyone has their own button layout.
    u,d,f,b: Tap direction                    U,D,F,B: Hold direction
        qcf: Quarter Circle Forward               qcb: Quarter Circle Back
          N: Neutral(no joystick direction)
         WS: While Standing from crouch            FC: Fully Crouched
          *: Hold the button                       SS: Side step (u_d)
         CH: Counter hit (interrupt an opp's move)  ~: Input next command
          1: Left Punch                             2: Right punch
          3: Left Kick                              4: Right Kick
    *Who is this Mad Man?*
    Bryan Fury is a snappy dresser who's trained in the art of American Kickboxing.
    Okay, it's not the most accurate portrayal of kickboxing, but it's somewhat
    close. He
    arguably has the best winning pose in the game (hold 1) and the most evil
    That's all you need to know about him. That's all you need to know. Do you
    care about his story? What is this? The Bryan's Story FAQ? Read that somewhere
    Bryan has a good mix of power and speed. He plays a good mixup and can juggle
    well. He has one of the deadliest FC mixups in the game.
    *Move list*
    Okay, maybe not. There is no movelist on this FAQ. Honestly, if you need one
    badly, check out www.tekkenzaibatsu.com; www.tekkencentral.com; and many other
    that lists Bryan's moves (Specifically Catlord's. You do know Catlord, don't
    Tekken websites also gives you frame rates, damage properties, and such
    detailed info
    as well. Please check there if you need it that badly. I'm just assuming you
    all of Bryan's moves and just want to know how to play him (or at least how I
    *In depth moves*
    The following are moves I use the majority of my matches. If some moves I find
    pretty useless, I won't mention it, unless it's so bad I gotta say why. In no
    particular order, here are Bryan's moves that I use a lot during his fights.
    of advice: These moves are what I consider to be good moves, but do not pick
    move and stick with it the entire match a la deathfist.
    Punch Rush (1,2...)
    Jabbing has become an essential part of Tekken 4.  Every character has a string
    is set up by 1,2.  Bryan is no different.  After 1,2 Bryan can do the
     - 1,2 - No longer guaranteed on a CH anymore unfortunately. If the last hit
      your opponent is knocked away.
     - 1,4 - Good annoying mixup due to the low kick.
     - 3 - Low kick. Good mixup.
    Gatling Combo (3,2,1...)
    Another good alternative setup.  The first three hits are guaranteed on a CH. 
    have the option to finish with the following:
     - 2 - Knock away mid hitting punch.
     - 4 - Annoying low kick.
    Punch Kick Cross (1~4...)
    2 quick high hits.  If the first connects, the 2nd is guaranteed.  Definitely
    useful in
    custom strings and setups.  Using the following followups are optional:
     - 2,1... - Refer to the Doom Knuckle string
     - 3,3
    Bryan is pretty much free to execute any string after this.
    Gut Lift (d+2)
    Juggle filler and does a quick lift stun. Most people go on the defensive if
    they eat
    this move.
    Doom Knuckle String (b+2,1...)
    Although the start of the string hits high, it can be quite powerful. If the
    2nd punch
    connects, your opponent will crumple stun. The following are the rest of the
    follow ups:
     - 2 - Bryan's all powerful mach punch.
     - 4 - Guard stun, but reversable.
     - SS - Side Step fake that can be followed up by the rest of the string.
    Stomach Combo(f+2,1,4)
    If the first punch connects, the rest of this string is guaranteed with good
    Even if the knee is blocked, the opponent is knocked away leaving Bryan safe
    from harm.
    Body Shots (df+1,2)
    If the first punch connects, the 2nd is guaranteed.
    Machine Gun Punches (df+1,1,1,1,2)
    Just like the previous move, but use this only after a wall push
    Hammer Driver (FC_N_d+1+2)
    This double punch combo has an amazing tracking ability and a slight back sway
    Good vs. SSers and jabbers.
    Snake Uppercut (qcf_WS+1)
    A reason why crouching one should never duck while Bryan's FC or swaying
    towards them.
    Snake's Edge (df+3)
    This long range sweep causes a nasty float juggle. This kick has improved this
    around. No more stagger from block and faster. Do not abuse this and it'll come
    Hammer Knee (qcf_WS+3) Press 4 for Twin Hammer
    Deadly knee option in Bryan's FC game.  Catch this on a CH, your opponent is
    and susceptible to the Snake Slam launcher.  If your opponent blocks and tries
    retaliate, use the other knee to snuff out the attack.
    Knee Lift (b+4)
    If you know your opponent will be crouching, this kick will knock them in the
    Use this after a low parry.
