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    Violet/Lee by Allyourbase

    Version: 1.5 | Updated: 08/13/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    A Halfway Decent Violet/Lee FAQ
    Version 1.5
    Created: 11:58 PM 8/13/2002
    By Allyourbase (Emmanuel Lopez)
    Contact: maverick236@hotmail.com
    Legal Stuff
    Violet/Lee and other characters mentioned in this FAQ are the property of
    Namco. This FAQ is the expressed intellectual property of Allyourbase (AKA
    Emmanuel Lopez) and any infringement on copyright laws is bad. Readers may save
    or print out this FAQ as long as it is done only for private use. If you would
    like to post this FAQ on your site, please email me and let me know what you
    intend to do. Any attempt to post this FAQ without giving me credit is
    obviously against the law, so don't try it.
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    Table of Contents
    I.    Introduction/Why I made this FAQ
    II.   Version History
    III.  Movelist
    IV.   Analysis
          -Special Arts
          -Hitman Stance
    V.    Lee Doesn't Suck
    VI.   VS. Strategies
    VII.  Closing Remarks
    VIII. Thank you's and dedications
    The Tekken series, especially Tekken Tag Tournament, is one of my all-time
    favorite fighting games, right up there with SoulCalibur and Marvel Vs. Capcom
    (which I suck at sadly). Tekken is an easy game to get the feel of and at the
    same time, it takes a whole lot of time and effort to truly master the game.
    This appeal to novices and seasoned experts produces a unique environment where
    an upset is possible. Compare that to other fighting games where the balance of
    power is clearly biased towards those who spend a lot of time practicing their
    skills. I'm not trying to diss experts, but I like the excitement of having to
    prove myself. I'm not saying an upset is always going to happen, but I believe
    Tekken does reward strategy, but the game's easy-to-grasp nature doesn't
    alienate newbies.
    I wrote this FAQ to shed some light on Violet/Lee Chaolan. Long dismissed as a
    weak Law knockoff, Lee started to develop his own style in Tekken Tag. Armed
    with devastating and flashy moves, I saw Lee was a viable character in the
    right hands. And so, the seed was planted. When Tekken 4 came out last year, I
    was pleased they had improved on Lee's capabilities. Many months and countless
    victories later, I felt it was my duty as a Tekken junkie to impart my
    knowledge to those who are fortunate enough to buy Tekken 4 for the PS2.
    Version History
    3:09 PM 8/30/03 - I've updated my new contact information. Seems everyone and
    their grandma wants to give me some sort of email virus.
    9:57 PM 12/23/02 - Went over the FAQ a couple of times now that I have some
    free time. Took the time to redress some factual errors and fix grammatical
    10:31 PM 9/5/2002 - Finished the VS. Strategies section and added the "Lee
    Doesn't Suck" section to the FAQ. Whew! I think that's a wrap on Version 1.2.
    Now... to get started on that Soulcalibur II guide. Which character should I do
    it on?
    9:09 PM 8/22/2002 - After a nice long break, I decided to press forward and add
    some new features to the FAQ. Right now, I am working on the character specific
    VS. Strategies section. More updates later.
    2:01 PM 8/22/2002 - Completed the move analyses.
    7:01 PM 8/14/2002 - Finished the movelists. I'll have to round up my buddies to
    use as punching bags and collect data for the analysis. I hope school won't cut
    into my playing time too badly. Anyways, I hope everyone's milked my fondness
    for "Gilmore Girls" for all of its comical worth. Hahaha, enough already, let's
    get to work!
    11:58 PM 8/13/2002 - Began production of the FAQ. Poring over movelists and
    thinking about how to lay out information is tough. Did anyone else see
    "Gilmore Girls" tonight? I know it's a replay but... Hey! stop laughing! Even
    the fiercest warriors have a tender side. And besides, Alexis Bledel is a total
    I'm hoping you understand the universal notation agreed upon by all Tekken
    players. If you don't know, I suggest you hop over to Tekkenzaibatsu.com and
    peruse their glossary. You will find it extremely helpful. But before we go,
    here are a few short terms to take note of:
    CHICKEN - to counter a REVERSAL. You need to take note of which limb was
    grabbed and press the corresponding command. For example if a left limb was
    grabbed, press f+1+3.
    HMS - Hitman Stance. Lee's signature stance. Many moves can link to and from
    this stance.
    OKIZEME - attacking a downed opponent.
    REVERSAL = Paul, Nina, Jin, and King are capable of reversing incoming attacks.
    Counter reversals with a CHICKEN.
    PARRY - to turn aside an attack to gain an advantage in frames. Law, Bryan, and
    Julia are capable of parries.
    SS - short for sidestep.
    SSL - sidestep to the left.
    SSR - sidestep to the right.
    OK, that's about it. Away we go!
    Name              Position        Command                 Escape         Misc.
    Position change   any              u_d_b_f+1+3
    Wu Tip            front            2+4                    2
    Neckbreaker       front            F+2+4                  2
    Knee Crusher      front            f,F+3+4                1+2
    Harrassment       left             2+4                    1
    Stunner           right            2+4                    2
    Special Arts
    Name                             Command                Range            Misc.
    1-2 Punch                        1,2                    hh
     = Mist Step                     ~f,N                   n/a
     = Violet Knuckle                2                      m
     = Violet Kick [HMS]             4,[~3]                 m
    1-2 to Silver Rain Kick [HMS]    1,2,4:4                hhm
    Acid Rain Combo                  1,3:3:3                hhmh
    Violet Knuckle                   1,F+2,2>2              hhmh
    Fang Rush                        b+1,1                  hh
     = Triple Fang Rush              2                      h
     = Mist Step                     ~f,N                   n/a
     = HMS                           3+4                    n/a
    Schwartz Rose Hook               S+1+2                  m
    Rave War                         2,2                    hh
    Rave War Combo                   F+2>2>2                hmh
    Right Cross                      SS+2                   h
     = Mist Step                     ~f,N                   n/a
    Left Violet Screw Kick [HMS]     SSR+3,[~4]             m
    Right Violet Screw Kick [HMS]    SSl+4,[~3]             m
    Slicing Kick                     d/b+3                  l
    Quick Silver Sting               u/f+3                  h
    Roundhouse                       d/f+3                  m
    Split Axe Kick                   f,f+3                  m
    Dragon Slide                     FC,d/f,d,d/f+3         l
    Head Kick to Violet Hammer       3>3                    hm
    Head to Step in Kick             3,f_d/f+3              hm
    Acid Rain Combo #2               f+3:3:3                hmh
    Mist Wolf Kick [HMS]             b+3,[~4]               m
    Mist Wolf Combo                  b+3>3                  mh
    Mist Wolf Feint                  b+3~3                  h
    Mist Wolf Trap                   b+3~3,4                n/a
    Opponent must block kick
    Silver Low Kick to Head Kick     d+3,3                  lh
     = Violet Hammer                 >3                     m
     = Step in Kick                  d_d/f+3                m
    Tsunami Kick                     WS+3,3                 mm               Starts
    Infinity Kicks
     = Step in Infinite Starter      d/f+3                  m
     = Low Kick Infinite Starter     D+3                    l
      = Rave Kicks                   3,3,3,3...             mhmh
       = Violet Hammer Rave Kicks    u+3,3,3...             mmh
       = Low Rave Kicks              D+3,3,3...             lmh
    Shredder Kicks                   f,f,N,3,4              mm
     = High Shredder Combo           >4                     h
     = Mid Shredder Combo            >d/f_f+4               m
     = Low Shredder Combo            >d/b_d+4               l
    Silver Sting                     u/f+3+4                h
    Delayed Dragon Slide             f,f,N+3+4              l
    Backflip [HMS]                   b,b,N+3+4              n/a
    Shaolin Spin Kicks               4,3,4                  hhh
    Roundhouse to Somersault         4,u+3                  hm
    Violet Spin Hammer               4,3,3                  hhm
    Quick Somersault [HMS]           FC,(u/b_u_u/f)+4,[~3]  m
    High Somersault                  FC,(U/B_U_U/F)+4       m
    Rainbow Drop                     FC,(U/B_U_U/F)+3+4     m
    Fake Somersault [HMS]            FC,(u/b_u_u/f)[~3+4]   n/a
    Silver Tail                      d,d/f+4                l
    Hop Kick                         U/F+4                  m
    Silver Knee                      u/f+4                  m
    Silver Whip                      f+4                    h
    Violet Heel [HMS]                b+4                    m
    Violet Kick [HMS]                d/f+4,[~3]             m
    Rising Violet Kick [HMS]         WS+4,[~3]              m
    Silver Cutter [HMS]              b,b+4,[~3]             m
    Blazing Kick                     d,d/b+4                m
    Machine Gun Kicks                4,4,4                  hhh
    Laser Edge                       d+4                    l
     = Machine Gun Kicks             >N+4,4,4               hhh
     = Shaolin Spin Kick             >N+4,3,4               hhh
     = Violet Spin Hammer            >N+4,3,3               hhm
     = Roundhouse to Somersault      >N+4,u+3               hm
    Laser Edge Rush [HMS]            d+4>4>4>4,[~3]         lllm
    Hitman Stance                    3+4                    n/a
    Mist Step                        f,N                    n/a
     = Cancel [HMS]                  b+3+4                  n/a
     = Soviet Kick                   3,4                    mm
     = Sway                          b,N                    n/a
      = Code Red Low                 4                      l
    Silver Cyclone                   d+3+4                  !
    Power Punch                      d/b+1+2                !
     = Cancel                        u,u                    n/a
    Low Cancel to Cyclone            d+4,N+4~3
    10-String Combo                  d/f+1,2,2,1,3,3,3,4,3,4
    Hitman Stance Arts
    These attacks can only be done from the Hitman Stance. If you consult the above
    movelist, you see there are many ways to link into this stance. By doing so,
    you can play a lot of mindgames with your opponent. Lots of wholesome fun!
    Name                                Command                Range
    Freaker Jabs                        1,1                    hh
     = Mist Step                        ~f,N                   n/a
    Fake Freaker to Scatter Kick        1,3                    h
    Fake Freaker to Violet Kick [HMS]   1,4,[~3]               m
    Fake Freaker to Silver Rain [HMS]   1,4:4,[~3]             m
    Scatter Blow                        2                      m
    Scatter Kick                        3                      h
    Ship Slicer                         4                      l
    Hitman Step                         f                      n/a
    Cancel to Standing                  b                      n/a
    Sidestep Walk                       U_D                    n/a
    Cancel to Crouch                    D/F                    n/a
    Predator Step                       u_d                    n/a
    Wu Tip             2+4          Escape: 2
    Lee grabs his opponent's shoulders, flips over them and twists their neck in
    the process. Ouch. It hurts a lot. Throw in every now and then to hose turtles.
    Neckbreaker        F+2+4        Escape: 2
    Another one of Lee's standard throws. This time, he grabs the opponent's neck
    and slams them down with a swinging neckbreaker. Standard throws really suck in
    T4 because you can break either of them by pressing 2, but do have a place when
    used sparingly.
    Knee Crusher       f,F+3+4        Escape: 1+2
    The only command throw at Lee's disposal. The motion is quick and simple to
    execute. Basically Lee grabs his opponent and drives his knee into their face.
    Fast. Simple. Very effective with a two button break, although an expert will
    be able to break this throw by quickly tapping and holding down 2 and then
    pressing 1 with two held down. Despite this, you should be able to land this
    throw frequently. To really make effective use of the Knee Crusher, you can
    enter the command f,N,f+3+4. Basically, this allows you to take a Mist Step and
    cancel it into the throw. As you can see, this extends the Knee Crusher's range
    exponentially. Cool, eh?
