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    Steve by tribaL

    Version: 1.3 | Updated: 01/21/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    The Definitive Steve Fox FAQ
    Version 1.3
    By: Sean Elliott (AKA tribaL)
    This FAQ is copyrighted © Sean Elliott 2002-03. All rights reserved.
    Tekken 4 is property of NAMCO. all names, or moves, pertaining to it are not my
    own, but of NAMCO.
    www.gamefaqs.com is property of it’s respective owner/web operator. Any
    references to it are credited to this owner.
    www.tekkenzaibatsu.com is property of it’s respective owner, Castel. Any
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    Tekken 4	
    By:  tribaL
    AOL instant messenger: tribaL216	
    GameFaqs.com Name: tribaL216
    Tekkenzaibatsu.com Name: tribaL
    1.0 VER: finished on 10-2-02. I can’t think of anything else I need in here
    besides the JF.
    1.1 VER:  11-15-02. adding the infinite, and a few other miscellaneous,
    definitely worth checking out.
    1.2 VER: 12-16-02. Changed thoughts on certain moves (ie: flk b+2 is safer than
    I thought, so I rewrote how good the move is). Gave better info on the dck 1 ch
    of death juggle. Rewrote the flicker step (seeing as how I messed it up like a
    1.3 VER: 1-21-03. Added a lot of different things this time. New layout, new
    infinites, ducking art advantages, quick ducking moves…
    1.) WHAT‘S THE DEAL?
    2.) MOVELIST
    3.) THE SWAYS
    1.) WHAT‘S THE DEAL?
    I’m writing this because there are hardly ANY faqs on any tekken 4
    characters, let alone the newer characters. So I figure I’ll write this one,
    because I can. It might seem a little different at first, but that’s because
    I write my faqs differently than most people. MOST people who write faqs (on
    tekken anyways) don’t do anything major with the game, except play it here
    and there. I, on the other hand, go to tournaments across the country for this
    game. I have played tons of people across the United States, and even in
    What you need to know?
    Conventions for Tekken 4: I’m not going over them, I’m leaving that up to
    you to figure out.
    Frame Data: I’ll be using different information about frame data in this.
    Know it, understand it. It helps a GREAT DEAL.
    Universal low parry: the low parry is done as d/f. d/f is all it is. It gives
    you at least 13 frames.
    2.) MOVELIST
    I’m going to list a move, put it’s frame data, tell how safe or unsafe it
    is, and good uses for it. The only times I’ll ever give you frame data on ch
    or hc is when there is a significant frame + or -. Here we go…
    8 f hit
    0, -8 b adv
    +4, 0 h adv
    Basically a high jab into a mid jab. Safe move to pull out.
    8 f hit
    0, -7, -6 b adv
    +4, -3, 0 h adv
    Same punch string as the previous one, except with an added high punch before
    the mid punch ender. Safe.
    8 f hit
    0, -7, -4 b adv
    +4, -3, +2 h adv
    Again…another, safe, punch string.
    8 f hit
    0, -3, -2, -5 b adv
    +4, +3, -1, KD
    There are SEVERAL versions of this string, they are:
    1~2~1~b (into FLK)
    1~2~1~3_4_b+3_b+4 (into their respective sways)
    1~2~1~2~3_4_b+3_b+4 (into their respective sways)
    Alright, the big thing when tekken 4 first came out was “Steve’s 1~2~1
    string is godlike! I hate it!”, this is untrue, as you can see from the frame
    data. Yes it comes out in 8 frames, but you can duck the whole string (save the
    last ~2, but no one ever does that). The last punch is a mid hitting uppercut,
    that will juggle on hit, BUT, it almost never hits, and isn’t guaranteed on
    ch either. Now, you have to be careful on WHAT you do from it. 1~2~1~B into FLK
    is ONLY good when you know your opponent won’t counter attack. If they
    counter attack, they will knock you out of FLK, hence no mixup. But, if you
    NOTE that they jab at you after 1~2~1, then you can do the 1~2~1~3_4_b+3_b+4 to
    avoid the jab, and retaliate with a move from whatever sway you do. This string
    is a popular one, but know how you use it, instead of just scrubbing continuous
    1~2~1’s like my friend john (haha john ^_^). Another great method is to do
    1~2~1, SWL, 1~2~1...I would advise to use this more than any other.
