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    Jin by Khang Tran

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    [title of faq] - Jin Kazama : Contender's Guide (Tekken 4)
    [  v./rev.   ] - v.2.2 beta
    [ revision # ] - revision on: November 10, 2009
    [   system   ] - Arcade, Sony Playstation 2
    [   author   ] - Khang Tran
    [ updates at ] - http://www.gamefaqs.com/
    [  contacts  ] - e-mail: khang@khangttran.net
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    Kao Megura (Chris McDonald)                               <kmegura@yahoo.com>
      - I would like to thank him for the layout used in this newbie's faq (and
        for my future faqs to come) and the credits section.  He truly has 
        contributed a lot of faqs to gamefaqs, and he will be missed on those
      - Namco's official site for their games, they have a Tekken guide, and they
        even have avatars to go along with the characters.  Check this site out,
        it's worth it.
      - A non-official Tekken site, but it's one of the best out there for Tekken
        related material, I used their Jin Kazama movelist, and their combos, and
        videos to so they get some due credit for being apart of this faq too.
    Kent Dela Pena                                <diamond_dela_pena@hotmail.com>
      - Some Jin info for his mix-up. His faq is great for those newbie's to 
    Slikatel                                           <slikatel_twp@hotmail.com>
      - Info on his Demon Paw Torso Thrust, I borrowed his info from his Tekken 3
        Jin guide.
    Young Yoo                                                       <yooy@bc.edu>
      - Info on the Demon Sweep, I borrowed his info from his Tekken 4 Jin guide.
    Ben Thayer                                          <bigdaddyb18@hotmail.com>
      - Contributed some very good info, including a few setup games with the
        1,2,3, d+4 combo, a tip on how to stop scrubs, a strategy with the Needle
        Shrine links, and a nice wall combo tip.
    Soulblade136                                           <soulblade136@aol.com>
      - My combo partner, he helped me create some combos, as well as edit a few.
    Barry Wright Moretz (BMW)                                <dncbmw@hotmail.com>
      - I used his info in the terms section to help with mine, thank you for the
    Sarchithanandan Korisatan                       <angerofthebeast@hotmail.com>
      - Reminded me on a few notes about the Lingering Soul Omen.
    Argonaut and Team
      - People who made the original transcript for Shotokan's video.
    Shotokan                                        <s_h_o_t_o_k_a_n@hotmail.com>
      - Credit to him for reminding me about the people I forgot to add, and for
        his video that he put out on the net.
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     Version 0.1  [may 30, 2002] (thu.)
      - Jin faq was created today, added a lot of information on Jin: background 
        history, personal data, endings, etc.  His movelist both short and de-
        tailed versions have been filled out, did a few dry-runs and added some
        more information about his moves.
     Version 0.2  [june 12, 2002] (wed.)
      - I've completed the whole Special Arts section both short and in-depth.
        Now all I have to do is to list a lot of combos, which I'll need to 
        work on and also I'll list the strategies for the characters such as:
        vs. strategies against the CPU and against human players.  And I'll
        be updating the terms section soon.
     Version 0.3  [june 20, 2002] (thu.)
      - Fixed some typos, such as my middle name, I must of been typing to fast
        or something, because I accidentally put "Maikikou" whereas my middle 
        name is spelled "Mailikou".  Hope you see this CJayC.  Well as for the 
        updates, I've added some strategies against two characters, including
        Jin, and Hwoarang.  Also updated the combos section.  I plan to have the
        vs. strategy section finished within the next three versions.
     Version 0.4  [july 08, 2002] (sun.)
      - It has been a while since I have updated the faq, I went to a family 
        reunion in Atlanta, Georgia.  Well I'm back now so that gives me time
        to work on the faq, I've written down a lot of notes on the vs. character
        section, and plus I add some new combos also.  Received some info from
        Ben Thayer, appreciate it, I'll be sure to add the info.  And added a 
        "submitted info" section near the end of the faq.
     Version 0.5  [july 13, 2002] (sat.)
      - I've added a few more combos to the combo list, and I have changed a few
        typos in his combo,  also add some info against Hwoarang.  I plan to 
        release a combo video soon, so watch out for that, I'll also give you
        updates on that to.
     Version 0.6  [july 15, 2002] (mon.)
      - I've been working on the terms section and plan to add more to it, also 
        thanks to BMW for his info as i had a hard time defining the words 
        although i knew what they meant.  Also plan to classify combos later.
     Version 0.7  [july 20, 2002] (sat.)
      - I've finished revamping the combo section, so it'll be easier to read the
        combos now, and plan to add more in the future, I also plan to add more
        vs. info.  Fixed a few typo errors, and also changed a few formats.
     Version 0.8  [july 21, 2002] (sun.)
      - Fixed some more typos and added a few combos, plus I plan to add
        an infinite I found with Jin, but I want to make sure before I put
        it in the faq.
     Version 0.9  [july 24, 2002] (wed.)
      - Fixed some more typos, I plan to add the Jin infinite, also changed
        a few dividers in the movelist section.  I have finished the video
        but I need to find a place to host it or put it up.
     Version 1.0  [july 26, 2002] (fri.)
      - I haven't got any sleep lately, been up for 2 straight days, I added
        the definitions for the frame data, so you readers that don't under-
        stand the chart that I plan to add, just look for the frame database
        definitions, and also found out some more strategies against other
     Version 1.1  [august 09, 2002] (fri.)
      - So sorry I haven't worked on the faq lately people, I had a ton of things
        going on and I'm moving pretty soon, so if I don't update in at least two
        weeks, then that means either I don't have my computer hooked up, or I
        am not able to connect to the net.  But I add a extra note, and thanks to
        Sarchithanandan Korisatan for reminding me, sorry about the mistake on
        how to perform the Lingering Soul.
     Version 1.2  [august 18, 2002] (sun.)
      - Added JF Throat Smash after reading Arcadia's Tekken 4 guide, it's a good
        book to pick up if you want to know a few things about tekken.  I'll have
        the VS section completed by the next update, and I also added Shotokan's
        Jin Act.1 video and transcript (in order).
     Version 1.3  [september 09, 2002] (mon.)
      - Added some credits, and thanks to Shotokan once again for reminding me.
     Version 1.4  [october 11, 2002] (fri.)
      - Edited some combo damages, recorrected a few errors in the combos, added
        some extra infos and had some of the moves mixed up, so I had to also
        recorrect that.  I'm also working excessively to put the frame data in,
        which should be in by the next update, I'll have a simple chart layed out
        so it will be easy for you readers to read the chart.
     Version 1.5  [november 01, 2002] (fri.)
     - Instead of putting the frame data separately, I decided to put them under
       their respectful move, it makes it much easier to read all of the move's
       information and its properties, instead of dividing them all up into
       different sections.  Also added a few moves to the detailed list, seeing
       as I accidently left some out, and also revised a few sections of the 
     Version 1.6  [december 12, 2002] (wed.)
     - I updated a few more combos, and I'm almost done with the VS strategies
       section, I'll add the remaining info when I can, seeing as tomorrow is
       my birthday, I'll be out of town for a while, so if I don't update soon,
       then excuse me, because I'll stil be out of town.
     Version 1.7  [january 15, 2003] (wed.)
     - Its been a while but I'm back, I just fixed a few typos and a couple of
       other things, also congratulations to http://www.tekkenzaibatsu.com/ for
       their update to 4.0, looks great guys!  Keep up the work. 
     Version 1.8  [april 21, 2003] (mon.)
     - Man...I haven't worked on this faq in forever, sorry people, I've been
       extremely busy moving and stuff (I live in Amelia, Ohio now >.<).  I'm
       going add information on Jin and add a transcript for Jin's other movies
       that I have heard.  Sorry for the lack of updates people.
     Version 1.9  [may 01, 2003] (thu.)
     - Added Shatokan's second Jin combo movie.  Also updated some of the move
       information such as the frame rates and filled in any missing spots.
       Apparently I need to get unformation on a couple of Jin's move, which I
       don't have the frame information for, so it might take me a while.
     Version 2.0  [may 31, 2003] (sat.)
     - Updated more frame information, and also added more additional versus
     Version 2.1 [june 12, 2004] (sat.)
     - Haven't updated in over a year due to school and other miscellaneous
       events.  Changed my email address and contributor name, and I decided
       to use my Vietnamese name in my future faqs.  Also plan to add a lot more 
       information into this faq, as it's almost complete.  Also more to come in my 
       next update.
     Version 2.2 [november 10, 2009] (tue.)
     - Updated contacts information and some parts of the faq.
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     Tekken Zaibatsu                    http://www.tekkenzaibatsu.com/
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    • PART 01.  P R O L O G U E : T E K K E N  4  &  J I N
    • PART 02.  G A M E  E N G I N E  &  E L E M E N T S
    • PART 03.  J I N  K A Z A M A ' S  S P E C I A L  A R T S
    • PART 04.  V S. T I P S,  T R I C K S,  H I N T S,  M I S C.
    • PART 05.  E P I L O U G E : T E K K E N  4  &  J I N
     // PART 01.  P R O L O G U E : T E K K E N  4  &  J I N
     Two years ago, Heihachi failed to capture Ogre.
     Not willing to give up, Heihachi ordered his researchers to collect blood 
     samples, skin tissue, and hoof fragments left behind by Ogre (or known as 
     True Ogre in its true manifestation) in order to conduct genetic 
     experiments.  Heihachi’s goal was to create a new life form by splicing 
     Ogre’s genome with his own.  However, the research was unsuccessful.
     After extensive experimentation, Heihachi’s bioengineers came to the 
     conclusion that an additional gene - the Devil Gene - was necessary in order 
     to successfully splice Ogre’s genetic code into another living organism. 
     Heihachi learned that his own genome lacked the Devil Gene, but he knew 
     someone who did...
     Jin Kazama.
     Jin, who vanquished Ogre in The King of Iron Fist Tournament 3, was shot and 
     mortally wounded by Heihachi.  As his life slipped away, Jin transformed 
     into a Devil.  Upon his transformation, he struck down Heihachi and took  
     Jin’s whereabouts were unknown after the Tournament.
     Heihachi searched for Jin to no avail.  However, Heihachi discovered a 
     photograph during his investigation that stirred his curiosity.  The 20- 
     year-old photograph was an image of a burnt corpse covered with laceration 
     wounds.  Heihachi paid particular attention to the corpse’s back, which had 
     what looked like deformed, protruding wing-like limbs.
     Convinced that the picture was of Kazuya, his own son whom he threw into a 
     volcano 20 years ago, Heihachi diverted all his resources into a search for 
     the body.  This search eventually led Heihachi to G Corporation, a leading-
     edge biotech firm making unprecedented advances in the field of biogenetics 
     Heihachi discovered that G Corporation found the corpse and extracted and 
     analyzed its genetic data.  In fact, Heihachi learned that the company was
     in the midst of creating a new life form by using the data.  Heihachi also 
     determined that Kazuya’s remains and research data were secured at G 
     Corporation’s Nebraska and Nepal research laboratories, respectively.
     Friday of 25 December.  The Tekken Force raided G Corporation’s maximum 
     security research laboratory in Nepal.  The bottom floors of the building 
     were obliterated, and the remaining data storage facility containing file 
     servers was airlifted by a group of heavy-duty helicopters.
     At the same time, a separate unit led by Heihachi infiltrated the 
     underground research facility in Nebraska, where Kazuya’s remains were 
     preserved.  As Heihachi observed from his helicopter, he soon realized that 
     unlike the Nepal facility, the operations in Nebraska were not going 
     according to plan.  The tactical status monitor screens showed the first 
     wave of the Tekken Force troops being blown out from the storage room where 
     Kazuya’s remains were supposedly kept.
     A silhouette of a large figure slowly emerged from the room... When Heihachi 
     could see clearly enough, he instantly recognized the large figure as 
     Kazuya was resurrected in G Corporation’s research facility.  After his 
     resurrection, Kazuya offered his body as research material to determine the 
     true nature of the Devil that resided within him.  Kazuya’s goal was to
     unify his two selves into one.  Kazuya theorized that if he unified his body 
     with the Devil, he would be able to truly harness its powers.  He could then 
     finally take revenge against Heihachi and the Mishima Zaibatsu (Financial 
     Enraged that Heihachi thwarted his plans, Kazuya obliterated the heavily 
     armed Tekken Force and vanished into the flames of the lab’s wreckage.
     Heihachi was infuriated by Kazuya’s escape and took out his anger on his 
     hapless subordinates who reported the escape.
     Abel, Heihachi’s lead scientific advisor, urged the enraged Heihachi to 
     quickly find a way to capture Kazuya. Once his anger subsided, Heihachi 
     focused his mind and decided on a plan. An evil smile crept upon his lips.
     Two years had passed since The King of Iron Fist Tournament 3.
     The Mishima Zaibatsu announced The King of Iron Fist Tournament 4 and placed 
     the massive financial empire as the top prize.
     The champion who manages to defeat Heihachi at the end of the Tournament
     would inherit the Mishima Zaibatsu.
     Well aware that the tournament is just a trap designed to lure him out,  
     Kazuya nevertheless enters - it is his chance to defeat Heihachi.
