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    Bryan by VoLCoM

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    BRYAN  FURY   --==-- The Real Deal --==--
    Final ver.    By     -=- VoLCoM -=-
    Final verison this mean's that I wont use any more or some shit
    this is the FINAL ver. now what that mean's is that I will add to the other stuff if
    need to be but other wise you have everything you need to have a successful Tekken
    experince , email me a Volcom@tekken.cc about ANY question's im alway's open to pointer's
    or just comment's like : Hey that guide SUCKED! or You are a Tekken 4 GOD! , or whatever
    So just go ahead and give me a type(email).
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    ** Jin Vs Bryan - section **
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    ** Byran the CRAZY dead guy !! section **                                 If these lined
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    ** more juggle stats **
    ** updated EVERY Charcter in breakdown Section **
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    Table of content's
    1--  INTRO
    2--  Button info
    3--  Storyline
    4--  Bryan The CRAZY dead guy !!
    5--  Jin Vs. Bryan
    7--  Shadow Step
    8--  Instant WS
    9--  b+4 How it works
    10-  Fun With WALL's
    11-  Stun's and You
    12-  Mr. Taunt
    13-  SLEEPY ? Wake Up!
    14-  " WALK " in the park
    15-  Charcter Break-down
    16-  Throws
    17-  MOVE LIST
    19-  Frame data base
    20-  JUGGLES
    21-  Intro Sence(later)
    22-  Victory sence
    23-  Final thought's
    24-  Credit's & Thank's
           First off I know there are a few BRYAN guides out but this one talk's
    about really using this tight dead guy in Tekken 4 aspect's. I would like to
    say that this game tekken is about evolution, the player's change and property's
    change also. That is good though for that same reason. Remember when in TTT
    you could do infinit-ling combos, and good old jin to.But now the have taken
    most of the cheese out of it.(there is still some cheese)  like the jin scrapper
    cannon's but for the most part non cheese. Bryan is by far the best person in
    T4 to punish, let me try to explain why.
         I have been playing him here in number 4 along with everyone else they
    are all different and the same in little ways. Like low perry (D/F) and running
    moves and so on. But he has unbelievable power, I mean this guy has counter
    hits that can take more than half of your opponent’s life bar! But see there is
    something different about bryan he doesnt play like a jin or bob or law. his game
    is very Pyscologicial , DO NOT be fooled bryan's fighting style is extremly deadly.
    Not only that but everyone always under estimates Bryan’s capability he is a
    very predictable player if you use scrub technique BUT at the same time he
    will leave you will your head spinning cause you don’t know what to Block or try
    not to block.
        He has quite a bit of speed to a lot of his moves. I have been playing Tekken
    for about 5 years now. There are so many other good people in this game its
    not even funny; (IM trying to get a lee FAQ done but what can you do?)
    anyway I have watched  the different Tekken’s come out, and I have loved
    them all the way through. NAMCO really put a good one out this round. Tekken
    is about evolution you can’t just take skill’s from tag and directly throw them
    into T4,  Here are a few reasons Why . First you can “walk” side to side now with
    out a side step, and get nailed by wall’s. In turn making it into a more real-life
    out look.(not saying total realism but close.) This is the final version with
    the move list, Wall's , perry's really alot of shit but now lets get things
    Left punch         - 1       (1)  (2)
    Right punch        - 2
    Left kick          - 3       (3)  (4)
    Right kick         - 4
    Controller  Layout
      ub     u      uf              f - tap forward               d/f - tap down forward
        \    |      /               b - tap back                  d/b - tap down back
     b --    N  -- f                d - tap down                  u/f - tap down forward
        /    |      \               u - tap up                    u/b - tap up back
      db     d      df
                                       N - Neutral
     UB     U      UF               F - hold forward              D/F - hold down forward
       \    |     /                 B - hold back                 D/B - hold down back
     B --   N -- F                  D - hold down                 U/F - hold down forward
       /    |     \                 U - hold up                   U/B - hold up back
    DB      D      DF
    qcf - quarter circle forward         hcf - half circle forward
    qcb - quarter circle back            hcb - half circle back
    Move Abrasions
    + - At the same time
    , - Followed by
    ~ - Done immediately
    > - Delay
    * - Hold down move
    [ ] - No hit move
    ( ) - Moves done B4 a starter
    __ - Or
    FC - Full crouch
    WR - While Running
    WS - While Rising up from crouch(while standing)
    S T O R Y L I N E
     Bryan came to the realization that his life was quickly coming to an end. Two
    years ago, the Mishima Corp. recruited Doctor Abel as its top scientific advisor.
    When this happened, Abel abandoned Bryan without giving a second thought to
    the now-obsolete dead guy’s well being. Bryan knew that the only person capable
    of extending his life was Abel, his creator. Bryan despised both Heihachi
    Mishima, the man who took Abel away from him, and Abel himself for abandoning
    him. Practicing hard as always one day, Bryan heard news of The King of Iron
    Fist Tournament 4, and decided to enter the Tournament.
     He entered knowing that it would probably be his final fight. As he trained, Bryan
    sensed that his death was quietly approaching. Despite his impending death,
    Bryan's physical strength did not diminish. On the contrary, Bryan's muscles
    flowed with energy that made him more powerful than before. Along with this new
    strength, Bryan developed an almost uncontrollable rage that also manifested
    itself in his outward physical appearance.
     Bryan staked everything on this one hope that if he won the Tournament, he would
    become the head of the Mishima Corp. More importantly, if Bryan defeated
    Heihachi Mishima in the tournament, he could easily take total control over the
    Mishima Corp. to do his bidding. If all went as planned, Bryan would command
    Abel to modify his body to prolong his life. This would also be an opportunity for
    him to upgrade his body to the most powerful being in existence…..
    Bryan the Crazy dead guy !!
      This is the section that we get to talk about the person I LOVE most in tekken.
    One of the main reason's behind my choice is , well just look at him this Guy is
    really invincable , Bullet's cant stop this fighter so think some silly deathfist,
    or Mutil-throw would, Hell no. Bryan is DEAD you cant kill something that's all
    ready Dead good luck , This fool remind's me of The Bad guy in UNIVERSAL SOLDIER.
    Remember the guy that had all the ear's on a string around his neck ?!?! Totally!
    Remember that motion picture ? with VAN DAM. Ya will anyway's this guy is like a
    cyborg . But Lei is after him has been for a while now , maybe it's because bryan
    is a mercinary. But Bryan Doesnt get along with alot of the peepz in Tekken so oh
      In TTT lei try's to stop bryan as He walk's away from winning the terny and try's
    to bust a cap in bryan a few time's . They just hit bryan, he take's a deep breathe
    and charge's after Lei and F*ck's him up. heehehee. Never mess with bryan, you should
    know that by now lei. Dont get me wrong Lei is really tight. But they are rival's.
    So I HAVE to take Bryan's side , sorry.
      If that in it self was not bad enough remember is tekken 3 ? that Guy run's
    through machine gun fire(like 4-5 of them) then grab's the top of a tank ! Rip's
    that shit off then F*cking throw's it like a city block and smash's those Bastard's
    that dared to mess with his ass !! That's WTF Im talking about that is true power
    and he has only gotten stronger...
      And now his ending on tekken 4 is weird bryan get's finally see's abel and when
    he see bryan abel says," Your still alive ?!?! " in total shock Because bryan should
    have been dead by now. Bryan the build's up all his rage & anger and smack's abel
    across the room, bye bye abel, as this happen's bryan then fall's to the floor and
    pass's out.....  Then he wake's up , with DR B. remember him form T3 ? anyway's
    Dr. B tell's him that he is going to make him a new body and there is a bio-weapon
    that abel made that the key to distroying is in Bryan's body. The weirdest part
    about it is that YOSHI saves bryan !! that's tight ..... So namco you better keep
    Bryan & Yoshi around or else .... heheehee
      This guy has got more pycho now in T4 he has to win or He will DIE !! , Namco
    Better keep bryan around in the future Tekken Series , He IS a condenter this time.
    Byran Has such a TIGHT laugh , and he does it as he's f*cking you up, I LOVE THAT!
    YES, it would be harder to win with bryan in a terny, but that's where you have to use
    your head and find ways around thing's, I hate people that Pick JIN , and Julia and do
    the same shit or just play the game with the easier player's. If anyone tell's you that
    JIN is hard to play with is pulling your chain. JIN has such good property's that
    I can play with him and win alot, But the funny thing is I dont use him as much as
    like JULIA But I'm better with JIN because is property's are very good so if I only
    practiced with JIN , became a Jin master which would take about 3 week's or so I
    could be almost unstopable. BUT what's the fun ???  Which Bring's Us to the next
     Really it take's more Skill to Win using Bryan In Bryan Vs. Jin then a person Using
    Jin in a Bryan vs JIN but IT's TRUTH Here's why. JIN and Bryan play with about the
    same amount of move's as each other But JIN's property's are in JIN's favor so much
    it become's Very Hard to win with Bryan. But see that's okay Because you will try to
    Alway's get around trap's , I KNOW how to play JIN , I can JIN Cheese too. So I now
    what to watch out for, But the sad thing is even knowing what is coming it will still
    be a difficult Task to win an expert JIN player. So why not just play JIN ? you ask.
    Well, playing with JIN is very MONO you use the same punch 1,2_2,1 So much and scrap-
    per's. whatever you do you will see the same move's over and over, that really get's
    boring really fast that's why I play everyone Even if im playing against expert
    player's I will alway's choose between everyone not Just BRYAN !! So if you see a
    bald white guy chosing across the board, Watch out. hehee
     Jin is strong But I dont really give a crap , I play good Jin's and only lose by
    like it coming down to a jab ethier way and lose it and I win also, im not very
    far off, you just have to Guess what JIN will do and it will be a pit-bulling poker
    that is JIN a nut shell, but  really can you just put FURY in a box and label him ?
    yes and No bryan play's Very different than ANYone else in T4 So read up and learn
    how to put your opponent's in a BOX .... it's more toward's NO label.  Counter-power-
    pitbull-Trutle- he play's all specturm's But to play him Deceptively you have to be
    on a whole other level. YOU will be on that level by the end of this guide.....
      See Jin is strong and when he get's you in a corner doing that shit it will really
    put you in a perdicament, Some time's you just have to SIT and wait .... as funny as
    that may sound when Jin start's custom string's you dont really have any other option's.
    Unless you want to get smacked up. There are some sting's like 1,2,3 with jin the 3
    hit's mid , also leave's YOU at -3(not good..) but if you know they will bust this
    sidestep the 3 and Punish with what you want, I tent to use the pycho 123 on them cause
    I LOVE that move cause bryan's laughing at JIN as he fly's back. plus you get all 3
      Now I will try to let ya in on why I call the scrapper's the cheeser's These were
    very nast in tag they have gotten MORE nasty now The Cheeser's can branch into 5-6
    different thing's... Once the first hit's the second will alway's hit. IF it's
    counter-hit you are screwed cause you can NOT escape JIN's cheeser's Set after a
    counter. UNLESS they slow them down at all then you can block by holding B . But that's
    not the bad part(that's still very bad). JF 3rd scrapper is SHITTY !!!!! it comeout
    as fast as the regular almost and UNBLOCKABLE good JIN's will try this because it is
    a strong, strong Combo for Jin.
      Jin has a Very strong punching game, So here's were bryan can REALLY punish Jin.
    That's No joke...  If you know poking is coming you can very easily be avoided by
    a reversal. Plus Jin will really start thinking about throwing out punch after
    punch , You have amost broken Jin down now. If Jin is questioning his poking that
    mean's he's not Pressuring you as hard, That in turn is YOUR chance to start all
    your custom string's. You have to alway's be ready for your chance , because frankly
    They dont come around as much sometimes playing against a GOOD Jin.
      See I Love Jin he's really good, But really to easy to play with. Byran stand's
    out because He doesnt have those thunder fist's or what not, Bryan is HARD to play
    with in HIGH comption. And so much harder to play Him against Jin that it would seem
    almost not even worth it. But that's were SKILL come's in. In any case Jin is deadly
    Never , Never try big High FRAME move's (WS+2_f+1+2) those take like 16 -17 frame's
    to slow.