    1, 2, 1, d+2
    8 f hit
    0, -3, -2, -15 b adv
    +4, +3, -1 KD h adv
    The same string as the previous one, EXCEPT you add a low sweep punch at the
    end, as opposed to the uppercut. The punch comes out slow, and you run the risk
    of being blocked and hit into ws’ing, OR the risk of being low parried.
    It’ll work sometimes, but in higher competition I would NEVER pull it out.
    13 f hit
    -2, -5 b adv
    +4, +1 h adv
    If the first d/f+1 punch hits, the 2 is guaranteed. This string is guaranteed
    after a low parried kick or punch. Plus, it leaves you at a +1 on hit, which
    means you can still keep on the pressure after the last punch hits.
    13 f hit
    -2, -5 b adv
    +4, KD h adv
    Steve will throw the first, mid hitting, punch, fake a right punch, then come
    in with a right hook. This is pretty much a mixup creation. In d/f+1~2~1 the
    last one hits high, but the 2 hits mid. So if the opponent thinks you are going
    high and ducks, bao, you just hit them with the mid punch. Take note that you
    CAN be hit out of this before the last punch hits.
    d/f+1~2~1~b (into FLK)
    13 f hit
    -2, +1 b adv
    +4, +1 h adv
    A GREAT move with a LOT of odd properties, I‘ll try to cover every.
    d/f+1~2~1, when blocked, the last punch will push the opponent off axis, AND
    leaves you at a +1..here’s where the glitches come in: sometimes, if you go
    into FLK, things will be completely guaranteed. Like, sometimes, if d/f+1~2~1~b
    in blocked, and I go into FLK, I’ll do a b+2 from FLK and not only will it
    hit them, but the opponent will be backwards. Sometimes, I’ll d/f+1~2~1~b in
    to FLK, and do 1~1~1~2 (or just 1~1 because it’s safer) and the first few
    hits will knock the opponent, because, again, they will have been knocked
    backwards. Aside from glitches, the last hit of this string is very good.
    It’s a good setup for more 1~2~1 scrubiness. Just remember, the last hit not
    only can be ducked, but can be interrupted as well.
    13 f hit
    -2, x, -3 b adv
    +4, x, 0
    This is a decent string, more times than not, though, I pull it out by
    accident. It’s the same string, except that the 1+2 adds a two punch combo at
    the end. They hit high, so it’s not a fantastic string.
    13 f hit
    -9 b adv
    +2 h adv
    A simple hook punch, and by the looks of it, it’s not much…but with FLK it
    is. If you straight up pull out d+1, on block you can get hit by any 8 frame
    jab, but if you go into FLK (like you should whenever you pull this move out)
    you can block immediately (note to all of you, you can block high_mid in FLK,
    but not low). Not only that, but if you hit d+1~b on ch, you get an inescapable
    stun. The combo I do most often from this is d+1~b (ch), 3~1~b, FLK 1~f+1.
    It’s great damage off of something so simple. It’s an easy move to setup
    from just about anything…one of my favorites being FLK 1~f+1, d+1~b. Look and
    seek those ch’s.
    11 f hit
    -3, -13 b adv
    +3, +2 h adv
    This move is Steve’s best ws’ing move. It’s quick, and if the first one
    doesn’t hit, you don’t have to worry about doing the second part. It’s
    very similar to the old Mishima 1~1<2, where you can delay the last hit if
    you’re not sure whether the first will hit or not. But you can’t wait too
    long, or the second hit won’t be guaranteed.
    16 f hit
    -10 b adv
    KD h adv
    This is one of those “ehh” moves…It’s got it’s good and bad points.
    -10 on block is no good, because you’ll be eating a 1~2 from just about
    anyone. Not to mention, going into FLK is debatable, because there’s reason
    to believe you can’t block right away after it, but I know you can, but you
    can’t cancel out of it right away. The W! stun this move gives is a pretty
    good asset near a wall, but remember, it’s not really safe.
    14 f hit
    x, -10 b adv
    X, KD h adv
    I really like this move: It’s quick, mid hitting, and is guaranteed after a
    low parried kick or punch. Only problem is that sometimes you’ll go through
    your opponent, and you can get really hurt from that, but it doesn’t happen
    18 f hit
    +1 b adv
    -2 h adv
    This is the SAME exact punch as ff+2 and FLK 2, except this is the safest, of
    those punches, on block. Good mid move to pull out, although not the quickest.