    Special Arts
    1-2 Punch                        1,2
     = Violet Knuckle                2
     = Violet Kick [HMS]             4,[~3]
     = Mist Step                      ~f,N
    A good ol', tried-and-true poking technique. This is probably your safest bet
    as a good opening gambit since they come out reasonably fast. Not as damaging
    as other combos, but fast enough to stuff any throw attempts, unblockables, and
    some other stuff. Nobody's gonna psych me out by charging an unblockable. When
    I see them go for it, I just run in there and give 'em two quick jabs. Combined
    with the Mist Step, you can punch twice and then swiftly move in to close the
    gap on your opponent. In addition, you can also link to other moves from the
    Mist Step to throw off your opponent's timing. While they expect you to be
    vulnerable while moving in, you can quickly cancel the step into another
    attack. Another dimension to a simple 1-2 poke is you can throw in other
    attacks and even link into the Hitman Stance, opening up more mindgames. Last
    but not least, 1-2 Punches make great juggle fillers, although Namco decided to
    tone down juggles. Damn.
    1-2 to Silver Rain Kick [HMS]    1,2,4:4
    Personally, I prefer the 1-2, Violet Kick link to Hitman Stance because you
    throw out a mid kick which will push back any aggressive opponents. You really
    have to be up close for the two punches to connect. Hitman Stance is best used
    from just outside kicking range, so linking to it from this move puts you too
    close for my taste.
    Acid Rain Combo                  1,3:3:3
    In this series, Lee does a punch, a head kick, followed by a low kick and
    another head kick. This is one of those infamous Just Frame moves. The timing
    for the triple kick is a real bitch, but once you get it down, you have a godly
    poke. If one kick hits, the rest are guaranteed, setting up a sweet crumple
    stun. Very difficult to do, but once you get it down, Lee becomes a very scary
    1-2 to Violet Knuckle            1,F+2,2>2
    Lee does two head punches, a body blow and a final head punch. The good thing
    about this combo is the last hit can be delayed to confuse the crap out of the
    other guy. Against anybody with a functioning brain and some skill, you should
    cut this attack short on the body blow because an expert will wise up to your
    mind games and duck the last punch. You should throw this out every and then to
    poke somebody out of their rush or just to keep them away.
    Fang Rush                        b+1,1
     = Triple Fang                   2
     = Hitman Stance                 3+4
     = Mist Step                     ~f,N
    This is the meat and potatoes of Lee's punch strings. The Fang Rush opens up
    with Lee striking the other guy's head with a backfist before hitting them in
    the chest with another backfist. Because of the lunging motion Lee makes when
    executing this attack, you can use this from a good distance away. You will
    like this attack because it's fairly quick, covers a lot of ground and can link
    into either the Hitman Stance or the Mist Step. Furthermore, you can execute
    the Fang Rush straight from a block, making it a handy retaliatory move against
    blocked moves.
    Schwartz Rose Hook               SS+1+2
    One of Lee's sidestepping attacks. Executing this command causes Lee to hit his
    opponent with a quick hook punch. If timed right, it is possible to sidestep an
    attack completely and score with this one. The range is a little lacking, as
    you have to be pretty close for it to work. At the same time, it also hits mid
    so you can duck it. Master this move and you got a solid counter.
    Rave War                         2,2
    Honestly, this move isn't so hot. Lee simply jabs his opponent in the head and
    follows it with a backfist to the head. Both moves hit high, so it shouldn't
    take a rocket scientist to duck. There are better punch strings at Lee's
    Rave War Combo                   F+2,2>2
    A much better variation on the Rave War. Lee advances forward with a head
    punch, body blow and a backfist to the noggin. The good thing about this move
    is Lee moves forward while attacking, allowing you to close the gap between you
    and your opponent or push them into a wall. The last hit goes high, so it's
    best just to stop at the last hit. A very effective poking tool, though not as
    fast as the 1-2 Punch or as versatile as the Fang Rush.
    Right Cross                      SS+2
     = Mist Step                     ~f,N
    Another of Lee's attacks coming off the sidestep. This time Lee throws out a
    quick right cross which hits high. Although it hits high, the execution speed
    is pretty fast and you can link to the Mist Step to set up some of your other
    attacks. Mix this up with the Schwartz Rose Hook and the Screw Kicks to give
    your sidestep some flavor. Remember, in T4, if you can sidestep like a pro,
    then you can easily beat 75% of the people you face.
    Left Screw Kick [HMS]           SSR+3,[~4]
    Yet another sidestepping attack at Lee's disposal. The motion for this one is a
    bit odd because you can only do it from one particular direction. Novices may
    be put off by this, but a true master knows the value of this move. Lee does a
    slow turning kick which hits mid and links into the Hitman Stance. Use this
    from a good distance away, like when you're anticipating an opponent to run in
    and attack.
    Right Screw Kick [HMS]          SSL+4,[~3]
    Like the Left Screw Kick, this can only be done sidestepping in a particular
    direction. This version is slightly more powerful than the Left Screw Kick. My
    advice is to either stick with one of these and memorize how to do it from both
    sides of the screen or two memorize how to do both from both sides of the
    Slicing Kick                    d/b+3
    A good move to deceive opponents with. Lee takes a step forward and then uses
    his left leg in a low sweeping motion to hit low. There's a little windup to
    this move, but the kick itself is pretty speedy. On a counterhit, you'll cause
    your opponent to shift to his/her side, setting up a side throw oppurtunity if
    you're fast enough. Use this one occasionally because even the most dimwitted
    opponent will wise up if you overuse it. You can also use the Slicing Kick to
    tag grounded opponents.
    Quick Silver Sting               u/f+3
    A flashy move to look at and pretty good too. Jumping into the air, Lee throws
    out a wicked cool sidekick which will knock down an opponent if it connects.
    The only problem is the kick hits high and comes out pretty slow. Believe it or
    not, there is a slower and more powerful version. My suggestion is to use this
    one every now and then to throw your opponents off. You can also use it to halt
    a charging opponent from long range. Don't go crazy with it though, OK?
    Roundhouse                      d/f+3
    Lee simply throws out a roundhouse kick with his left leg. You can use this as
    part of your
    poking game, to push an opponent away or to bait a chicken (more on that
    later). The range is pretty good and even up close it's a good idea to throw
    one out every now and then.
    Split Axe Kick                  f,f+3
    Borrowing a trademark move from his foster family, Lee steps forward and brings
    his leg down with a crushing blow. Since Lee has few power moves besides this
    one, I would use this attack at long range or to punish missed attacks. It hits
    mid, so ducking opponents better think twice about crouching to avoid attacks.
    You can also use the Split Axe Kick to keep grounded opponents from rolling
    onto their feet.
    Dragon Slide                    FC,d/f,d,d/f+3
    One of Lee's sneaky weapons from the fully crouched position. Lee slides
    forward baseball-style and trips up his opponent in the process. This leaves
    Lee face down with his head towards his opponent, and it's possible to add a
    sweep kick if you're fast enough. Throw this in with other mixups from the
    fully crouched position to keep the surprise factor intact. Just keep in mind
    you'll switch sides with your opponent. If you're comfortable playing from the
    2P position, there's no need to worry.
    Head Kick to Violet Hammer      3>3
    Lee kicks his opponent in the head before using the same leg to deliver an axe
    kick. Probably a good overall attack to use as a poke or if you have a brain
    freeze and don't know what to do. As you can see, the last kick can be delayed,
    which is useful in getting turtles to come out of their shells. The axe kick
    hits mid, so even if the other guy ducks you can probably still nail them.
    Don't too predictable using it, because a savvy player will block high or
    attempt to reverse you.
    Head to Step-in Kick            3,d_d/f+3
    Similar to the Head Kick to Violet Hammer, Lee begins with a head kick. But
    this time he steps in and throws out a side kick as a followup. The side kick
    has more range than the Violet Hammer, so this is a safe bet when just outside
    of punching range. The delivery of the last kick is somewhat slower, so be sure
    to have a chicken ready in case of a reversal.
    Acid Rain Combo #2              f+3:3:3
    Not really a great combo to use because all three kicks can be blocked
    standing. There are better kicking combinations to be had. Use sparingly,
    unless you know your opponent sucks.
    Mist Wolf Kick [HMS]            b+3,[~4]
     = Mist Wolf Combo              3
     = Mist Wolf Feint              ~3
     = Mist Wolf Trap               ~3,4(on opponent's block)
    Although Lee has very few power moves, this is one and probably one of his best
    due to its range and speed. There are a great many mixups available from the
    Mist Wolf Kick, the most notable is the ability to go into Hitman Stance.
    Ahh... all the mind games you can play with the Hitman Stance. Use the Mist
    Wolf Combo against inferior opponents, because experts will be wise enough to
    duck the last hit. The feint will probably fake out some people some of the
    time, so throwing it out adds more dimension to the Mist Wolf Kick. Finally,
    the trap is pretty tough to land. You have to press 4 at the exact moment your
    opponent blocks the kick. Don't obsess about trying to land it. Instead, go
    into the Hitman Stance after the Mist Wolf Kick and proceed to psychologically
    mess up your oppoent's game.
    Silver Low Kick                d+3,3
     = Violet Hammer               >3
     = Step in Kick                d_d/f+3
    Leaps and bounds better than the Head Kick to Violet Hammer. The initial hit is
    low, which is more than enough to throw off even the smartest players. Either
    finisher hits mid, allowing you to hit crouched opponents. However, the Step in
    Kick has more range than the Violet Hammer. Use it at range. Up close, finish
    this combo off with the Violet Hammer. You'd be surprised how many times you'll
    nail this move before people wise up to it.
    Tsunami Kick                   WS+3,3
     = Step in Infinite Starter    d/f+3
     = Low Kick Infinite Starter   D+3
      = Rave Kicks                 3,3,3,3...
       = Violet Hammer Rave Kicks  u+3,3,3...
       = Low Rave Kicks            D+3,3,3...
    THE most recognized and feared Lee technique. It is possible to kick
    indefinitely, as the name implies, although it isn't wise to do so. There are
    tons of mixups available from the Tsunami Kick starter and most achieve the
    "deer caught in the headlights" effect nicely. Most people will freak out once
    you start your barrage of kicks and will turtle up or try to counterattack. You
    can either start the third kick low or mid, and it's a good idea to vary your
    Infinite Starters to keep other players on their toes. Another plus is the
    kicks are all done with the left leg, so buffering a reverse should always be
    easy. Just be careful if you're playing against King. No matter what anyone
    tells you, you cannot escape from his kick reversals.
    Shredder Kicks                f,f,N+3,4
     = High Shredder Combo        >4
     = Mid Shredder Combo         >f_d/f+4
     = Low Shredder Combo         >d/b_d+4
    Stealing a move from Paul, Lee charges in and delivers two mid-hitting
    launching kicks and follows up with a finisher of your choosing. After the
    dashing motion, Lee goes into the Mist Step, allowing to delay the actual
    attack considerably and expand your range. For example, you can dash, count to
    1 and then launch the Shredder or you can dash, complete a Mist Step and then
    do the Shredder. Along with the Silver Knee, Hop Kick, and Blazing Kick, this
    is a sound juggle starter.
    Silver Sting                  u/f+3+4
    The beefed up version of the Quick Silver Sting, except slower and more
    powerful. This time, Lee does a turning jump kick aimed for his opponent's
    skull. There's a little windup, so an alert player can probably duck or jab you
    out of the attack. Thus, my advice is to use this when you anticipate an
    opponent's attack. One more note, this is the only attack which will juggle off
    the Scatter Blow from Hitman Stance.
    Backflip [HMS]                b,b,N+3+4,[~3+4]
    Highly useful to create some space between you and an opponent. I like to use
    this to break away from an aggressive opponent or just to play mind games.
