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    Paul by MHamlin

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    Tekken 4: Paul FAQ
           By: Mike Hamlin e-mail cmhamlin@mchsi.com
    Table of Contents
    1. Copyright Info
    2. Version History
    3. Intro
    4. About Paul
    5. Conventions
    6. Move List
    7. Strategy
    8. Combos
    9. Outro
    10. Credits
    1. Copyright Info
    This document copyright 2002 Mike Hamlin. This FAQ may, in no way, be 
    illegally reproduced and distributed by any means. In other words: No 
    ripping off my work and no selling it or whatever to make money! Please 
    ASK me first if you want to use this guide on your web site. This guide 
    should only appear at gamefaqs.com as of now. Please notify me if you 
    see this FAQ on another site.
    2. Version History
    v.01 11/10/02- First version complete.
    v.02 11/15/02- Not much of an update, but I added a new cool juggle for 
    Paul. It's actually one of the most powerful I know.
    v.03 12/01/02- Fixed some errors in the strategy section that were 
    blocking understanding of what I meant.
    3. Intro
    Paul is a great player for beginners. Although I don't normally play as 
    him, he does have that power and speed. However, some have called him 
    the cheapest character. That has some truth to it because of how 
    powerful and fast his moves are. He's an easy character to get used to, 
    but there people out there who are true masters with Paul. Anyway, I 
    hope you get some good info out of this FAQ, so enjoy.
    4. About Paul
    Paul Phoenix was quite possibly, the greatest fighter out there. 
    However, he slipped up and lost the King of the Iron Fist Tournament 3. 
    He went through the tournament undefeated and even destroyed Ogre. 
    However, Ogre transformed into True Ogre after Paul left the 
    tournament. Although Paul claimed that he was the true winner, no one 
    believed him. His dojo was going out of business and soon he became a 
    homeless drunk. Then, he spotted a newspaper clip with an announcement 
    of the King of Iron Fist Tournament 4. Paul entered the tournament, 
    determined to become the ultimate fighter.
    5. Conventions
    The following are the numbers and symbols I use to refer to pad motions 
    and button presses:
    1- left punch
    2- right punch
    3- left kick
    4- right kick
    f- tap forward
    b- tap backward
    d- tap down
    u- tap up
    F- hold forward
    B- hold backward
    D- hold down
    U- hold up
    N- pad in neutral position
    /- press in between the arrows (d/b means down and back together)
    +- press buttons simultaneously
    ~- press buttons very quickly
    >- the next button press can be delayed
    =- Move is an "add-on" to the move above with lesser indent
    _- moves are interchangeable
    QCF- Quarter Circle Forward (d,d/f,f)
    QCB- Quarter Circle Backward (d,d/b,b)
    WR- while rising
    WC- while crouching
    SS- during sidestep
    iWS- instant while rising (d, d/b, N)
    CD- crouch dash (f, N, d, d/f)
    CH- counter hit
    CL- clean hit
    Hit ranges
    There are 5 hit ranges:
    h- High range attack. Block by standing. Avoid by ducking.
    m- Mid range attack. Block by standing. Will hit crouching opponent.
    l- Low range attack. Block by crouching.
    sm- Special mid range attack. Hits mid, but can be blocked when 
    !- unblockable.
    6. Move List
    This is a list of all of Paul's moves. I've included the name, how to 
    do it, the damage, and any special properties a move might have. If 
    there is an asterisk(*), look for the move name in the section below 
    for the move property.