    36 f hit
    -21 b adv
    +68 h adv
    Virtually everyone that plays Steve has mixed emotions about this move. It
    comes out slow, but it evades high, and some mid, moves. When it’s blocked,
    you can get hurt, but if it hits, you can do anything you want to your
    opponent. It’s up to you whether or not you want to pull it out though.
    It’s good to use against jabby players. Not only that, but you can get some
    HARSH combos off with it. F+1+2, ff+2, 1+2, FLK 2 is the favorite of mine,
    because it’s guaranteed, and it hurts. Steve’s ALMOST guaranteed unblock
    able combo can also be done from this. F+1+2 (near a wall), qcb+2, 10 hitter.
    The only way to get out of this is to hold forward while the initial stun
    animation takes place, but even then you’ll still get hit by the unblockable.
    2~1~b (into FLK)
    2~1~3_4_b+3_b+4 (into their respective sways)
    2~1~2~3_4_b+3_b+4 (into their respective sways)
    10 f hit
    Same as 1~2~1~2, except minus the first punch.
    10 f hit
    Same a 1~2~1~d+2, except minus the first punch.
    10 f hit
    -3, -5 b adv
    +3, +6 hit adv
    A high hit to mid hit. Simple.
    10 f hit
    -3, x, -3 b adv
    +3, x, 0 h adv
    Same as the above, except you can add the extra two punches that you did with
    28 f hit
    -4, -13 b adv
    +2, +2 h adv
    A fake low hit, to mid punch…yawn, not much to say about this, because I’d
    rather have the low hit.
    d+2, 1, f+2
    17 f hit
    -18, 8, -7 b adv
    -5, -2, -1 h adv
    A low hit to a mid hit. The low punch is really good chip damage imo, just
    don’t get parried.
    28 f hit
    -8, -7 b adv
    -2, -1 h adv
    The fake low hit to mid hit. I don’t use it, I wouldn’t suggest it either.
    14 f hit
    -11 b adv
    KD h adv
    Another one of those moves that you aren’t sure you should pull out or not.
    On hit it’s great, on block you’ll get jabbed. The guaranteed combo out of
    this is: ff+2, 1+2, FLK 2. So, it’s up to you. I wouldn’t pull it out
    often. Just often enough where it would hit.
    17 f hit
    -11 b adv
    0 h adv
    This is kind of weird. It’s the same notation as the first d+1, but it comes
    out only in certain times (ie: when your opponent is on the ground). It’s a
    simple, low hit, not very damaging, but it’s damage, and not many people ever
    roll out of it.
    26 f hit
    -15 b adv
    KD h adv
    It’s basically the same sweep punch from the 1~2~1~d+2 string. Not a bad move
    to pull out, although somewhat slow, so watch out for the parry.
    16 f hit
    -15 b adv
    +21 h adv
    Pretty much a foot stomp. Yea, this move sounds good from it’s + hit
    advantage, but nothing is guaranteed from it, and you have to practically be on
    TOP of the person for it to hit. More of an okizeme move.
    2 f hit
    x, -14 b adv
    x, KD h adv
    Steve’s punch parry, use it to parry punches ^_^. Note: you have to hit the 1
    QUICKLY, or they qill block the uppercut you throw out after the parry.
    3.) THE SWAYS:
    dodge properties on movements:
    weaves (3_4): these dodge high attacks. what does suck about them is that if
    you try to attack from them, you'll be able to get hit by the high attacks
    sway (b+3_b+4): slightly dodge high attacks. b+4_b+3~2 COMPLETELY dodges high
    attacks, but if it whiffs, you're screwed. b+4_b+3~1 doesn't really dodge them,
    but the initial movement of b+3_b+4 will make them miss, and then you can
    retaliate with a quick overhead hit.
    dck (3~f_4_f): oddly enough, this doesn't really dodge high attacks too well.
    it will near the beginning of the movement, but at the end, or if you do a
    move, you'll be vulnerable again.
    New Sway Features: sways can now be used to move out of the way of certain mid
    hitting moves from each character. I’ll be adding these certain moves as long
    as the person who found out about it (jannakazama) will let me.
    Also, it was thought that if you held 3_4, then hit b~1, that the b+1 would
    come out really fast. that's just a trick being played on the eye. b+3_4~1
    comes out at the same speed as 3*_4*~b+1. there's a certain frame from the time
    you hit 3_4 to the move and it will either come out really fast, really slow,
    or not at all. let's say, for example 3~2_4~1 (the shoulder ram from 3_4) and
    you'll notice something after a mere few tries:
    1.) hit 3, then IMMEDIATELY hit 2, you'll get nothing.