      Another thing that Jin has that really help's him alot is his PERRY , But You have
    something that can counter Him too, The Punch reverseal. But back to the perry this is
    good on Knee's, Elbow's, Shit even Steve's sholder bump's! And Jin get's 2-3 different
    action's he can take after a perry cause he just get's out of your way, and the move
    that you just did has the property's as if it had whiffed... That can really suck.
    he also get's a Juggle starting CAN-CAN kick's after low perry too...Damn! So you
    really have to watch yourself, But see THAT's what make's him so strong. In T4 you
    have to keep the pressure on, it's not turtle Friendly at all. So Jin can really
    f*ck you up if he get's a pattern on you.
      In closing for now Jin is a very Strong player He is a killer MID attacker so
    be blocking cause he has garud block on some of his shit too, Look for patteren's
    that's you best bet. You can revesre the Chesser's if you can time it good , But
    the last one can be hard to time. good luck... Dont forget to look lower at JIN's
    Charcter Break down for more INFO.
    Here are Hell of alot of Bryan's moves and what you might do with them, no move
    is a bad move you might just have to set it up.....
     Simple 8 frames fast one, two blow when you land the first you will mostly land the
    second one, when blocked it gives you frame advantage. Plus you can fool your
    opponent into thinking you will finish with a low kick (3), if your opponent is a low
    perry happy person they love to get the 1,2,3. So mix that up with 1,2,d/f+2. Its just
    as fast and will punish a crouched/perry person. Remember 1,2,1,2(4) also flows
    very good off this starter so make sure you mix them all up, for an unpredictable
    win for you. 1,2,1,2 is the safest string of them all starting with 1,2. watch out
    for a perry off the 1,2,1,4. not good...look lower.
    This is a good move it's the hammer driver. It's really 2 hit's but the first will
    only hit if you are very close. these it MID so croucher's get nailed and it track's
    side-stepper's VERY well, tech roller's also! This move doesnt move you foward it
    kind of move's you BACK and you sway out of the range of some HIGH attacks, so you
    can punish 1,2 abuser's also. This move has to be used with caution because if you
    miss you can get hurt pretty bad. you can also start this move from crouch and it
    come's out just as fast , or use it from side-step yourself. This is good if you
    KNOW 1,2 is coming , So sweet !!
     Mid hitting one, two combo. Unlike the above combo this takes more damage
    and if the first hits, second is guaranteed!, If you want to try you can add UP TO
    four (1)’s before the (2) so it would go  d/f+1,1,1,1,2 . You can also slow them
    down or speed them up. go for the whole string for most damage. I tend to abuse
    this combo because it is a great combo. Namco fix the property's from TTT and made
    it better in T4.
     This is the mach breaker punch nice punch , not so nice hit range(high). this is a
    good to use if you know that your opponent cant block this come's out about 13
    frames fast . remember if ducked you are screwed.... if knocked into a wall up
    close will cause a fall stun. free 1,4,(3).
     The counter part of the mach punch the mach kick comes out one fame slower
    but side step'sa little so some time can work better that the mach punch but still
    hits HIGH (darn!). you can hide these attacks by slowing it down a little. go  f ,
    pause , F+2_3_4. and you can almost fool the person into thinking you are not
    trying f+F but that you are just moving forward.
     This is the slash kick good kick hits MID slower than the mach series but hits MID!
    the cool thing is this kick can be delayed by holding it down the kick gets stronger
    when you hold it ! but it also takes longer to do. if blocked turns oppoenet sideways.
     The snake slam , this is aother bounce juggle if block's it leaves you at +3 whoopy!!
    and hit's mid so will get the ducker's, this move used to be b+1 in tag. mix it up
    with just b,b ing to gain distance.
     This is a kind of lob that bryan does with his feet it hit's HIGH and leaves you on
    the ground, it's not the best move but can some times help. remember you end up feet
    toward's them. use this on a backstep that has gotten out of the way and made them
    whiff, you will have better luck.
      This is a very werid move that bryan has it juggle's on CROUCHED or after low Perry
    but ut will not work on some of the charcter's im tryin to figure out all the different
    way's look lower.
     This move is a really good one it ducks almost all-high attacks in the later frames
    And he will come up with a gut punch that takes fairly good damage, this move is
    also good because Bryan takes a step forward as you do this move, so it can be
    use off the block. Or you can use it in juggling tactics also. Cause's Gut stun,
    Most people get deffencive after the Stun. But there are NO hit's that you can always
    get. you might just try to poke them out with the vulcan series.
    This is the solid blow this is a mid hitting strong SOLID blow that has good range and
    leaves you at -4 of block. so besically a safe move this is good to mix up with a mach
    punch cause the will start to duck the mach series if they're not a boob. so you trick
    them by f,f+D/F+2 work's like a charm .
     This is a very important move for Bryan because he lacks low range attacks. If this
    move connects clean it will take 25 points also send you opponent head over heels
    spinning you can also start a nice Juggle. BUT sense this move is so important to
    Bryan a good Tekken player’s will block it and wait to punish you. Use it for
    Okizeme (hitting grounded opponents) .So you have to time this move DO NOT
    throw it out 10 times a match you will become predictable and well … then it’s
    all over. One more thing this Might NOT hit if the opponent stays still on the
    ground, and you are not RIGHT next to them BEWARE. I have found that if you get off
    axis this will hit 99% of the time , but if they are lying and you run up NOT off
    of axis you will only have a 30% chance of this conecting Which is very bad, because
    you can get hurt by a whiffed snake edge. to get off axis do a very QUICK SS then
    f,f and try the snake edge it will hit as long as the slope isn't to bad.
    This is a low fairly quick shin kick , does ok damage and has a Fairly good range
    this will NOT it a still lying opponent the only thing that always hit's a still
    opponent is FC_D/F+3 that's the only one that will ALWAYS hit so becarful. This if
    blocked upclose will make you very vulnerable so use only if low is not expected.
    This is another of bryan's 5 low attack's . This is good damage but has shorter range
    than the above if blocked leaves you a - 16 ouch that's a death fist . so be carful.
    try to bait them with all mid's for a bit then throw this out when you know they are
    scared of your mid game as they should be.
    Saved the best for last Bryan's best low attack this is his fastest and if blocked you
    might get some jab's but not as bad as any of the other low's. this has not so great
    damage though like 10 but hey just use this as a poke ever little bit help's. which
    this up with the b+4 for some fun.
    This is weird because it's almost like the D/F+3 FC ver. But bryan step's back ever
    so slightly and kicks a low kick, This hit's opponent's that ly still so use that it
    seem's that people love to ly on the ground still to make you d/f+3(snake edge) whiff
    so if that is the case you now know what to do against that problem.
    b+1,2,1,2,1,2,1,2,1,2,1, 4
     Now this is one of bryan's serious new moves to tekken 4 , he does 11 quick gut
    punchs and finsh with a powerful knee just like the pycho 123, but push's back little
    farther on block or hit. This is move is the closest thing to a just-frame for bryan.
    you have to hit that last LEFT jab(1), then follow with 4 right after . these punchs
    get very fast toward's the end so be quick about it. If counter-hit The whole string
    WILL go through , trust me it does. It make's me mad because the last punch hit's high
    and if they duck on a NON-counter hit they will not get pelted by the 4...  NAMCO WTF
    were you guy's thinking ?!?!? this move was hard enough to use let alone that the last
    MID kick doesn't hit crouchers , Hello..... MID !!
     Now you may be confused to why the Three is in () but the reason I want to explain
    the 3 different moves you can do. First (F+3)This is new for Bryan He  does a knee
    to the gut that hits mid & and leaves you at 0 disadvantage ! will hit Crouching
    Opponents. The Next is just (3) this is a nice quick MID hitting kick that will
    knock down on counter hit, but it’s also a starter for a combo(look lower), both
    these will hit  ducking opponents.(3~3) Does the mid kick then follow's with a high
    kick. If you counter hit you get both.
     This is bryans hardest hitting non joystick move , This move look's just like the 3
    alone , but it packs an extra 10 points of damage, same speed , same recovery
    (-4) , but you CAN'T start the 3,2,1,2 strings from it, use this move in a mix up
    with QCB+2 , QCB+3+4. Very strong Move I use this alot. you should also.
    This is three kicks that follow one another the first and last hit HIGH the 3 is
    Mid (its the 3+4 type kick above), I always use these for juggles. They seem to
    flow very well with the combo's in T4. another cool thing is if you land the first
    hit 4 , you get 3 free , always !!
     This move is good because Bryan’s steps to the side and forward at the same
    time As he spin’s he throws out both elbows and can send the opponent spinning.
    On the bad side this is a high attack, so it could be ducked and punished so make
    sure you choose the execution wisely.
    Headhunt'n this is bryan's hardest hitting side step move, it knocks them feet away
    face up, right next to you D/F+3 work's very good from this. but it hit's HIGH so make
    sure that you do it off a whiffed move because it it's blocked you will eat a set of
    jab's if not worse. If ducked a WS anything will hit you, careful.
    this is a fairly good side step move, if you have the time(via- whiffed move,sidestep
    ,etc..) the problem with this is it only hits HIGH. so if ducked you will get hurt
    badly. but if you use this and the person always ducks. Do this SS +1~2 this will
    fake to do byrans chop and hits with a mid hitting gut punch.
    This is basiclly headhunt'n then switched up to a mid hittin gut punch that cause's
    Stun on croucher's and crumple stun on counter-hit. This is good if they try to duck
    it come's out slower than both of the above but like I said it hit's MID.
     This is called a crouch dash. When you use Bryan’s crouch dash you duck high
    attacks in the later frames. Plus when you go into the crouch dash it makes it
    possible to do WS moves! Now Bryan is a killing machine from WS so that should
    be a goal to try and lour your opponent into a costly mistake.This can also be used
    with out a move (qcf) , as it self to trick your opponent into doing something that
    they shouldn’t do. You can also use this move right after using Forward Dash( f,f).
    So you would go (f,f+qcf) Bryan would dash forward then go directly into a crouch
    dash(ducking high attacks) then into what you choose. The more you practice this
    motion you will do it faster & faster. This is very helpful to gain distance on your
    Opponent, But  just like a coin toss there is a flip side. You will not have very
    good success with this move if you try to use it in close. Make sure you have the
    distance to do Both or Just one of them. If you Practice your Qcf motion you will
    find that it will become a lot easier, and much faster. Remember that when you are
    down therein FC because of the Qcf you can BUFFER the COM.(see COM)
     This is Bryan’s back sway. Now in theory this is one of his best moves, but there
    Are some problem’s with it, first when you do it he will not miss high attacks if you
    are to close, plus you are still vulnerable to mid & low attacks. On the other hand,
    if you space it right Bryan will sway out of the way of high attacks and some mid !
    you can follow up with (2), this will send the opponent into the air for a juggle.
    Now 2 does it high (looks mid but it’s high) so if ducked you will fall prey to your
    opponents skill.I have found that if you know the person will duck press (3+4). One
    of the move listed previously it links very good and hits Mid. After using you will
    find other uses. Like swaying back with a Mach Punch or jab Etc…
     One of Bryan’s best juggler starters, be very CAREFUL this move has short range.
    You throw that out and whiff and you can get punished pretty bad, if you throw it
    out at the right time you can take up to another 35 points of damage! (That’s on a
    Jug combo that I will add in a juggle section). When you start getting into the jug’s
    you have to be aware of all Bryan’s starters. Make sure to use the Crouch dash to
    help WS moves to connect easier and faster.
     This is kind of a muitl-throw / juggle . bryan does a sort of gut punch that locks on to
    the opponents gut then laughs and pick them up and bounces the body off the
    ground for a juggle oppertunity . this hits mid so its good for crouchers. But still
    alot slower than WS+1 and really slow campared to WS+1+2.