      - "Namco Arcade Website"
     First of all, this is my very first faq, so if any of you readers have 
     comments and/or suggestions, please send them in.  This faq has a few
     purposes: 1. To give you the info on Jin Kazama; 2. How to play with him;
     3. Give some nice tips on combos and such; and 4. How to get the best of
     Jin's latent power to come out.
     // PART 02.  G A M E  E N G I N E  &  E L E M E N T S
     Basics (101)
     Intermediate (201)
     Advanced (301)
    This section outlines the basic controls for all characters:
     [ Controller Layout ]  -----------------------------------------------------
      ub  u  uf      Jump Up-Back            Jump Up         Jump Up-Forward
        \ | /
     b -- n -- f     Walk Back / Block       Neutral         Walk Forward
        / | \
      db  d  df      Crouch / Low Block      Crouch          Offensive Crouch
     Note when facing left, the controls are reversed. :)  One other thing 
     though, looks like Namco has taken out the back jump and the crouch
     walk backwards.  So remember that. 
     [ Button Layout ]  ---------------------------------------------------------
      LP   RP        Left Punch              Right Punch
      LK   RK        Left Kick               Right Kick
     [ Commands ]  --------------------------------------------------------------
    1       left punch              2         right punch
    3       left kick               4         right kick
    5       tag button              any       any button but tag
    f       tap forward             F         hold forward
    d       tap down                D         hold down
    b       tap back                B         hold back
    u       tap up                  U         hold up
    d/f     tap down forward        D/F       hold down forward
    d/b     tap down back           D/B       hold down back
    u/f     tap up forward          U/F       hold up forward
    u/b     tap up back             U/B       hold up back
    qcf     quarter circle forward  qcb       quarter circle back
    hcf     half circle forward     hcb       half circle back
     [ Notations ]  -------------------------------------------------------------
    FC       full crouch animation   WS        while standing up
    N        joystick in neutral     iWS       instant WS (d~d/b_d/f+any)
    SS       side step either way    SSW       side step walk
    SSR      side step to right      SSL       side step to left
    T/DSS    Triple/Double Sidestep  WR        while running  
    { }      escape command          [ ]       optional command
    ,        followed by             #         hold last/previous command
    +        at the same time        ~         immediately after
    >        delayed input           ( _ )     or (or another name for a move)
    *        push and hold button    =         next in sequence
    cmd      command (throw, etc.)   :         just frame input (on exact frame)
    dmg      damage for an attack    #ppt      properties (see move listings)
    [tag]    move may be tagged      rng       range (i.e. high, mid, low)
     [ Grounded Positions ]  ----------------------------------------------------
    PLD or FU/FA    play dead position      face up & feet away
    KND or FU/FT    knockdown position      face up & feet towards
    SLD or FD/FA    slide position          face down & feet away
    FCD or FD/FT    face down position      face down & feet towards
     [ Moves Properties ]  ------------------------------------------------------
    BT      your back turned to the opponent
    OB      forces opponent's back to face you
    OS      forces opponent's side to face you
    OSB     forces opponent's side to face you when blocked
    OG      while opponent is guarding
    JG      juggle starter
    BN      bounce juggle starter
    RC      recover crouching after a move (can go into WS afterwards)
    RCj     joystick modifier, need to hold D during the move to RC
    RN      while running
    CH      requires a counter hit
    DS      double over stun (escape by tapping f/TAG within 20 frames of impact)
    FS      fall back stun (escape by tapping f/TAG within 20 frames of impact)
    LS      lift stun 
    GS      gut stun
    KS      kneel stun
    HS      hunch over stun
    TS      trip stun
    CS      crumple stun
    CFS     crumple fall stun
    CF      crumple fall
    BS      low block stagger (to attacking character)
    FL      the following attack floats your opponent
    SH      stagger hit (escape by holding d within 20 frames of impact) 
    GB      guard break (usually one or two hands go up in the air)
    GC      guard crouch, opponent recovers in crouching guard
    c       CH modifier (eg. JGc is a juggle starter on counter hit)
    cl      Clean Hit modifier (eg. DScl is a double over stun on clean hit) 
    co      crouching opponent modifier (eg. KSco)
    cco     CH on crouching opponent modifier (eg. FScco)
     [ Hit Ranges ]  ------------------------------------------------------------
    pos     position change
    l       hits low (block d/b)
    m       hits mid (block b)
    h       hits high (block b or duck)
    L       hits low and grounded opponents (block d/b)
    M       hits mid and grounded opponents (block b)
    H       hits high and grounded opponents (block b or duck)
    Sl      hits special low (block d/b)
    Sm      hits special mid (block d/b or b)
    Sh      hits special high (block b or duck)
    T       throw based range (reverse using designated escape commands)
    front-p (abbreviated f-pos) front position of opponent (i.e. front of person)
    left-p  (abbreviated l-pos) left position of opponent (i.e. left of person)
    right-p (abbreviated r-pos) right position of opponent (i.e. right of person)
    back-p  (abbreviated b-pos) back position of opponent (i.e. behind person)
    !       unblockable hit
    <!>     unblockable hit which can be ducked
    {!}     unblockable hits grounded opponents
    *!*     unblockable hits big grounded opponents
    ( *)    damage next to * signifies on a clean hit
    x       (also --) move is just a feint or no hit/escape(throws)(none)
    "       indicates block point in string hits
    .       Pause 1/3 a second between button presses (Tenstring timings only)
     [ Extra Combo Conventions ]  -----------------------------------------------
    w!    wall stun                  hitting your opponent against the wall
    W!    side wall stun             opponent hitting their side against wall
    cl    clean hit                  hitting your opponent in very close range
    cc    crouch cancel              tap up while crouching 
    iWS   instant while standing     d,d/b,N_d,d/f,N (usually)
    CD    crouch dash                f,N,d,d/f
    WD    wavedash                   f~qcf
    wgf   wind godfist               f,N,d,d/f+2 
    dwgf  dash wind godfist          f,f,N,d,d/f+2
    ewgf  electric wind godfist      f,N,d~d/f+2
    dewgf dash electric wind godfist f,f,N,d~d/f+2
    tgf   thunder godfist            f,N,d,d/f+1
    dtgf  dash thunder godfist       f,f,N,d,d/f+1
    big   big character combo        only works on big characters 
    (  )  missing hit                is required for the next hit
    NOTE: Jin's character specific conventions, and note you can a WD to perform
    a wavedash type move. (i.e. WDoewgf : b+1+2*,d,u,b,f, f~qcf~f,N,d~d/f+2
    thf   thunder hook fist          SEE wgf
    whf   wind hook fist             SEE tgf
    owgf  omen wind godfist          b+1+2*,d,u,b,f, f,N,d,d/f+2
    oewgf omen electric wind godfist b+1+2*,d,u,b,f, f,N,d~d/f+2
    otgf  omen thunder godfist       b+1+2*,d,u,b,f, f,N,d,d/f+1
    NOTE: You can also perform a WDewgf, WDwgf, and WDtgf.
    WDwgf  wavedash wind godfist          f~qcf+2
    WDewgf wavedash electric wind godfist f~qcf~f,N,d~d/f+2
    WDtgf  wavedash thunder godfist       f~qcf+1
     [ Special Types of Steps ]  ------------------------------------------------
     Ha Ha Step
     Fox Step
     Shadow Step
     Snake Step
     // PART 03.  J I N  K A Z A M A ' S  S P E C I A L  A R T S
    a - S h o r t   V e r s i o n
    |G R A P P L I N G  A R T S\_________________________________________________
    Throw Name               Command               Position               escape
    Thunder Reverse          (2+4_f+2+4)           front                  {2}
    Oar Crush                qcb+1+3               front                  {1}
    Throat Smash             u/f+1+2               front                  {1+2}
    JF Throat Smash          u/f+1+2:u/b+3+4       front                  {1+2}
    Scales Flip              (2+4_f+2+4)           left                   {1}
    Shoulder Helix           (2+4_f+2+4)           right                  {2}
    Hip Dislocator           (2+4_f+2+4)           back                   {--}
    Position Change          1+3+(u_d_b_f)         any                    {1}
    |S P E C I A L  A R T S\_____________________________________________________
    Special Arts Name           Command            Range/Damage          #ppt
    Twin Thrusts                1,2                hh/7,12
    Twin Thrusts-Inner Axe      1,2,3              hhm/7,12,25           GB JG
    Twin Thrusts-Roundhouse     1,2>4              hhh/7,12,22           GB
    Kazama Fury                 1,3,2,1,4          hhmml/7,10,10,10,10   HS
    = Lingering Soul            ~d+1+2             --/--                 #2
    Lead Thrust-Jaw Kick        1,3                hh/7,13
    Lead Thrust-Vertical Kick   1,3~3              hm/7,22               GB
    = Blade Kick                3                  m/13                  CFSc GS
     = Lingering Soul           ~d+1+2             --/--                 #1 #2
    Mid Thrust-Side Crusher     d/f+1>4            mm/12,15
    Mid Thrust-Shin Kick        d/f+1,4~4          ml/12,13
    Rising Lancer               WS+1>2             mm/10,16
    Thunder Hook Fist           f,N,d,d/f+1        m/22
    Corpse Thrust               d+1                m/24
    Left Elbow                  b+1                h/14
    Demon Hell Thrusts          1+2                hh/10,21              GB
    = Lingering Soul            ~d+1+2             --/--                 #1 #2
    Lancer                      2,1                hm/10,10 
    Lancer-Side Crusher         2,1,4              hmm/10,10,15
    Lancer-Shin Kick            2,1,4~4            hml/10,10,13
    Rear Thrust-Roundhouse      2,4                hh/10,14
    Final Upper Thrust          WS+2               m/15                 JG
    Quick Upper                 d/f+2              m/15                 JGc
    Wind Hook Fist              f,N,d,d/f+2        h/25
    Electric Wind Hook Fist     f,N,d~d/f+2        h/25                 GB
    Backfist-Side Swipe         b+2,3              hm/12,21 
    = Lingering Soul            ~d+1+2             --/--                #2
    Demon Paw Torso Thrust      f,f+2              m/24
    Right Elbow                 f+2                h/22                 SHc
    Demon Godfist               b,f+2              m/18                 DSc
    Needle Shrine Cannon        b,f+2>1>2          mmm/18,14,10         FSc #3
    Needle Shrine Scraper       b,f+2>1>d+2        mmm/18,14,15         JG FSc #3
    Axe Kick                    f,f+3              m/25                 GB JG
    = Kazama Fury               1,3,2,1,4          hhmml/7,10,10,10,10  HS
     = Lingering Soul           ~d+1+2             --/--                #2
    = Lead Thrust-Jaw Kick      1,3                hh/7,13
    = Lead Thrust-Vertical Kick 1,3~3              hm/7,22              GB
     = Blade Kick               3                  m/13                 CFSc GS
      = Lingering Soul          ~d+1+2             --/--                #1 #2
    Inner Roundhouse-Shin Kick  b+3,4              hl/15,15             KNDc
    Mid Kick                    f+3                m/16
    Vertical Kick               f+3~3              m/22                 GB
    = Blade Kick                3                  m/13                 CFSc GS
     = Lingering Soul           ~d+1+2             --/--                #1 #2
    Heaven Gate Kick            d/f+3              m/15                 GS
    = Lingering Soul            ~d+1+2             --/--                #1 #2
    Devious Kick-Left Blade     d+3,3              lm/7,10              GS
    Demon Roundhouse            (WS_f,N,d,d/f)+3   h/28
    Demon Lift Kick             d+3+4              mm/5,15              JG
    Crouch Dash Slash Kick      f,N,d,d/f,f,u/f+3  m/30                 GB
    Spinning Roundhouse         (u/b_u/f)+3        h/30 
    Leaping Slash Kick          (WR_f,f,f)+3       m/30                 GB
    Battle Kick                 f+4                M/21                 HS CFSc
    = Lingering Soul            ~d+1+2             --/--                #1 #2
    Spin Heel Kick              b+4                m/18                 GB
    Hell Gate Kick              d/f+4              m/33
    = Lingering Soul            ~d+1+2             --/--                #1 #2
    Outer Axe Kick              f,f+4              M/19
    Tsunami Kick                (WS_f,N,d,d/f,f)+4 m/13
    Demon Sweep                 d+4                L/15
    Shin Kick                   d/b+4              L/15
    Stature Sweep               f,N,d,D/F+4        l/18
    = Lingering Soul            ~d+1+2             --/--                #2
    = Twisting Demon Scissors   (~3_3+4)           M/21                 GB
    Snap Lift Kick              (u_u/f)+4          h/25
    Spin Demon                  u/f,N+4            h/25
    Twisting Demon Scissors     (4~3_WS+4~3)       M/28
    Lingering Soul               b+1+2             --/--                #2
    = Soul Step Reversal         ~f,f,b+2+4        --/varies
    Lingering Soul Taunt         1+3+4             --/--
    High Parry                   b+2+4             --/--
     [ Property Listings ]  -----------------------------------------------------
    #1. The move must hit in order to perform the Lingering Soul.
    #2. The first attack or attack string will cause guard damage. While 
        Jin's fists are glowing he cannot block and all all attacks hit as CH.
    #3. The stun occurs on 2nd hit.