    Delayed Dragon Slide          f,f,N+3+4
    Similar to the Dragon Slide, you don't have to do this one from the fully
    crouched position. The only difference is there's a delay because Lee stops and
    turns around before sliding. I would recommend using this move at range, as a
    mixup for the Shredder Kicks. Once you have the opposition anticipating the
    Shredder Kicks, you can bust this one out for a low hit.
    Shaolin Spin Kicks            4,3,4
    Yet another set of moves borrowed from Law. All of the kicks hit high, so smart
    players will duck or poke you out of your rush. Otherwise, the kicks allow Lee
    to advance, allowing you to close the gap on the other player. All told, don't
    go crazy with this one.
    Roundhouse to Somersault      4,u+3
    Lee throws out a head kick, pauses, then does a Somersault. The delay usually
    fools people into eating the Somersault, so you can get away with abusing this
    move to a degree. Throw it in with other kicking combinations to mess up your
    opponent's timing. Too bad you can do any juggles from this move, because the
    Somersault is one hell of a launcher.
    Violet Spin Hammer            4,3,3
    Similar to the Shaolin Spin Kicks, but instead of throwing out a final spin
    kick, Lee drops his leg with an axe kick. Use this instead of the Shaolin Spin
    Kicks. It covers as much ground just as fast and can't be ducked under.
    Overall, a good move to freak people out.
    Quick Somersault              FC,u/f_u_u/b+4
    With all of that fancy motion, quick seems to be a strange description for this
    move. Law can do this move with a simple u/f+4. But if you've set up your FC
    guessing games fairly well, opponents looking for the Infinity Kicks and Dragon
    Slide will never seen this coming. Otherwise, you might just be doing it by
    accident, which can probably hurt your game.
    High Somersault               FC,U/F_U_U/B+4
    It's almost like the Quick Somersault, except slower and it doesn't launch. I
    would stay away from this one and stick with the Quick Somersault.
    Fake Somersault [HMS]         FC,u/f_u_u/b,[~3+4]
    This move is probably one of those "Oh crap, I didn't mean to do that" moves.
    Sure you can go into Hitman Stance, but that's about the only good point. Avoid
    this one at all costs.
    Silver Tail                   FC_d,d/f+4
    In a fashion similar to move Nina has, Lee uses his entire body to sweep the
    opponent of their feet. The sweep hits low and sets up okizeme pretty well. Off
    the top of my head, the only two problem I cans think of are Silver Tail can be
    countered with the universal low parry (press d/f) and you only knock the
    opponent down on a clean hit. Nevertheless, when you combine this with Lee's
    other FC attacks, you have plenty more guessing games at your disposal.
    Hop Kick                      U/F+4
    One of your go-to juggle starters. It's quick, and easy. You should spend a lot
    of time practicing different juggles to find out which combos you're
    comfortable with. Definitely bust out a Hop Kick after a blocked move. It has
    great range but the recovery will leave you in a compromised position if it's
    Silver Knee                   u/f+4
    Not to be confused with the Hop Kick. The motion is almost similar except it's
    u/f and not U/F. Silver Knee is a decent juggle starter. What it lacks in
    range, it excels in speed and recovery. This is definitely best used up close,
    around punching range. Again, practice juggles so you know how to maximize the
    damage you score off your opponent's air time.
    Silver Whip                   f+4
    Just about the fastest kick in the game. I use this attack to stuff any strings
    and/or multithrow attempts. My only complaint is it hits high, but you need
    Jedi-like reflexes to anticipate when a Silver Whip is coming. It's fairly easy
    to abuse this move because a surprising number of people, and experts, will eat
    this move. For all it's worth, the Silver Whip doesn't do much damage, but
    since you'll be landing them often, all that tick damage really starts to add
    Violet Heel [HMS]            b+4,[~3]
    Not exactly an "abuse me" attack, but effective when thrown out at odd
    intervals. It's especially useful when you want to link into Hitman Stance.
    What's even better is you can throw out the Violet Heel and follow it up with
    either the Silver Whip, Violet Spin Hammer, or some other quick attack to throw
    off you opponent's timing. Violet Heel is primarily used as a fast and easy
    link into Hitman Stance. It can launch opponents, but only on counterhit and
    most of the time you'll have gone into Hitman Stance before you can capitalize.
    Violet Kick [HMS]            d/f+4,[~3]
    Lee throws out his right leg with a front snap kick. It's not as fast as the
    Silver Whip, but the ability to link into Hitman Stance is a welcome property.
    From there you can wreak all the mayhem you want. This is a pretty good
    interrupt against strings, but I prefer the Roundhouse to push people who are
    too close.
    Silver Cutter [HMS]          b,b+4,[~3]
    It looks like the Violet Heel except it comes out slower and knocks down when
    it scores. The Silver Cutter is an excellent defensive move because the initial
    b,b motion means you backpedal a bit before unleashing a kick. It also tracks
    sidesteppers well. Pretty useful when trying to play keep away with
    overaggressive opponents. Links into Hitman Stance for more fun!
    Rising Violet Kick [HMS]     WS+4,[~3]
    Coming out of the fully crouched position, Lee hits his opponent with a kick to
    the gut. It's similar to the standing Violet Kick. When combined with the other
    attacks from the fully crouched position, like the Dragon Slide or Infinity
    Kicks, it really shines in throwing off the other player's rhythym.
    Blazing Kick                 d,d/b+4
    A trademark Lee move, he whips out his right leg and sends the opposition
    flying sky high into the air. If fighting didn't work out, Lee could always try
    out as a kicker in the NFL. Haha. Seriously, pay special attention to where
    you're fighting. In open areas, a launched foe will float much higher than any
    other juggle starter. In closed areas like the garage or airport, they will hit
    the wall and come crashing down sooner, enough to throw off your juggle timing.
    Blazing Kick is a decent juggle starter, pushing back opposing players if
    blocked. All in all, it's pretty safe, but I would recommend using Blazing Kick
    at range or when you anticipate an incoming attack.
    Machine Gun Kicks            4,4,4
    The speed of the Machine Gun Kicks is impressive, but all three of them hit
    high, which leaves you pretty vulnerable if your attack is ducked. Stick to
    using the Shaolin Spin Kick or Violet Spin Hammer since they fulfill the same
    functions the Machine Gun Kicks do. Still pretty useful if you're in a jam and
    don't know what to do.
    Laser Edge                   d+4
     = Machine Gun Kicks         >N+4,4,4
     = Shaolin Spin Kick         >N+4,3,4
     = Violet Spin Hammer        >N+4,3,3
     = Roundhouse to Somersault  >N+4,u+3
    A low hitting side kick with many great mixups. This is a kick string you can
    rely on heavily. The fact you can delay the next kick will give you a huge
    advantage over the other guy. In fact, it's entirely possible to base your
    entire offensive strategy around this string. The two best mixups in this
    series are the Roundhouse to Somersault and the Violet Spin Hammer because the
    former has a little delay before the Somersault. The Violet Spin Hammer can be
    used to advance on somebody or to tag ducking opponents.
    Laser Edge Rush [HMS]        d+4>4>4>4,[~3]
    This is the move that will get you labeled "cheap" if you use it a lot. People
    complain about this move. Why? Instead of bitching about it, why don't they
    just learn how to parry or reverse this attack on reaction. C'mon you lazy
    slapasses, it isn't that hard. All but the final kick hit low, so anybody who's
    paying attention can see what's coming. Laser Edge Rush is very effective
    against Christie scrubs or against any newbies. On counterhit, all of the kicks
    will hit, making it useful in catching grounded opponents who're trying to roll
    to their feet. But please, don't ever attempt this on an expert. They'll
    quickly hose your attack. And plus, it insults our intelligence. Of course,
    this is a great move to use to close out a match. Just because it'll label you
    "cheap" doesn't mean you shouldn't use it.
    Hitman Stance                3+4
    Although perceived as a taunt, this stance actually has very good attacks and
    serves its purpose as a psychological weapon. Basically, Lee rears back on his
    back leg and beckons his opponent to attack. Against poorly trained opponents,
    this might provoke them to overextend themselves in an attempt to nail you.
    Fortunately, the Hitman Stance auto-guards high and mid attacks and you can
    unleash lots of nice attacks of your own. Just be aware you can't defend as
    well as you could just standing and your mobility is somewhat limited. Since
    much of Lee's special arts link into this stance, I'll give this it's own
    seperate section.
    Mist Step                    f,N
     = HMS Cancel                b+3+4
     = Soviet Kick               3,4
     = Sway                      b
      = Code Red Low             4
    Don't confuse this with Kazuya's move of the same name. Instead of sidestepping
    like Kazuya, Lee crouch dashes forward. While not considered a true crouch
    dash, it does slip under high attacks. Unlike the Mishima crouch dash, Lee is
    considered fully standing after coming out of the Mist Step. I like to use this
    manuever to close the distance and stay in an opponent's face. You can also
    cancel the Mist Step with some other move; I like cancelling into the 1-2
    Punches or the Laser Edge mixups. The Mist Step has also been beefed up with
    new moves like the Soviet Kick and the Sway. The Soviet Kick looks similar to
    the Shredder Kicks and launches. It's an effective juggle starter any way you
    slice it. Sway looks like the head fake Nina, Paul and Bryan have, although
    only one move links from it. I mostly Sway just to fake somebody out. I find
    after pelting someone with enough Mist Step moves, the Sway does nicely into
    baiting an opponent into a rash attack.
    Silver Cyclone               d+3+4
    One of three unblockables at Lee's disposal. It's essentially an unblockable
    version of the Silver Sting with a ton of windup time. The chargeup time makes
    this skill impractical outside of practice mode.
    Power Punch                  d/b+1+2
     = Cancel                    u,u
    I like to charge up the Power Punch and cancel it primarily to scare people.
    This feint works wonders against turtlers, who try to attack when they see Lee
    charging up. You can quickly throw out a Violet Kick, 1-2 Punch or Silver Whip
    to stuff their counterattack attempts. Actually, the fake Power Punch is better
    than the actual move itself.
    Low Cancel to Silver Cyclone d+4,N+4,~3
    I'm not sure if this is a glitch move because I've never done it myself. From
    what I hear, the timing is somewhat tricky. If anyone can tell me about this
    move, I sure would appreciate it.
    10-String Combo              d/f+1,2,2,1,3,3,3,4,3,4
    Everyone has seen this combo in some form or another because Law has the same
    attack. As such, I doubt you will get anything past the first four hits in.
    It's better to use the first four hits as a juggle filler or a counterattack.
    Hitman Stance
    Freaker Jabs                 1,1
     = Mist Step                 ~f,N
    Lee throws out two quick backhands. I like using this move as a keepaway. Most
    people react to the Hitman Stance by trying to rush in and land a hit. With
    these two jabs, you can nail them in their folly. New in T4, you can end the
    two jabs by going into Mist Step. I can't stress how neat this is. For example,
    do Freaker Jabs, Mist Step and then come out of the step with a nice move like
    the Violet Knee for a quick juggle. Neat, eh? If you're playing aggressive,
    this is perfect for stopping a potential counterattack and closing in to press
    your advantage. For those who are more content to hang back and play mind
    games, which is what the Hitman Stance is all about, doing the Freaker Jabs
    returns you into the stance for more wholesome fun!
    Fake Freaker to Scatter Kick 1,3
    As the name implies, Lee throws out a fake jab. Instead of punching, he
    switches up the attack with a hooking kick. If you nail the kick on a clean
    hit, you get a jazzy autothrow where Lee wraps his leg around his opponent and
    drives their head into the ground! Just watch yourself because the kick hits
    high and is pretty easy to block or duck on reaction.