     Bryan throws a mean left knee from crouching; good damage if COUNTER it stuns
    and you can follow with what ever you choose to take more off the life bar. the stun
    CAN, yes can be escaped , =*-( Damn!! oh ya hold F thats it,  but its all good you
    only have a little bit of time to escape but alot of peep'z dont know about that ,
    hehee tricky bryan if your quick enough you can qcf+1 for a nice jug, but that can
    be hard. You can follow with a mach Punch (f,F+2) this is easier. but WS+1 followed
    up ith a jug will take for life. Another thing about this move is it has pretty good
    frame advantage over most moves. So it will beat a lot of moves.
    Same move as the WS+4,4 with BoB, or the d/f+4,4 with KAzUyA But That suck's because
    we dont get the extra Kick that would have been crazy... well any way it's fast 1 frame
    slower then the knee, BUT has more range. Good WS Move leave's you at -5 so your ok.
    Plus you can d+1 then go right into this without being interuppted.
    This is a Big powerful HIGH hitting kick. If you have a Big window of time to use this
    move Use it , It's very good if your near a wall cause it can cause a wall stun. COOL !
    So use it less then the other WS move's because It's a good move but, other's are
    stronger and more useful.
     This is a very quick WS left hook. Well it’s Bryan’s fastest WS standing move
    doesn’t take to much power. Similar to Bob’s (ws_d/f+1). If you have a big window
    for a WSing move use the launcher's. This move is for trying to beat someone’s
    move before it were to come out. or a little poke .
     This is Bryan's second best string if you counter-hit the First hit you WILL get the
    rest of the 2,1,2. this is good if  you are next to a wall if will send them spinning
    into it for a side stun, yes and if you didn't know like it or not you can NOT escape
    a side stun....heehhee, what would you do with a free like 13 frames? I think you
    might find something to do.
     This is bryans BEST yes BEST string Mid,Mid,Mid,Mid like Bruce’s combo in
    TTT you can end this with (2) or (4). (2) ends this combo with a mid punch that
    send them spinning. With (4) Bryan will throw out a low shin kick, a good Tekken
    player would try to parry the low. unless you opponent is a boob dont use low
    to often, (2) is safest it hits mid  You will find that if you tend to switch the
    ender up you will have a lot more success with this combo like I said about the
    boob thing.If the (2) connects try to follow up with a d/f+3 only if your in range.
    If you do not delay the combo and end with 2 it can only be parried one the first
    hit and if not then you will not get stopped by a jab, or parry or some shit. It
    will also leave you at like -6 so you are pertty safe, well very safe really.
    Because what could come out faster than 6 frames ? I cant think of one thing.
    So use this combo to keep a person blocking back into wall's then use your wall
    Shit! Plus on Counter you get 3,2,1 always.
    This is very simallar to the above combo but, it start's with the HIGH hitting
    Front kick which is not a good thing so be carful when doing this string cause it
    can be ducked. the 2 ender is safe.
     This is a very good combo for bryan starts 8 frames fast and the first (3) hits mid
    so there is less chance of a counter attack. The last (3) hits high so dont use it
    unless you know they wont duck. you can also do 1,4,2,1,2(4) it starts the same
    speed as 1,4,3. but does the doom knuckle's.
     This is the metor-Blow this is a good move it's unblockable and take 28 frame's to
    do but bryan duck's down very low so all high and some mid miss. so you will get it
    more time's than you would think. try to set it up for if there getting up you
    can trap them if you know the will tech roll as this move tracks. Plus it hit's Mid.
     This is the metor-BIGGER-Blow....Hehehe, Forgot the name, But this is the same move
    but it take's 45 Frame's or so. BUT this will deal an extra 25 point's of damage. So
    If you have a chance touse this then do it. This hit's MID.
     Now this combo is pretty cool very very powerful good combo off the counter hit
    you will always land the rest, but if not a counter hit ( b+2,1,2 ) is all high
    attack. So a person could duck after the first and wait to punish like we talked
    about earlier. BUT if you switch up the enders (b+2,1,4) Bryan will end with the
    mid hitting Wolf bite which then sends your ducking opponent to the floor head
    towards you for a good follow up of the d/f+3 for more damage to the opponent.
    Another cool thing about this move is you can do the b+2,1 then right after press
    U_D and bryan will cancel the doom knuckle and side step U_D then you can follow
    with a d/f+3 or d/f+4 the both flow well from the side step. and because one's
    low and the other mid that's a good switch-up.
     Now this has to do with that combo that is above if you CH the first 2 it will
    stun, if you land the 1 of the b+2,1 it will always stun too. but these hit high
    so be very carful. Now off the stun you can do alot of things. but the coolest
    is to use bryan's taunt(1+3+4) to launch them up for a juggle! this could be
    done back in Tekken 3. You can taunt twice if you cancel his taunt fast enough.
    this will lift them even higher for a chance at more damage. buffering will help
    this process because there are a lot of button's to push. use b+2,1 the one hit
    so as soon as you had pushed the 1 you press 1~3* and hold them. Now as soon as
    they start to fall press 4 and you have just buffered the taunt its that easy.
    it take's practice but once you get it, you'll have fun.
     Bryan does a fast one, two then follows with a right knee to the gut, if that wasn’t
    bad enough he laughs at you as you get knocked back to the other side of the
    screen, start up is slow so you have to time it. (don’t you have to time most
    things anyway?) any who , this combo is guaranteed if the first hits! It takes about
    30 points of damage, more if you send them flyin into a wall. Bryan DOES NOT move
    forward at all which makes it hard to use at times.I found that from SS (side step)
    is a good place to land this it comes out just as fast but you can get them from the
    side. Once you land any part the rest will land. Read lower for seven hit unblockable
    out of the same starter....
     COM (chains of misery) muhahaha, that what Bryan say as he grabs you and
    begins the first of three blows to you. While holding on to your left arm he punches
    you in the gut, then with a swift uppercut to the jaw, followed by a crushing blow to
    the head. Sending you feet away & face up. This is one of the best grabs in the game
    not only does it make your opponent you bitch & take off 45 points off health. This
    grab has to start in full Crouch (FC),but you can do what’s called BUFFERING with
    this move and the crouch dash together. You crouch dash, as it puts you in crouch
    right? Then finsh with ( d, D/F+1+2 ) and there you go COM.  This is an advanced
    tactic but it is also very cool. Try to mix this up with WS_qcf+2~F+2, or the others
    they will get confused and maybe try to duck COM, but get knock up with the WS+2~f+2
    coming out of crouch because of the switch up. You experiment it works wonders.
     Well now we are getting into the serious shit, let me explain. This is Bryan's taunt
    coolest taunt in the game by far. It take's 28 frames to do his taunt but don't worry
    you can cancel then taunt with any move so it can really give you almost 20+ frames!!
    people sometimes think you are showing off (remember pychological?)so they will
    want to knock your ass into a jug or something to punish you, but little did they
    no that's what you wanted, hehehee so they come throwing big guns only to get
    a nice counter hit Qcf+3 or f+1,2,1,2 string oh man that always hurts but it works !!
    And if you do that they might just want to stand there next time, which is even better !
    Now here's the good shit Bryan's seven string if you land any part after the 4 you
    get the rest as long as you dont mess up on the string which would be bad (lower).
    Oh ya thats right. its unescapeable after you start to land it to.  what you do is taunt ,
    then directly after you taunt press and hold 1+4 , hold those for 2 seconds. this will
    " Charge " the combo even if you get hit still hold them down you will still become
    " Charged ". When you are chagred you have 7 secounds to pull the combo.
    your best bet is to set it up for yourself. You will not be able to tell you are chaged
    so remember to note your time. After all that ( thats not that bad) you press F+2,1,4,
    >2,1,4,2. delay only for a split second. you have to land the F+2,1,(4)  for the 2,1,4,2
    to go through but when you land it they can kiss life bye-bye. when you do this
    make sure you land it all because if you mess up after the 4 hit  byran will auto
    taunt .  They could possbly hit you cause you cant escape your own taunt. This is a
    very Good move as it make's the opponent GAZE it's true if not only that they have
    to start asking question's to themself.(if they know anything)That's what the taunt
    is good for Question's ..... See MR. Taunt section.
    Tech Roll ground/walls
     Now more than ever you need to use this because of insane wall damage combos
    like lee's but in order to wall tech roll you have to have both feet on the ground
    just for a split second when you see that wall coming get ready , and if you want to
    roll into the screen you press 1_2 , if you want to tech roll to the screen towards
    you use 3_4 . that goes the same for the ground but for ground you need to have your
    back on the ground insted of feet , you need to time it right , if you really want to
    do it RIGHT. some high level player's can really hurt you if they know you  will tech
    roll(hint,hint) so be careful swicth the side's up. or just stand up or mid kick ,or
    Low perry(D/F)
     Bryan used to have a low perry as d(d/b)+2+4, but now they have given everyone a
    low perry (D/F) now everyone has a guaranteed stuff off low perry ( julia d/f+2,1 and
    Paul d/f+1,) but bryan get's somethng better a lancher !!! when you low perry and the
    opponent is stunned or what not, as soon as you can b+4 thats the move its a knee
    juggle's after low perry.  pretty cool !!
     This is one of Bryan's best deffense move's DUH its a PUNCH reversal it can't be
    chickened(reverse my reverse) so that's even better heehhee. when you reverse the
    left(1) you will hit that 2 and bryan will do a mach punch leave the joystick N and
    he will auto taunt a good time to charge the unblockable ?? of course..... but if you
    reverse the right(2) you will do a soild blow no taunt on N oh well. You will find
    that going for some punchs just will not work, so beware cough,cough.... steve....
    but other than that use it any time you can cause if you can do it they must have
    made a pattern so have fun , oh ya be nice =-), One last thing I forgot Steve can
    sway out of the (1) Punch reverse with the mach punch by pressing B . So when revesre
    steve look for him to do that before you press 2 , because you have 3-4 frame's to
    throw out your MACH , and if he sway's then just pause then hit him with a MID knee
    or anything MID.
    Shadow Step
      Shadow steppin is very cool , it work's good for throwing your opponent off. Have you
    ever seen the shadow step? If not it look's like a glitch you stay in FC but the person
    fly's backward's in a very fast motion. This move can get you out of an area FAST.
    And put you in the very back of the screen in second's. In order for the shadow step to
    work you have to have your back turned(BT) Then you press d,d/b,d,d/b......and so on,
    the faster you do the joystick comand the faster you can go.
      For people like Lei, King, or Ling you can get to back turnned very easy. BoB can start
    the match off shadow steppin before the person say's FIGHT!! that is fun to use , and you
    stay in FC the whole time you are moving so ALL WS move's apply here , FC move's also.
      If you are Bryan(if your reading this you just might end up picking bryan)It is harder
    to use this move , Because bryn has No move's that leave him in BT , so your best bet is
    to jump over them, or have them get over you. If you know the opponent will d+1 off FIGHT
    then just u/f(Jump over them) and then you can go into this easier.
      This is a very important thing to use for Bryan , have you figured out why ? YES Bryan
    Kill's from WS so if you can get WS move's off more you will have a better chance. In
    order to INSTANT WS you have to first be standing up, Then very fast press d,d/b this
    really only has to happen for a split second .
      It will cause you to crouch , but cancel the crouch with a WS .... WOW isn't that niffty
    I sure think so. I use it in EVERY match when you start using the WS you will become a
    more efficent killer !!
      And if doesnt take as long to do as holding D/B then letting go then trying to land
    what you chose to use, Try it. It might be hard to get at first but keep trying it will
    get easier.
      See there's really a cool thing about INSTANT WS you end up in crouch for sec right ?
    So that mean's that HIGH attack's WILL miss if you are in the FC when thrown out. SO this
    is a good Defence tactic also !