    #4. Lingering Soul lasts around 5 seconds. Omen ends after performing one
        of the moves.
    #5. Regular Lingering Soul properties (#2) applies for the time Jin's fists 
        are glowing (not the full 5 seconds).
    |L I N G E R I N G  S O U L  O M E N  S T A N C E\___________________________
    Special Arts Name                  Command           Range/Damage    #ppt
    Lingering Soul Omen                b+1+2*,d,u,b,f    --/--           #4 #5
    = Omen Wind Hook Fist              f,N,d,d/f+2       h/30            GB
    = Omen Stature Sweep               f,N,d,D/F+4       l/22
    = Omen Twin Thrusts - Inner Axe    1,2,3             hhm/7,12,25     GB JG
     = Omen Kazama Fury                1,3,2,1,4         hhmml/10,13(x4) HS
    = Omen Lead Thrust - Vertical Kick f+1,3~3           hm/10,30        GB
     = Omen Blade Kick                 3                 m/17            CFSc GS
      = Lingering Soul                 ~d+1+2            --/--           #1 #2
    |U N B L O C K A B L E  A R T S\_____________________________________________
    Name                               Command           Range/Damage     #ppt
    Needle Shrine Gates                b,f+2>1>d+2*      mm!/18,14,22    #1 JG  
    Eighth Gate of Hell                u/b+1+2           !/100
    |C O M B O  S T R I N G  A R T S\____________________________________________
    Jin has no known string arts
    b - D e t a i l e d   (i n - d e p t h)   V e r s i o n
    Example:  move properties / hit range / damage
     Twin Thrusts - -- / hh / 7,12
     input » 1,2    H adv  » +9,+9
     F hit » 10     Hc adv » --,--
     B adv » +2,+1  CH adv » +9,+10
      - One of Jin's better moves to poke with, and you can string this together 
        with the 1,2,3_4.  This is a move that you want to mix-up with, it'll 
        keep the opponent guessing what you plan to do.  One of my strategies is 
        to use the 1,2 a few times, then mix it with the 3 and 4.  If your 
        opponent catches onto this pattern, use the uf+1+2 throw, it's cancelable 
        (thanks to Kent Dela Pena for this information), oh, and don't abuse this 
        move unless you plan to play a second-rate Jin (e.g. playing a cheese or 
        cheap Jin).
     Twin Thrusts to Inner Axe - GB, JB / hhm / 7,12,25
     input » 1,2,3     H adv  » +9,+9,KD
     F hit » 10        Hc adv » --,--,KD
     B adv » +2,+1,+3  CH adv » +9,+10,KD
      - Mix this up with the Twin Thrusts, if you connect with the Inner Axe at 
        the end, use a Demon Sweep to get deal some damage, or use another Twin 
        Thrusts to Inner Axe combo if you can execute it early enough.  I usually 
        follow this up with a Demon Lift kick, then a Twisting Demon Scissors.
        It also causes the opponent to have a guard break, if you are quick 
        enough, use the Throat Smash throw (uf+1+2) just to surprise them.
        1,2,3 gives you an ungodly frame advantage following up with a needle 
        Shrine series is hard to stop (certified scrub killer and a decent setup 
        for high level playing) (from Ben Thayer).
     Twin Thrusts to Roundhouse - GB / hhh / 7,12,22
     input » 1,2>4    H adv  » +9,+9,KD
     F hit » 10       Hc adv » --,--,--
     B adv » +2,+1,0  CH adv » +9,+10,KD
      - Most players (beginners) tend to use this often, when using this, try not 
        to overuse this move, more skilled players will either parry, duck, or 
        reverse this move.  If the opposing player ducks the Roundhouse, you'll 
        be setup for some combos or some okizemes.  When you do connect with this 
        kick, it'll give you some breathing space and you could either run to you 
        opponent them slide kick him/her, use a Twisting Demon Scissors, or use a 
        Demon Sweep.
     Kazama Fury - HS / hhmml / 7,10,10,10,10
     Input » 1,3,2,1,4       H adv  » +9,+4,+3,+3,+24
     F hit » 10              Hc adv » --,--,+3,+3,+24
     B adv » +2,-6,-1,-4,-8  CH adv » +9,+4,+3,+3,+24
      - Yes, Jin's signature five hit combo, a single straight snap jab, one snap 
        kick, two body hooks, and a low ankle kick to stun the opponent.  I use 
        this move at least once every match just in case if I get lucky or if 
        it's a newbie on the machine who doesn't know how to block it.  When you 
        connect the low kick, use a Demon Lift Kick for a juggle setup, a throw 
        if you want some damage, or another Kazama Fury.  I use the Hell Gate 
        Kick because it deals some good damage and knocks the opponent back.  If 
        you want to do the Lingering Soul cancel, that's alright too, but be 
        careful for it's lag time.
     Lead Thrust to Jaw Kick - -- / hh / 7,13
     Input » 1,3    H adv  » +9,+4
     F hit » 10     Hc adv » --,--
     B adv » +2,-6  CH adv » +9,+4
      - It's a nice looking move, but it's time between the punch and kick is 
        slow, I'd rather you use this move in juggles, but this is the section 
        where I help you readers out.  Well, if you can get the Twin Thrusts to 
        Inner Axe to connect, then just use this after for some damage.  Oh yeah 
        did I mention it's good to mix this up with the Vertical Kick and Blade 
        Kick.  If you play against somebody who can reverse kicks (King or Paul 
        in particular), don't use this move to much, they'll just reverse one
        of the three kicks to come (that's if they know how to reverse, which 
        they should).
     Lead Thrust to Vertical Kick - GB / hm / 7,22
     Input » 1,3~3  H adv  » +9,KD
     F hit » 10     Hc adv » --,KD
     B adv » +2,+5  CH adv » +9,KD
      - The Vertical Kick basically cancels from the Jaw Kick, but anyway, the 
        kick guard breaks, that means you get some breathing space.  If you hit 
        your opponent into the wall with this kick, then follow up with a Demon 
        Hell Thrusts for some good damage, or a Rear Thrust to Roundhouse for 
        some damage. The Rear Thrust to Roundhouse also sets you up for wake-up 
        games, so keep that in mind.  Oh and try a Twisting Demon Scissors or a 
        Demon Sweep after to knock your opponent down to the ground for a hit.
        If you Follow up with the Blade Kick the opponent will be left in a 
        Crumple Fall Stun on a counter hit, a nice combo (but kind of difficult 
        to perform) would be crouch dash, then 4, then finish the combo with a 
        Twin Thrust to Inner Axe/Roundhouse or a Rear Thrust to Roundhouse.  The 
        command for the combo would be: f,N,d,d/f,f+4, [1], 1,2,3_1,2>4_2,4.  You 
        can cancel into the Lingering Soul if you like after the Blade Kick. Have 
        a 'chicken' buffered just in case if they try to reverse it.  Follow up
        with a d+4 if the Vertical Kick connects for more damage, as the d+4 is
     Lead Thrust to Blade Kick - CFSc, GS / hmm / 7,22,13
     Input » 1,3~3,3    H adv  » +9,KD,+1
     F hit » 10         Hc adv » --,KD,+1
     B adv » +2,+5,-12  CH adv » +9,KD,KD
      - Of the 3 variations that you can cancel into, the Blade Kick gives you
        the best opportunity to setup a floating combo; after his stun on CH,
        follow up with f,N,d,d/f,f+4, which Jin will do a quick thrusting kick
        forward, and it hits mid.  Mix this up between the three, stop sometimes
        between some of them so that you can switch to another move (a custom
        combo is what I'm talking about).  This custom combo : 1,3~3, b+4, d+1,
        WS+3 would be an example of a custom combo.  Try to develop different
        combo variations by stopping between the kicks to input another command.
     Mid Thrust to Side Crusher - -- / mm / 12,15
     Input » d/f+1>4  H adv  » +9,+2
     F hit » 13       Hc adv » +9,+2
     B adv » -2,-7    CH adv » +9,+2
      - This should be mixed up with the Twin Thrusts and with the Lancer.  A 
        good game to keep the opponent guessing high or low is to use the Shin 
        Kick when mixing up with the Mid Thrust.  I use this in some air combos, 
        such as a low juggle combo.  When you have a chance try to use this in 
        the combo mentioned above.  Note to have a 'chicken' buffered, 
        precautions are helpful.
     Mid Thrust to Shin kick -  / ml / 12,13
     Input » d/f+1,4~4  H adv  » +9,+2
     F hit » 13         Hc adv » +9,+2
     B adv » -2,-15     CH adv » +9,+2
      - The low kick at the end does little damage, but every hit counts right?  
        Try not to use this too much, otherwise it'll just get low parried, and 
        then you be open to attacks and such.  The lag time between the punch and 
        kick is noticeable, so avoid getting hit between the punch and kick.  
        Remember to have a 'chicken' buffered just in case.
     Rising Lancer -  / mm / 10,16
     Input » WS+1>2  H adv  » +5,+6
     F hit » 13      Hc adv » +5,+6
     B adv » -6,-5   CH adv » +5,+6
      - The old days of using this to poke, and the old command was a lot more 
        comfortable, but it gained a new attribute of being delayed.  If you 
        launch somebody up in the air, and want to just knock them out the air 
        then this is a good move to use to bring them down in front of you for a 
        Demon Sweep or Twisting Demon Scissors.  Another strategy is to use this 
        after ducking an opponent's attack, or as a poking game.  
     Thunder Hook Fist -  / m / 22
     Input » f,N,d,d/f+1  H adv  » KD
     F hit » 16           Hc adv » KD
     B adv » -7           CH adv » KD
      - A new Hook for Jin, while it doesn't serve as a juggle starter, it's 
        damage makes up for it.  It's best to use this for distancing yourself 
        from your opponent when you need to strategize a new gameplay.  Sometimes 
        you can land a Thunder Hook Fist at the beginning of a round right after 
        the announcer says "fight!"  I've been known to do this, but on a rare 
        notice.  It may seem weak, but people tend to underestimate it's
        potential.  I use this in juggles only when I'm near a wall, that way, 
        when it hits, my opponent will bounce of the wall and I get to land some 
        hits.  One more combo for you readers: [W!] b,f+2,1,d+2, [w!] 
        f,N,d,d/f+1 [w!], d/f+1,4.  It's best to perform the Thunder Hook Fist 
        really early so that the punch will connect when you perform the Mid 
        Thrust to Side Crusher.  Also if the wall is to the right of you (and
        your facing to the right; vice versa for if your facing left, you would
        use the Wind Hook Fist) you can use the Thunder Hook Fist to slam your
        opponent into the wall for some damage.
     Corpse Thrust -  / m / 24
     Input » d+1  H adv  » KD
     F hit » 21   Hc adv » KD
     B adv » -4   CH adv » KD
      - A previous move he has kept.  It hits mid, so if anybody tries to duck or 
        crouch it, they will be hit.  This move is good to use to duck high 
        attacks, but try not to use this to much, as it's lag time is huge, but 
        if you do hit, you'll get some breathing space.  I've used this as a 
        okizeme sometimes.  If you hit the opponent down and they try to roll, 
        use this to keep them grounded.  If you hit them against the wall, use a
        Demon Lift kick or a Demon Hell Thrusts to get some damage, or whatever
        you would like to use.
     Left Elbow -  / h / 14
     Input » b+1  H adv  » +7
     F hit » 13   Hc adv » +7
     B adv » 0    CH adv » +7
      - This I accidentally use sometimes, but it mostly hits.  If you guard a 
        string or attack that leaves the opponent close to you, use this to knock 
        them back a bit.  Follow this up with a Thunder Hook Fist or a Lead 
        Thrust to Vertical Kick, I know it may sound bad, but it helps keep the 
        opponent guessing what you'll do.
     Demon Hell Thrusts -  / hh / 10,21
     Input » 1+2  H adv  » KD
     F hit » 14   Hc adv » --
     B adv » -9   CH adv » KD
      - This move hits high, so it's safe to use this to knock your opponent back 
        when you want some room.  But if ducked, you'll be left wide open, and 
        that's a scenario you don't want to get yourself in.  Instead use this in 
        juggles and after a Blocked Twin Thrust to Inner Axe, it's fast enough to 
        hit.  Though the beginning has a bit of lag time, it's still safe to use.  
        Hit your opponent against the wall with this to setup a wall combo.  
        Follow up with a Demon Lift Kick, Demon Sweep, or Twisting Demon
     Lancer -  / hm / 10,10
     Input » 2,1   H adv  » +9,+12
     F hit » 10    Hc adv » --,+12
     B adv » 0,+1  CH adv » +9,+12
      - An excellent tool for the mix-up games with the Twin Thrusts.  I usually 
        use this and the Twin Thrusts for the mix-up games, along with the Lancer 
        to Side Crusher/Shin Kick.  Try using this in some of your air combos, 
        for instance, use a 1,2,3, d/f+2, f,f, 2,1,4~4.  This will connect 
        sometimes, it's a good combo, but the only hard part to connect is the 2 
        in the Lancer's beginning part, but work on it and you'll be fine.