    Fake Freaker to Violet Kick [HMS]   1,4,[~3]
    Yet another move stemming from the Fake Freaker Jab. Instead of doing the
    Scatter Kick, a mid-hitting front kick is thrown out. Useful for faking out
    people who duck in anticipation of the Scatter Kick. The best part is you can
    return to Hitman Stance by pressing [~3] to continue your assault. It's
    impossible to stay in the stance indefinitely by repeating 1,4,[~3], although I
    wouldn't suggest doing that.
    Fake Freaker to Scarlet Rain [HMS]  1,4:4:4,[~3]
    I don't recommend using this move. For all the buttons your press, you pretty
    achieve the same effect as the Fake Freaker to Violet Kick.
    Scatter Blow                2
    Probably the most used move coming out of the Hitman Stance. It's a spinning
    uppercut which sends opponents flying. Unfortunately, juggling oppurtunities
    are limited because the other player flys too far. The only guaranteed juggle
    is the Silver Sting, making it seem like a "canned combo." If the Scatter Blow
    is blocked, there's significant lag time, so get ready to block. Like I stated
    before, this is a popular attack from the Hitman Stance; don't lean on it too
    Scatter Kick                3
    Flashy describes this move the best. On a clean hit, you will get an additional
    autothrow which is awesome to watch and humiliating for the opponent. It does
    hit high, so a savvy player will duck or block it and unleash a counterattack
    of their own. It's much more worthwhile to set this move up from the Fake
    Freaker to Scatter Kick.
    Ship Slicer                 4
    The Ship Slicer looks almost like the Silver Tail. They both hit low and are
    good to use at long range. The only difference is the Ship Slicer always knocks
    down, which the Silver Tail only does on a clean hit. It's the only low-hitting
    move that links off the Hitman Stance, and so should provide a good surprise
    factor. Beware of abusing this move. The worst case scenario is to get parried
    and suffer some form of abuse you can't defend against. Try to keep the
    surprise factor on Ship Slicer fresh by relying on other attacks as your
    primary method of damage dealing.
    Hitman Step                 f
    Tapping f allows Lee to take a small step forward while remaining in Hitman
    Stance. This is a pretty good way to move into range for Ship Slicer or some
    other jazzy attack. The step is really small, so don't rely on stepping too
    much. Then again, if you need to do a lot moving to get into position, you're
    doing the whole thing wrong.
    Cancel to Standing          b
    You cancel into the standing position. Simple. You can now go back to layin'
    the smack down with your special arts.
    Sidestep Walk               U_D
    This move shares similar properties with the Hitman Step. It allows you to take
    a small sidestep left or right. Like the Hitman Step, the movement is somewhat
    small, so use this exclusively as a way to fine tune your position in
    relationship to the other player.
    Cancel to Crouching         D/F
    As the name implies, this cancel leave you in the fully crouched posture. From
    here, you can unleash a whole variety of attacks stemming from the crouch.
    Infinity Kicks. Dragon Slide. Violet Kick. Also useful ducking under high
    Predator Step               u_d
    THE best movement option available in the Hitman Stance. While remaining in
    Hitman Stance, Lee takes normal-sized sidesteps. Not only does this move him
    off axis, it also allows him to advance on the opponent. At best, you can
    probably evade an attack and land one of your own.
    Lee Doesn't Suck
    Before we delve into the character specific strategies, there are some general
    remarks I'd like to impart to you, my pupil. First of all, I'm glad you're
    reading this FAQ. That tells me you're looking for something new in Tekken
    besides using Kazuya, Paul or somebody else because they're easy to learn and
    easy to win with. I gotta give you props for taking the road less traveled. Now
    some general words of wisdom about Lee.
    1) Lee ain't Law. Lee ain't Paul either. Lee doesn't have an easy executing
    power move like the Deathfist nor can he juggle well. Your strength lies in the
    speed of your attacks and the numerous mixups you have at your disposal. I
    would advise you to take full advantage of them.
    2) Playing Lee defensively is bad. As I alluded to before, Lee doesn't have
    many power moves to fall back on. Lee's style is rapid-fire strings and fast
    interrupts, so your best defense offense is a carefully planned and well
    executed offense. Sure you could play as Bryan, block most of the time and then
    bust out with a couple of Mach Punches to win, but this is a LEE FAQ. If you're
    not pressing the issue with attacks, you should be trying to interrupt your
    opponent's onslaught so you can resume your offensive.
    3) Always have a plan. Never rush at an opponent without trying to figure out
    what you plan to do next. Kinda like chess, only much faster-paced. My
    philosophy is I attack to set up my opponent for another attack. If I score a
    hit, that's just great. But the idea is to understand how to set up your
    opponent for your other plans.
    4) Pay attention! I know it sounds retarded, but sometimes I get busted for it
    too. It's really easy to get carried away with your strings and then eat a
    big-time ass whippin'. Take heed of your opponent's tendecies. We're all
    creatures of habit. Find your opponent's and capitalize on it. Along the same
    lines, study how they react to your attacks. Can they block it? Do they eat the
    whole string? Or did they reverse it? By noting these things, you can gauge the
    skill of the other player and give insights on how to proceed later on in the
    5) You can be flashy. You can win. But you can't always do both at the same
    time. Lee's specialty is chipping away at an opponent's health. I know I'm
    starting to sound like a broken record, but compared to King or Paul, Lee
    doesn't have the capability to cause a lot of damage in a hurry. Never forget
    VS. Strategies
    Now that you've learned everything there is to know about the various
    properties and uses for Lee's attacks, it's time to apply them. In this
    section, I will break down how Lee matches up with the other characters in
    Tekken. I'll offer insights based on experience and suggest strategies to hose
    the opposition. To make your life easier, I'll also list some key moves you
    should watch out for. Finally, I've added my own personal ratings. Instead of
    using a hackneyed star or number system, I thought it would be interesting to
    liken each of the characters to a certain situation. For example, fighting Kuma
    could be described as difficulat as getting a root canal. You get it right?
    Here are some terms I'll throw out in the style descriptions. These definition
    should give you an idea of what I'm talking about. Take note that sometimes a
    character will fall into two or more categories.
    offensively - also known as a "pitbull" or "bulldog." Characters used
    offensively like to pour on the attacks, giving the opponent little oppurtunity
    to counterattack. Examples would be Kazuya, Lee, and Hwoarang.
    defensively - also known as a "turtler." Defensive characters play lots of
    keepaway games, leaving you to screw up your rush. These characters usually
    have high damage moves, which allow them to change the momentum in their favor
    at a moment's notice. Kuma and Marduk are examples of turtlers.
    balanced - these characters are comfortable playing either offensively or
    defensively, depending on the situation. King, Bryan and Jin are examples.
    tricky - a tricky character is adept at confusing the opponent. This is usually
    entails the uses of various stances, feints or attacks that change levels
    rather abruptly. Yoshimitsu and Lei are great examples.
    King the Second
    Style most often used: balanced
    Moves to watch out for:
    1-2 Punch              1,2
     = Suplex              2+4
     = Palm Strike         1
     = Powerbomb           2+4 (opponent must be crouching)
    Reversal               b+1+3_b+2+4
    Super Kick             b+3
    Hop Kick               u/f+4
    Stagger Kicks          d+3+4,4,4
    Spinning Knife Hand    1+2,1
    Dark Shoulder          f+2+3
    Low Dropkick           d/b+4
    Elbow Sting            d/f+1
    Low Jab Uppercut       d+1,~N+2
    Giant Swing            f,HCF+1
    Deadly Boomerang       SS+3+4
    Frankensteiner         d/f+3+4
    Konvict Kick           f,f+4
    Flying Knee            f,N,d,d/f+4
    Giant Swing            f,HCB+1 [escape: 1]
    Any chain throw setup
    How to win: There's a reason to fear the man in the jaguar mask. King has
    inherited some of the late Armor King's moves to make him a more potent
    opponent. While most people only associate King with his multithrows, a true
    King expert knows better. King is adept at short, rapid poking strings and an
    expert will use this to set you up for a whole multitude of chain throw
    horrors. King has one of the fastest 1,2 jabs in the game and he will either
    use that or the Low Jab Uppercut to keep the heat on you. Your paramount goal
    is to keep your opponent off balance. The best way to do this is to out poke
    King and stay in his face with firm, sustained pressure. Don't rush in wildly
    attacking because you'll most likely get reversed or eat a big time attack. I
    like to exploit the mixups I have at my disposal, namely the Laser Edge mixups
    and the Triple Fang. By keeping the opposition guessing, you can divert their
    attention from planning their attack to stopping yours. At range, be wary and
    rush in when you see an opening. The Deadly Boomerang Kick is the hardest
    hitting regular move in the game and walking into one really isn't helping your
    cause out any. You want to keep King at around kicking range, just out of
    Stagger Kick reach. If you're too close you could get Hop Kicked for a quick
    juggle, knocked silly with a Super Kick or eat a CH Stagger Kick. For the most
    part, you can stop crouch-dashes cold with a well-place Mist Wolf Kick, but be
    prepared to break a throw. I recommend the 2,1,1+2 double tap because a
    majority of King's throws break with either 2 or 1+2. You need fingers of
    lightning to do it. To do the double tap, you press 2,[1],1+2. Simple right?
    Obviously any opponent is less dangerous when they're in the air. Punish
    whiffed and blocked attacks with a Silver Knee or Hop Kick to pop King up if
    you're in range. Otherwise, go with the Mist Wolf Kick. Low hitting moves are
    pretty useful against King, since he can only reverse high and mid attacks.
    Sidestepping is also useful to get around King's attacks and set up your own.
    Stick with the Schwartz Rose Hook and the Right Cross because the Screw Kicks
    are slow enough to reverse, and you can't chicken King's kick reversals. Along
    the same vein, don't become predictable with your kicking strings. It will be a
    difficult battle, but if you pick your spots carefully, you can exploit your
    speed advantage to triumph.
    Difficulty = Trying to take a college final exam while being shot at by a
    Kazuya Mishima
    Style most often used: offensively
    Moves to watch out for:
    Shining Fists          1,1,2
    Blazing Demon Rush     b+3,1,4,2
    Gut Punch              d/f+2
    Abolishing Punch       f+2
    Mist Step              f,N
     = Wind Godfist        d/f+2
     = Hell Sweeps         d/f+4
    Stonehead              f,f+1+2 [escape: 1+2]
    Kidney Punch           d/f+1
     = Abolishing Punch    f+2
    Crouch Dash            f,N,d,d/f
     = Wind Godfist        2
     = Hell Sweeps         4,4
    Heel Drop              d/f+4,4
    Donkey Elbow           b+1
    Demon Gut Punch        WS+2
    Statue Smash           d/b+4
    How to win: Kazuya doesn't have very many moves; just the ones good at beating
    you. You'll see a plethora of crouch dash mixups. Other moves which start with
    an f,f motion can be buffered into a crouch dash, so be on your toes for a
    buffered Stonehead throw. If you do get grabbed, press 1+2 immediately to get
    out of it. Try not to overextend yourself attacking, because if you miss,
    you'll be staring at the wrong end of the Shining Fists combo. Beat Kazuya at
    his own game by unleashing a barrage of your own attacks. Your punch combos can
    stuff most of his more powerful attacks. If you ever see Kazuya throw a 1-2
    punch, your reaction should be to duck because he'll probably tack on the
    Statue Smash afterwards. The deadliest move in Kazuya's arsenal is of course,
    the Wind Godfist. It's the fastest juggle starter in the game. Once you do get
    popped up, you'll be subjected to some painful juggles. Along the same vein,
    avoid subjecting yourself to CH. If you're not careful a Demon Gut Punch will
    throw you into a crumple stun and set you up for a world of hurt. Since the
    crouch dash is so great at range, try to stay close to Kazuya. That way, he'll
    have to rely on other moves to create some space. Your main goal is to pour on
    the pressure. Kazuya doesn't have much in the way of defensive moves and you
    can exploit this liability with a controlled flurry of pokes and custom
    strings. By poking him out of his rush, you dictate the pace at which the fight
    goes. Lee is a far superior poker, so throwing in short strings with various
    attack levels works to your advantage. You can go into Hitman Stance because it
    auto guards high and mid attacks. Since Kazuya has a condensed library of
    moves, it's easy for him to get predictable. Don't hang back and wait; take the
    fight to Kazuya.