    Punch Parry (b+1+2~2)
    If you can see a punch coming, by no means just punish your opponent for their
    predictability.  Watch out when doing this against Steve Fox.  If you try to
    up after parrying his left punch, he may Sway and dodge Bryan's Mach Breaker.
    Regular throws (2+4_f+2+4)
    A throw is a throw and it's essential in every Tekken game.  Unfortunately,
    is Bryan's only throw and has a 2 escape.  If Bryan is not FC and tries to
    the throw should always be broken.
    Chains of Misery (FC,df,d,df+1+2)
    One of the coolest throws in the game.  Anything involving Bryan laughing is
    Nice, powerful, and a good mixup from FC.
    Change Position (1+3+f_u_d_b)
    Something new added in Tekken 4.  Get yourself out of a corner and put your
    opponent into one by forcing a side switch with this command.  You may shove
    opponent into a wall by pushing them into one.  Your opponent is stunned
    which can set you up for quick jabs or some throws.
    Taunt (1+3+4)
    *The Game*
    As you fight, you'll be put into various situations.  Here are some moves that
    suggested during each scenario.
    Pre fight - What you do right off the bat can determine the outcome and flow of
               match.  Now that can move before throwing out moves, it's good to
               some good positioning before duking it out.
     Before the announcer says fight:
       - SSing - A good idea to move yourself into open area and not close to a
       - F dash - Show your aggressiveness before a fight.  Also an indication that
        you'll go for a throw.  Watch out for jabs or a throw when the fight
       - B dash - Shows defensiveness and turtling.  Watch out for throws.
       - FC - Get into position for a deadly FC game.
       - Hop over - If you can time this right, just when the announcer shouts
        you can find yourself behind your opponent and with a free kick.
     When the announcer says "Fight":
       - Pokes/Custom - Use some annoying but quick tick damage to start the match.
        opponent would've probably have done the same.  Best way to start on
       - Idle - Stand still, block, then retaliate.  Starting on defense can be
        rewarding at times.  There's no risk of receiving a CHed attack from your
        opponent and you have the opportunity to read some tendencies and patterns
        one string or series.  Watch out for throws though.
       - FC mixup - Start a match with Bryan's forté
       - Snake's Edge (df+3) - Go low and with a launcher.  Do not abuse since your
        can catch on.
    Pokes/Custom - Now that everybody fights without a partner, ticking and
    chipping away at
           your opponent's life is more important than ever.  Poking and jabbing is
           big part of Bryan's game.  This is the key part of my cheese game.  Here
           some of the things you can chain together to make cheese:
       - Punch Rush - No explanation, is there?
       - Gatling Combo - See the move above this.
       - Punch Kick Cross (1~4) - Both hits high, so watch for crouchers.  Use
    followups if
       - Body Shots (df+1,2) - Custom string filler
       - Low jab (d+1) - A great way to get into FC and utilize its mixups.
       -  (f+2,1,4) -
    Just remember that you do not have to complete each string before going into
    the next
    Whiff punisher - If your opponent does a move from too far and completely
                    you've successfully dodged it, or you blocked a move with lots
                    recovery, try these:
       - Throws - Easy damage.  You could've done something better.
       - Launchers - You're guaranteed some hits after knocking them in the air.
       - Pokes/Custom - Start your barrage of annoyances with this.
       - Mach Breaker (f,f+2) - Knock your opponents back with a punch to the head.
       - (d+2) - A weird lift stun.  Momentarily confuse your opponent and
    definitly put
        them back on the defensive.
       - Slash Kick (f,f+3) - Send your opponent rolling back and hopefully into a
       - Spinning Elbow (f+1+2) -
       - Wolf Bite (df+4) - Instant knockdown and gives Bryan a good mix up for
    wake up
       - Hammer Driver (1+2) - If an opponent tries SSing after anything, track 'em
       - Meteor Blow (f+1+4) - Guaranteed damage if it isn't SSed.
    Okizeme - Sure, hitting people when they're down is cheap (by scrubs), but it's
             So, that should apply here.  Bryan has some good moves to punish
             victims.  These are the moves that I use in okizeme and their
       - Snake Sweep (df+3) - When your opponent lies still
       - Slash Kick (f,f+3) - When your opponent tries rolling backwards.
       - Mach Kick (f,f+4) -
       - Wolf Bite (df+4) - When your opponent tries rolling backwards.
    FC mixup - Bryan has one of the most devastating FC mixup games in Tekken.  If
              opponent guesses wrong, they're in for some punishment.  Here's what
              can and should do while crouching:
      - Snake Uppercut (WS+1) - Nice mid hitting launcher.  You should know what to
       from here.