     Lancer to Side Crusher -  / hmm / 10,10,15
     Input » 2,1,4    H adv  » +9,+12,+2
     F hit » 10       Hc adv » --,+12,+2
     B adv » 0,+1,-7  CH adv » +9,+12,+2
      - I use this on a daily basis, as it serves for one of Jin's poking games, 
        although the frame rate is a bit slower than that of the Twin Thrusts 
        mix-ups, it still has it's purposes.  If the opponent tries to reverse 
        your kick, have a chicken buffered just for precautions.  The kick hits 
        mid, so if the opponent tries to duck, they'll be hit by the kick.
     Lancer to Shin Kick -  / hml / 10,10,13
     Input » 2,1,4~4   H adv  » +9,+12,+2
     F hit » 10        Hc adv » --,+12,+2
     B adv » 0,+1,-15  CH adv » +9,+12,+2
      - Okay, now for those who like to parry kicks in the arcade, this would be 
        a choice move to perform, as it can't be reversed, or parried (except for 
        the low parry), and you have a nice mix-up game with the Side Crusher and
        the Shin Kick, it'll confuse the opponent.  Try to use this in some low 
        hitting combos such as a WS+2, 2,1,4~4, it's best connect if you hit on a 
        counter hit.
     Rear Thrust to Roundhouse -  / hh / 10,14
     Input » 2,4    H adv  » +9,KD
     F hit » 10     Hc adv » --,--
     B adv » 0,-12  CH adv » +9,KD
      - Excellent guard breaker for those who like to play defensively.  If the 2 
        hits on a counter hit, the Roundhouse is foolproof to connect.  Also this
        move is Jin's best anti-SS move, as the Roundhouse also tracks sidesteps,
        so use this after a cancelled Needle Shrine when your opponent tries to
        sidestep the second hit of the series (from Ben Thayer).
     Final Upper Thrust -  / m / 15
     Input » WS+2  H adv  » KD
     F hit » 14    Hc adv » KD
     B adv » -12   CH adv » KD
      - This should be used after you have blocked a low attack, and if you're 
        quick enough, you'll launch your opponent in the air.  A good combo would
        be WS+2, b,f+2>1,2.  You'll have to delay the 1 as long as you can if you
        want the full three hits to connect.
     Quick Upper -  / m / 15
     Input » d/f+2  H adv  » +4
     F hit » 15     Hc adv » +4
     B adv » -7     CH adv » KD
      - This would be a good move to use right after you connect with the 1,2,3.
        If you connect with the d/f+2, quickly press 1, then f,f+2.  It's a 
        decent combo, so learn to use this in your juggle gameplay.
     Wind Hook Fist -  / h / 25
     Input » f,N,d,d/f+2  H adv  » KD
     F hit » 12           Hc adv » --
     B adv » -2           CH adv » KD
      - I prefer this over the Wind Godfist.  Right before the announcer says 
        "fight!", do the motion, then tap 2 as the words fade away, not to many
        opponents expect such an attack, because it is quick, it'll catch most
        people off guard.  Although the WGF has its perks, its main flaw is that
        it hits high, and also it doesn't launch, but rather sends them spiraling
        across the screen, if the wall if facing to the left (and your facing 
        right; vice versa for if you are facing left, you would use the Thunder
        Hook Fist) you can WGF the against the wall for some damage.
     Electric Wind Hook Fist -  / h / 25
     Input » f,N,d~d/f+2  H adv  » KD
     F hit » 11           Hc adv » --
     B adv » -1           CH adv » KD
      - This is the same as the Wind Hook Fist, only a little faster.  I mostly
        use this instead of the regular Wind Hook Fist.  Try to hit your opponent
        against the wall with this version of the Wind Hook Fist instead of the
        regular version in order to get free hits if they don't wall tech.
     Backfist to Side Swipe -  / hm / 12,21
     Input » b+2,3  H adv  » +1,+6
     F hit » 16     Hc adv » --,+6
     B adv » -4,-4  CH adv » +1,+6
      - This is a quick right backhand to a inner side kick, I use this in air 
        combos, but mix this in with the Twin Thrusts and the Mid Crusher varia-
        tions in order to keep your opponent guessing.
     Demon Paw Torso Thrust -  / m / 24
     Input » f,f+2  H adv  » KD
     F hit » 15     Hc adv » KD
     B adv » -11    CH adv » KD
      - A move he has previously kept, this is the ultimate long distance attack. 
        It has the same properties as Paul's Death Fist, but comes in a smaller 
        package. Since it used the f,f command it can be dash buffered for 
        greater range. This should be one of the most used moves in Jin's 
        arsenal. There really is nothing bad about this move at all. The only 
        negative I can see is that it telegraphs itself a little bit so people 
        will have a better chance of reversing it. However if you simply buffer a 
        chicken with it every time you perform it, the risk is nil. Only Law, 
        Ling and Lei have anything to stop it that you can't do anything about 
        and they'd be risking and Ling and Lei would be risking a hell of a lot 
        to even think of attempting it. Great for punishing slow recovery 
        attacks, whiffed attacks or just used at the end of juggles, this is one 
        move you will use a lot and should use a lot.
     Right Elbow -  / h / 22
     Input » f+2  H adv  » +7
     F hit » 16   Hc adv » --
     B adv » 0    CH adv » +28
      - I sometimes accidentally use this move, but for some reason, it seems to 
        always connect, it causes the opponent to stagger back abit.  It is slow
        startup animation might cause you to be hit, but if you by some chance
        hit your opponent on a counter hit, and they hold D to fall to the 
        ground, use the Twisting Demon Scissors to hit them.   
     Demon Godfist -  / m / 18
     Input » b,f+2  H adv  » -5
     F hit » 16     Hc adv » -5
     B adv » -6     CH adv » KD
      - A powerful punch indeed, it's slow but very powerful.  In order to get
        the best results from this move you'll have to catch your opponent on a
        counter hit.  When hit on a counter, they'll stagger just a bit, and
        fall back.  This is your chance when they stagger,  you can use the
        Demon Lift Kick in start a juggle combo, or follow up with a Kazama Fury.
        But note that the opponent can escape by tapping forward within the first
        20 frames of the stun so watch out if they do recover.  Use a Demon Paw
        Torso Thrust if they do recover, because 89% of the players out there
        tend to hold forward after they've recovered.
     Needle Shrine Cannon -  / mmm / 18,14,10
     Input » b,f+2>1>2  H adv  » -5,0,KD
     F hit » 16         Hc adv » -5,0,KD
     B adv » -6,-2,-5   CH adv » KD,0,KD
      - One of my favorite moves with Jin.  This is delayable, it has 3 different
        ways of ending excluding the just frame Needle Shrine Gates.  It's best
        delay the attack, that way the opponent will keep guessing of you are 
        going to either finish the combo, or stop and revert to some other move
        in Jin's listings.  The last hit can be sidestepped so stop after the 
        second hit, or if you are willing to take risks, use the 2 instead of
        d+2, it tends to track better to the sides and thus giving you a better
        opportunity to hit your opponent if they sidestep.  If you tap b during
        the needle shrine series, it'll cancel the Needle Shrine series and allow
        you to perform a 2,4, that should stop any SS attempts (from Ben Thayer).
        Or if you want a throw, stop after the second hit and throw the opponent, 
        or sidestep yourself, and perform a 1,2,3, (also from Ben Thayer) d+1, or 
        if you use 1,2,4, and they hit the wall, use the d/f+4 (Hell Gate Kick)
        for more damage.  Also 2,4 works well, and you can follow up with a d+1 
        if they happen to float.
     Needle Shrine Scraper - / mmm / 18,14,15
     Input » b,f+2>1>d+2  H adv  » -5,0,KD
     F hit » 16           Hc adv » -5,0,KD
     B adv » -6,-2,-9     CH adv » KD,0,KD
      - Just like the Cannon version, except this on launches you in the air.
        mix this up with the Needle Shrine Cannon and the Needle Shrine Gates
        to keep the opponent guessing.  If you launch your opponent perform a 
        decent air combo that'll drain their bar, or better yet, use the Hell
        Gate Kick if you are sure that they'll hit the wall, and if your lucky,
        they'll fall of the wall slowly so you can set them up for a wall combo.
        If you tap b during the needle shrine series, it'll cancel the Needle 
        Shrine series and allow you to perform a 2,4, that should stop any SS 
        attempts (from Ben Thayer).
     Axe Kick -  / m / 25
     Input » f,f+3  H adv  » KD
     F hit » 22     Hc adv » KD
     B adv » +2     CH adv » KD
      - Another type of Axe Kick that Jin has, if you hit, follow up with a 1.
        It's similar to Kazuya's 3,1 combo, except that your using a axe kick,
        followed by a Lead Thrust.  This can cancel into the following moves:
        Kazama Fury~Lingering Soul
        Lead Thrust~Jaw Kick
        Lead Thrust~(Vertical Kick~Blade Kick~Lingering Soul)
        This is very useful for setting up special types of combos with him.  
        Remember to always use the Lead Thrust for best combo results.  A 
        combo that I always perform when I hit my opponent with the f,f+3:
        f,f+3,1, f,f, 1, f,f, 1, f,N,d,d/f+2.  It does good damage for such a 
        short combo.  So learn to time the dashes so that you'll get the punches
     Inner Roundhouse to Shin Kick -  / hl / 15,15
     Input » b+3,4   H adv  » +6,-4
     F hit » 14      Hc adv » --,-4
     B adv » +2,-15  CH adv » KD,KD
      - This move is very slow, but do not underestimate it's abilities in 
        combos.  I use this move occasionally, and it's good to finish of a air
        combo.  A good time to use this move is when you have your opponent
        trapped in a corner, it'll confuse them with the way Jin rotate's his leg
        in a inner circle.  The beginning of the move comes out quick for a round
        kick also, use this move if you need some room, remember that the kick
        takes time to get in the air.
     Mid Kick -  / m / 16
     Input » f+3  H adv  » +6
     F hit » 12   Hc adv » +6
     B adv » -5   CH adv » +6
      - Your basic Mid Kick from Jin, just try to use this in custom combos, and
        confuse your opponent by switching between the f+4, b+4, d/f+4, and d/f+3
        to keep your opponent busy while you think of some new strategy.
     Vertical Kick -  / m / 22
     Input » f+3~3  H adv  » KD
     F hit » 22     Hc adv » KD
     B adv » +6     CH adv » KD
      - Jin will turn in foot inward while thrusting it down, mix this up with 
        the blade kick to confuse your opponent, a good combo finisher also.
        The ending animation for the kick will look as if Jin will return back
        to a neutral position whilst you can still cancel into 2 more attacks:
        Blade Kick, and the Lingering Soul if the Blade Kick connects.  
        I'd perform the Lingering Soul only if the opponent was hit by the Blade 
        Kick on a counter hit, because the counter hit version leaves him or her
        stun falling to the ground.
     Heaven Gate Kick -  / m / 15
     Input » d/f+3  H adv  » -3
     F hit » 14     Hc adv » -3
     B adv » -7     CH adv » KD
      - This kick should be mixed in with the f+3, f+4, d/f+4, and the d/f+3.  It
        can also be canceled into the Lingering Soul.  I use this sometimes, but 
        only if I have my opponent in the corner.  This kick momentarily stuns
        your opponent (not like Steve's Stun Gun Punch).
     Devious Kick to Left Blade - d+3,3 / lm / 7,10
     Input » d+3,3    H adv  » 0,-6
     F hit » 15       Hc adv » 0,-6
     B adv » -11,-15  CH adv » 0,-2
      - I quick kick to the low and then a kick to the mid.  IF the first hit 
        connects, the second one is guaranteed to hit.  Use this to finish off
        a floating air combo, as sometimes the low kick will hit the opponent
        high enough for the second one to hit.  Also a good strategy is after
        executing a 2,1, cancel and execute the d+3,3.
     Demon Roundhouse -  / h / 28
     Input » (WS_f,N,d,d/f)+3  H adv  » KD
     F hit » 19                Hc adv » KD
     B adv » 0                 CH adv » KD
      - Use this after ducking an attack, such as Kazuya's Shining Fists or 
        Steve's British Edge High combo, the hit alone does enough damage that
        will satisfy you, but a I'll give you a quick list of tricky combos that
        could be done after a few certain hits:
        b,f+2,1(2_d+2*), iWS+3
        iWS+2, iWS+3
        after opponent gets wall stunned, iWS+3
        This are just some of the possibilities that you may find will using this
        kick, it's a powerful move, so learn to use it properly.  Also crouch
        dash (usually referred to as CD) games are useful here, mix this with
        his Stature Sweep and his two Hook Fists.  If the opponent thinks you're
        going to cancel and switch to the low hitting moves, this would be a 
        nice mix up game, as some opponents actually have the habit of blocking
        high, and it causes a small stun.
     Demon Lift Kick -  / mm / 5,15
     Input » d+3+4  H adv  » KD
     F hit » 14     Hc adv » KD
     B adv » -20    CH adv » KD
      - Ahh...the old days of juggling with the renamed "can-can kicks".  Best to
        use this after the Double Over Stun with Demon Godfist, a quick combo:
        CH b,f+2, d+3+4, 1, f,f, 1, f,f, 1, f,f, 1,3~3, d+4.