    Difficulty = Writing and turning in an FAQ in 3 days.
    Paul Phoenix
    Style most often used: offensively
    Moves to watch out for:
    1-2 Punch              1,2
    Deathfist              QCF+2
    Elbow Thruster         QCF+1
    Step in Strike         f+1+2
    Head Fake              QCB
     = God Hammer Punch    1
     = Rubber Band Attack  2
     = Sweep               3
      = Elbow Strike       2
       = Stone Breaker     2
       = Deathfist         1
    Tile Splitter          d+1
    Falling Leaf           d+4,2
    Low Kick               SS+3
    Shoulder Tackle        f+1+4
    Shoulder Smash         d+1+2
    Shredder Kicks         f,f+3,4,4_d+4_f+4
    Shredder               u/b_u_u/f+3,4
    Push Away              f,f+1+2 [escape: 1+2]
    Reversal               b+1+3_b+2+4
    How to win: There are three flavors of Paul players. First you have the "I'll
    abuse the Deathtfist" scrub. These chumps are easy to dispatch. It's possible
    to sidestep the Deathfist, but in my opinion it's much too risky since it
    tracks reasonably well. I prefer to block and counterattack. If you give little
    oppurtunity to get Deathfist'ed, then you've eliminated 100% of the scrubs'
    offense. This forces the chump to rely on other attacks, which in all
    likelihood, they don't know. From there, you're free to beat the crap out of
    them. The second variety is the reverse scrub. These morons like to turtle up
    and reverse anything you throw at them. What they don't know is Lee is an
    excellent character to bait and buffer chickens because a lot of his attacks
    use the same limb more than once. For example, the Machine Gun Kick is just
    4,4,4 so buffering a chicken is a easy as 4,4,[4]. Try to bait this scrub into
    reversing. Lots of Machine Gun Kicks, Low Kicks to Violet Hammer, Infinity
    Kicks and other simple attacks are in order. Getting chickened has a nice
    chilling effect, and once they learn you know how to counter a reverse, they're
    toast. Smoke and cook to taste. The final variety is the expert. An expert will
    refrain from using the Deathfist unless you miss badly. They like the Falling
    Leaf combos and throwing out short strings to poke you out of your game.
    Fortunately, the Falling Leaf only knocks down on a clean hit, and if you're
    any farther than punching range, that's not going to happen. As for the poking,
    sidestep frequently to avoid the incoming blows. It's in your favor to
    frustrate the other player with your rapid-fire combinations and juggles. Paul
    doesn't have much in the way of low hitting attacks, so you can focus on
    blocking high and mid.  The Silver Whip is excellent in breaking up rush
    attempts and the Roundhouse can push Paul back and force him to come to you.
    Any Shredder attempts can quickly be stuffed with a quick 1-2 Punch or Violet
    Kick. You should respond to any blocked attack immediately with Hop Kick to pop
    Paul up for a juggle. The less time he spends on two feet, the better. Keep
    these points in mind and victory should be yours.
    Difficulty = Asking the person you like out on a date.
    Nina Williams
    Style most often used: offensively/tricky
    Moves to watch for:
    1-2 Knee           1,2,3
     = Palm Grab       :1+2
    2-1 Low Kick       2,1,4
    Blonde Bomb        f+1+2
    Bad Habit          f,f+3_QCF+3
    Divine Cannon      d/f+3+4
    Side Kick          d/f+3
     = Assault Bomb    1,2,1,1+2
     = Punch           2
      = Creeping Snake 1,4
      = Geyser Cannon  3
      = Low Kick       D+3
       = Uppercut      2
    Spin Kick to Upper d+3,2
    Reversal           b+2+4
    Ray Hands          d/f+1+2
    Spiral Explosion   SS+1+2
    Cartwheel Punch    1+4
    Quick Panther Claw f,f+2
    Wipe the Floor     d,d/f+4
    Head Grab Toss     u/f+1+2 [escape: 1+2]
    Heel Slicer        SS+4
    Jab                SS+1
     = Crouch Dash     ~F
      = Bad Habit      3
     = Sway            ~B
    Uppercut           d/f+2
    How to win: Nina is easy on the eyes but a tough customer in the right hands.
    She is one of the best pokers in the game with her assortment of short and
    confusing strings. If you whiff, there's a Bad Habit kick waiting for you. It's
    not fun to get kicked in the nads. Fortunately, you can do something about it.
    For all she's worth, Nina just doesn't have much in the way of power moves like
    Jin or Paul. You, on the other hand have the Split Axe Kick, (Quick) Silver
    Sting, Mist Wolf Kick, and the Screw Kicks. Hmmm... she only has the Blonde
    Bomb and Bad Habit. I'd have to say six to two works in your favor. It's a good
    idea to turtle up against Nina, but not to do it completely. Remember, Nina
    still has those nasty chain throws to hose turtles. If you do get grabbed,
    stick with the 2,[1],1+2 double tap to break free. It won't work all of the
    time, just enough to save your ass. Fortunately, most of Nina's juggles,
    however long they are, don't do so much damage. There are ample oppurtunities
    to break free, usually when you fall back on the ground and Nina attempts to
    scoop you up with a d+4,1. Try to alternate between tech rolling and staying on
    the ground. In addition, the Divine Cannon isn't nearly as fast as it was in
    Tekken 3. Now let's talk offense. Any damage Nina can deal out, you can too and
    a little more. Play your strength advantage and pressure her with Triple Fangs,
    Laser Edge Mixups, and 1-2 Punch mixups. My theory is if you're poking her, she
    can't poke back. While you're at it, juggling her is the best way to gain an
    advantage. Along the same line, perfect okizeme technique will keep Nina
    grounded, where she's not as dangerous. Remember, when fighting Nina, you want
    her 1) in the air or 2) on the ground. As always, buffering a chicken is
    necessary to deter the threat of reversal. Just thank your lucky stars Anna's
    not around, as she was more adept at staying in your face. Needless to say,
    easy on the eyes, not easy to fight against.
    Difficulty = Trying to go three days without any sleep.
    Christie Monteiro
    Style most often used: offensively/tricky
    Moves to watch out for:
    Slippery Kick          3,4,4,4
    Handstand              f+1+2
    Satellite Moon         4~3
     = Satellite Grounder  3
    Arching Crescent       d+4
    Chain Kick             d/b+3,4,4,4
    Knee Thruster          b+3
    Jumping Jacks          u/b+3+4_u+3+4_u/f+3+4
     = Grounded            D
    Rewinder               1+2
     = Cartwheel Kick      3
     = Grounded            3
     = Flapjack Kick       3+4
    How to win: Christie isn't exactly a brand new character, style-wise anyway.
    She's basically, as one writer put it, "Eddy Gordo with great boobs." Umm...
    right. Like Eddy, she's a favorite of button-mashing morons everywhere because
    of the simplicity of her attacks. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure
    out that Christie's attacks chain together beautifully and a lot of them
    require kick buttons. I know the "Moves to watch out for" section may seem
    short, but a lot of these moves link into a whole shitload of other attacks.
    Why waste space stuffing a Christie FAQ in a Lee FAQ? My suggestion to you is
    to peruse a good Christie FAQ to find out what she's capable of. If you want to
    simplify things, a majority of her attacks either hit mid or low. So let's go
    over how to beat a Christie player. There are two varieties, scrubs and
    experts. If you're faced with a scrub, my first word of advice is not to
    underestimate your opponent. My second maxim is to fight fire with fire. If
    they're going to attempt to beat you with a barrage of Slippery Kicks, then get
    cheap on them too. Repeated dosages of Laser Edge Rushes, Infinity Kicks,
    Slicing Kicks and Silver Tails are in order. Remember, if they choose to play
    cheap, that's an invitation for you to sink to their level. At least for me it
    does. If there are scrubs, there must be experts too. Experts have a full
    understanding of how each of Christie's strings link into other attacks. There
    are two postions at Christie's disposal, Grounded and the Handstand. Grounded
    looks like Christie is knocked down with her feet towards you. Don't be fooled,
    there is a way to tell the difference. When Christie is Grounded her feet are
    somewhat elevated and her head is raised. It looks as if she's doing a sit up.
    When you determine Christie is Grounded, you have two options, hang back or
    charge in. If you opt to charge in, a rapid-fire attack like a Low Kick or
    Laser Edge can disrupt any mischief Christie is plotting. Most people choose to
    hang back and let Christie get up on her on. It's recommended to vary between
    charging in and staying back at odd intervals. Handstand position should be
    easy to spot, unless you need new glasses or something. Don't try anything
    fancy to bust up Christie because a lot of the moves in the Handstand can put a
    big hurting on you. Stick with the Mist Wolf Kick or Laser Edge. Both are fast
    enough to cut through Christie's strings. Above all else, stay patient. You
    will have little, if any, oppurtunities to take Christie on standing up. When
    she's standing, it's juggle time! Punish her with the baddest juggle you know.
    That wasn't so hard, was it?
    Difficulty = Writing a term paper due in a week.
    Style most often used: SUPER tricky/offensively
    Moves to watch out for:
    Jab                    1
    Savior Boot            d/f+4
    Cartwheel              f,f+3+4
     = Shark Attack        1+2
      = Kangaroo Kick      3+4
    Sickness               b+1+2
     = Bad Breath          1_2_3_4
    Backhand               f+2
    Wood Chopper           d/f+3,1
    Knee Lift              u/f+3
    Flea                   1+2
     = Flea Headbutt       1+2
     = Kangaroo Kick       d+3+4
    CH Blade Slice         f,f+2
    Moonsault Slayer       QCF+1
    Sword Spin             b,B+1~1
    Sword Slash            d+1
    Spin Kicks             d/b+3,3,3,3,3
    Leaping Knee           f,f+4
    Whirling Kick          FC,d/f+3
    Straight Uppercut      d/f+2
    Avoiding the Puddle    u/b_u_u/f+4
    Life Siphon            QCF+2 [escape: 2]
    Possession             QCB,F+1 [escape: 1]
    Hilt Uppercut          SS+2
    Hilt Strike            SS+1
    Ballerina Combo        3,3
    How to win: Yoshimitsu is a tricky, tricky sucka to go up against. Besides
    Xiayou and Lei, nobody else can confuse you as well as the wily space ninja.
    Namco decided to tweak with the speed of Yoshi's pokes, meaning the Savior Boot
    and standing left jab aren't as scary as before. Nevertheless, Yoshi is still
    an excellent poker and is devastatingly effective employing hit-and-run
    tactics. In addition, he also has the Straight Uppercut, one of the best
    launchers in the game (aside from the Wind Godfist) and good juggles. A good
    Yoshi player will utilize his pokes to bait you into eating juggle after
    juggle. The crafty space ninja is the master of confusion and you'll be banging
    your head in frustration deciphering what he'll do next. His unpredictable
    style and numerous unblockables will keep you on your toes all the time. In
    addition, Yoshimitsu is disturbingly adept at keeping you on the ground. Many
    of his moves can hit you as you try to roll to your feet or can quickly put you
    back on the floor. I'm talking about Whirling Kicks, Spinning Kicks, Sword
    Slashes, Flea Stances and Moonsault Slayers. No big deal, right? If you're
    reading this FAQ, it shouldn't be. I said Yoshi is good poker, but I never said
    he was better than you. Lee simply has the speed and priority to cut through
    Yoshi's attacks. Play up your speed advantage by pressuring the other player.