    2.) hit 3, then wait a second or two, then hit 2, it'll come out very slow.
    3.) hit 3, then hit 2 after the timing on 1.) but before the timing on 2.).
    in the last scenario, the shoulder ram will come out immediately. the same can
    be applied to all of steve's 3_4 moves, and hopefully the dck arts as well.
    flicker (1+2): actually, you can block high_mid attacks from flk, but you can't
    block low. what you can do, if you see a low move coming, is cancel out of flk
    (by hitting d/b~b) then blocking low before the hit comes.
    Albatross spin or ALB (3+4, 3+4~u_d): this movement actually slightly ss’s
    moves. Moves like Paul’s qcf+2 will completely whiff when this move is
    Albatross Spin
    Notation for this sway is 3+4. Also, you can make Steve spin again by holding
    either U_D after the initial spin.
    22 f hit
    -8 b adv
    KD h adv
    This is a REALLY good move to pull out for okizeme. If the opponent rolls back,
    they will SURELY get hit by this. And on ch, it gives you the wonderful 3~1~b,
    FLK 1~f+1juggle ^_^. Also, this move, as stated above, has a property where it
    ss’s a bit, so moves that have little tracking (ie: jabs [only when at the
    correct distance], Paul’s qcf+2) will completely miss and give you a ch.
    30 f hit
    -10 b adv
    +6 h adv
    Basically it’s the ALB to a low punch. It’s a good okizeme tool, but not
    the greatest to pull out in mid-match.
    49 f hit
    -12 b adv
    KD h adv
    Same as the above ALB punch, except Steve uses his other hand, and it can only
    be done after holding either U_D.
    62 f hit
    -11 b adv
    +5 h adv
    Same as the above ALB punch, except Steve uses his other hand, and it can only
    be gone after holing either U_D.
    Weaving Left
    Notation for this is 3.
    14 f hit
    -8, -3 b adv
    +3, +8 h adv
    I don’t normally just pull this out, but it’s not a bad move (especially
    since you can go into FLK after the first punch). If the first punch hits on
    ch, it gives an ESCAPABLE stun, so technically nothing it guaranteed. What you
    can get if they DON’T break the stun? Dck 2 (that would be 3_4~f, n+2), into
    any juggle you like. If you’re not sure if they’ll break it or not, do dck
    f+2. If they get hit by it, you get a guaranteed d/b+2. If they block it,
    they’re still off axis (thanks jk).
    14 f hit
    -5 b adv
    +4 h adv
    A shoulder hit from the left weave. It’s not very damaging, but it can’t be
    parried by that lame character we know as Jin.
    15 f hit
    -1 b adv
    -3 h adv
    This is Steve’s infinite string. Is it good because it’s an infinite? NO!
    it’s not bad to pull out, but it takes forever, and really isn’t worth the
    Weaving Right
    Notation for this is 4.
    14 f hit
    -5 b adv
    +4 h adv
    A shoulder hit from the right weave. It’s not very damaging, but it can’t
    be parried by that lame character we know as Jin. SAME AS LEFT WEAVE 2.
    14 f hit
    -3 b adv
    +7 h adv
    This is the same exact move as the first punch in the 3, 1~1 string in the left
    weave, except without the extra punch at the end. On ch, it gives the same
    escapable stun, which means anything you could have hit from the 3~1 escapable
    stun, you could hit on this one.
    4~3~f, 1_2
    15 f hit
    -1 b adv
    -3 h adv
    This is Steve’s infinite string. Is it good because it’s an infinite? NO!
    it’s not bad to pull out, but it takes forever, and really isn’t worth the
    This is Steve’s JF. Basically, you hold 3 down, then hit 1:1~f, if the last
    punch hits, Steve will go into his weave. Is anything guaranteed after this?
    Besides a f+1? Nope. You’re best bet is NOT to use it ^_^.
    Ducking Arts
    Noted as 4~f or 3~f.
    19 f hit
    -7 b adv
    KD h adv
    I don’t really use this just standing there, but I don’t see why anyone
    couldn’t, it’s relatively safe. I mostly use this for okizeme. I found out
    a while ago that if the opponent tries to tech AT ALL, this will hit them. Not
    to mention, this move DESTROYS panda/kuma players when they’re on the ground,
    because it hits them no matter what. Well, the few bear players that there are
    anyway. Dck 1 launches on ch; the best juggle being dck 1 (ch), 2~1~b, flk
    1~f+1, d+1.