      - Fisherman's Slam (WS+2,b_f+2) - Bounce launcher alternative.
      - Hammer Knee (WS+3) - Good damage and even better on a CH.
      - Chains of Misery (FC,df,d,df+1+2) - Think of this nasty throw as a low hit
      - Throw (2+4) - If your opponent breaks the Chains of Misery all the time,
       up your throw usage by crouch cancelling into this.
    Launchers - Bryan has amazing launchers to initiate a juggle game. 
               he doesn't have good moves for high damaging juggles.  Anyways, here
               Bryan's best launchers:
      - Snake Uppercut (qcf_WS+1)
      - (qcb+2)
      - Snake Slam (b,b+1) - Cool Bounce juggle.
      - Fisherman's Slam (qcf_WS+2~b_f+2) - Another cool Bounce juggle.
      - Snake's Edge (df+3) - More of a float juggle.
      - Orbital Heel (uf+4) - Weird looking float juggle.
      - Knee Lift (b+4) - Launches crouchers. Use this after a low parry.
    If you want to be successful with juggles, you have to have the mentality that
    your launchers will connect.  That way when you see your opponent in the air,
    won't be caught off guard.
    Juggles - Even though it's not the same as in the previous Tekkens, Bryan does
             possess some ability to juggle, even if it is toned down. All juggles
             been toned down in T4. Here are a few simple juggles that I use:
       - qcf_WS+1,b+2,1,4 - Really simple juggle.
       - b,b+1_uf+4,d+2,1,ff+2 - Easy to do.
       - df+3,WS+3,1,ff+2 - Standard juggle off the Snake Sweep
       - b+4,f+4,3,4 - Only works on crouching opponents and after low parries
    Guaranteed stuff - While these aren't juggles, the followups after the moves
                      guaranteed.  Here they are:
    Walls - With the addition of walls, Tekken has taken an interesting twist.
           Punishing your cornered opponent seems to be the focus of this Tekken.
           Catching somebody beside a wall or structured object can be so much fun.
           Slamming them into one is even more fun.  Here are some useful moves
           in certain situations:
       - (df+1,1,1,1,2) - Guaranteed after pushing your opponent into a wall.
       - Snake's Edge (df+3) - It'll hit them while they're down or while standing.
       - Hammer Driver (1+2) - Tracks down wall techers.
    I would like to thank the following:
    Avex Honda NSX - Giving me those mercy rounds so I could practice TTT on
                   It's a real pity that you've "left" the Tekken scene. Life goes
    Every opponent - Challenging me.  Nobody likes to play the CPU all the time.
                    This is the only way we get better.
    Game sites - Posting this up.
    Me - Need I explain?
    Namco - Making a great game to a great series with a great character
    Pascal - See Avex Honda NSX and also for getting me into Tekken
    Tekkencentral - Having that forum for Canadian players and other useful info.
                   Hilarious posts...you should read some crazy stuff I've posted.
    Tekkenzaibatsu - Information on move lists and such.
    Tekken_Toronto - Like Tekkencentral but with Canadians only.  Funny yet useful
                    stuff, well only for T.O.  www.geocities.com/tekkentoronto
    T_T Crew - Showing me that there are many people better than me in Toronto.
    Video Amusements - For having this game and for being 15 minutes away from my
    York University - Having this game on campus so that I could find some time to
                     play when I'm not studying or getting drunk on campus.  But no
                     thanks for charging us a loonie to play!
    You, the reader - Giving a purpose for this FAQ.
    *Main Contributors*
    These guys had some major input when it came to this FAQ.  Although I started
    this, these people helped out on some strats regarding Bryan Fury:
     Noh Bah Dee - You'd get this joke if you've read the Odyssey.
    *Final Words*
    This FAQ wasn't that difficult to write, nor long.  I just took my Jin FAQ and
    added Bryan and his moves plus a few adjustments.  Always feel free to write
    at the top of the page) and you will receive credit for any worthwhile
    Yes, I know there's a lot of things missing. I rushed this to get it out there
    at least.
    There should better be some readers out there who can beat me using Bryan. In
    the Tekken
    Central, GameFAQs, Toronto_Tekken, Tekkenzaibatsu, or any Tekken related forums
    my screen
    name is Mini King. If you're from Toronto and you know Avex or the rest of the
    Tekken Crew,
    then they can tell you who I am. If I ever come across an establishment with
    this game,
    I'll be there playing. Currently, my source for Tekken 4 has been on Campus
    Cove at York University. You'll know you're playing me since I'm the only guy
    who uses Craig Marduk.
    I don't have internet access at home during the summer, so you may not get any
    right away.
    No FAQ in the world will substitute for experience. Go out and get some.

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