      After a whiffed (1_1,2_High attack) because of the INSTANT WS you can now punish with a
    shit load of different Move's WS+1 will launch, you might pull a CH WS+3 and stun them.
    whatever the case, use this move all the time.
    b+4 How it works
      Incase you didnt notice I started this section totally over. I want to talk with
    you on this new juggler. It is pretty cool, you can juggle almost everyone off the
    low perry(D/F) and you can juggle everyone that is just FC'ed or crouching. But let's
    go deeper, What about the stance's that other charcter's use/do. Can we Juggle off
    those? Well YES. If you See yoshi trying to get back some life or is just sitting in
    his little leg's crossed stance you will pop him up for a nice little Jug. Or if you
    see Panda in hunting you cam pop his ass right up into the air as long as you are close
    to the teddy bear. This is the BEST ...  STEVE .... any , yes ANY sway can be popped
    up for a nice little juggler. So take that Motherfucker ! Steve can sway the 1 punch
    reverseal and pop you bad, so Im glad we have a weapon to get him back..hehehee  Those
    help alot but Now we have to talk about the one's that dont jug.(ahhnaaww)
     THESE dont juggle or even Hit for that matter NEVER try this move when LING or Christie
    are in there stance's. They just wont get hit and that would be a VERY bad thing try
    your snake edge or d/b+2 that will Hit them and cause a Jug for christie. for LING it
    will cause a gut stun that lift's  she can block anything you throw out after so be carful.
      Now these are the stance's that get HIT but no juggler. Craig is a stance that does
    this so if you still want to use this hoping he will cancel to FC (cause he can) then
    try it. Also Lee in the HITMAN stance get's hit but no Juggle.
      Remember that after a low perry as long as you are close to them you can Juggle everyone
    So USE the damn low perry and juggle those mother's . because everything added's up to a
    sweet win for you....
    Fun with WALL's
      Now wall's have been a big problem for some people to deal with, people always
    go ah man wall's are cheap. and there's nothing you can do about it, blah , blah
    Virtual fighter 4 is better , blah, blah Tekken's easy, blah. Whoa hold on I did it!
    "V4" a big debate between T4 and V4 . I dont play V4 never have, sure it's a skillful
    game but what make's me laugh is when people get beat up badly and say that the
    reason I spanked them like a little bitch is not due to many hour's, day's ,months,
    year's of practicing but because TEKKEN is " easy " .. ha ha ha. Now I have been
    Playing tekken for like 5 year's, Practice hard with everyone I play EVERY day. Have
    I mastered Tekken? HELL NO this game is alot more complex then most people dare to
    think. Just look a BoB or Lei They have so many different mix-up's. How come the people
    that always say it's " easy " are the crappy player's that cant keep up ? Now if tekken
    is SO " easy " how come you lost to two perfect's from me ??
      The reason why say that is toward's a boob I played at TILT once This guy said I was a
    scrub, hey call me what ya want , just keep poppin' those quater's in that's all I ask.
    but anyways I killed him with steve in the Underground(best stage for steve) not
    one but TWO perfect's now I dont know about you but who was really the scrub ?
    Oh bye the way I was using steve the RIGHT way sway's and jab's, reverseal not like
    1,2,1,d+2 shit I didn't even use that move ! I deacate this section to that moron.
    Then the blah, blah started " if V4 was here oh I would like so win..blah,blah." I
    told him if V4 was here I would have pissed on it ( I swear ) then he just walked off,
    dork. but like I said I never played V4 , V4 doen't even matter, it's that he felt like
    a dumbass and didn't know what to do, well this is true anyone can beat me a V4 ,
    I never play ... oh well. geuss im a scrub. V4's okay in my book's but I want this clear
    Yes some dumbass could maybe just mash the button's and win on T4 but that's really
    not a problem for me, I never have that problem. even if I did lose to a masher I would
    just pick a stronger charcter, or try a little harder next time. Masher = NO problem
    they are just dumb for wasting money and hurting the machine. I would fell that I am
    pretty far from being a scrub, but hey call me what ya want. on with the show.
    WALL's against YOU
      This is where when start talking about walls and not my issue's with a dork anyways,
    --WALL's-- Tekken 4 is full of them you get used to them and start to trive off them.
    A wall can hurt and help. Its kind of like a LOVE/HATE relationship. if you get hit
    into a sticky spot don't panic. panic will make you die very fast. relax as hard as
    it sounds just relax. try to think of what you are supseptable to. over time it will
    come to you without thinking watch for deadly Julia or Law wake up games really,
    any one can be deadly if you dont get up the right way or escape hugh wall bashing
    combo's Now even more in T4.
      Tech rolling is really the only way to stop big devestating combo's and you can't
    even stop some of the combo's if your feet dont touch the ground. but tech rolling
    against a good player when you tech roll the might be waiting for you to roll , but
    you have to be on the look out all the time, what do you think your opponent will do?
    really that should decide what you should do with your move's try to read our opponent
    as soon as the pop there money into play, What do they know that you dont ? What do
    you know that they dont ? DO YOU have patterns ? Do they have patterns ? Will they
    know your pattern's ? There are so many question's that you have to ask yourself.
      Bryan iS more of a Counter attack player he has forceful strings but he hurt's the
    most off counter. so you have to draw out the attacks from the opponent so make them
    think that you are going to do something that you really aren't crouch dash to fake a
    WS+1 but really do a COM throw or a d/f+3 you will be the best judge of that. Bryan
    can be played very Confusing Trust me.
    WALL's against THEM
      Now here are some way's to use WALL's to your advantage. You have to learn where the
    wall's are in the level's if you keep dashing foward in the begining on some levels
    you can push them right back into a corner before they have a chance to stop you.
    Once you have backed them near a wall or your just next to a wall start to poke them
    1,2_1_d/f+1,1,1,1_1,4,3, make them ready to block your pokes so they wont attack or
    duck. I love d/f+1,1,1,1 because you can slow them down and control the pace of the
    match. Now they are expecting you to poke again so they block/Stand N waiting, but
    you do F+1+3 and push them right back into the wall and bonk there back on it and open
    them up for a free 10 frames. I find that 1,4,3 is very good from here cause you get
    the 1,4 always then the 3 hit's mid so they can not attack or duck, leave's you at -4.
      Even if you are the person stuck in the corner you can just 1+3 and turn the table's
    round and they will feel the pressure , remember always keep them busy blocking poke's
    dont make a pattern switch the pokes up. If they start to duck use your d/f+1,1,1,1,2
    That is a very good move in tekken 4 now even better against walls. then as they dont
    want to duck cause you pelt them with the vulcan series start the F+1+3 again, this is
    sure to confuse the hell out of any opponent.
      Also combo's that push the opponent back like f+2,1,4 with take and extra 8 point's of
    damage, and the f+1,2,1,2 will cause a side stun on a wall hit. The mach punch if close to
    the wall will cause a stun and you could land another mach punch or d/b+2 to pick them
    up for a juggle.
      Always read your opponent, try to understand what grasp of the Tekken format they
    truely have. use your low pokes, d+3+4 , d+4 those are good mix-up's to keep the
    pressure on them.
      Remember Byran's Kickboxing mixed Style is very pychological you have to TEACH your
    opponent What not to do so they wont get hurt. In turn putting them just where you want
    them to be WAITTING not attacking , if you press them into the WALL with no where to go
    and you poke mid and fast they will be forced to stand and block, that's where you want
    them. Standing and waiting for you to Hurt them...
      Bryan is a totally different fighting style then ANY of the T4 Terny. If anyone tell's
    you other wise they really dont know Bryan. You want to SCARE your opponent make them
    stop--and think-- WTF is bryan doing? that's when they start to Question themself's.
    Sound's pretty deep huh ? Well it really is, as dumb as that may sound to some it's a sure
    bet . check this out.....
     We will use the TAUNT(1+3+4) good,good move(read up on it in it's section) after you
    land a CH f+1,2,1,2 they are lying there You taunt, they go WTF ? and start to ask them
    self's " Is he showing off ? ", or maybe they ask themself's " should I attack ? ".
    whatever they think, YOU made them think. Get it ? So now there thinking about you but
    this whole time you where just plaining on TAUNT then cancel the taunt with d/f+3 which
    come's out almost as fast. Since they had to deal with why you taunted you landed that
    because you knew just what was going to go down. This is only one exaple of many, many
    way's that this is true for Bryan. If Thet start geting hurt by that Or other combo's
    When they see you taunt again They will pause or try to roll quick. if they start to
    move at all d/f+3 will hit. If they just Ly there CHARGE the 7 string.(Mr. Taunt) Then
    You can really seal some damage after they get up. Alway's remember that Bryan is a
    fighter that trive's on counter-attack. That's One of his
    More later...
    Stun's and You
      Stun's have alot to do with tekken now , If you get hit into a wall , If you get
    nailed by a counter hit of some sort. Whatever the case what the hell can you do
    about it?  Well, Sometime's NOTHING but that just depends on what type of stun it
    was ( there are many type's of stun's ) basiclly to escape stun's that can be escaped
    you hold forward (F) some time's I have found that taping foward at the right time's
    can escape also. but if it's just to powerful like (KAZ-ws+2) when you get hit well
    it's over sorry nothing can be done , oh and JIN chesser scrapper NO way , sorry
    no escape Only escape to bet on in these exaple's are hoping your opponent mess's
    up that's about it. but like paul qcf+1 , hold(or tap fast also) there ya go or oh ya
    Julia d,d/f+1,2(stun on 2). that's it. so never give up , try all stun's you never
    know .
      See wall stun's are more complex if you are close like 3-4 step's away from a wall
    and Bryan Mach panch's you into the wall this will cause a stun that you can not escape
    You will just Start Falling and can block for like 13 frame's So they can try something,
    But you can tech roll if THEY let's you fall to the ground , but dont let them fall
    I love getting another Mach punch, take's nice fat chunk of life. but 1,4,3 is the
    safest you go for what your ablilty let's you. You can do alot of thing's.
      But for the Wall stun's you can escape in T4  you hold back (B) or Down back (D/B)
    this will make you block out of your fall it look's like you wouldn't be able to block
    but you pull it off as long as the hit hange's aren't conflicting then you will just
    get nailed again so watch and read your opponent like always look for there patteren's.
      Lee or Bob have a harder time doing wall stun's , they can most defentily do them
    they just lack Deathfist type move's really, but they have good wall combo's if they
    keep your ass up it the air, Lee can to a FULL life combo (even with life at 150%)so
    you always need to keep those feet on the ground know what I mean ? cool.
    Mr. Taunt
      Ahhh...... The taunt , There are 3 other's that have the 1+3+4 taunt, thay are
    Ling & Julia & Jin. when opponent's try's to attack in the later frame's of the taunt
    they will get stunned, NOT Jin's taunt though. You get a free 1,4 if they ever BLOCK
    the taunt. that is pretty cool. I found out that you have 2 frame's to land pycho
    123(F+2,1,4). COOL!! Really There is even cooler thing's that come out when you use
    the Bryan's taunt Unlike the others. Bryan has a 7 hit combo, that after the first
    hit land's bryan WILL get the rest of the string, Unless he(you) blow's the string.
    If he blow's it he will auto taunt and CANT be cancelled. or " CHARGED " so watch out.
    After you are charged you can Then taunt then and if they block your taunt you have
    2 frame's to land the pycho 123/Bruisher 7 hit unescapeable. So there's 61 point's of
    health that can all be done unblockable if you got the skill.
      This Combo can really turn the table's around in a match , the last hit is the
    mach punch, BUT it's alot stronger and his Fist glow's blue like a JF move would.
    It send's the opponent back almost twice as far as the mach punch would normally
    They spin too !! It look's cool , plus it make's them your bitch as they CANT escape
    this combo once started.
      To do this combo you First taunt(1+3+4) as soon as you taunt let go and then
    hurry and press and hold 1+4 for 2 sec. Bryan will do his FULL 28 frame taunt and
    you cant escape it, IF you get knocked down DONT worry you still get charged for
    7 sec. So remember when you charge up. So now you are charged getting Hit or Not.
    You Go up to them And press f+2,1,4,2,1,4,2  The first 4 has to hit for the rest of
    the combo to go through , You will find that it's hard to use straight out, You have
    to set-up this Combo. I find that SS is a very good place for this combo becuase if
    you get a good SS you get a free like 16 frame's you only need 15 whoopy!!