    A fantastic juggle I figured out: dck 1 (ch), 2~1~b, (wall) FLK 1~1~1~2.
    What’s so great about it? If you set it up correctly, they’ll get hit up
    against the wall with their back to you, and the FLK 1~1~1~2 will be
    GUARANTEED. Anywhere between 90-110 damage depending on when they hit the wall.
    You can do it several ways though…
    Dck 1 (ch), 1, ffn+1, ffn+1,ffn 1~2~1~b, (wall) FLK 1~1~1~2
    Take however many 1’s you think you need to gets yourself to the wall, then
    go into flicker from the 1~2~1. The best way to get a feel for the distance: go
    to the middle of arena, and knock the opponent up with dck 1 ch, then do it all
    the way up to the wall. You’ll see that from the center of arena you can
    knock the opponent into this damaging juggle, which gives it great distance and
    makes it more practical.
    19 f hit
    -10 b adv
    KD h adv
    This is Steve’s big uppercut, which you will ONLY use for a jg (unless you
    like to use it for okizeme, but it’s not that great for it). I was told once
    before that, if this is ever blocked, 1~2~1 is uninterruptible, but that’s
    not COMPLETELY correct. You can get hit, but not by anything BESIDES a jab.
    I’ll go over juggles later.
    15 f hit
    -2 b adv
    KD h adv
    This is a great move. On block, knocks your opponent off axis. Nothing is
    guaranteed, but it makes for a GREAT mind game. I once found out that if you
    ssr_swr, sometimes, if they try to attack (or if they move the wrong way)
    they’ll end up backwards; which gives you some free hits. Btw- if this hits
    at all, take a quick step forward and do a guaranteed d/b+2. Also, after this
    move, you can go directly into ANOTHER dck motion. Also, if this hits on ch,
    you get an inescapable stun into a juggle of your choosing.
    Sway Arts
    Noted as b+3 or b+4.
    16 f hit
    -10 b adv
    +10 h adv
    This move is one I don’t pull out TOO often, only ever now and then, since
    it’s not too safe on block. I’m PRETTY sure you can get a d/b+2 after this
    on ch.
    17 f hit
    -6 b adv
    KD hit adv
    This move COMPLETELY avoids high attacks. If it hits, you will get an
    inescapable stun. Usually, I will do d/f+1~2~1~b, FLK 1~f+1 as a juggle if I
    get the stun. Don’t pay attention to the block disadvantage, btw, because
    this move will NEVER be blocked. Instead, it will whiff, and you’ll eat
    whatever the opponent gives you. NOT SAFE AT ALL ON SCREW UP.
    Flicker arts (FLK)
    Noted as 1+2. Can be gotten into through some moves by holding back (ie:
    1~2~1~b). The “flicker step” is done by hitting 1+2, d/b, d, 1+2, d/b,
    d…and so forth.
    1~b (to go back into FLK)
    1~1~b (to go back into FLK)
    12 f hit
    -4, -9, -9, -9, -16 b adv
    +7, 0, 0, 0, kd
    This is NOT guaranteed on ch, but if the second to last hit hits ch, the 2 is
    guaranteed. This is a much better string than I thought it was. What I like to
    do is what I like to call “flicker baiting”: basically, you go into
    flicker, and do, let’s say, flk 1<f+1, and you really delay the d+1. Then you
    go into flk again, and do flk 1~b, then flk 1~1~1~b, then flk 1<d+1 with the
    d+1 being delayed again. It works wonders, and it’s all safe on a regular
    block. Also, if you do flk 1, then nothing after it, try for a d+1...just
    another bait technique to get the same outcome.
    12 f hit
    -4, +3 b adv
    +7, 0 h adv
    IMO, Steve’s best string from FLK. On BLOCK leaves you at +3, the last hit is
    mid, and it’s a GREAT setup move (especially for d+1 ^_^). Utilize this,
    because it’s good! ^_^
    12 f hit
    -4, 0 b adv
    +7, KD
    The first FLK punch into a hook punch. This string OWNS. It hits ss’ers, and
    if you delay it using the flicker baiting you can get the d+1 to get a ch,
    which gives an unbreakable stun, and a free juggle.