    Name                  Command     Damage        Property
    Left Right Combo      1,2         hh/5,13
    Jab Roundhouse        2,3         hh/12,21
    Quick PK Combo        f+2,3       hh/12,20
    Jab Sweep             2~D+3       hl/12,8
    Quick PDK Combo       f+2~D+3     hl/12,10
    Reverse PDK Combo     1,4         hl/5,8
    Hammer of the Gods    f+1+2       m/27         *
    Shoulder Smash        d+1+2       m/25
    Burning Fist          b+1+2       !/100
    Sweep Kick            d/b+3       l/12
    The Boot              d/f+4       m/18
    Shredder              u/f+3,4     mm/17,22
    Neutron Bomb          f,f+4       m/20         *
    Flash Elbow           f,f+2       m/15
    Bulldozer             f,f+2>2     ml/15,16
    Juggernaut            f,f+2,1     ml/15,18
    Phoenix Bone Breaker  f,f+2,1     mh/15,26     *
    Double Hop Kick High  f,f+3,4>4   mmh/20,15,25
    Triple Kick Combo     f,f+3,4>f+4 mmm/20,15,15
    Double Hop Kick Low   f,f+3,4>d+4 mml/20,15,15
    Down Strike           d+2         l/16         *
    Bone Breaker          d+4,2       lm/10,18     *
    Hammer Punch          d+1         m/15         *
     =to Power Punch      2           m/26
     =to Demolition Man   4,2,1_1+2   lh/10,22     *
    Hang Over             d+1,4,2     lm/10,18     
    Thunder Palm          WR,2        m/20
    Phoenix Smasher       QCF+2       m/33         *
    Thruster              QCF+1       m/20         *
    Shoulder Tackle       f+1+4       m/22
    Burning Spear         b,f+1       h/30
    Sway                  QCB         NA
    Rubber Band Attack    QCB,2       m/18         *
    God Hammer Punch      QCB,1       m/15         *
    Rapid Fire            QCB,3,2     lm/14,21
     =to Stone Breaker    >2          l/21
     =to Phoenix Smasher  >1          m/25
    Pump in Pedal         SS,3        l/15         *
    Turn Thruster         SS,1        h/23         *
    Stone Breaker         WC,d/f+2>2  ml/21,21
    Gut Buster            WC,d/f+2>1  mm/21,25
    Demolition Man        d+4,2,1_1+2 lmh/10,21,22 *
    Incomplete Somersault WC,U+2+4+3  m/25         *
    Name                  Command           Position Damage Escape Property
    Shoulder Pop          2+4               Front    30     2
    Over the Shoulder     f+2+4             Front    30     2
    Chest Crusher         2+4~B             Front    30     2
    Dragon Screw          2+4               Left     45     1
    Fall Away             2+4               Right    40     2
    Piggyback Throw       2+4               Behind   50     None
    Reverse Neck Throw    f+2+4             Behind   50     None
    Push Away             f,f+1+2           Front    35     1+2    *
    Twist and Shout       d/f+1+2           Front    35     1+2
    Foot Launch           b+1+4             Front    35     1      *
    Attack Reversal       b+2+4             NA       Varies NA     *
    Ultimate Tackle       d/b+1+2           Front    5      1+2    *
     =Ultimate Punches    1,2,1,2,1         NA       25     1_2    *
      =Arm Lock           1+2               NA       25     1+2    *
     =Arm Lock            1+2               NA       25     1+2    *
     =Ultimate Punishment 2,D+1,1,N,4~1~1+2 NA       56     None   *
    Position Change 1     1+3               Any      NA     1
    Position Change 2     f+1+3             Any      NA     1
    Position Change 3     d+1+3             Any      NA     1
    Position Change 4     u+1+3             Any      NA     1
    10-hit Combos
    1,2,3,1,2- 61 damage
    1,2,3,2,1,2,1,4,2,1- 91 damage
    1,2,3,1,4,2,1,4,2,1- 93 damage
    Move Properties
    Hammer of the Gods- Floors an opponent on CH.
    Neutron Bomb- Juggle if it hits crouching opponent.
    Phoenix Bone Breaker- Just Frame input. Hit 1 at the precise moment the 2 
    Down Strike- Only works on an opponent lying down.
    Bone Breaker- First hit, 15 damage on CL. If this happens, second hit is 
    Hammer Punch- If this connects as CH, follow-ups are guaranteed.
    Demolition Man- Just Frame input. Hit 2 at precise moment the 4 hits, then hit 
    1 at precise moment the 2 hits. If you use 1+2 for last hit, damage is 
    increased by 2 and Paul's hands glow.
    Phoenix Smasher- 49 damage on CL.
    Thruster- Causes a crumple stun on CH.
    Rubber Band Attack- 27 damage on CL. Floors opponent on CH.
    God Hammer Punch- Juggle on CH.
    Pump in Pedal- 22 damage on CL.