      I Can not stress the important's of the TAUNT and how you can use it to really
    confuse your opponent. If you make them stop and think if only for a split second
    you just helped yourself, That's no joke. Now here in T4 if you have not found out
    it has changed from a trutle friendly game to NOW punishing the trutle style, because
    You are forced to block and get pushed back into wall's and It make's you unable to
    attack, among other reason's. So when they stop to think , you just keep going on with
    a combo you have chosen before. They can only block it or Just duck or what not, but
    the will have a lot harder time trying to attack you, it could bring out a nice
    Counter-hit ya never know...
      Not only that But the taunt is important in itself as just a move because if the
    taunt land's (is blocked) then you have free damage coming to them. you can almost
    land ALL of bryan's move's off the tanut hit.
      The taunt after being started can CANCEL after 8 frame's so you can throw it out
    and not have to worry to much, and if it land's that's even better, OR you could get
    a 1+4 charge up if the person get's scared, they will get scared once you pull that
    totally messed up combo that bryan does as he laugh's at them.(I love that)
      Like I said in the first paragraph Use this when they want to sit there and wait
    for you to attack, Shit even if they are not just waiting for you time it right(harder)
    and you can open them up for the attacks I showed or come up with your own. 4,3 work's
    and it take's the most damage(32 points). but the pycho 123 is alot cooler and you would
    get more prop's because it is harder to use than the other's it takes 29 points. If
    you are new with it Use the 1,4 that will give you a quick 20 and not as hard at all.
      So their you are just got knocked down, ouch it was a death fist or whatever you have
    a few option's from here let's start with the basic's STAND STRIGHT UP that's the
    fastest way to get up , not always the best way but fastest none the less. when you are
    down press U with the joystick, you can also stand up then go into crouch right after
    by pressing U then hold D/B that will raise you off the ground then go into crouch.
    These are good to use if you know your opponent will react a certin way(low sweep) or
    whatever. not good if the opponent is close to you.
     If you want to toss and turn before you wake-up then press 1_d+1 when lying on the
    ground this will cause you to roll over one or one and a half times you can then
    get up how you please.
     If you are rolling away because of a death type fist you can recover in crouch if
    you hold D/B as you are rolling in the eairly frames of the knock down. this is the
    best way to recover from a death type fist move, that push's back.
     The next way could be Low sweep , or mid kick from standing off the ground. this is
    good to use if your opponent is close and throwing out jab's or coming in for an
    attack from the ground after you have landed press 3 to low sweep. and if you
    want to mid kick press 4 insted. you should mix these up because if you only do one
    you will be predictable. sweep is one of the most used so becareful ethier way.
    you can also d+3_4 when lying on the ground feet toward's this is an ankle kick
    come's out faster then the low seep take's small damage though.
     You could also tech roll I talked about this a little up the page some. to tech roll
    sucessfully you have to hit 1_2_3_4 right as you hit the Ground or wall. this will
    cause you to spin out of harms way. It depend's on the button you press 1_2 go to
    your left. 3_4 goes to your right. With wall's your feet have to touch the ground
    before you can tech roll but as soon as they hit you can, with the ground it has to
    do with your back touching the ground as soon as it touuch's you have like 2 frames
    to tech roll. the more you practice tech rolling the easier it becomes , switch the
    sides you tech roll to cause you could cause yourself more problems if you tech roll
    deeper into a the Blackhole of a corner.
     You can roll foward and backward's but in T4 that can be very risky, foward is almost
    asking to get smacked. you will have much better luck rolling backward's but you can
    get a deathfist to your gut or something only roll if you have the time to roll.
    to roll backwards press B to roll forward press F , thats really it.
     Now here's like the last options you have they are like a back sring , and a foward
    like cross chop. these start out of the rolling you can roll back (B) then press F
    and 1+2 this will start a roll back then spring foward with a cross chop. Press and
    Hold F start to roll then press F+1+2 and you will roll foward then cross chop.
    To back spring you can press B+3+4 your feet have to be facing the opponent. and
    You lying still these can work good on noob's but I never use them in high level play.
    Because they can leave you very screwed if mistake's are made.
      For some player's the wait and pray that they can Get you on the ground so they
    can play there deadly wake up game , So that's why you are going to practice and
    get all the different way's that you can get up totally down. Or else that's where
    you are going to be. Down , on the ground getting smacked around.
     Sometime's depending on the time you may find it that lying there will cause your
    opponent to whiff a mid kick or something and from there you could get up with a
    sweep or whatever you decide. Just do it quick.
    " WALK " in the Park
      Sorry I tend to use cheesey Headline's so bear with me, anyways This is were we
    Are going to discuss Side-Steping , ALSO " WALKING " . Alot of people dont realize
    how import this has become in TEKKEN 4 if you don't side-step, or walk to get your
    opponent off axais You are NOT using a very inportant TOOL. You might remember SS
    in TTT that aspect of it has stayed the same you gain about 45 degree's Around the
    person, 180 if it move's forward alot (BoB or Julia) So you can deal major damage
    to whiffer's. To SS you press d_u when you (d) you go to your right, (u) goes to your
    left So use these to get out of the way of move's that take a slower start-up's.
      You will get nailed, Face it. if your Not used to it and you try to SS you will
    get nailed so insted practice and even if you get hit DONT give-up because you will
    get your timing it might just take you getting smacked a few Times to learn so dont
    get mad if you lose at first learning this, BUT when you get this down you will have
    a VERY big advantage over your opponent Good or Not. Because if They slip-up you can
    still punsih with the side-step.
      Now walking Is *NEW* to tekken 4 If you HOLD U_D you will Walk insted of jumping
    like back in tag. This is the same as you other SS but 3-4 frame's slower so only
    walk if you have the distance, WALKING is very good because if you opponent keep's
    attacking after you start wallking you can walk around them and them Come from the
    Side or BACK and a Back throw is VERY hurtful...
      If your opponent KNOW's you will walk they can set you up, SO make sure you do it
    when there's TIME and not done like 3 time's in a row. You know what I mean. Watch
    for move's that TRACK when you SIDE-Step casue they can trun the table's on that
    And it hurt's(you).
      I love this new Walking system. Let me show you why .  If you were really fighting
    someone. would you really JUMP up and do a flip and shit then land back down with a
    stomp punch ? F*ck NO.... (I geuss your fist's wouldn't glow ethier but anyways) The
    JUMP was useless , You would be way more likely to walk around your opponent reather
    than jump on them. Namco is taking a turn toward's MORE realizism I think that is the
    BEST thing they have done so far. Keep up the good work namco DONT get rid of BRYAN
    In tekken 5, Please.......
      If you have Sucessfully SS a move or it has whiffed DO NOT , I repeat DONT use the
    throw's. You might be asking why? well there is a very , good reason. Do you want to
    Hurt your opponent OR hope you hurt your opponent? I was guilty of this many moon's
    ago, I would try to use my SIDE throw's and Front throw's. If your opponent has any
    skill they WILL escape , or just Duck then your screwed !! But Just use these move's
    like 4,3 or F+2,1,4 or even just f+3.  They all have MID hit's to get those DUCKER's
    and the will inflict damage on a whiffed or side opponent. The one hope in the throw's
    would be to get a back Throw. Back throws " can not " be escaped with a button, Only
    If the person ducks. But if the are turned backward's Use your SNAKE edge (d/f+3) even
    when the block low , If there backwards this will send them head over heel's and start
    a juggle.
      Also When you are walking in T4 if you trick your opponent by walking one way then
    SS back the other way, THIS works it can really get them off axis I shit you not. The
    move they use can track that you where going right, But if you SS left as soon as they
    start there move you will SS back and with the right timing go about 180 degree's !!!
    this can be very useful with 14+ frame move's(ex Death type fist).
    Charcter Break down
    Here's some help with the different charcters in tekken 4
     Funny I should start out with good old bryan , but these are thing's that YOU need
    to remember also. Bryan is Very powerful don't miss your attacks. Bryan lacks low
    so be more worried of MID (watch that Snake edge). bryans fast if you try to out
    poke him with anyone other than julia or lee type jab you will have a hard time.
    NEVER NEVER Under esitmate Byran EVER. even if you think the person sucks,
    bryan is very tricky you will be eatin those qaurters im not joking. remember bryan
    is always waiting for that counter attack .... Bryan can be side stepped some time's
    but if your facing a good bryan you will not have many chance's to side-step he has
    good MID move's that track.   Beware ...  Bryan's Taunt is The Hardest taunt to deal
    with , Because of his free hit's of the taunt and the combo's he can do out of his
     Ahhh... the guy that namco said " lets make him beat everyone up ". yes it is very
    true. Jin is the hardest fight for anyone(expert playing of course). his porperty's are
    unbeleiveable , he pokes like a mad man, and can perry ANY mid or high, wait let
    me say that again YES Almost every single move thats mid or high jin can perry...
    with follow-up's that just make you sick. Dont try to just attack jin after blocking his
    strings he has so much frame advantage(like +3 and shit) just watch out for the
    Cheesey cannon's the last one can be unblockable OR not, and delayed or not or JF.
    Jn is a VERY hard fight just hold on try to get him, But dont be foolish and just
    run out swinging. Keep pressure on always think of your next move 2-3 move's ahead
    try to set him up in your own trap's and revese his punch's when he try's to get
    out. Learn Jin's style to have a chance against him. 2,4 ff,d+4 is alway's going to
    land dont try to get up and attack you will get a CH sweep and get another d+4 .
    Just lay there if you know that's coming and then get up after. Now Jin is a very
    Strong opponent Has Good mix-up's , I love to play with him sometimes but he is to
    easy to play with , Just learn him frame's His Jab's 1_2 both come out the same
    speed it's 9-10 frame's , But Once you start to block stuff that's where you need to
    be very wise in what you BLOCK and DONT Want to block. Really only practice can pre-
    pare you for a GOOD Jin good luck. (see Jin vs. Bryan)
    Hwoarang-aka( BoB )
     Here is another problem that you have to deal with , if you havent seen a good bob
    player you will have a different respect for this Tae-Kwon-do master in action when
    you see it. He is so very quick and the reason is is that is moves link so well, never
    try to attack him when he's dancing around you WILL get smacked up and then
    back down again. You have to wait for the time with least disadvantage off the
    block. If you have a Reverse in some way try to use it WHEN pattern's form. watch the
    high low mix up game he is deadly at it. dont stand there ATTACK him! Presure
    him don't let him have space. Thats what he trives on. poke the hell out of him,
    always keep the pressure on him OR you will find it the other way around(seriously).
    I have been practicing with BOB he is pertty cool , very hard to use him the right
    way(what is the right way, you ask?)Well to constently going MID,LOW,LOW,MID,LOW be
    all over the place bob start's that shit look for pattern's and reverse the punch's,
    Or Low perry when able. BoB's d+3,4  Is a NASTY move and there is also a low version
    of this out of LFS. The normal d+3,4 hit's Specail Mid so you can still LOW perry that
    You know that you can low perry SM right ? hehehe
     Well first things first the 1,1,1 it will mess you up very ,very ,very badly , at 8
    frames and a juggle counter hit , kiss half the life bar gone. always wait and watch
    for the 1,1,1.  because you are Bryan oh yes geuss what class can you say p-u-n-c-h
    r-e-v-e-r-s-e oh yes use it to puinsh 1,1,1 abuser's, julia has a deadly MID game
    bloclk mostly MID but watch for the high low mix up's, remember high then low
    always. Julia is very linear(moves foward) alot so side stepping can make her eat
    a back throw try it it works. Julia kill's at wake-up now even more so dont be sleepy.
    she has a FC sweep that give's her a free rising kick so look to reverse that if you
    know the opponent will use that. From FC she can do a sweep to mid kick so look out
    for low also when she's FC'ing.  Julia can delay her move's like her d,d/f+1,2 that
    shit is hurtful Because the last hit STUN's on counter and the delay between the 1 &
    2 is big. Her grab (qcb,f+2) can be buffered out of side step and coome out at like 10
    frames that's pretty damn fast it has a 2 escape.