        This is a nice combo, plus it looks really cool.  Also if your opponent
        tends to run up to you alot, then do the Demon Lift Kicks, it's range 
        maybe short, but if you're lucky, they'll be caught by the first kick, 
        and juggled in the air by the second one.
     Crouch Dash Slash Kick -  / m / 30
     Input » f,N,d,d/f,f,u/f+3  H adv  » [n/a yet]
     F hit » [n/a yet]          Hc adv » [n/a yet]
     B adv » [n/a yet]          CH adv » [n/a yet]
      - This is just the same if you were to tap f,f,f+3, or run then press 3.
        But never the less it's a nice move to use.  You slam your opponent into
        the wall, you should try to connect this move, as it does a massive 
        amount of damage if you hit them against the wall with this attack.
     Spinning Roundhouse - 3 / h / 30
     Input » (u/b_u/f)+3  H adv  » KD
     F hit » 21           Hc adv » KD
     B adv » -5           CH adv » KD
      - Jins old T3 and TTT style kick has changed a little, its old command
        was just f+3, now they have altered it.  if you can pin your opponent
        against the wall with this move, its best to follow up with a quick
        damaging combo, but I prefer the Needle Shrine Cannon.  And it causes
        you opponent to spin to the side also, so thats a nice move to set up
        if you're near a wall, it will knock them into it (it spins them to the
        left; so use it when the wall is on your left) use moves like the
        Battle Kick for good results, as it will kick them back into the wall.
     Leaping Slash Kick - / m / 30
     Input » (WR_f,f,f)+3  H adv  » [n/a yet]
     F hit » [n/a yet]     Hc adv » [n/a yet]
     B adv » [n/a yet]     CH adv » [n/a yet]
      - This is the same exact kick as the CROUCH DASH SLASH KICK, so please 
        refer to that move for the strategy, but it's best to use this after
        you've knocked down your opponent.  Step back after you've knocked
        your opponent down, and let him get up (as most tend to mash the kick 
        buttons) and kick nothing but air, then while he's kicking input the
        command and you'll luckily get in a free hit. 
     Battle Kick -  / M / 21
     Input » f+4  H adv  » +3
     F hit » 20   Hc adv » -2
     B adv » -9   CH adv » KD
      - This has got to be one of my favorite kicks of all time with Jin!  It
        has the same properties as Kazuya's Glorious Demon Fist! And that opens
        pathways to new combo opportunities.  I've used this in every match that
        I have fought in, it's combo potential is just wide.  for instance, this
        scenario of Marshall Law versus Jin: Law tries to perfrom the Shaolin 
        Spin Kicks, and Jin is a just a bit away, he performs the Battle Kick, 
        and Law keels over!  crouch dash Tsunami Kick, and a Mid Thrust to Shin
        Kick to finish the combo off.  It would be shown as this in abbreviated 
        CH f+4, f,N,d,d/f,f+4, d/f+1,4~4
        It may seem like a weak combo, but trust me, you'll learn to use this 
        kick alot more often once you realize how powerful it can be, especially
        when you hit your opponent against the wall and they bounce, giving you
        even more combo opportunities.
     Spin Heel Kick -  / m / 18
     Input » b+4  H adv  » KD
     F hit » 17   Hc adv » KD
     B adv » -7   CH adv » KD
      - This is just a quick turn around kick that'll knock your opponent back 
        far enough for you to give you time to plan your next attack, or to just 
        get some breathing space.  This kick is perfect for people who like to 
        guard, as it hit's mid, some may not hold d/b when blocking low, so you 
        have a fifty/fifty chance of hitting them.
     Hell Gate Kick -  / m / 33
     Input » d/f+4  H adv  » KD
     F hit » 19     Hc adv » KD
     B adv » -17    CH adv » KD
      - Let's get one thing straight: this kick should be used very, very often.
        I don't care how slow it is (although it does affect your gaming), if you
        hit your opponent and they hit the wall and fall, a free demon sweep is
        guaranteed, or if you got some air combo skills, just juggle the hell out
        of them for massive damage.  A combo that I use:
        d/f+4 [w!], 1, f,f, 1, f,f, 1,2,4
        This does great damage and can be a bit tricky to pull of but you'll soon
        know when to start it.  I abuse this move very much (because it's my all-
        time favorite thing to do with Jin:) and because people tend to run into
        this when they knock you back far away and think they can get in a free 
        tackle or running stomp. 
     Outer Axe Kick -  / M / 19
     Input » f,f+4  H adv  » +6
     F hit » 20     Hc adv » +8
     B adv » +4     CH adv » +6
      - This Axe Kick hits opponents on the ground also, so if you have a problem
        performing the Twisting Demon Scissors, then this would be your second
        choice.  It does decent damage and learn to use this to finish combos of
        too.  one combo is: WS+2 1, 1,2,4 [w!] f,f+4.  This combo will connect
        only if they hit the wall and fall. so work that into the formula also.
     Tsunami Kick -  / m / 13
     Input » (WS_f,N,d,d/f,f)+4  H adv  » +8
     F hit » 11                  Hc adv » +8
     B adv » -3                  CH adv » +8
      - Looks like Jin has altered his Tsunami Kicks a little, it's basically
        just a straight kick forward, and a quick one at that, use this in 
        junction with the Battle Kick for good combo results.
     Demon Sweep -  / L / 15
     Input » d+4  H adv  » -4
     F hit » 16   Hc adv » -4
     B adv » -15  CH adv » -4
      - A quick wide ranging sweep, that is mostly used for hitting someone on 
        the ground.  Use it against someone who is rolling around, who is taking 
        a nap on the floor, or who is in the corner.  Most people when cornered, 
        panic and are susceptible to three sweeps in a row.  But some of them 
        will get smart and (1,2) you before you get the next sweep in.  Yes this
        is susceptible to a counter jab.  BUT, if they are cornered and lying 
        down, then you have several sweeps guaranteed.  For pokers who like to 
        jab 1,2,3, d+1 is crucial as the d+1 will go below them and land as a 
        counter plus you have a huge frame advantage so not many mid attacks can 
        stop it and only one comes to mind that can do any significant damage.
        (from Ben Thayer).
     Shin Kick -  / L / 15
     Input » d/b+4  H adv  » -3
     F hit » 20     Hc adv » -3
     B adv » -14    CH adv » KD
      - A quick kick to the shin, it's useful for breaking certain jab strings,
        and ending some combos, but other than that, try not to use this move to
        often, as your opponent will start to suspect the kick and try to low
        parry it.  But it is useful for hitting your opponents that like to stay
        on the ground.
     Stature Sweep -  / l / 18
     Input » f,N,d,D/F+4  H adv  » KD
     F hit » 20           Hc adv » KD
     B adv » -12          CH adv » KD
      - Vary between the Thunder Hook Fist, the Wind Hook Fist, and this 
        Stature Sweep.  It helps to vary this move as the motions are the
        same with the Thunder Hook and Wind Hook Fist.  I've landed at least
        one of each move (the Thunder/Wind Hook Fists) and the Stature Sweep
        only because I varied these moves.  Also good to hit the opponent
        when you've performed many Thunder/Wind Hook Fists, as they'll try to
        block the Hook Fists, they'll be hit by the sweep instead. Also, this
        move can be canceled in the Lingering Soul only if it hits or the
        Twisting Demon Scissors.
     Snap Lift Kick - / h / 25
     Input » (u_u/f)+4  H adv  » +6
     F hit » 16         Hc adv » --
     B adv » -5         CH adv » +6
      - Much like Kazuya's u/f,N,4 kick. Try performing a 1,2,3 or 1,2,4 after
        hitting your opponent with this kick for some damage. or better yet hit
        them against the wall using this attack.  If it hits on a regular hit,
        it'll cause your opponent to be lifted off the ground floor, but not 
        high enough to juggle, and it will leave you at an disadvantage.  If 
        it hits on a CH, you'll have a chance to aerial combo your opponent. 
     Spin Demon -  / h / 25
     Input » u/f,N+4    H adv  » [n/a yet]
     F hit » [n/a yet]  Hc adv » [n/a yet]
     B adv » [n/a yet]  CH adv » [n/a yet]
      - Exactly like the Hop Kick to Twisting Demon Scissors.  Use this sparingly
        because it is slow but powerful, bait your opponent into coming within 
        it's range by using the Snap Lift Kick and the Devious Kick to Left 
     Twisting Demon Scissors -  / M / 28
     Input » (4~3_WS+4~3)  H adv  » KD
     F hit » 24            Hc adv » KD
     B adv » --            CH adv » KD
      - Jin's Demon Scissors sure have changed since the last time we saw him use
        this move, now he rotates his hips in a circle while swinging his body
        along with the momentum.  This attack is good for people who like to stay
        on the ground, but it has short range, and if you perform it to close, 
        he'll roll over his opponent.  Try using this after a 1,2,3 combo some 
        times for some damage.
     Lingering Soul -  / -- / --
     Input » b+1+2  H adv  » -22
     F hit » -16    Hc adv » -22
     B adv » -22    CH adv » -22
      - This command is only if you are performing it from a neutral standing
        position, and not after a move. 
        Use d+1+2 after the following connects:
        Kazama Fury
        Lead Thrust-Blade Kick
        Demon Hell Thrusts
        Backfist-Side Swipe
        Heaven Gate Kick
        Hell Gate Kick
        Battle Kick
        Stature Sweep
        This is only after the move hits!!! While you are in this state, you can-
        not block and any move that hit's you will be considered a counter hit!
        So use this move sparingly, unless you want to be optimistic, perform the
        Lingering Soul then do the Lingering Soul Omen, then perform the Omen 
        Wind Hook Fist (ooh...bright blue colors...>.<).  You can perform the
        Soul Step Reversal by quickly tapping ~f,f,b+2+4_b+1+3 immediately after
        inputting the Lingering Soul, you'll know when you've done it by the 
        red sparks that appear when he reverses the attack; and he will rotate
        his hands depending on which command you inputted (if you used b+2+4, Jin
        will rotate to the left, if you used b+1+3 he'll go to the right).
     Lingering Soul Taunt - -- / -- / --
     Input » 1+3+4      H adv  » [n/a yet]
     F hit » [n/a yet]  Hc adv » [n/a yet]
     B adv » [n/a yet]  CH adv » [n/a yet]
      - There is only one reason I included this in this section: it's damn 
        cool...Jin simply does the animation for when he performs the Lingering 
        Soul.  Use this right after you finish your opponent off or something 
        similar.  This is also one of the kata Jin does in Tekken Tag as a win
     High Parry - -- / -- / --
     Input » b+2+4  H adv  » 0
     F hit » 2      Hc adv » --
     B adv » --     CH adv » --
      - When you high parry any attack, Jin will simply sidestep, but you will 
        not even notice as the sidestep animation is extremely short.  And as for 
        the parry animation, it's so quick that all he does is just opens his 
        palms.  Learn to use this effectively, as it is a life saver.  A good 
        attack to do after you've parried you opponent's attack is the Demon Lift 
        Kick to the Rear Thrust-Roundhouse.  It's quick so you'll have to really 
        pay attention when you do this parry.
     Needle Shrine Gates - #1 JG / mm! / 18,14,22
     Input » b,f+2,1,d+2*_:d+2  H adv  » -5,0,KD
     F hit » 16                 Hc adv » -5,0,KD
     B adv » -6,-2,KD           CH adv » KD,0,KD
      - This move is one of Jin's best (and one of his most abusable ones) move,
        it comes becomes unblockable if you hold down the d+2, and the most
        useful thing to do is to 'Just Frame' it by inputting b,f+2,1:d+2.  To
        JF the move, just release the d+2 AS SOON AS HE BEGINS TO GLOW BLUE CHI.
        There are two points to where you can release, which is really tricky;
        the first release point is where his hand just releases 3 or 4 small
        balls of blue chi.  The second release point is when he has eight to 12
        smail balls of blue chi.  You will know when you done the JF version of
        this move when you do not see a large trail of blue chi.
     Eighth Gate of Hell - -- / ! / 100
     Input » u/b+1+2  H adv  » KD
     F hit » 75       Hc adv » KD
     B adv » KD       CH adv » KD
      - Jin's most powerful unblockable, it is slow, but does alot of damage.
        the chances of you hitting a expert with this move are very slim, but
        never doubt it.  A cheap thing to do when playing against the computer is
        to perform the Kazama Fury (1,3,2,1,4) then immediately do the u/b+1+2.
        It will connect on the first few rounds depending on the difficulty.  But
        my advice is to NEVER try this move whenever you are in a match against
        a human opponent unless you are playing a scrub who doesn't know what the
        hell is going to happen when he sees all the pretty little lightning 
        sparks of energy.  Use this move if you are will to take a HUGE risk.
    g - C o m b o s   S e c t i o n
     Now, I'm sure most of you readers scrolled down to look for a combo section,
     so here it is.  It has some pretty easy combos, and some insanely hard combo
     links as well.  I won't be putting the difficulty by the combo, I will put
     the combo number, the max amount of hits in the combo (meaning if there is a
     optional input, it'll count as hit(s)) , and the damage it does.  Note that
     every combo section has a number listing beginning with one, and each
     combo section is numbered according to how many combos they have in each
     section.  Combo's that I came up with, I put the initials au. by them, also
     if a combo has more than one combo starter, and you try a combo that doesn't
     work, then try the other combo starters listed.  Combo variations are the
     other combos that you can do for that starter, for instance the Needle 
     Shrine Gates combo starter has combo variations, which are all of the
     standard combos:
    COMBO STARTER(s) : starter move(s) to begin combo [name of move]
    COMBO VARIATIONS : combos that are compatible 
    NOTE: extra key notes that might need to be known, or remarks/comments.