    As long as you keep the heat on, Yoshimitsu won't be able to hang back and play
    his confusion games. Fast attacks like the Silver Whip and 1-2 Punch are your
    go to attacks to poke Yoshi out of his strings. Why not give him a dose of his
    own medicine? Retreat into Hitman Stance and force him to come to you and guess
    what kind of junk you're trying to pull on him. Conversely, launch a bunch of
    mixups at him and have Yoshi figure out what you're up to. If you can poke
    effectively and correctly anticipate what sort of trickery your opponent is
    attempting, this fight is yours to win.
    Difficulty = watching TRL without throwing up or hating yourself
    Style most often used: defensively/tricky
    Moves to watch out for:
    Double Claw            f+1+2
    Hunting Stance         3+4
    Hammer Claw            1+2
     = Hunting Stance      ~F
      = Low Swipe          1,2
      = Lifting Swipe      1+2
      = Tackle             3+4
     = Double Hammer       1+2
    Demon Uppercut         f,f+2
    Pushing Front Kick     f+3
    Bear Headbutt          d/f+1+2
    Body Check             u/f+1+2
    How to win: It's not very often you find somebody who will play Kuma, but that
    doesn't mean you shouldn't take precautions to insure your victory. Kuma is a
    great long range fighter because he has the longest arms of any character in
    the game. Don't give him the range advantage by staying back. Instead, it's
    best to stay in his face. While Kuma does have range, his moves lack any
    serious speed and priority so staying on him should always be to your favor. Be
    watchful for Double Claw scrubs. They only use one move, but try to vary the
    timing with dashing and sidestepping. It's easy to block since it hits mid.
    Other than that, the Demon Uppercut is a sneaky move which allows Kuma to move
    under high attacks. Rather than try to poke him out of it, just block it since
    it's easy to spot. Their Hunting Stance, which can be accessed after a Hammer
    Claw or by pressing 3+4, offers a range of mixups and low hitting attacks. A
    quick Low Kick should stuff any mischief they plan. In the right hands, Kuma is
    a formidable opponent, but otherwise, he isn't so much difficult.
    Difficulty = Doing division on a calculator.
    Heihachi Mishima
    Style most often used: offensively
    Moves to watch out for:
    Stonehead              f,f+1+2 [escape: 1+2]
    Wind Godfist           f,N,d,d/f+2
    Twin Pistons           d/f+1,2
    Tile Splitter          d+1
    Altar Breaker          b+1
    Dark Thrust            WS+2
    Hell Sweep             f,N,d,d/f+4,4,4,4
     = Tsunami Kick        N+4,4
     = Thunder Godfist     1
    Power Punch            QCF+2
    Demon's Breath         1+2
    Flash Punch Combo      1,1,2
    How to win: At over 75 years of age, Heihachi is easily the oldest contestant
    in this installment of Tekken. Don't let his age fool you; Heihachi is a more
    potent fighter than Wang (You remember Wang right? Man, he sucked in Tekken
    Tag). Heihachi packs a pretty painful punch and can launch and juggle you in so
    many different ways. The Power Punch is similar to Paul's except it comes out
    faster and stings less. His Hell Sweep mixups are no fun to partake in and his
    Demon's Breath attack is fast enough to stop most attacks. Don't fret, that's
    why you're here; to find out how to beat him. Heihachi is still slow compared
    to fleet-footed Lee and takes hits like a wuss. Sock it to your foster father
    with rapid-fire pokes sprinkled with the occasional power move. Sidestepping
    frequently and safely will get you around a lot of Heihachi's attacks while
    setting up your own. The best way to hose the Hell Sweep is to be able to low
    parry on reaction. If you can do that, it eliminates much of Heihachi's
    guessing games. Aside from the Hell Sweeps, Heihachi doesn't have much in the
    way of low attacks, so you can get away with blocking high to a degree.
    Fortunately, juggles have been toned down greatly in T4, which was pretty much
    old man Mishima's forte in Tekken Tag. In addition, his Hell Sweeps don't
    always hit grounded opponents. Don't count on these revision to save your ass
    however. You'll still need to play it smart to win. Except for a crappy right
    kick reversal, Heihachi can do little to deflect incoming attacks, so buffering
    chickens goes out the window. Stay on him like white on rice and you should
    Difficulty = Running to the refrigerator to get snackies before the TV
    commercial break ends.
    Bryan Fury
    Style most often used: balanced
    Moves to watch out for:
    Mach Punch             f,f+2
    Snake Edge             d/f+3
    Snake Slam             b,B+1
    Snake Punch            QCB+2
    Chains of Misery       FC,d/f,d,d/f+1+2 [escape: 1+2]
    Snake Shot             WS+1_QCF+1
    Rising Knee            WS+3_QCF+3
    Body Blow              WS+1+2
    Punch Parry            b+1+2
     = Mach Punch          ~2
    How to win: Bryan is a downright scary opponent in the capable hands of a
    master. He will pressure with all sorts of pokes and get you to panic. Then he
    unloads with the heavy hits like the Mach Punch and his insidious juggles
    caused by launchers, namely the Snake Slam, Snake Punch and Snake Lifter. Bryan
    also has a pretty good crouch guessing games which are also available from his
    QCF crouch dash. In addition, he also has a punch parry which chains into a
    guaranteed Mach Punch if it the parry is successful. Not to worry, there are
    weaknesses in Bryan's game. For starters, Bryan lacks much in the area of low
    hits, which simplifies your blocking technique. You can afford to block high
    and even the Snake Edge, Bryan's best low attack, has considerable windup. An
    alert player can low parry and sting Bryan with a juggle or power hit. Bryan's
    crouch dash is nowhere near as mobile any of the Mishimas, Hwoarang's, or
    King's, forcing him to stay close in order to use his crouch guessing games. A
    fast attack like the Low Kick or Laser Edge can quickly disrupt his crouch
    dash. Keeping Bryan off-balance is the key to beating him. If you manage to
    knock Bryan onto the ground, do your best to keep him there. Numerous Dragon
    Slides and other low attacks are in order. Be careful though, Bryan is more
    than capable of playing defensively. A few well-placed power hits will quickly
    shift the momentum to his favor. Avoid overextending yourself and you will do
    just fine.
    Difficulty = Eating anything featured in an episode of "Fear Factor."
    Lei Wulong
    Style most often used: VERY tricky
    Moves to watch out for:
    Tiger Strike           SS+1
     = Tiger Stance        ~F
     = Dragon Stance       ~U_D
    Drunken Fist           SS+2
     = Drunken Strike      2
      = Drunken Stance     ~F
    Rave Spin              d/b+4,4
    Play Dead              d+3+4
     = Rave Spin           3,4
     = Launching Kick      3+4
    Back Turn              b+3+4
     = Fox Step            ~b
     = Low Backfist        d+1
     = Sweep               d+3+4
      = Snake Stance       ~D
    Cannonball             b+1+2
    Drunken Punch          b,b+1
     = Drunken Stance      ~F
      = Drunken Punch      1
      = Drunken Fist       2
       = Drunken Strike    2
     = Drunken Kick        f+3+4
    Razor Rush             f,N,1,2,1,2,4
    Hop Kick               u/f+4
    Dragon Elbow           u/f+1+2 [escape: 1+2]
    Tripping               f,f+1+2 [escape: 1+2]
    How to win: I hate to say it, but the moves to watch out for section is far
    from complete. Lei has a dazzling array of moves to confuse and hurt you and a
    lot of them chain together into his various stances. Rather than formulate a
    list ad nauseaum of key moves, my recommendation is to scope out a good Lei FAQ
    (there are many) and study it carefully. When I say carefully, I mean to
    actually take the command sheet, print it out and try them out for yourself.
    Through firsthand experience you can observe each move's different properties
    and links. Arm yourself with this knowledge, you'll need it. If you're a little
    pressed for time, I hope the above list cuts it. As with any other tricky
    character, such as Christie or Steve, the best way to cut through their b.s. is
    to turn up the heat. If you don't give them space to set up, it'll be a nasty
    poking war, which you have the upper hand in. Conversely, you can force Lei to
    come to you. If he lies down, get the hell away and if he goes into a stance,
    back off so he has to come at you. Force him to play guessing games from the
    Hitman Stance and punish him for wrong answers. Guessing games from mixups are
    also quite fun for you. The fully crouched position forces him to guess between
    Somersault Kicks, Dragon Slides, Violet Kicks and Infinity Kicks. Here's a
    quick description of each stance Lei has:
    Snake - right foot raised, left arm bent mimicking a snake poised to strike.
    Dragon - right leg hyperextended, left leg bent a bit, arms are raised with the
    right arm higher than the left.
    Panther - crouching with left arm extend toward you, palm down. right arm is
    held close to chest, palm up.
    Tiger - both hands are extended in front of Lei, mimicking a tiger's paws.
    Crane - the Crane Stance, think "The Karate Kid" movies.
    Backward - back is facing you (duh).
    Drunken - left arm is extended and Lei shuffles around randomly.
    Phoenix - left leg is raised and held close to chest, right arm is raised above
    head and left arm is held close to chest.
    One more word of advice, beware of a knocked down Lei. Recovery in T4 has been
    sped up and even when on the ground Lei can tag you with a Rave Spin if you're
    not careful. Never let up and be merciless in your assault. Be liberal in your
    usage of the Triple Fang and Mist Step mixups to stay in his face. Now go out
    there and win, win, win!
    Difficulty = Trying to find porn on the Internet. Hard at first, but once you
    know where to go, easy pickin's.
    Julia Chang
    Style most often used: offensively/tricky
    Moves to watch for:
    G-Clef Cannon      1~1~1
    Party Crasher      f,f+1
     = Skyscraper Kick 4
    Mad Axes           QCB,F+2 [escape: 1+2]
    Skyscraper Kick    WS+4
    Tequila Sunrise    WS+2_3~2
    Spin               3+4
     = Spin Kicks      4,4
      = Razor's Edge   1
      = High Kick      4
      = Low Kick       d+4
    Spin Kicks         4,4
     = Razor's Edge    1
     = High Kick       4
     = Low Kick        d+4
    Twin Arrow         b+1+2
    Mountain Crusher   d/f+4>2>b,f+1
    How to win: Julia is one tough (and disturbingly hot) fighter. This foxy mama
    has a whole bunch of moves which can quickly change attack levels. In addition,
    many of her moves link together, allowing Julia to string together lots of fast
    attacks which will slowly, but surely, deplete your health meter. Julia thrives
    on counterhits to do the heavy damage and she can accomplish this with ease
    because her attacks have high priority. Here's a fact. Many people, even
    experts, lose to a good Julia player simply because they don't know what to
    expect. While most people study King, Paul, Christie, Nina, Kazuya, Hwoarang,
    and Lei FAQs, few bother to study Julia. This ignorance will ultimately lead to
    your downfall. It is my semi-sage advice to read a Julia FAQ so you can
    understand the different ways her moves link. Once you got that down, it's just
    a matter of reading your opponent's intentions and reacting accordingly. A
    smart Julia player will try to pop you up with Julia's fast 1~1~1 or confuse
    you with a whole crapload of mixups. Don't resort to turtling and trying to
    read your opponent. Instead, attack Julia and react to incoming attacks
    accordingly. I'm never comfortable playing guessing games, even though I have a
    fairly accurate idea of what will happen. I'd rather limit the amount of mixups
    I have to decipher by forcing my opponent on the defensive. Push Julia away and
    make her fight on your terms. Violet Kicks, Roundhouse, Mist Wolf Kicks and
    Laser Edge mixups will keep Julia a good distance away from you and allow Lee
    to dictate the pace of the match. It's never wise to go head-to-head with Julia
    because a lot of her better attacks also have good priority. Use Silver Whips
    and Triple Fangs to bust up her strings and lay the smack down with Split Axe
    Kicks and juggle starters. Keep patient because there will come a time when
    Julia has overextended herself from a barrage of attacks. Julia also has some
    degree of windup with some her attacks, so if you're feeling brave, you can
    charge in and poke her out of it. Like Nina, easy on the eyes, but not easy to
    fight against.