    Turn Thruster- Floors an opponent on CH.
    Demolition Man- Just Frame input. Hit 2 at precise moment the 4 hits, then hit 
    1 at precise moment the 2 hits. If you use 1+2 for the last hit, damage is 
    increased by 2 and Paul's hands will glow.
    Incomplete Somersault- Hold down until Paul raises and lowers his arms. When 
    his arms are at his side again, press U+2+3+4. Always causes 15 damage to 
    Push Away- Causes additional damage if opponent hits a wall. Causes 8 extra 
    damage on close impact, 4 extra damage on far impact.
    Foot Launch- Causes 44 damage if opponent hits a wall.
    Ultimate Tackle- Reversal possible by hitting 1+2 just as your back hits the 
    Ultimate Punches- Punches can flow in one of these possibilities; 1,2,1,2,1; 
    2,1,2,1,2; 1,2,1,1,2; 2,1,2,2,1.
    Arm Lock- Can be used after tackle or after 3 Ultimate Punches.
    Note: You can also see my Tackle FAQ for info on escapes and reversals for 
    tackling techniques.
    7. Strategy
    Let's take a look at Paul's strengths and weaknesses:
    -Paul packs quite a punch. Although most heavy hitting moves are 2-hit 
    elbow/punch attacks and the second and last hit is usually blocked, even the 
    first hit causes substantial damage.
    -For all that power, Paul is pretty fast. He's not a speed demon, but even his 
    Burning Fist is faster than most unblockables.
    -Paul's low attacks are great for chipping away at an opponent. His Stone 
    Breaker is not only a powerful attack, but a low juggle starter as well.
    -Paul has very slow recovery time. This is clearly demonstrated in his 
    signature move, the Phoenix Smasher. Sure, it's powerful and blazing fast, but 
    miss with the move and you'll be open for quite a while.
    -Paul lacks good low attacks. The ones he does have are mostly for just taking 
    bits of the enemy's health bar. The Stone Breaker is one of his better low 
    attacks, but that's about it.
    -Paul's just frame moves are tricky to pull off, and players who aren't 
    experienced pros tend to never use them, simply because they're too hard.
    -Paul has a shorter move list, so it's crucial to mix up your moves as much as 
    possible. Most scrubs fight in a predictable fashion (the Phoenix Smasher and 
    Bone Breaker are the only elements in their attack) and, sadly, predictability 
    can be hard to avoid with Paul.
    The Phoenix Smasher
    One of Paul's more widely known moves is his Phoenix Smasher. Paul takes a big 
    lunge forward and drives his fist into the opponent, sending them flying across 
    the screen. Of course, this move causes massive damage, but it is pretty fast. 
    However, it has no tracking ability, so a simple sidestep can cause this move 
    to whiff and when it does, you'll be in for some damage. The move recovers very 
    slowly so if you miss, there's almost no chance of getting away unscathed. 
    Luckily, if the enemy blocks it, they get pushed a few steps back, preventing 
    them from retaliating. Learn how to pull this move off at a moment's notice. If 
    you're fast enough, you can use it in juggles and most juggles do end with this 
    move. Great move, but don't abuse it.
    Just Frame
    I'll have to say, Paul's just frames are a pain! They're difficult to pull off 
    and the damage it causes really isn't worth it, especially if it's blocked. 
    However, a lot of juggles incorporate the Demolition Man because it all starts 
    with a low sweep. Also, if you start connecting, the rest is guaranteed. Most 
    human players are open to low attacks, so you can rush up and strike low with 
    the sweep and hopefully get the rest of the combo. His Phoenix Bone Breaker is 
    also useful because if you get the first hit, the second is guaranteed.
    Hang Over and Hammer Punches
    One of Paul's more useful moves is Hang Over. It's a nice mid, low, mid game 
    that causes quite a bit damage. Most players will get used to this game, but if 
    that happens, switch to the Hammer Punch to Power Punch for a mid attack 
    surprise. I can't tell you how many times I get caught in Hang Over. Notice 
    that Bone Breaker must connect as a CL to get the elbow in, meaning you'd have 
    to close up and most players won't let that happen. However, in Hang Over, the 
    sweep doesn't have to be a CL, so if it connects, your opponent will take some 
    decent damage. Again, over using this move pretty much ruins it, so be careful.