    NOTE: extra key notes that might need to be known, or remarks/comments.
    COMBO STARTER(s) : b,f+2,1(:d+2*_d+2) [Needle Shrine Gates / Scraper]
    COMBO VARIATIONS : standard combos
     that just simply means you can perform any standard combo (which I listed
     in parenthesis in all caps) from the b,f+2,1(:d+2*,d+2) starter or from
     any other combo for that matter if it is listed as so.
     PSL - Post Stun Launcher
     au. - author's combo (me)
     These will be used throughout this listing, a post stun launcher is a 
     move that launches your opponent in the air after a stun, for example,
     Jin's Demon Godfist on a counter hit (b,f+2), after that, you can
     follow up with a d+3+4 since that is one of Jin's post stun launchers.
     Although soem are guaranteed and some are not.
     FINAL NOTE: The 1 and 2 jabs in the combos you see below are optional!
     So if you have problems performing a combo, then just do fewer jabs
     so that you may connect the combo string, or if you'd like, you can add more
     jabs to the combos below, but also remember some are required to make the 
     combo completely connect.
    NOTE: All combos are listed in they order they are shown in the videos.
    ::Demon's Darkness Tribute::
    (06 hit/71 dmg) b,f+2,1,d+2*, b+3, 1, wgf 
    (03 hit/37 dmg) iWS+2, iWS+2, ewgf 
    (06 hit/41 dmg) d+3+4, f,f,N, 2,1, f,f,N, 2,4 
    (05 hit/?? dmg) wgf [w!], wgf [w!], wgf [w!], 1, wgf
    (07 hit/118dmg) b,f+2,1,d+2*, tgf, 1,3~3, d+4 
    (10 hit/110dmg) [CH] b,f+2,1, b,f+2,1,d+2*, 1, f,f, 1, f,f, 1, f,f, 1, f+4 
    (06 hit/95 dmg) f+1+3 [w!], b,f+2,1,d+2*, f+3~3, f+4 
    (06 hit/80 dmg) b,f+2,1,d+2, wgf, 1, ewgf 
    (04 hit/39 dmg) f,N,d,D/F+4, iWS+4, 1, f,f+2 
    (09 hit/89 dmg) b+1+3 [w!], b,f+2,1,d+2*, 1, f,f, 1, f,f, 1,3~3, d+4  
    (08 hit/?? dmg) WS+2, u/f+3 [w!], b,f+2,1,2 [w!], 1+2 
    (08 hit/?? dmg) tgf [w!], tgf [w!], tgf [w!], 1, f,f, 1, f,f, 1,2,4
    ::Jin Kazama Combo Arts act.1::
    (04 hit/?? dmg) WS+2, wgf, 1, f+4 
    (08 hit/73 dmg) [CH] b,f+2 [close wall], 1+2, 1, f,f, 1, f,f, 1,2,4 
    (06 hit/74 dmg) b,f+2,1,d+2, tgf, d/f+1,4 
    (08 hit/60 dmg) [CH] b,f+2, d+3+4, 1, f,f, 1, f,f, 1, f,f, 1,3~3  
    (06 hit/?? dmg) [CH] (f+3~3),3, f,N,d,d/f,f+4, 1,2,3, d+4 
    (05 hit/48 dmg) f,f+3,1, f,f, 1, f,f, 1, wgf 
    (04 hit/44 dmg) [CH] f+4, f,N,d,d/f,f+4, d/f+1,4~4 
    (06 hit/66 dmg) 1,2,3, d/f+2, 1, f,f+2 
    (04 hit/38 dmg) WS+2, b,f+2,1,2 
    (06 hit/58 dmg) b,f+(2,1),d+2*, wgf, 1, wgf
    SHATOKAN'S JIN act.1 and SHATOKAN'S JIN act.2
    NOTE: All combos are listed in they order they are shown in the videos.
    ::Shatokan's Jin's Act.1::
    (04 hit/?? dmg) [CH] b+1+2*,d,u,b,f, (f+3~3) 3, iWS+2, 1, owgf
    (04 hit/49 dmg) [CH] b+1+2*,d,u,b,f, f+4, SSR, f,N,d,d/f,WS+4, 1, owgf
    (06 hit/85 dmg) f,N,d,d/f,WS+2, f,f,n+2,1, iWS+1,2~f,f, d+4
    (07 hit/?? dmg) b,f+2,1,d+2*, wgf, 1, f,f,n+2,4
    (05 hit/42 dmg) WS+2, f,f,n+2,1, f,f+1, d/f+4
    (06 hit/41 dmg) d+3+4, f,f+1, b,f+2,1,2
    (04 hit/41 dmg) [uphill] f,N,d,d/f+4, b,f+2,1,2
    (06 hit/?? dmg) 2,4[wallcatch], iWS+4, 1, f,f+1, dewgf
    (05 hit/?? dmg) f,f+3, d/f+2, 1,2, dewgf
    (06 hit/85 dmg) b,f+2,1,d+2*, wgf, 1, d+1
    (04 hit/44 dmg) [CH] f+4, SSR, f,N,d,d/f+4, 2,4
    (07 hit/?? dmg) wgf[w!], f,f,n+2,1[W!], f,f+1, f,f+1, f,f+1, d/f+4
    (03 hit/77 dmg) d/f+4[W!], f+4, [facehit], f,f+2
    (06 hit/40 dmg) WS+2, f,f+1,2, f,f+1,2, dewgf
    (05 hit/46 dmg) f,f+3,1, f,f+1, f,f+1, d/f+4
    (08 hit/?? dmg) [CH] (f+3~3) 3, d+3+4, f,f,n+2,1, f,f+1,2, dewgf
    (05 hit/48 dmg) f,f+3, d/f+2, 1, f,f,n+2,4
    (07 hit/66 dmg) b+1+2*,d,u,b,f, 1,2,3~1, f,f+1, f,f+1, dewgf
    (05 hit/49 dmg) [CH] f+4, SSR, f,N,d,d/f,n+4, 1,2,4
    (07 hit/?? dmg) b,f+2,1,d+2*, wgf, 1,2, dewgf
    (08 hit/?? dmg) b,f+2,1,d+2*, f,f+1,2, b,f+2,1,2
    (06 hit/83 dmg) b,f+2,1,d+2*, wgf, 2,4
    (05 hit/59 dmg) [CH] b,f+2,1,d+2*[full extension w/ no launch], 2,4
    (06 hit/?? dmg) WS+2, f,f,n+2,1, b,f+2,1,2
    ::Shatokan's Jin Act.2::
    (02 hit/43 dmg) d+1 [w!] f,f+2
    (04 hit/61 dmg) [on a upward slope] [CH] f+4, 2,4, d+4
    (05 hit/54 dmg) [with opponents back to you] U/F+4, d+1, iWS+1,2, f,f,N, d+4
    (05 hit/60 dmg) [CH] b,f+2,1,d+2* (full extension), d/f+1,4
    (05 hit/?? dmg) [CH] b,f+2,1,d+2* (full extension), f,f,N,1, ewgf
    (02 hit/?? dmg) thf [w!], BT 3 (wall glitch)
    (08 hit/85 dmg) b+1+2*, d,u,b,f, f,f+3,1, [upward slope] 1,2,3,1,3~3, d+4
    (07 hit/101dmg) b,f+2,1,d+2, wgf, 1,(2),3, d+4
    (03 hit/54 dmg) [on a upward slope] b+1+2*, d,u,b,f, f,N,d,D/F+4, 1+2
    (05 hit/63 dmg) [CH] f+4, SSR, CD+4, 1,3~3, d+4
    (04 hit/?? dmg) SSL, thf [w!], thf [w!], [w!], thf [w!], thf
    (08 hit/?? dmg) SSR, u/f+3 [w!], b+2,3 [w!], 1[w!],3[w!],2[w!],1[w!],4[w!]
    (05 hit/61 dmg) [CH] f+4, SSR, CD+4 [W!], b,f+2,1 [w!],2
    (07 hit/79 dmg) ewgf [w!] b,f+2 [w!], 1,2 [floating], 1,2, ewgf
    (08 hit/?? dmg) thf [w!], SSL, 1,2,4 [w!],  d+1, iWS+1,2, d+4
    (08 hit/97 dmg) b+1+2*, d,u,b,f, b,f+2, 1+2 [w!], 1, 1,2,4 [w!], owhf
    (07 hit/?? dmg) thf [w!], d/f+1,4 [w!], b+2,3 [w!], CD+4, ewgf
    (06 hit/?? dmg) WS+2, ewgf [w!], f,f,N, ewgf [w!], ewgf, 1, ewgf
    (05 hit/?? dmg) thf [w!], ewgf [walltrap], b,f+2,1,2
    (09 hit/?? dmg) thf [w!], b+2,3 [w!], b,f+2,1,2, 1,3~3, d+4
    (07 hit/?? dmg) b+1+2*, d,u,b,f, b+3, d+4 [w!], b,f+2,1 [w!],d+2, 1, owhf
    (09 hit/?? dmg) thf [w!], 2,4 [w!], b,f+2,1,2[w!], (floating), 1,2,4
    (06 hit/?? dmg) b+1+2*, d,u,b,f, SSL, thf, owhf, f,f,N, ewgf [w!], b,f+2,1,2
    (08 hit/?? dmg) ewgf [w!], b,f+2,1[w!],2 (floating), 1, b,f+2,1,2
    COMBO STARTER(s) [STANDARD COMBOS] : (iWS_WS+2) or {CH} d/f+2 or d+3+4
    NOTE: All combo damage/hits are based on a WS+2 starter unless indicated.
    001. (06 hit/55 dmg) (1),2, 1,2,3, d+4
    002. (06 hit/35 dmg) 1, 1, 1, 1, f,f+2
    003. (06 hit/49 dmg) 1, 1, 1, 1,3~3, d+4
    004. (05 hit/33 dmg) 1, 1, 1, d+1
    005. (05 hit/?? dmg) 1, 1, 1, d+4
    006. (05 hit/32 dmg) 1, 1, 1, f+4
    007. (07 hit/53 dmg) 1, 1, 1,2,3, d+4
    008. (06 hit/36 dmg) 1, 1, 1,2,4
    009. (06 hit/47 dmg) 1, 1, 1,3~3, d+4
    010. (06 hit/35 dmg) 1, 1,2, 1, f,f+2
    011. (06 hit/51 dmg) 1, 1,2,3, d+4
    012. (05 hit/34 dmg) 1, 1,2,4
    013. (05 hit/45 dmg) 1, 1,3~3, d+4
    014. (03 hit/29 dmg) 1, d+1
    015. (06 hit/40 dmg) 1,2, 1,2, wgf
    016. (07 hit/55 dmg) 1,2, 1,2,3, d+4
    017. (06 hit/38 dmg) 1,2, 1,2,4
    018. (06 hit/49 dmg) 1,2, 1,3~3, d+4
    019. (05 hit/49 dmg) 1,2,3, d+4
    020. (04 hit/32 dmg) 1,2,4
    021. (05 hit/34 dmg) 2, 1, 2,4
    022. (06 hit/54 dmg) 2, 1,2,3, d+4
    023. (06 hit/48 dmg) 2, 1,3~3, d+4
    024. (07 hit/58 dmg) 2,1, 1,2,3, d+4
    025. (07 hit/54 dmg) 2,1, 1, 1,3~3, d+4
    026. (06 hit/38 dmg) 2,1, 1, 2,4
    027. (05 hit/38 dmg) 2,1, 1, d+1
    028. (05 hit/39 dmg) 2,1, 1, ewgf
    029. (05 hit/37 dmg) 2,1, 1, f+4
    030. (06 hit/43 dmg) 2,1, 1,2, ewgf
    031. (06 hit/42 dmg) 2,1, 1,2, f,f+2
    032. (06 hit/43 dmg) 2,1, 1,2, wgf
    033. (06 hit/41 dmg) 2,1, 1,2,4
    034. (06 hit/52 dmg) 2,1, 1,3~3, d+4
    035. (03 hit/36 dmg) 2,1, d+1
    036. (04 hit/40 dmg) 2,1, d/f+4
    037. (04 hit/35 dmg) 2,1, f+4
    038. (04 hit/35 dmg) 2,1, tgf
    039. (05 hit/52 dmg) b+3, 1,3~3, d+4
    040. (04 hit/38 dmg) b,f+2,1,2
    041. (05 hit/44 dmg) d/b+1, WS+1,2, d+4
    042. (05 hit/49 dmg) d/f+1, 1,3~3, d+4
    043. (03 hit/42 dmg) ewgf, d+4
    044. (04 hit/43 dmg) |big only| f+2, 1, f,f+2
    045. (05 hit/57 dmg) |big only| big f+2, 1,3~3, d+4 
    046. (03 hit/35 dmg) f,N,d,d/f,f+4, ewgf
    047. (03 hit/34 dmg) f,N,d,d/f,f+4, f,f+2
    048. (03 hit/37 dmg) iWS+2, wgf
    049. (03 hit/38 dmg) tgf, d+4
    050. (04 hit/70 dmg) (au.) |d+3+4 starter| d/f+4 [w!], tgf
    051. (05 hit/34 dmg) (au.) 1, 2,1,4
    052. (06 hit/53 dmg) (au.) 1, 1,2,4 [w!] f,f+4
    053. (06 hit/?? dmg) (au.) b+3 [w!], 1,2,3, d+4
    COMBO STARTER(s) : b,f+2,1(:d+2*_d+2) [Needle Shrine Gates / Scraper]
    COMBO VARIATIONS : standard combos
    NOTE: Combo damages listed are based on a just frame or delayed Needle 
    Shrine.  A delayed Needle Shrine does the same damage as both slow and fast
    just frame versions and regular versions.