     This guy is cool as hell , not to play against sometimes though cause He's good.
    His poke's in TTT were among the best still are to but toned down like (d+1, N, 2)
    most everything in T4 has been toned down. He also hase devestating mutli-part
    throw's to get out at the secondpart of the most common thorw keep pressing 2
    (time it when your back hits the ground )all his escapes are 1,2 or both.If you see
    someone beating up the machine tryin to eascape please tell them to stop and tell
    them only to press 1+2 not break the damn joystick off...... oh the Frankinstiner
    has been toned down now, but if they try it block low it hit's Specail mid.
    the low kick's (3) normal, (5) on counter can be whiched up with a rising uppercut
    so on counter watch that. If you get Stuck in the gaint swing any time Multi-throw
    or just the swing if you tap 3_4 right as your back hit's the ground you can tech
    roll and save about half the energy and be on your feet. If you mash all the button's
    in like a circle you you dont have to time it. King now has d/f+3,4 kick combo. In
    this combo he hold's on with the 3 kick then kick's across your face with the 4.
    If it counter-hit's he get's the whole thing but any other time you can JAB him
    out of it and start a JUG at the same time.
     Paul has always been a problem. He is fast strong and has good mix-up's. in a
    jabbing contest you might lose (it would be very close). remember to watch for that
    death fist. you can reverse that same death fist and make him think about throwing
    it out next time as you take off 25 point's of his heath as a reminder. if you get
    caught on the ground with your pants down gettin tile spilt to hell dont attack, or roll
    back or foward tech roll like I taught you earlier (look up in the faq). thats the only
    way to save you from a sleepy death. his just frame has gaurd break so look out.
    Paul will be a hard fight if they are good , just try to keep the pressure on him
    stay out of the wall's. his d+1+2 has very long block stun you can get a 1,4,3 for
    the most part. Paul's ten string's can be agravating if you dont know the hit range's
    it's ethier Low on 4th , 7th, or 9th hit's.
     This girl is nasty, seriously her jabs are among the fastest in the game, her mix up's
    go so into depth its hard to break her down in a few lines. she also has mutil-part
    throws the escapes are like kings 1,2 or 1+2. so dont beat up the machine please
    I might play where you play and no one like's beat up sticks If ya see someone
    doing that tell them to chill out. Watch for her new move 1+4 a sort of cartwheel type
    punch kick combo you are at a disadvantage after blocking it so beware. also
    she has the werid 10 string's so try to understand the range's of those there's like 6.
    She is one of the fastest poker's , try to reverse the 1+4 it will N taunt so you
    can charge up and punish. look out for the 1 escape throw with her elbow they love to
    throw that one out. The throw that she has the lob's you over into the air for a second
    can be tech rolled so tech roll. I  dont know how it work's but when you escape her
    grab's you can punch her, using 1_2 button's to escape. If nina reverses a left punch(1)
    She can go straight into her mutli-throw so look to escape with 1,2,or both. She
    can grab any mid,high kick or punch.
     No qeustion the MOST powerful person in tekken 4 stun's that make you cry as
    you watch the life bar drain faster than a nascar race. watch WS+2 stuns very badly.
    his power doesnt make up for the fact that they screwed him over form TTT his
    property's have changed in a very bad way. but thats good for you and me his
    thunder fist or whatever hits high now so you can duck & punish, watch out for
    WS 4,4. kazyua's fury block's like so Mid, mid, mid,low,mid  the last low then mid
    is fast but you can do it. Kazyua will only lanch on COUNTER hit with the upper
    cut so watch 1,2 jab's. He is slow and if you look at him hard you can almost know
    what he will do, so keep your eye's peeled. His WS+1,2 doesn't lanch unless Counter
    hit ethier , So I geuss he's more defence like, whatever. He has and elbow that hit's
    mid and leave's him at 0 frame's so becareful. the garb he does STONE HEAD(f,f+1+2)
    you have to escape with 1+2 but if you dont escape , you can still revesre the grab
    by pressing 1+2 as his head nail's your's , this will inturn do the same grab back
    to kaz but take's more damage. very cool!
     Good oh yes, I love lee(not voilet, I swear im not gay.....)anyways j/k Lee has
    learned how to do all his old moves better and gained some good new ones also.
    his mist step links with half of his move's. WATCH out for a mist steppin lee,
    He gains +1 when he mist steps that make's for a 7 frame jab !?!?  damn now
    thats a fact and fast as hell to! when lee mist steps try a d/b+1 unless your ling.
    watch for low, low ,low, mid kick combo that is its order , it gets worse you can
    delay those and really poke someone's eye out. His Just frames hurt too the mist
    trap hit's on HIT or Block now !!. So beware of him also. just dont get knocked into
    the air in range of a wall. there are FULL life combos with him using walls.
    Now more than ever its important to know where you are in postion to the walls in
    the level's learn to tech roll. Lee also has the FC sweep like law , but he can
    also do the same sweep from standing to it's off f,f. so watch the mix-up's.
    Lee has alot of just frame's if he land's JF it make's him very nasty Because it
    cause him to gain power and speed. 1,2,4:4 will cause block stun and take of an
    extra 20 point's on HIT ! and f+3:3:3 cause Crumple stun that can turn into a
    Juggle also. JF lee is very deadly.
     This guys is very tricky , see you have a punch reverse and all he does his punch
    right easy match right ? No sorry tekken is not that nice, some of his punch's cant
    be reversed and its hard to know which ones.... think of steve like this " if you
    blocked it he can likely start it over again ". thats the truth. His 1,2,1 can loop,
    he is simaliar to jin in that he get's + frames on block more than say oh i dont
    know how about Bryan(anyone)hehehe  . scrub steve's love 1,2,1,low sweep 2 so watch
    for that and also is d+2,1 it hits low then mid. Steve is a weaver for sure he can
    look pretty nut's coming at you all sway'n but remember this Steve can only do one
    low attack from a stance , and that's abcross spin (3+4) so be very worried about mid
    punch's that cant be reversed. Steve love's to keep pressure on you and jab you till
    you get frustrated then you attack hard only to get a counterhit d+1 so be careful
    Steve's punchs' are STRONG.  STEVE Can do some tricky shit on you. If you revesre
    Steve's (1) Punch By holding (B) Steve sway's and follow's with 2 for a cross chop
    to the chin the cause's bryan to crumple to the floor , On the 2 punch you get him
    every time with the solid blow. So if you you wait a tad for steve to sway and punch
    he will whiff and you could mach punch after or snake edge(d/f+3) good move to use on
    a swaying steve.
     She is all about making you think one thing then she will do another. Here's a good
    tip never throw out HIGH attacks EVER you mostly wont hit her with high , use only mid
    & low beleive me throw out high attacks watch yourself get tossed around by a little
    asain bitch(not fun) unless its in the dark after a date or something (cough).
    anyways she love's to stay low,and jump around to. Dont just stand there attack with
    you low & mid attacks. if she start's doing that flip thing that jumps high dont try
    to attack just walk D_U around to the side this will make her become off axis and
    if they attack with a big move they will miss and you can punish. she has a taunt
    just like bryan's or julia's 1+3+4 it has the same type property's so watch out it
    will stun if you try to attack it in the eairly frames. There is a girl that which's
    with here in T4 on PS2 but she it the same as ling no real difference.
     Low on this list but not any less dangerous as the First. really he's one of the
    worst. This dude named Manu play's and kick's my ass and I learn how law's mix-up's
    have gottin really good in T4 five bucks later. (damn! props manu) watch for dragon
    stance looks like bruce shaken his hip's and shit you know what I mean. that
    stance hurt's he can go high low or throw. watch the FC low slide can really mess
    you up. Law also has alot of mid and low hits so you have to watch your opponent
    for patterns. watch that damn low sweep it's slow but it get's so many people.(me)
    Law recover's in FC alot so I tend to try more mid attack's against a good law dont
    let them set up the slide! Law's 1,2,3 Is a good set-up for him it leave's him at
    +1 or +2 But ethier way you cant beat him to the punch after blocking the 3 so Try
    d/b+1 that will stop him if the try another 1,2,3. the Drunken Dragon is a hard
    fight, if they person in really good , the mix-up's are the most deadly in certin
    aspect's so watchout!
     Yes , this guy rocks !!! you might be sayin craig ?? that cheap punch you on the
    ground in your face guy ? yes that guy is a UFC style fighter and can do that but
    you know what ? I'll NEVER use it and still kick ass. he has some cool juggles
    and some shady moves that duck under high attacks so beware. you can
    out jab him. but watch for the throws. To get out of the stance you have to escape
    the punch with the oppsite button used and the lower button so it would go like so
    Craig punchs 2 so you use 1+3 , Craig punch's 1 so use 2+4 . But if your playing
    a good craig player he might reverse your escape. so if that happens and you
    get stuck in it again only block with 1 or 2 this will just block the punch and not
    escape the tackle. if he try's to reverese and you block it kicks him off.
    Craig has very good little ducking juggle starter's so dont 1,2 all day long.
    His FC,D/F+4 low sweep cant be parried. He is shady, He's got some grab's that
    go straight into the MOUNT which could end up to like 70 point's so that is bad
    The escapes are still 1 or 2 or Both . But he is still fun to use. Craig has a
    very good low kick d+4 this is more like a knee but it hit's LOW and you can not
    I repeat NOT low perry this move. I think he is the only person that have a low
    hit that cant be reversed.
     This old bag of bones is still a contender , just think of him as in tag but a little
    tonded down. if you lay still on the ground he can get you with the tile spliter like
    paul. But alot of his juggles dont work anymore so that helps. but he still has those
    damn hell sweep's watch out for those. he is alot slower than you use that to your
    advantage. He has lost his tile spliter, to deathfist combo so you will not have to
    worry about that anymore, But he has JF's on his upper cut and hell axle's those cant
    really mess ya up. So He has kept his d/f+1,2 and in launch's and hit's mid so watch
    that one . he has slow jab's 10 frame's I think and you can totally beat him to the
    punch more than he will beat you. Low perry the sweep's And get a free Juggle , now
    More than ever The low peery is great. He has that little BITCH run to that make's
    him flea out of the area and run back to the right or left depending on the side of
    the screen your on.
     Ahhh the drunken master ! fun to use and watch a good lei. He has I think the most
    moves as any charcter(bob's close). that means you will have a hard time wonderin
    what will come out next. watch for the droppers. I think Lei dropping is the most
    scrubby way to win but it works for some. when he's getting up watch for the low
    sweep & the mid double kick lei love's to try and switch those up. if you keep
    pressure on him he will struggle and you will win. dont let him gain life back !!!
    you would be shocked how many people let me gain a quick 20 point's. LOL Lei is
    a player that need's some breathing room to feel comfurtable so dont give it to
    him. Always keep those pokes Lei has AUTO revesal's to so watch out. I love the
    way he flow's , that's part of his style, you look and wonder, while he set's up
    and kill's. Lie can mix-up Low and mid pretty fast keep on your toes. Lei has a
    lot of different ways to attck LOW So what for a chance to get a b+4 juggle off
    a messed up low attack.
     Kuma/panda there both the same they work on the fact that you dont know the hit
    ranges. the bear fling blocks mid , watch for the stance No high attacks will ever
    hit when in the stance. some mid too ! watch for the low claw sweeps. other than
    those fact's the bear is fairly easy, oh ya watch the f+1,1,1 it's just like julia's
    so wait and reverse the shit out of him. use snake's edge when panda's hunting
    watch the bear spin. always fun. Watch out for panda low perry. And the fatal wind
    sound's dumb but if that hit's you the hole life bar is gone. So dont let the bear
    FART on you !! d/b+2 is very good for knocking the bear out of his stance, and all
    those other Low stances(ling,christe).