    18 f hit
    0 b adv
    KD h adv
    FLK 2 hits people on the ground, AND it’s safe on block. The only problem
    with it? You have to go into FLK to use it, and by the time you’re in FLK,
    people already want to get into your face, which doesn’t leave enough room
    for an 18 frame move. If you have space, USE IT.
    14 f hit
    -12 b adv
    -3 h adv
     This move is a lot better than I initially thought. It says it leaves Steve at
    a -12, but there’s a guard stun, so it’s not nearly as unsafe and I
    presumed (thanks shukudai).
    unblockable arts
    Qcb, f+2
    68 f hit
    0 b adv
    0 h adv
    The same exact animation as f+1+2, avoids most high attacks. Not bad, not
    overally powerful either. I mean, it’s powerful enough, since it’s
    unblockable, but not the hardest hitting by far. I wouldn’t utilize ANY
    unblockables all that much if I were any that cared as to what they were doing.
    So, don’t do unblockables often, is what I’m saying ^_^.
    Ten string
    f+3, 1+2~1~2~1~2~1~2~1~2~1
    -6, -9, -9, -9, -9, -9, -9, -9, -9, -10, -13 b adv
    It’s a ten string, what else is there to say about it? Only time I ever use
    it is after the f+1+2, qcb+2, ten hitter near a wall combo. Otherwise, I never
    pull it out. There are times when you can hit opponents bt with it, and it’s
    guaranteed, but I’d much rather do flk 1~1~1~2.
    All of the infinites MUST be done in Arena, with Steve’s right shoulder near
    the wall…meaning: either Steve on the right side with the wall in the
    BACKGROUND, OR Steve on the left side, with the wall BEFORE him and the
    opponent. For the infinite to work, steve must go COUNTER CLOCKWISE around the
    arena. If you go clockwise, the punches will move the opponent away from the
    d/f+1~2~1 and 2~1 (the punches that start the infinite) can be changed
    depending on how far away you are from a wall. d/f+1~2~1+2 and 2~1~1+2 should
    be used accordingly. When “infinite…” is said, the exact notation depends
    on how far you are from the second wall that the opponent will hit (the first
    wall being what d/f+1~2~1_2~1 is used to hit them against), so infinite can be
    1, ffn+1, ffn+1~2 or it can be 1, ffn+1~2. Once you hit them against that
    second wall, if you notice, when the opponent hits a side of the wall,
    depending on WHEN you hit them from the time they hit the wall, they will react
    differently. what you want is your opponent NOT to flip, once they do so, the
    infinite won't be an infinite, because they eventually won't touch a wall. what
    you must do is once a person hits the initial wall you're starting it from they
    should hit the wall with a side wall stun. then, get them to the next wall but
    using ffn+1's. when they get CLOSE to the wall, do a 1~2 and run up. RIGHT when
    they hit the wall, hit them again using a ffn+1, ffn+1, ffn+1, ffn+1~2 in which
    they should hit the very next wall AND not be flipping (or being hit) from the
    side. So the main ingredient, once you get the infinite started and they’ve
    been knocked off the second wall, is 5 punches per wall. (I’ll try to explain
    this more clearly as time passes and I find easier ways of explaining it.)
    Dck f+2 ch, swl, d/f+1~2~1, (wall), infinite…
    d+1 ch, swl, d/f+1~2~1, (wall), infinite…
    dck 2, swl, 2~1 (wall), infinite…
    5.) FINAL NOTES:
    If you want other information from people on www.tekkenzaibatsu.com, the Steve
    Fox 3.0 thread is the place to go. If you want to go there and see the thread
    for yourself, go to the site, then go to forums, then to Tekken 4 Strategy,
    then click on Steve Fox 3.0. I’m sure we’ll pretty much cover everything in
    here, but if you want to sift through all the pages we’ve accumulated, feel
    free! ^_^.
    Shout outs and thanks:
    The people at gamefaqs.com and tekkenzaibatsu.com
    A BIG HUGE thank you goes out to Castel for making the best tekken website
    The longtime posters over at both of those respectable sites (you know who you
    Contributors to the “Steve Fox 3.0” thread over at TZ.com
    Everyone I’ve ever played in TTT or T4.
    The Ohio Crew (OOPS!)
    The Michigan Crew (just because I wanted to give them a shout out. They are my
    second Tekken family.)
    Everyone from the CCC.

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