    001. (07 hit/80 dmg) b+3, 1, 1, ewgf
    002. (07 hit/79 dmg) b+3, 1, 1, f,f+2
    003. (08 hit/93 dmg) b+3, 1, 1,3~3, d+4
    004. (06 hit/77 dmg) b+3, 1, d+1
    005. (07 hit/91 dmg) b+3, 1,3~3, d+4
    006. (06 hit/79 dmg) b+3, d/f+1, f,f+2
    007. (06 hit/77 dmg) b,f+2,1,2
    008. (06 hit/83 dmg) f+2, 1, ewgf
    009. (06 hit/81 dmg) f+2, 1, f+4
    010. (06 hit/82 dmg) f+2, 1, f,f+2
    011. (07 hit/96 dmg) f+2, 1,3~3, d+4
    012. (06 hit/80 dmg) f+2, 2,4
    013. (04 hit/76 dmg) iWS+3
    014. (07 hit/96 dmg) tgf, 1,3~3, d+4  [alongside wall] 
    015. (07 hit/101dmg) u/f+4, (1),2,3, d+4
    016. (06 hit/84 dmg) u/f+4, 1, f+4
    017. (06 hit/85 dmg) u/f+4, 1, f,f+2
    018. (06 hit/84 dmg) u/f+4, 1,(2),4
    019. (06 hit/86 dmg) wgf, 1, ewgf
    020. (06 hit/85 dmg) wgf, 1, f,f+2
    021. (07 hit/101dmg) wgf, 1,(2),3, d+4
    022. (07 hit/99 dmg) wgf, 1,3~3, d+4
    023. (06 hit/83 dmg) wgf, 2,4
    024. (08 hit/?? dmg) (au.) 1, f,f, 1, f,f, 1, f,f, 1, [close wall], f+4
    025. (09 hit/?? dmg) (au.) 1+2 [w!], b+3 [w!],tgf, (d+4_2,4)
    026. (07 hit/77 dmg) (au.) b+3, 1, f,f, [w!], 2,4
    027. (10 hit/?? dmg) (au.) b+3,1 [w!], 2,1, [w!] 2,4 [w!] d+4
    028. (06 hit/?? dmg) (au.) d/f+1, b+3, f,f+2
    029. (06 hit/76 dmg) (au.) b+3, 1, f+4
    030. (08 hit/98 dmg) (au.) wgf, 1,2,3, d+4
    COMBO STARTER(s) : f,f+3 or 1,2,3 [Axe Kick / Twin Thrusts-Inner Axe]
    NOTE: The number of hit are based on a f,f+3 starter.  Combo damages listed 
    is based on a f,f+3 combo starter unless indicated otherwise in a combo note. 
    The last hit of 1,2,3 does the same damage as f,f+3. 
    001. (04 hit/45 dmg) d/f+1, 1, f,f+2
    002. (05 hit/49 dmg) d/f+1, 1,2, f,f+2
    003. (05 hit/59 dmg) d/f+1, 1,3~3, d+4
    004. (03 hit/40 dmg) d/f+1,4
    005. (04 hit/49 dmg) d/f+2, 1, ewgf
    006. (04 hit/48 dmg) d/f+2, 1, f,f+2
    007. (05 hit/62 dmg) d/f+2, 1,3~3, d+4
    008. (04 hit/46 dmg) d/f+2, 2,4 
    009. (02 hit/46 dmg) ewgf
    010. (02 hit/41 dmg) f+4
    011. (02 hit/44 dmg) f,f+4
    012. (05 hit/60 dmg) iWS+4, 1,3~3, d+4
    013. (03 hit/45 dmg) iWS+4, ewgf
    014. (03 hit/44 dmg) iWS+4, f,f+2
    015. (04 hit/47 dmg) (au.) d/f+2, d/f+1,4~4
    COMBO STARTER(s) : f,f+3,1 [Axe Kick-Lead Jab]
    001. (05 hit/42 dmg) 1, 1, d+1
    002. (05 hit/42 dmg) 1, 1, f,f+2
    003. (06 hit/56 dmg) 1, 1,3~3, d+4
    004. (05 hit/40 dmg) 1, 2,4
    005. (04 hit/41 dmg) 1, ewgf
    006. (05 hit/43 dmg) 1, 1, ewgf
    007. (05 hit/45 dmg) 1,2, ewgf
    008. (06 hit/60 dmg) 1,2,3, d+4
    009. (05 hit/43 dmg) 1,2,4
    010. (04 hit/54 dmg) 1,3~3, d+4
    011. (05 hit/46 dmg) 2,1, f,f+2
    012. (05 hit/?? dmg) (au.)  2,1, 2,4
    COMBO STARTER(s) : CH b,f+2,1 or CH b,f+2 [Demon Godfist]
    COMBO VARIATIONS : standard combos
    P.S. LAUNCHER(s) : iWS+2 / b,f+2,1(:d+2*_d+2*_d+2) (b,f+2,1 only) or d+3+4
    NOTE: The number of hits are based on the demon godfist (2 hit) only, post 
    stun launcher hits are not included.  Damages are based on a counter hit b,f+
    2,1 starter unless indicated otherwise in a combo note.  Both Demon Godfist 
    stuns can be escaped by tapping forward, the post stun launchers are not 
    001. (04 hit/64 dmg) 1+2
    002. (03 hit/55 dmg) 4~3
    003. (07 hit/52 dmg) SSR, 1, 1, 1, 1, f+4
    004. (07 hit/?? dmg) (au.) {after PSL} 1, 1,2,3, d+4
    005. (06 hit/?? dmg) (au.) [close wall], d/f+4, 1,2,4
    006. (09 hit/?? dmg) (au.) [close wall], 1+2, 1, f,f, 1,2, f,f, 2,4
    007. (10 hit/?? dmg) (au.) (after PSL) 1, 1, 1,2,3
    008. (06 hit/91 dmg) (au.) {after PSL} owhf, 1, ewgf
    COMBO STARTER(s) : CH f+3~3,3 or 1,3~3,3 [Blade Kick]
    NOTE: The Blade Kick stun is inescapable, and the number of hits are based
    only on the Blade Kick stun.
    001. (02 hit/37 dmg) 4~3
    002. (05 hit/44 dmg) d/b+1, WS+1,2, d+4
    003. (03 hit/41 dmg) d/f+4
    004. (05 hit/50 dmg) f,N,d,d/f,f+4, 1,3~3, d+4
    005. (04 hit/27 dmg) f,N,d,d/f,f+4, d+3+4
    006. (06 hit/?? dmg) (au.) f,N,d,d/f,f+4, 1, 1,2,(3_>4), d+4 (after 3 only)
    007. (05 hit/?? dmg) (au.) f,N,d,d/f,f+4, 1, 2,4
    COMBO STARTER(s) : f+4 [Battle Kick]
    NOTE: The Battle Kick stun is inescapable.
    001. (02 hit/47 dmg) 4~3  
    002. (03 hit/35 dmg) d+3+4
    003. (02 hit/41 dmg) f+4
    004. (02 hit/40 dmg) f,f+4
    005. (03 hit/41 dmg) f,N,d,d/f,f+4, d+4
    006. (04 hit/45 dmg) f,N,d,d/f,f+4, d/f+1,4
    007. (04 hit/44 dmg) f,N,d,d/f,f+4, d/f+1,4~4
    008. (03 hit/45 dmg) f,N,d,d/f,f+4, ewgf
    COMBO STARTER(s) : f,N,d,D/F+4 [Stature Sweep]
    001. (02 hit/34 dmg) 3~4
    002. (02 hit/39 dmg) ewgf
    003. (02 hit/34 dmg) f+4
    004. (02 hit/37 dmg) f,f+2
    005. (04 hit/40 dmg) f,N,d,d/f,f+4, 1, ewgf
    006. (05 hit/53 dmg) f,N,d,d/f,f+4, 1,3~3,d+4
    007. (02 hit/39 dmg) wgf
    COMBO STARTER(s) : (d_u_b_f)+1+3 [Wall / Wall Push Combos]
    NOTE: Some moves require a turnaround push or far push in order to be 
    guaranteed.  The number of hits also include / count the wall push as a hit.
    001. (04 hit/64 dmg) |far wall push| 1+2, d/f+4
    002. (03 hit/23 dmg) |close wall push| 2,1
    003. (03 hit/27 dmg) |close wall push| 2,4
    004. (06 hit/94 dmg) |far wall push| b,f+2,1:d+2*, f+3~3, f+4
    005. (08 hit/?? dmg) |far wall push| b,f+2,1:d+2*, b+3, 1,3~3, d+4
    COMBO STARTER(s) : first move listed [Power Wall Stun Combos] 
    COMBO VARIATIONS : Standard combos (after d/f+4_u+3)
    NOTE: Most standard combos will work starting with a power move wall stun
    when you are not directly facing the wall and the first juggle hit will break 
    the opponent away from the wall.
    001. (02 hit/57 dmg) d/f+4 [w!], ewgf
    002. (03 hit/71 dmg) d/f+4 [w!], f+3~3, f+4
    003. (02 hit/54 dmg) d/f+4 [w!], tgf
    004. (02 hit/56 dmg) u+3 [w!], d/f+4
    005. (02 hit/49 dmg) u+3 [w!], f,f+2
    006. (02 hit/54 dmg) u+3 [w!], u+3
    007. (07 hit/?? dmg) (au.) tgf [w!], tgf [w!], d/f+1,4
    008. (10 hit/?? dmg) (au.) tgf [w!], b,f+2,1,2 [w!], tgf, d/f+1,4
    COMBO STARTER(s) (MISC) : first move listed
    001. (03 hit/36 dmg) 2,4, d+4
    002. (05 hit/37 dmg) FCD 3, WS+2, 1,2, f,f+2 
    003. (05 hit/47 dmg) FCD 3, WS+2, 1,3~3, d+4 
    004. (03 hit/37 dmg) FCD 3, WS+2, ewgf
    005. (04 hit/31 dmg) FCD 3, WS+4, 1, f,f+2
     // PART 04.  V S. T I P S,  T R I C K S,  H I N T S,  M I S C.
     vs. TIPS:
     Now that we're done with the special arts list and combo listings (whoa!
     like, that was really long!), I can finally tell you how to beat other types 
     of opponents and the COM (or CPU) using several types of techniques which of 
     course will give you the upper hand. Also if you have any strategies please 
     feel free to send them in, and put the subject as t4 vs. strategy.  A good 
     way to know more about your opponent is to use the people you usually don't 
     play with, as it will help you to understand that character better. 
     NOTE: These strategies were based on the hardest difficulty of the game and
     from tourney gatherings I have been to.
     - vs. KUMA / PANDA -
     One thing to watch out for when playing against cheese Kuma/Panda 
     characters, if they perform f,f+2, they can do a Salmon Hunter, which takes
     of a lot of damage, well not unless you tech roll off course.  If they do
     the JF Slamon Hunter, you should roll back
     - vs. HWOARANG -
     When fighting against the COM, there are to things to really watch
     out for: 1) his flamingos; and 2) his stances, if you know which stance he
     is in, then you will know what to look out for.  Use your 1,2 and 2,1 mix-
     up strings to keep him from using attacking, and when you think he will 
     attempt a launcher, sidestep and throw, or use the 2,4 attack to give your-
     self some breathing room. Now I haven't played to many Hwoarang players, but
     being a seasoned Hwoarang player, I would know what to look out for.  Most
     veterans and above players will try to use the crouch dash game and mix-up
     his f,N,d,d/f,f+3 and his f,f+2 throw.  If your opponent starts to do this,
     use the f+4 kick, it has enough distance to knock Hwoarang out of his stance
     flamingo if they are close enough.  But be aware that it is slow, so I'd 
     prefer to sidestep when ever they start a crouch dash game.  And if your 
     opponent starts to begin a flamingo mix-up game, use the f,f+2 to knock him 
     out of it, it has plenty of distance, so use the move to its full potential, 
     and keep back when your opponent starts to flamingo.  Also do not be caught 
     with Hwoarangs's 2,f+3 and 2,f+4 strings on a counter hit, as those are 
     guaranteed hits if they do connect.  Advanced players also tend to use
     the triple sidestep, and that is something that you must watch for, this
     allows Hwoarang to move behind you and do some damage.