    Difficulty = Watching an episode of "Dawson's Creek" without falilng asleep.
    Ling Xiayou
    Style most often used: offensively/VERY tricky
    Moves to watch for:
    Rain Dance Stance  b+3+4
     = Low Kick        d+3
     = Hook Kick       4
     = Stepping Kick   f,f+3
     = Reverse 1-2     2,1
      = Hook Kick      4
    Rolling Tumble     f+3+4
    Cartwheel Dodge    f+1+2
    Flapping Wings     d+1
    Somersault         4~3
     = Art of Phoenix  d+1+2
    Phoenix Wings      D+1 (ends in Art of Phoenix Stance)
    Art of Phoenix     d+1+2
     = Phoenix Punch   1_2
     = Phoenix Lunge   3
     = Tumble          f+3+4
     = Phoenix Upper   1+2
     = Super Upper     d+1+2
     = Cartwheels      u+4,4,4
    Skyscraper Kick    WS+4
    Storming Flower    d/b+1
    Lily Whip          1+2
    How to win: Man, Xiayou can be a tough target to land a hit on. In addition to
    her regular sidestep, she also has a variety of dodges and assorted manuevers
    to confuse you. You will hardly get a chance to fight Xiayou on a horizontal
    plane, so do your best to keep her in your sights. She can't do much damage
    except if she manages to string together many attacks (which she does well), so
    you have the edge there. It would behoove you to read a good Xiayou FAQ to
    understand what she's capable of. Although Namco tweaked juggling in T4, she
    still manages to keep you in the air rather well. When she's in Rain Dance
    Stance, charge at her with caution. Although her back is turned, she can still
    make you pay dearly for your reckless aggression. The Art of Phoenix is just as
    tricky. A swift Laser Edge will knock her out of it. Darting in and out of her
    range is espcially effective and learning how to sidestep effectively will hose
    Xiayou. Now that there are walls in the different stages, focus on pinning her
    down so she has limited room to manuever in.
    Difficulty = Doing long division... using Roman numerals.
    Marshall Law
    Style most often used: balanced/tricky
    Moves to watch for:
    Advancing Knee     1,2,3
    Gut Punches        SS+2,1,2,1
    Dragon Storm       b+1>2>1
    Junkyard Dog       b+2,3,4
    Low Punch to Flip  d+2,3
    Double Flip        (u/b_u_u/f)+4,3
    Poison Arrow       f+2~1
    Fake Flip          u/b+3
     = Blazing Kick    4
    Dragon Tail        d/b+4
    Rave War Combo     f+2,2>2
    Dragon Hammer      f+1+2
    Knee Crusher       f,f+3+4 [escape: 1+2]
    Noogie Punch       d/f+1+2 [escape: 1+2]
     = Bulldog         ~2,1,1+2
    Step in Kick       d/f+3
    Super Kick         f,f+3
    Parry              b+2+4
    Dragon Charge      d+1+2
    Dragon Charge Stance
    Power Punch        1
     = Gut Punch       d+1
    Junkyard Dog       4,3
    Facelift           2+4
    Super Kick         3
    How to win: Experts and novices alike agree, Law can kick ass. Good speed and
    strength combined with ease of use makes Law a nightmare to play against. Most
    of Lee's moves originate from Law, so some of the stuff he throws at you
    shouldn't be foreign. If you're thinking Law and Lee are alike, think again.
    Law is a character who thrives on power strikes and juggles. Lee is more of a
    pressuring type of attacker who excels at confusing the opponent with his
    mixups and pokes. The main thing you want to take note of when fighting against
    Law is to beware of his Dragon Storm and Junkyard Dog combos. These are his
    go-to strings and it is imperative you learn the difference between the two.
    Any time you get block, you can bet your lunch money he'll attempt to
    counterattack with either Dragon Storm or Junkyard Dog. Another bad thing is
    the Low Punch to Flip. The jab is pretty fast, allowing Law to interrupt your
    attack and bust out a hurtin' with the Flip Kick in one fell swoop. Try to
    alternate between slow and fast hitting moves so he can't rely on his parries
    too much. Now that Law has two different stances, you should also learn how to
    distinguish between the two. Personally, I've never seen them, since most
    people like to play Law straight up Tekken Tag style. Pressure Law with your
    best strings and keep the heat on. You never want your opponent to dictate the
    tempo at which the match goes. In my opinion, you should keep Law at kick
    range, since many of his best moves are punches. Infinity Kicks, Mist Wolf
    mixups and other moves should keep him at bay long enough. Be patient and never
    try to force anything. Your best strategy is to employ a balanced mixed of
    turtling and rushing. Good luck!
    Difficulty = Going to work with a hangover.
    Hwoarang AKA "Bob"
    Style most often used: offensively/tricky
    Moves to watch out for:
    Done from either Lefty or Righty stance
    Body Blow              d/f+1+2
    Stance Switch          3+4
    Crouch Dash            f,N,d,d/f
     = Skyrocket           4
     = Uppercut            2
    Talon Skyrocket        f,N,d/f+4
    Low Kick Doggy Lift    d+3,4
    Crippler               d/b+4
    Public Enemy           d/f+3>4
    Snap Kick              d/f+4
    Tsunami Kick           WS+4,4 (ends in Righty)
    Lefty only
    1-2 Punch              1,2
     = Jump Kick           f+4
     = Side Kick           f+3
     = Right Flamingo      4
     = Left Flamingo       3
    E. Coli                f+3~3
    Plasma Blade           b+3
    Backhand               f+2 (ends in Righty)
    Flying Eagle           3~4
    Nose Bleed Kick        b+4 (ends in Righty)
    Left Flamingo          f+3
    Icicle Crusher         b+1+2
    Righty Only
    Jab                    2
     = Axe Murderer        4,3
     = Double High Kick    4,4
    Migraine               1,1
    Grand Theft            f+4~4
    Cheap Shot             f+3 (ends in Left Flamingo)
    Backlash               3~4
    Left Flamingo
    Snap Kick              d/f+3
    Crescent Kick          b+3
    Right Heel Lance       b+4
    Teaser Trip            d+4
    Low Kick Doggy Lift    d+3,4 (ends in Right Flamingo)
    Left Heel Lance        b+3
    Right Flamingo
    Snap Kick              d/f+4
    Left Heel Lance        b+3
    Teaser Trip            d+3
    How to win: I know what you're thinking. "Dude, what the hell is a Hwoarang FAQ
    doing here?" Well, hate to say it, but it needs to be here. Hwoarang is one of
    the most complex characters in Tekken and this list is only the tip of the
    iceberg. OK, I'm going to give you a moment to catch your breath. Got it? Good,
    let's go. It's easy to notice Hwoarang's primary attacks stem from kicks. A
    good Hwoarang player will use his punching strings to set you up for his more
    lethal combos. Otherwise, a vast majority of the Hwoarang users are button
    mashing idiots. Try to spot the difference between the two. Hwoarang is
    comfortable with keeping the heat on you with flurries and flurries and
    flurries of strings and combos. As such, in conjunction with his confusing
    stances, makes him a formidable fighter. The first order of business is to
    determine which stance he's in. Take note of which leg is facing forward.
    Here's the short and sweet. If Hworang is in the 1P position LFF is when he's
    facing you (as the player looking at the screen). In 2P position, LFF is when
    his back is to you. His Flamingo Stances are easy to figure out and he can't
    block while in them. Nevertheless, caution is the better part of attacking
    because Bob can still bust out some sick attacks. The best way to counter
    Hwoarang is to close the distance on him. As a kick-based figher, Bob needs
    some room to operate. If you can stay uncomfortably close to him, as in within
    punch range, you can poke him out of a lot of stuff. In terms of blocking,
    Hwoarang has hardly any low attacks, so you should can block high. If you can
    anticipate your opponent's intentions, ducking under high attacks on reaction
    will ease your fight. The three keys to beating Hwoarang are staying in his
    face so he doesn't have operating room, keeping him on the ground, and never
    attacking recklessly.
    Difficulty = Surviving a heat wave while wearing sweat pants and a big, heavy
    Craig Marduk
    Style most often used: defensively
    Moves to watch for:
    1-2 Punches        1,2
     = Body Shot       f+1
     = Side Kick       3
      = Headbutt       1+2
     = Ready Stance    3+4
    Earthquake Punch   b+1
    Alligator Kick     b+4
    Low Kick           d+3
    Uppercut           d/f+1
    Shoulder Smash     d+1+2
    Berserker Chops    f+2,1,2,1
    Ready Stance       3+4
     = Tornado Chop    2
     = Tudo Takedown   1+2 (ends in Mount position)
    High Reversal      b+1+2 (ends in Mount position)
    Mid Reversal       b+3+4 (ends in Mount position)
    Suplex             QCF+1
     = Mount           ~1+2 (ends in Mount position)
    Powerslam          QCF+2
     = Mount           ~1+2 (ends in Mount Position)
    Backhand           b+2
    Elbow Stinger      f,f+2
    Touchdown Spike    f,f+1+2
    How to win: Craig isn't a very popular character at the arcades, but then
    again, people can be strange sometimes. The Vale Tudo master is a scary
    opponent to behold and his rough-and-tumble style suits him perfectly. If you
    don't know, Vale Tudo is a combination of Japanese jujitsu and Brazilian
    streetfighting. It was developed by the Gracie brothers and is a common (and
    formidable) style in the UFC world. The power of Vale Tudo is so awesome that
    the US even has certain aspects of the art taught to its elite military forces,
    namely the Army
    Rangers. If you're fighting Craig, expect a lot of your fights to end up with
    you on your back with him on top, trying to pound your face in. Since you like
    to do a lot of your fighting standing up, this can't be good. It's best to
    understand which moves allow Marduk to Mount. Even then, the fight's not over.
    If Mounted, Marduk can throw up to four punches at you in any order. For
    example, he can go 2,1,1,1 or 1,1,1,1. The possibilities are endless. To combat
    this, you need to be alert. If he swings with his left, you should press 1+3
    and 2+4 to block a right punch. Sometimes, Marduk gets sneaky and press 1+3 or
    2+4, which sneaks past your defense. To combat this, hit either 1 or 2. Outside
    of tussling around on the ground, the best way to take Marduk on is when he's
    on his own two feet. Pressure him relentlessly with mixups; your speed is much
    superior to his. Don't anything foolish or too risky unless you like winding up
    on the ground. Be patient, Marduk's lack of speed means he get overextended
    pretty easily. Just try to stay on your feet OK? You should do just fine.
    Difficulty = Eating a three course meal in one sitting.
    Steve Fox
    Style most often used: offensively/tricky
    Moves to watch for:
    British Edge       1,2,1
     = Flicker         ~B
     = Finisher        2
     = Low Sweeper     d+2
    Short British Edge 2,1
     = Finisher        2
     = Low Sweeper     d+2
    Twin Jabs          1,1
    Low Sweeper        d/b+2
    Sonic Fang         d/f+1+2
    Weave Left         3
     = Double Hook     1,1
     = Overhead Smash  2
    Dashing Cross      f,f+1
    Ducking Lunge      f+3_4
     = Super Upper     2
    Heart Break Shot   f+1+2
    Albatross Spin     3+4
     = Gut Punch       2
     = Low Punch       d+2
     = Extended Spin   U_D
      = Eagle Hook     1
    Sway               b+3_4
    Punch Parry        2~f
     = Eagle Hook      1
    Straight Body Hook 2,2
    How to win: Another popular T4 character. Like Paul, Steve is powerful and easy
    to use. Steve has great poking speed and plenty of fast, hard hitting attacks.