     Good old eddy with a nice set of tits. thats all that is different, eddy/christe
    love to dance around and lead you to beleive one thing than do another . keep the
    pressure on in tekken 4 is about pressure. the second you slack off your toast.
    When she/he's in relax postion on the ground use d/b+2 it will pick her up then
    press 1, then f+F+2 for a nice little juggle. watch your high attacks also. She has
    alot of low and mid mix-up's you should try to learn her style to defend against
    a good Christe player. I liked TIGER in TTT alot so I play with Christe here is
    T4 to she is totally kickin with the mid Juggle's so what those and low sweep's
    she has alot of those. Now in T4 on PS2 has EDDIE and She totally dig's eddie she
    want's his nut's ! to pick eddie in tekken 4 press TRIANGLE and it will chose him.
     What the hell is this sword fighting dude doing in a normal fighting game?
    oh well he is still cool though he is not a hard opponent though . but can cause
    you to be bothered like a nat. he can steal your health and give it to him self
    and also steal your MOVE's !! other than that watch out for that damn sword.
    you cant block it but you can reverse it if you got skill's. Yoshi can get up
    from his life gaining postion like 4 different ways so watch the switch gettin
    up off the ground. He duck's and flip's a hole lot so be on the look out. Yoshi's
    TEN string's use his soward so dont let them get past like the 4th hit's !!
    If he get's to using the soward you cant block it so stop it early in the TEN hit.
    yohsi is your FRIEND (Bryan) he save's you at the end of this terny. He can
    take his life, and give it to you. that is pretty funny if you ask me.
     Random , that's what he is a crappy version of testujin on TTT .cause what ever
    style of fighting he picks you are stuck with till the next battle session. look
    for the begining stance to help you know what style you are fighting. Thats the
    only advise that can be given... Well said I added to everyone, so cant leave him
    out, Remember the proprty's will be that same as the Person fighting that style.
    Command List	       Place          Command List         Damage        Escape
    2+4	                   front      Over the top Crusher 	  30	           2
    F+2+4	                   front      Gravity Brain Buster  	  30	           2
    FC,d/f,d,d/f+1+2	       front      Chains of Misery (COM)  10,9,26	    1+2
    1+3+(u_d_b_f)	       any        Postion change           ****	           1
    (F+2+4_2+4)	             left       Gravity Blow	        40	           1
    (F+2+4_2+4)	             right      Knee Smack	              40	           2
    (F+2+4_2+4)	             back	      Neck Lob      	        60            none
    b,b,ub                   walls      ff the wall kick          20          block mid
    **** - Position change - in the evolution of the Tekken story we have now lost a 1+3
    grab as we used to know it. Now this has become a position change the way the
    opponent go is totally up to you! if you push 1+3 you do a 180. if you press (F+1+3)
    you will grab your opponent and push them back about 2-3 step’s IF you push
    U+1+3 they will move to your side, it goes on with all other joystick movements
    also.IF you are close enough you can push them into a wall and then follow with
    (1,4,3) for free damage (or what you please). People tend to not escape those
    much, but they still do…..
    Command	          Name	  Damage	                    Range
    d/f+1,2	           Double Body Blow	9,17	mm
    D/F+1<1<1<1,    Vulcan Cannon - Solid Blow  10,15,12,11,16	mmmmm
    SS+1	                 Headhunt’n	30	h
    SS+2	                Shell Shocker	26	h
    SS+1~2	           Tricky Fury	26	m
    (FC_d_N)+1+2	    Hammer Driver	13,22	mm
    f+1+2	                Side Step Elbow	26	h
    1,2	              One Two punch	5,9	hh
    = 1,2	             = Running Punch Rush	11,14	mm
    = 1,4	             = Punch Kick switch-up	11,12	ml
    = 3	                = Low Kick	12	l
    1~4	             Punch Kick Cross	6,14	hh
    = 2	              = Back Knuckle	15	h
    = <1	            = Twin Back Knuckles	18	h
    = <2	                = Mach Punch	20	h
    = <4	                = Wolf Bite	22	m
    = ~(d_u)  	           = Side Step	--	--
    = 4	                 = Wolf Bite 	22	m
    = ~f+1 	     = Faked ya Knuckle	15	h
    = <2	               = Mach Punch	20	h
    = <4	                  = Wolf Bite	22	m
    = ~(d_u)	           = Side Step	--	--
    = 4	                = Wolf Bite 	22	m
    = <4	                 = Wolf Bite	22	m
    = 3,3	              = Run-in Kicks	17,15	mh
    WS+1+2	            Short Upper	12	m
    b,b+1 	            Snake Slam 	20	m
    b+1<2,1,2,1,2,1,2,1,2,4	Gattling Rush	5,2,2,2,2,2,2,2,2,14   all m
    (WS_qcf)+1 	             High Riser	17	m
    f+2,1,4	        Psychotic 1,2,3	11,5,22	hmM
    f,f+2	                   Mach Breaker	26	h
    SS+2	                    Shell Shock	26	h
    (d_d/b)+2   	     Duck Stomach Smash	18	m
    d/f+2	                    Solid Blow	18	m
    b+2	                   Back Knuckle	15	h
    = <1	              = Twin Back Knuckles	17	h
    = <2	                  = Mach Punch	20    h
    = <4	                  =  Wolf Bite	22	m
    = ~(d_u) 	                = Side Step	--	--
    = 4	                   = Wolf Bite	22	m
    = ~f+1	           = Faked ya Knuckle	0	h
    = <2	                  = Mach Punch	20	h
    = <4	                    = Wolf Bite	22	m
    = ~(d_u) 	                 = Side Step	--	--
    = 4	                     = Wolf Bite	22	m
    Qcb	                         Sway 	--	--
    = N+2	                     = Chin Spin	20	h
    (WS_qcf)+2	                Gut Smash	17	m
    = (~f_~b)+2 	     = Fisherman's Hook	22	M            (#2)
    f,f+3	                       Slash Kick	30	m
    f,f+3*	           Delayed Slash Kick	39	m
    f+3	                    Stomach Knee	21	m
    3,2,1,2	          Intrepid Rush	17,10,12,13	mmmm
    3,2,1,4	          Guessing Game	17,11,11,12	mmml
    b+3,2,1,2>4	      Straight leg rush	19,10,11,13>12	mmmm>l
    3,3	                   Spin Kicks	17,16	        mh
    (u_u/f)+3	             Jump Round House	24	h
    (WR_f,f,f)+3	     Leaping Smash Kick	29	m
    d/f+3	                    Snake Edge	16	L
    D/B, 3	               Shin smack	12	l
    (WS_qcf)+3	              Gut Knee	      21	m
    = 4	                = Twin Gut Knee	15	m
    b+3	                     Front Kick	19	h
    = 4	                         = Knee	12	m
    d+3+4	                    Thin Low Kick	14	l
    WS+3+4	                 Spin Kick	26	h
    b+4	                     Slow knee	18	m
    (u_u/f)+4	              Orbital Heel	22	M
    d/f+4	                     Wolf Bite	23	M
    f+4,3,4	         Running Blind	17,15,18	Hmh
    b,b+4	               Head Over Heels	24	h
    f,f+4	                     Mach Kick	30	h
    b+1+2	             High & Mid Punch Parry	--	--
    = ~2 	                = Mach Punch	26	H                           (#1)
    = ~2 	                 = Solid Blow	18	m                           (#1)
    1+3+4	                          Taunt	--	!
    = 1+4* 	            = Hunsack Taunt	--	--
    = f+2,1,4 	            = Psychotic 1,2,3	12,5,13	hmm
       = 2,1,4,2 	= Stomach Fury Combo 	8,8,10,14	hhmh            (#3)
     * -- Hold and release when desired
    #1 -- Left punch parry gives a Mach Punch and N taunt, Right punch parry gives
          you the soild blow which doesnt N taunt.
    #2 -- The Fisherman's Hook can only be done after the Gut Smash hits.
    #3 -- you have 7 seconds to do the Psychotic123, then follow with the Stomach
     Fury combo after 4 hit bryan auto taunt(non escapeable).
    Command 	  Command Name	 Damage	Range
    b+1+4	        Meteor Smash	   56	        m
    f+1+4	        Meteor Blow	   20	        m
    10 STRINGS
    Command	                Hit # 	       Damage	           Range
    b+3,4,1,2,1,4,2,1,4,2        10	18,11,5,6,4,8,5,5,10,2       h"m"mmhh"hhmh
    b+3,4,1,2,1,4,2,4	            8	18,11,5,6,4,8,5,22	     h"m"mmhh"hm
    b+3,4,1,2,1,4,3,3	            8	18,11,5,6,4,8,17,15          h"m"mmhh"m"h
    10 string advise
      Opponents that don’t know the attack range’s are the type  you can have some
    success on. There are people out there (like me) that know there string’s with
    most everyone. Which would be a good thing for you to do also learn the 10
    strings of everyone it will help you! If you run into a person with 10-string
    knowledge you have to be careful because he/she might Perry/reverse your string
    so if you only throw out the first 4 hits or so you might be able to confuse
    someone like that. Or maybe change it up you will be the best judge of when that
    needs to happen. Bryan's 10,8 hit are weak I NEVER use them. you shouldn't
    ethier.....Seriously. But see bryan doesnt need that shit he's got custom
    string's basicly that long.......heheehee
    Frame Data base
    This is from Tekken Zaibtsu. I thought it might make it easier to see the frame's
    without having to go click on another site, so enjoy. F-hit mean's how long it takes
    to come out by itself.  B = block , H = hit , Hc = hit crouch , CH = counterhit.
    remember being left with + frames mean's you have an advantage, - is disadvantage.
    If left a 0 you are not lagged or + just normal.