     - vs. YOSHIMITSU -
     Yoshimitsu has a lot of moves, but with the exception of the d/f+4 (which 
     must be sidestepped anticipating on the right), and his f,f+4 (anticipating 
     on the right), they are not difficult to sidestep; I will list some of them: 
     d/f+2 can be sidestepped on both directions b+3,1 on both directions 4-3 
     very easily on the left d/f+1,1,1,1  very easily on the left b+1,1,1 easily 
     on the right, the first two hits even on the left (attack immediately after) 
     u/f+4 on both directions d/b+1 on both directions b+1+2, on the left.
     - vs. JULIA CHANG -
     I think that Julia is a very good character; she can't be sidestepped easily 
     since almost of her combo which have a low kick will hit you whenever you go 
     on the right or on the left; however it is still possible to make a side-
     stepping game when she performs certain moves: d,D/F+1,2.. you can sidestep 
     this attack on both directions, even if sidestepping it on the left is
     easier; if she performs a d,D/F+1-delayed 2, you will be able to SS even 
     after having blocked the first hit (you must go on the left). Another attack 
     that you can sidestep is 1,1,1; you should go on the right and, if you want 
     to show some skill, immediately do a WS+2; in this way you may even hit her 
     if she performs 1,1,4,3(before the first low kick which will otherwise hit 
     you). In general you will be able to sidestep her whenever she uses long 
     ranged moves (f,f+1 for example) otherwise it will be a suicide.
     - vs. LEE CHAOLAN / VIOLET -
     One attack to watch for is his Acid kick combo, if it hits on counter, the
     rest of the kicks are gauranteed to connect, and from that stun that it
     causes, you can take a ton of damage from this combo: f+3:3:3, d/f+1, cc,
     1,2~f,N, 1,2~f,N, b+1(1)~f,N~b+3,3,d+3.  Its a devestating combo, so watch
     for that.  Also watch for his Silver Sting and Quick Silver Sting.  His
     Hitman Stance is also something to be aware off, from the hitman, he has
     a throw, a launcher, a sweep, and a jab off course in his arsenal, if you 
     block his Hitman Low Sweep, follow up with WS+2 and juggle Lee; block the
     Hitman Backhand and follow up with f,N,d,d/f+3 for some damage, or use
     the Stature Sweep.  If Lee performs the Mist Feint Trap combo, duck the
     second hit, although block the first, because if you are hit on CH from
     the first kick of the Mist Trap Feint combo, the second hit is gauranteed,
     and that also gives your opponent a chance for a Mist Trap Throw.
     - vs. LING XIAOYU / MIHARU -
     Ling is another one of those characters which can be difficult to sidestep; 
     the main two attacks I can suggest you how to SS are f,f+1+2,1+2 which must
     be sidestepped on the right and her BK,4 which should be sidestepped on the 
     left. Her f,f+3 must be sidestepped on the left, while her db+1 can be 
     sidestepped on both directions. Her Phoenix Stance(d+1+2) can be very 
     dangerous, but in this case the sidestepping game can be useful; the Tooth 
     Fairy is, when she is in this stance, Jin's best juggle starter, so don't be 
     afraid to use it. Ling is a very strong character and her sidestepping game 
     is the best in the game, so be careful not to became the prey instead of the 
     - vs. CRAIG MARDUK -
     - vs. LEI WULONG -
     Watch for his Razor Rush combo, he can cancel into any of his 5 animal
     Qigong stances.  And watch for d/b+4,4, alot of people tend to abuse this
     move.  He also has a PLD stance and a KND position also, so don't let those
     fool you, use a 4~3 if they go into these positions, as it hits Low and 
     grounded opponents. 
     - vs. KAZUYA MISHIMA -
     Don't worry about his ewgf, or his crouch dash game, but his WS moves.
     WS+1,2 is gauranteed if it connects on CH.  Also watch for his WS+2, which
     is inescapable now by the way (so if your playing against a expert, and by
     some miracle it connects, your screwed).  But remember, the crouch dash 
     game is still applicable in this Tekken also, they can cancel into either
     WGFs, can cancel and go into Kazuya's WS moves, and also they can mist step,
     by f,N,d,d/f,f~f,N.  Parry his 1,1,2 (the second or last hit), his 1,2,2,
     and parry the 4 in his 1,2,4.  Also parry his WGFs, since they hit high now
     by the way.
     - vs. PAUL PHOENIX -
     - vs. JIN KAZAMA -
     If Jin starts to do the Needle Shrine Cannon links (aka the Laser
     Scraper series), just sidestep to the right after you block the second hit,
     it'll give you enough time to land a free f,f+2 or a 1,2,3_4 if you are
     close enough to hit them.  Also watch for seasoned Jin players, they tend
     to use his High parry and counter with a 1+2 or a Demon Lift Kick (d+3+4).
     so use the 2,1 series, as the 1 hits mid, they won't be able to parry it.
     Also if a cheese Jin player starts the 1,2,3_4 and does it repeatedly, you
     can sidestep the 3 in the 1,2,3 string after if you are quick enough, but
     parry first hit, because if you parry the second hit the Roundhouse may
     track your sidestep and hit you, and the 3 may hit you if you sidestepped
     to the left.  Watch for the d+4 Demon Sweep also, because it is a quick hit,
     most players will throw this in with their mixup games so watch for this.
     - vs. NINA WILLIAMS -
     Nina is a strong character which has all the weapons to be divesting; she is 
     even not easy to sidestep, since she can perform a large number of quick 
     pokes and short strings. I will focus on those attacks which will juggle or 
     hit you at mid-long range:d/b+3+4, her standard juggle starter, must be 
     sidestepped on the right; you must be at short-mid range or the kick may hit 
     you. d/b+4,3, this variation of the previous kick is a bit tricky to 
     sidestep, cause you  must go (anticipating) on the right with an interrupted 
     SS; you will take the first kick but the second will miss, so that you can 
     juggle her. The f,f+3 kick is quite easy to sidestep 'cause you can go on 
     both directions, from long range I suggest to go on the left. Let's go to 
     her hand attacks: d,D/F+2 can be sidestepped early on the right or always on 
     the left; the f+1+2 is a bit tricky 'cause it must be sidestepped 
     anticipating on the right, or you will be hit. About her pokes and short 
     strings, I suggest you to learn how to sidestep the first hit and attack 
     immediately after the SS.
     - vs. STEVE FOX -
     Most beginners tend to mash or repeatedly do 1,2,1,2 or similar variations 
     of that string, parry only when you think you will connect with it.  Just 
     sidestep once they start come near you, and when you sidestep, do a quick
     hitting combo such as the 2,4 to knock him out of it.  More advanced
     Steve players use the optional command of (~3_4) after several of Steve's 
     strings, so watch out and have a mid hitting move ready, such as a d/f+1 or
     - vs. BRYAN FURY -
     Many Bryan players use single powerful moves, and whenever you are facing 
     one of them you should be able to sidestep him quite easily; his WS+3
     _d,d/f,f+3 can be easily sidestepped on the left and the same goes for his 
     WS+1_d,d/f,f+1; the f,f+2 is a very fast attack but if you anticipate the SS 
     you can do it on both directions. The WS+2_d,d/f,f+2 can be sidestepped more 
     easily on the right, but since it is a slow attack you should be able to 
     sidestep it even on the left, just by anticipating a little the SS (an  
     "interrupted" SS will work too. Even his d/f+1,2 (d/f+2) of d/f+4 can both 
     be sidestepped on the left, you should only anticipate a little the SS or do 
     an "interrupted" SS. This are the most common attacks, but not the most 
     effective; whenever you will fight against a player who uses Bryan's short 
     combos(or just the first hits of them), you will have problems in 
     sidestepping him; in this case go with other strategies...
     - vs. KING the 2nd -
     Sidestepping King can be a difficult task since his most useful moves have 
     to be sidestepped on different directions: his d/f+3,..d/f+2..FC,d/f+1 must 
     be sidestepped on the left, while f,f+2, and u/f+4(his most common juggle 
     starter) must be sidestepped on the right; other good attacks can be 
     sidestepped on both directions: d/f+1,..f,f+4,..b+4..FC,d/f+2. 
     - vs. MARSHALL LAW -
     Law is a tough opponent, but as long as you stay at long range, he is not so 
     difficult to sidestep. At this distance his main weapons are b+1,(2,1) and 
     b+2(,3,4); the first one can be easily sidestepped on the right (the third 
     hit of the combo must be sidestepped on the left, so whenever you sidestep 
     the first punch you should attack immediately or the last one may hit you 
     anyway) while b+2 should be sidestepped on the left; however even if you go 
     on the right when he performs b+2,3,4 you will be hit only by the first hit 
     of the combo, the other two will miss and you will be able to hit him. His 
     UF+4,3+4 can be sidestepped on both sides while the u/f+4 must be
     sidestepped on the right. As for all the other characters you will start to 
     have some problems when Law comes at close range with his quick jab attacks; 
     his main p0unch strings are 1~1,.. and its variations, and f+2,2(2); in the 
     first case you can sidestep on the right the first two punches and 
     immediately attack, before the third comes out. About f+2,2,(2) ,you can 
     sidestep on the right the first punch and immediately attack (or the second 
     and third will hit you) or you can sidestep the whole combo on the left 
     (remember however that you can duck under the third punch). As you may have 
     noticed you will be able to SS him easily, but you must be reactive and 
     attack as soon as you have sidestepped, or you may be hit by another attack.  
     Watch for hisDragon Sign Stance and his Fake Step Stance, he can cancel into 
     a few moves, such as his Thrust Side Kick and his Junkyard Combo.  Also
     his Dragon Roar combos.
     - vs. COMBOT -
     NOTE: All these were confirmed on my Japanese Playstation 2!! Remember these
           may change when the U.S. version of the game is released.
    -Unlocking the Hon-Maru Stage (Dojo Stage)
     Beat Force Mode once with any character. 
    -Unlocking Eddy Gordo (Christie Palette Swap) 
     Beat Story Mode with Christie Monteiro at least once.  Then select Christie
     using the Right Punch button and you will be able to play Eddy Gordo.  Since 
     this is a palette swap, Eddy has no moves of his own.  Only one player can 
     be Eddy, if the second player tries to select Eddy as well you end up 
     playing as Christie.
    -Unlocking Miharu (Ling Palette Swap)
     Beat Story Mode with Ling Xiaoyu at least once. Then select Ling using the 
     Right Kick button and you will be able to play Miharu. Since this is a 
     palette swap, Miharu has no moves of her own.  If the second player tries to 
     select Miharu as well you end up with Ling Xiaoyu in her Tekken 3 School 
     Girl outfit.
    -Ling School Girl Outfit 
     Select Ling with Right Punch after you have beat Story Mode with Ling. 
    -Getting Your Records On The Internet Ranking Site  
     Beat whatever mode you would like to enter your records for using the 
     default game settings (these are the settings colored green, such as 2 
     rounds or medium difficulty). Once you have beat the mode and you enter your 
     initials press and hold Square and Triangle, then tap u/f on the joystick. 
     You will see a password you can enter on the Japanese PlayStation2 Tekken 4 
     Namco site. (Record Entry Page) The URL is:
     S U B M I T T E D  I N F O
     frm : Ben Thayer
     eml : bigdaddyb18@hotmail.com
     123 gives you an ungodly frame advantage following up with a needle shrine
     series is hard to stop(Certified Scrub Killer and a decent setup for high
     level playing).  For pokers who like to jab 123 d+1 is crucial as the d+1 
     will go below them and land as a counter plus you have a huge frame
     advantage so not many mid attacks can stop it and only 1 comes to mind that 
     can do any significant damage(DO NOT ABUSE THIS). 
     Never finishing the needle shrine is a favorite of mine to do in tag.  I 
     would either throw or when opp SS I would do 112 which stopped any early 
     attempt to SS.  After a while your opponent will become confused and is at 
     your mercy for juggling.  Its a bit different in T4 you can come out and do 
     123 for pressure and you can still throw but Jin’s best anti SS move is 2,4.  
     I find that tapping b can cancel out the Needle shrine and enable you to do 
     a 2,4 and that should stop any future SS attempts. 
     Favorite tactic move opp to a position where the wall is on his right side 
     and then do b,f 2,1, JF2 b+3 1 3~3 d+4.  When done right this is not 
     stoppable except for a low jab before the JF2 and even that is hard.  The 
     wall stops them from SS.  High level and veteran players know this and as a 
     result A.  Don't allow them selves to be moved into position for it.  B.  
     Don't even bother trying to stop it with the hope they can get a wall tech 
     instead of taking a CH. 
     (This section will be updated periodically, and please send in anything 
     you'd like to have posted here, I have plenty of strategies typed down 
     somewhere on my computer, and I'd be very glad if you readers would send 
     something in for this section, along with anything else for any other part 
     of the faq, let it be a combo, tip, etc.)
     // PART 05.  E P I L O U G E : T E K K E N  4  &  J I N
     Well readers, I hope you enjoyed this faq I typed for Jin, if you have 
     anything you would like to add or you would like to tell me what I need to 
     improve then feel free to e-mail me or contact me, no flames please...
     [please e-mail me as I would really appreciate the help!!!]

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