    With his bob-and-weave style of fighting, he can fake you out of your shorts
    faster than you can say, "What the hell?!?" There are two types of Steve
    players, mashers and experts. Mashers like to abuse the Short and regular
    British Edges, usually ending it with the Low Sweeper. Twin Jabs also come out
    a lot along with random Weaves, Ducks, Spins, and Sways. In short, with all of
    this button mashing, expect to see a constant blitz of attacks. Attack whenever
    you find an opening. Beat a masher to the punch by unleashing some cheapness of
    your own, namely Infinity Kicks, Laser Edge Rushes and whatever else you think
    is cheap. The sky's the limit and it's only fair to give a "cheap" player a
    dose of their own medicine. The difference between a masher and an expert are
    almost imperceptible but the key is the pace at which the match goes. An expert
    understand he can unload a bunch of attacks in a hurry, but knows better.
    Instead he will play Steve like a true boxer, dictating the tempo with pokes
    and interrupts and then going all-out in short assaults when he finds an
    opening. It's difficult to outpoke Steve, since a lot of his moves are fast and
    have high priority. Instead, rely on a mixed blend of turtling and rushing at
    the appropriate times. By keeping him out of his optimal range, you can really
    take the teeth out of an opponent's attack. Strive to keep Steve out of his
    punching range, but close enough for you to kick him. Steve doesn't have a lot
    of low attacks or okizeme game, so if blocking and getting up should be simpler
    compared to other characters. In addition, he's vulnerable to attack when he's
    bobbing, ducking or weaving so a well-placed strike is more or less guaranteed.
    It's best to foil his trickery with a fast attack, since the main purpose of
    his feints are to bait you into eating counterhits. Be patient and time your
    rushes carefully.
    Difficulty = Playing basketball with a cold.
    Jin Kazama
    Style most often used: offensively
    Moves to watch for:
    Twin Thrusts       1,2
    1-2 Axe Kick       1,2,3
    2-1 Thrust         2,1,4
     = Low Kick        ~4
    Kazama's Fury      1,3,2,1,4
    Jab to Axe Kick    1,3~3
    Twin Lancer        d/f+1,2
    Lancer to Kick     d/f+1>4
     = Low Kick        ~4
    Demon Hell Thrust  1+2
    Lancer             2,1
     = Side Crusher    4
     = Shin Kick       4~4
    Crouch Dash        f,n,d,d/f
     = Thunder Hook    1
     = Wind Hook       2
     = Stature Sweep   4
    Electric Wind Hook f,n,d~d/f+2
    Corpse Thrust      d+1
    Demon's Paw        f,f+2
    Laser Cannon       b,f+2>1
     = Edge            >1
     = Scraper         >d+2
     = Annihilator     :D+[2]
    Devious Left Blade d+3,3
    Can-Can Kicks      d+3+4
    Battle Kick        f+4
    High Parry         b+2+4
    Lingering Soul     b+1+2
    How to win: Take everything you knew about Jin from Tekken Tag. That's right,
    everything. You got it all? Good, now throw it out the window. Jin is back, and
    with a completely revamped movelist. You won't see Shining Fists, Demon Steel
    Pedals and the like anymore. However, Jin retains his Electric Wind Godfist
    (renamed Electric Wind Hook), Laser Cannon mixups, and Demon's Paw attacks. At
    least you know what those look like. Jin has shifted from being a finesse
    character to more of a power fighter. You'll see plenty of Jin players at your
    local arcade, so you'll quickly get acquainted with his style. To sum it up,
    Jin can bring it, and bring a lot of it. Jin is still one of the top-tier
    offensive pokers in the game and can mix up his attacks as good as Lee. So
    where do I begin? Lee has a speed advantage over Jin and can pretty much poke
    him out of his strings. The best way to do so is to study your opponent's
    tendecies. If they start with the Laser Cannon, it's best to just block it all
    because the other two hits can be delayed and really mess you up if you get
    hit. Fake Jin out of his shorts with your insidious mixups. Sidestepping
    frequently will help you get out of harm's way, if you can do it correctly. One
    thing to take note of is Jin players like to keep the heat on you with a
    continuous rush. Let him know you mean business some of your best and baddest
    strings, juggles and stuff. It's really hard to get away from Jin because his
    Crouch Dash covers so much ground. Conversely, you too can chase a retreating
    Jin with Mist Step. Don't become too predictable with your attacks because Jin
    still has that parry you should worry about. A well-played Jin is hard to
    overcome, so you'll need to bring your A game and minimize your mistakes.
    Difficulty = Going to school, having a job, and a social life...
    Style most often used: anyway possible
    Moves to watch out for: depends on which character its mimicking.
    How to win: Combot is the equivalent of Tetsujin/Mokujin from Tekken Tag. It
    can mimic and character's style although some moves have different properties
    because of Combot's size. This is especially true if Combot is impersonating
    Kuma because it doesn't have the range benefit like he does. Be wary of a
    person who chooses Combot. They might be a) a fool who has no idea what they've
    done or b) a seasoned pro who has a deep understanding each character's
    different nuances and styles. So you should either be frothing at the mouth or
    soiling your shorts. Don't be quick to judge your opponent. Wait until after a
    round or two. A novice will usually turtle and attempt to decipher which
    character Combot is. Why don't you make things harder for them by turning up
    the heat? Go crazy with your best and flashiest attacks. An expert, on the
    other hand, will most likely know what character Combot is emulating and play
    accordingly. Since the element of surprise is in your opponent's favor, I'll
    try to do my best to eliminate that advantage. The trick is to read how Combot
    is standing during the pre-fight sequence. Here's my best shot:
    Lee - standing in a relaxed guard position. Both hands are at around waist or
    stomach level.
    King - one of the easier ones. Standing in guard position with both hands
    reared up like a boxer. Bobs from front to back rather conspiciously.
    Lei - also fairly easy to spot. Shuffles to the left and right. If at any time
    you see the Razor Rush step during the pre-fight sequence, you should have a
    pretty good idea of what to expect from your opponent.
    Yoshimitsu - if you can't spot this, I suggest you get some glasses, man! He's
    holding a goddamn sword for cryin' out loud!
    Nina - stands with her arms out from her body. Both hands are open as if she's
    going to do a double karate chop. If you look closely, her arms move in sync as
    she bobs.
    Hwoarang - looks like King's except he isn't semi-crouched like a boxer. He
    bobs up and down rather than from front to back. If he busts out with a stance
    change... then uh... Combot is impersonating Hwoarang.
    Kuma/Panda - pretty easy. Doesn't stand in guard position. Arms are down by the
    waist and Combot is hunched over, kinda like a bear standing on two feet. Duh!
    Steve - similar to King except when he bobs, he twists his chest from side to
    Heihachi - one arm is out and away from the chest in the open position, as if
    to deliver a karate chop. The other arm is close to the chest open and facing
    palm up. Notice the wide stance adopted by the legs and feet.
    Bryan - it's a pretty macho looking stance. The left hand is down low by the
    waist, while the other hand is close to his face.
    Law - another easy character to recognize. Bobs in place while arms are
    shifting alternately from face level to abdomen level.
    Julia - her feet are spread far apart and is sort of leaning forward. The left
    arm is out at shoulder level while her right arm is close to her left elbow.
    Ling Xiayou - weight is shifted to the back leg. Her stance is similar to
    Nina's in terms of the position of her arms.
    Jin - very difficult to spot right away. Looks like a regular guarding stance,
    nothin' special.
    Paul - similar to Jin.
    Kazuya - similar to Paul, who's similar to Jin. These last three will give you
    Marduk - both arms are up at around shoulder level.
    Closing Remarks
    I hope you learned something from reading this FAQ. Some people attempt to
    dismiss fighting games as mindless button-mashing, but I digress. As you can
    see, it's more like a science that can be studied. And as with all sciences,
    numerous trials and errors are needed to come upon the winning formula. I think
    the guys at Namco did a marvelous job with the fourth installment of the Tekken
    series. They managed to throw in some new innovations and characters, while
    keeping enough of the "same ol' stuff" to keep long-time fans such as myself
    Hopefully this FAQ is sufficient enough to vastly improve your mastery. There
    is no substitute for practice. It's one thing to go through this FAQ and decide
    in your mind which moves are the best. I know I've tried to make correct and
    factual analyses, but ultimately, you, not me, will be playing the game.
    Nothing can ever be simulated to perfection. It's better to go to your local
    arcade and practice what you've learned. Not only will you understand what
    works and what doesn't, you'll also remember more and you won't need to bring a
    sheet with commands written down every time you play.
    In summary, there are three points I want to elaborate on. First, I've done my
    best to dispel the myth that Lee is an inferior Law clone. Nothing could be
    farther from the truth. While it seems easier to gain mastery over characters
    like Bryan, Kazuya or Jin, Lee has a pretty steep learning curve which will
    reap massive dividends once you get it right. Second, there is no such thing as
    an all-powerful character. Each character has distinct strengths and
    weaknesses. If you suck, you only have your lack of practice to blame. Finally,
    don't be afraid to lose. That may sound antithetical to what I've written so
    far, but every match is a learning experience. You should always look for
    things you do well, things you don't excel at, and areas which need
    improvement. I wish you all the best in your pursuit of becoming the King of
    Iron Fist. Good luck!
    Thank you's and dedications
    To those who perished in the tragedies of Sept. 11, 2001 - This tragedy has
    helped unite a nation long disaffected with prosperity and self-absorption. To
    all those radical leftists, I must chastise you for trivializing these people's
    deaths as nothing more than a means of protest against US policy in the Middle
    East. You don't understand how terrorists think and nobody should be wasting
    time trying anyway. God bless those innocent souls, they will not have died in
    To the men and women who are serving in the Armed Forces - You are willing to
    make the ultimate sacrifice to defend the values which make this country great:
    freedom, liberty and equality. I salute you and wish you a successful mission
    and safe return home.
    My family - First and most importantly, to my family, without who I wouldn't be
    the person I am today. Heck, I wouldn't even exist. My parents, brother and
    sister have been constant presences in my life and I imagine I would be a much
    worse version of my current self without them.
    Namco - For creating the most ass-kickin'est game in the recorded history of
    games. I salute you for you efforts!
    TekkenZaibatsu.com - If you need movelists, you got 'em right here! Where would
    I be without this valuable resource?
    GameFAQs.com - An excellent site, for the people and by the people. If you ever
    need help in a game and don't want to shell out $15 for a game guide, this
    should be your first stop. You can also catch up on the latest gaming news
    Whoever translated the Sega game "Zero Wing" - I pity the fool for
    unintentionally creating one of the most hilarious Internet phenomena! You have
    to watch the goofy music video to truly grasp how badly "Zero Wing" butchered
    the English language. Besides, I have a pretty cool pen name now! Someone set
    us up the bomb! Hahahahahahahahaha...
    All my favorite bands - The White Stripes, Coldplay, Foo Fighters, P.O.D.,
    Garbage, The Strokes, The Hives, U2, and yes, even Elvis Presley for providing
    excellent music while I wrote up this FAQ in the wee hours of the morning and
    late afternoon.
    Various "lad magazines" like Stuff, FHM, MAXIM - These magazines make it OK to
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    no other magazines do a better job putting famous gals like Katie Holmes or
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