    Low Attacks
    As always, the key to victory is being unpredictable by mixing up low and mid 
    attacks. Paul doesn't have a lot of low attacks but his Jab Sweep, Quick PDK, 
    and reverse PDK are useful for annoying your enemy. The first hit is almost 
    always blocked but the sweep usually hits them. Now, it doesn't cause much 
    damage but all those low attacks can really frustrate your opponent. Paul's 
    Rapid Fire is also a great mix up move. It starts low, switches to mid, and 
    then you can choose to keep going mid or press the attack low. One tactic that 
    fools everyone at least once is to use Rapid Fire, then finish it with Stone 
    Breaker, but you delay the last 2 as long as possible. Paul can delay this for 
    a long time, so when this happens the unsuspecting player thinks your finished 
    attacking... WRONG!! The ensuing hit knocks the fool up in the air and at your 
    mercy. That's what's good about delays; you can go fast, slow, or mix up your 
    delay times. If you can learn to delay a good low attack like Stone Breaker, 
    you have a good advantage on your side.
    Paul is a hard character to juggle with. His lack of decent juggle starters 
    makes it difficult to get the enemy in the air. However, he does have some good 
    ones, like Thruster. It's fast, damaging, and on CH, you can really punish your 
    foe. Another one is Thunder Palm. Just ducked a throw? Knock them in the air 
    with this, send a couple of jabs, and finish with the Phoenix Smasher for a 
    good combo. And of course, the low hitting Stone Breaker is also a good 
    starter, but limits you on options because the enemy is very close to the 
    ground when you finish the move, thus making it imperative to start the juggle 
    with a low attack. Bone Breaker fits the bill nicely, even better if you can 
    pull off the just frame Demolition Man. And if all else fails, go for a simple 
    d/f+2 uppercut.
    Paul has some nice throws, not great, but nice. Most of his throws are in the 
    30-35 damage range, so the aren't really powerful, but some, like Push Away, 
    set you up for another attack. Also, Paul's tackle is a great addition to his 
    throws. The Ultimate Punishment causes a ton of damage but if you use too much, 
    your enemy will simply escape the first punch. Mix this up with his Arm Lock or 
    a series of Ultimate Punches to get by an enemy expecting an Ultimate 
    8. Combos
    The following are some nice juggles for Paul. The first five are the sample 
    combos available in Practice mode. The rest are my own and some others that 
    I've seen. If you have any good combos, especially wall combos, please e-mail 
    me and tell me about them.
    d/f+2 1,2 u/f+3+4
    WR,2 QCB+3,2>1 (last hit delayed slightly)
    WC,d/f+2,2 d+4,2,1+2 (the just frame)
    u/f+4 (slight right sidestep) 1 1 QCF(remain crouched after this)WC,1 d/f+2,1
    u/f+4 1(doesn't connect),2 1 1,2 f,f+2,1 (the just frame)
    QCF+1 1 f,f 1 f,f 1 f,f+2,1
    d/f+2 1 f,f 1 f,f 1 f,f 1 QCF+2
    u/f+4 d+4,2,1+2 (the just frame)
    WR,2 1 f,f+3,4,4
    WR,2 1 1 u/f+3,4
    WR,2 F 1 1 1 QCF+2
    d/f+2 F 1 1 2,3
    f,f+4 (on crouching opponent) WC,1 d/f+2,1
    f,f+4 (on crouching opponent) WR,4 d+1
    f,f+4 (on crouching opponent) WC,1 WR,1 d+1
    f,f+4 (on crouching opponent) WR,4 f+1, QCF+2 NEW!!
    QCB+1 (on CH) QCF+2
    9. Outro
    Paul is a great character to use for beginners and experts alike. Power, speed, 
    and mean attitude make him a favorable character for anyone. Although he may be 
    considered cheap, in the right hands, he a fierce contender.
    10. Credits
    If you contributed anything to this FAQ, such as a combo or if you correct me 
    on an error, I will be sure to include your name here:
    gamefaqs.com: for being a really good site.
    Until we meet again...

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