    Command	      F Hit	    Advantage After Escape
    *******           *****     **********************
    (2+4_F+2+4)	       12	       0
    FC,d/f,d,d/f+1+2	 11	      -6
    Input	 Range  Dmg	 F Hit  B	 H	Hc	CH	 Input  Range  Dmg  F Hit  B	 H   Hc  CH
    *****  *****  ***  *****  **   **   ***   ***    *****  *****  ***  *****  **  **  *** **
    1	   h	  6	 8	 +1	 +7	x	+7      2	    h	   12	  10	  +1	+7   x   +7
    3	   m	  18	 16	 -4	 +7	+7	+7	  4	    h	   18	  12	 -14	-5   x   KD
    f+1	   h	  8	 10	 +1	 +12	x	+12	  f+2	    h    12	  15	 -11	-5   x   +12
    f+3	   m	  22	 16	 0	 +2	+2	+2	  f+4	    m    18	  13	 -4	+7   x   KD
    d/b+1	   Sm	  5	 8	 -2	 +9	+9	+9	  d/b+2   m	   18	  15	 -9	+7   +7  +7
    d/b+3	   l	  13	 16	 -13	 +1	+1	+1	  d/b+4   l	    7	  12	 -11	0    0   0
    FC+1	   Sm	  3	 8	 -2	 +7	+7	+7	  FC+2    Sm    8	  10	 -2	+9   +9  +9
    FC+3	   l	  12	 16	 -14	 -3	-3	-3	  FC+4    l	   10	  12	 -11	0    0   0
    WS+1	   m	  18	 15	 -16	 KD	KD	KD	  WS+2    m	   18	  19	 -8	+3   +3  +1
    WS+3	   m	  22	 12	 -7	 +4	+4	KD	  WS+4    m	   16	  11	 -6	+5   +5  +5
    d/f+1	   m	  10	 15	 -4	 +2	+2	+2	  d/f+2   m	   18	  15	 -4	+2   +2  +2
    d/f+3	   m	  26	 27	 -14	 KD	KD	KD	  d/f+4   m	   23	  22	 -5	KD   KD  KD
    Command	  F Hit	 B Adv	  H Adv 	       Hc Adv	     CH Adv
    *******       *****      ******       ******           *******         ******
    D/F+1,1,1,1,2  (15) -4 -13 -13 -10 -10 +2 -7 -7 -4 -3	+2 -7 -7 -4 -3	+2 -7 -7 -4 +2
    SS+1	          20	   -10	    KD	           x	       KD
    SS+1~2	    26	   -12	    KD	          KD	       KD
    (FC_d_N)+1+2    18	   -13	    +7	          +7	       KD
    f+1+2	          22	   +3           KD	           x	       KD
    1,2,1,2	     8	 +1 -3 -6 -7 (+7 +10 +7 KD)	x x +7 KD	+7 +10 +7 KD
    1,2,1,4	     8	 +1 -3 -6 -9 (+7 +10 +7 +2)	x x +7 +2	+7 +10 +7 +2
    1,2,3	           8	 +1 -3 -10   (+7 +10 +1)	x x +1	+7 +10 +1
    1~4,2,1,2	     8     +1 -9 -7 -6 -20 (+7 +2 +4 KD KD) x x x x x	+7 KD KD KD KD
    1~4,2,1,4	     8     +1 -9 -7 -6 -5 (+7 +2 +4 KD KD) x x x x KD	+7 KD KD KD KD
    1~4,2,4	     8     +1 -9 -7 -5    (+7 +2 +4 KD)   x x x KD	+7 KD KD KD
    1~4,3,3	     8     +1 -9 -5 -6    (+7 +2 +6 +5)	x x +6 x	+7 KD +6 +5
    WS+1+2	    10	    -4	    +7	        +7	          +7
    b+1,2,1...1,4   15	-13 -16 -13 -32 -30	-2 -6 -3 -15 KD	-2 -6 -3 -15 KD	-2 -6 -3 -15 KD
    b,b+1 	    20	    +3	      KD	       KD	              KD
    f+2,1,4	    15	    -11 -4 -13	-5 +7 KD	x +7 KD	     -5 +7 KD
    f,f+2	          13	    -15	     KD	           x	        KD
    SS+2	          20	    -8	     +2	           x	        +2
    d/f+2	          15	    -4	     +2	          +2	        +7
    b+2,1,2	    17	   -10 -6 -20  +1 KD KD	         x x x	      KD KD KD
    b+2,1,4	    17	   -10 -6 -5   +1 KD KD	         x x KD	      KD KD KD
    b+2,4	          17	   -10 -5	   +1 KD	          x KD	       KD KD
    qcb,N+2	    16	   -12	     KD	           x	        KD
    f,f+3	          22	    -13	     KD	           KD	        KD
    3,2,1,2	    16	  -4 -10 -16 -7	+7 +1 0 KD	  +7 +1 0 KD	+7 +1 0 KD
    3,2,1,4	    16	  -4 -10 -16 -9	+7 +1 0 +2	  +7 +1 0 +2	+7 +1 0 +2
    3,3	          16	   -4 -6	    +7 +5	          +7 x	       +7 +5
    (u_u/f)+3	    27	    -3	     KD	           KD	        KD
    (WR_f,f,f)+3    21	    +17	     KD	           KD	         KD
    (WS_qcf)+3,4    12	   -7 +7	   +4 +4	         +4 +4	        KD +4
    b+3,2,1,2	    16	  -6 -4 -6 -7 +5 +7 +7 KD	   x x +7 KD	+5 +7 +7 KD
    b+3,2,1,2	    16	  -6 -4 -6 -9 +5 +7 +7 +2	   x x +7 +2	+5 +7 +7 +2
    b+3,4	          16	   -6 -12	    +5 -1	          x -1	       +5 -1
    d+3+4	          16	    -17	    -6	          -6	        -6
    WS+3+4	    16	    -16	    KD	           KD	         KD
    3+4	          16	     -4	    +7	           +7	         KD
    b+4	          16	    -10	    +1	           KD	         +1
    (u_u/f)+4	    24	     -3	    KD	           KD	         KD
    4,3,4	          12	  -14 -7 -12  -5 +4 -1	         x +4 x	      KD +4 KD
    b,b+4	          21	      x	    KD	            x	         KD
    f,f+4	          16	    -10	    KD	            x	         KD
    b+1+2	           3	      x	     x	            x	          x
    = ~2		   -12	      KD	     x	            KD
    = ~2		    -1	      +6	    +6	           +11
    1+3+4	          28	     +19	    +19	           +19	         +19
    b,b,u/b	    29	      -8	    KD	            KD	          KD
    Command	F Hit	 B Adv	H Adv	  Hc Adv	CH Adv
    *******     *****  *****      *****   ******    ******
    b+1+4	       51	 KD	       KD	   KD	       KD
    f+1+4	       28	 KD	       KD	   KD	       KD
    Command	b+3	4	1	2	1	4	2	1	4	2
    *******     ***   **    **    **    **    **   **     **   **    **
    B Adv	      -6	-12   -12	-19  -16	-9   -21   -20   -26   -20
    H Adv	      +5	-1	-1	-8	-10	+2	KD	KD	KD	KD
    Hc Adv	x	-1	-1	-8	x	x	x	x	KD	x
    CH Adv	+5	-1	-1	-8	-7	KD	KD	KD	KD	KD
    Command	b+3	4	1	2	1	4	2	4
    *******     ***   **    **   **    **    **    **     **
    B Adv	      -6	-12	-12	-19	-16	-9	-21	-5
    H Adv	      +5	-1	-1	-8	-10	+2	KD	KD
    Hc Adv	x	-1	-1	-8	x	x	x	KD
    CH Adv	+5	-1	-1	-8	-7	KD	KD	KD
    Command	b+3	4	1	2	1	4	3	3
    *******     ***   **    **    **    **   **     **    **
    B Adv	      -6	-12	-12	-19	-16	-9	-5	-6
    H Adv	      +5	-1	-1	-8	-10	+2	+6	x
    Hc Adv	x	-1	-1	-8	x	x	+6	+5
    CH Adv	+5	-1	-1	-8	-7	KD	KD	KD
    Juggles Section
    Now i dont want to just make a list of juggles that you can read and do i want YOU
    to experiment with what I give you which will help but if you try to think about
    different things you might find some cool stuff, hint,hint. Remember how much wall's
    can affect any given juggle. They can help or hurt your juggles...
     This is a good lancher if you get it , d/b+2 can go three time's if you get a wall
    to help you maybe more ?(cough). I find that  d/b+2, d/b+2,ff+n,d/f+3 is good and
    you can get it 90 % of the time also d/b+2,4,3,4 is 100%. Basically d/b+2 is very
    good in  juggles, use jab's after it to you may find cool stuff.
     This is tha mutli throw that bounce up or a juggle same as before you can use those
    d/b+2's or just finsh with a mach punch into a wall for a stun, hehehee. if you are
    quick add up to 3 jab's then a mach punch. you have to ff+1,ff+1,ff+1 the dash lets
    you get the extra jab's.
    Low perry b+4
     This launch's for about what ever you want to try. only off low perry, Use the walls to
    your advantange. Always know where you are in postion to a wall(walls). this give's you
    time to do Smaller juggle's.
    Counter hit 4
     Just the standing 4 on counter hit will lift for a mach panch that's about it.
    Be quick there not much time.
    Counter hit WS+3
     After the stun has set in and they start to fall d/b+2 , and then 1 then f,F+2 nice
    little juggle. there are other's try it out. you can also pause then do another qcf+3
    this will lanch like the d/b+2 but add's more damage.
     Clean hit it will send them head over heel's you then do a WS+3 then 1, then f,F+2
    thats a standard juggle you can also WS+3,4 thats easy to do.
     This is the snake slam it was b+1 in tag it hasn't changed leaves you at +3 on block
    and will hit croucher's and will always launch on hit. this is a bonuce juggle so you
    have little time to do it. 4,3,4 is very easy after that.
    This is the smasher that hits HIGH out of sway. use this is you sucessfully sway a move
    or they just miss. you only have time to do a 2 then f+F+2 unless you are near wall's.
    I like QCB+2 then 2,f+1,4,(3),3 The (3) misses but the last three hit's.
    Juggle's applying knowledge
     In order to be a sucessful juggler you have to KNOW that the opponent will be in the air
    when ever you are going to try to juggle. ALWAYS picture the opponent in the air right after
    the laucher.  If you dont do this you will pause(lag) then try to Jug but you are to late
    and dont get the whole juggle, OR even worse miss and then you can get pelted by a recovery
    sweep, kick , whatever.
     Now here in T4 f,f dashing has become VERY VERY important to everyone , Craig ,paul,Bryan...
    everyone. The f,f allows you to gain fraction's of distance while you opponent is in the air
    bouncing around off your jab's.
     This is Very important to get more hit's in your juggle's. Here's an exaple with craig....
    You do a starter let's say d+1+2, Now your opponent is in the air You press 1 then press
    1 again then d+2,4. But wait the last d+2,4 DIDN'T land !!! that's because there was no
    f,f dashing to gain that little bit of distance.
     Take that same combo , d+1+2~ f,f+1, f,f+1 d+2,4. What do ya know it all landed !! this is
    true with craig and everyone else. to get the MAX hit's alway's DASH in your juggles.
    You can use your f+3 in juggle's and you can PEN the oppoenent to the wall with like 70
    point's damage if you time  the WS+2 and then do the b+1,2,1....4 very good combo.
    This is when you are just starting and you have picked first and are challengeing someone
    Yuo can do a Few different thing's from here .
    The victory is the movie that shows after you have beat your opponent 2 of the 3
    times, just press the button and hold down the button before victory scence while
    holding the button press start. I guess depending on how you win (I know you will)
    you can choose from 4 different Enders here they are …
    My Favorite!! Bryan sits on top of your opponents KO’d body and smash’s your
    face in while all the time laughing only the way Bryan fury can sayin DIE.
    This one is cool two he kind of feels the power in him and lifts is hands toward the
    sky and does the fury laugh.
    Does two high kicks and goes into a kickboxing type stance with one leg up
    In this scene Bryan kind of loosens out is arms by punching to the left and then to
    the right, laughing but not as humiliating.
     Well if your down here you might have just read my guide hope that everything
    will work out in you gaming. just remember this . This is how I use bryan, I also
    do thing's that I haven't had a chance to talk about yet, but you have to find out
    what will work good for your style. Bryan is a mad man Taunt, make him laugh. it
    make's your opponent afraid to get nailed . just remember PLAY nice read your
    opponent always. In the end it come's down to play,go play. Teach all who want
    to know what you have learned it will come around. Oh ya you have to play
    Bryan in a -== P-y-c-h-o-l-o-g-i-c-a-l ==- way, practice .
     One last thing I use everyone , but Bryan is my favorite he doesnt have to best
    property's but Cool none the less. If you are MR SUPER duper with ONE charcter
    try to get some change and try All the different charcter's because the more you
    know about your opponent's the better you will be able to defend/punish them.
    That's a fact, Try this Dead guy he's TIGHT !!!
    Thanks to castel for helping me not be such a noob with computer's.  man !!!
    Tekken Zaibtsu for having Cool TEKKEN info, also Tekken Central good Frame
    data, and moves as well , and last but not least GAMEFAQS. I would also like to
    thank all my friends at Pharaohs Lost Kingdom for the time played and the hook
    up’s with T4. Also friends at TILT at TYLER MALL for the hook ups there YOU all
    Know who you Are , Many of good game's Played a Tilt check it Out anyone, Plus
    all the opponents I have played in MO VALL and CAL STATE SB. Mainly I would
    like to thank my girlfriend for putting up with me all the time. And I would like to
    thank god for giving me the ability to play T4. In case you read bottoms first there
    is a DISCLAMER down below please read it I have to have it in case some would
    try to sue me. (I don’t know why they would sue me, but why do so many people do
    that kind of stuff now and days all the time !?!?) Thanks for reading this FAQ there
    will be a lot more on this but it takes time and I wanted to get it out there.
    Tekken characters are Registered Trademarks and/or Copyrighted by NAMCO.
    No copyright infringement or Plagiarism intended toward NAMCO or any other
    Company and/or persons. This is NOT to be sold. Personal Use only. Thanks to
    all who helped. * I love Nicole *
    Any questions please let me know @  VoLCoM@tekken.cc

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