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    King by MHamlin

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    Tekken 4: King FAQ
           By: Mike Hamlin e-mail cmhamlin@mchsi.com 11/16/02
    Table of Contents
    1. Copyright Info
    2. Version History
    3. Intro
    4. About King
    5. Conventions
    6. Move List
    7. Strategy
    8. Combos
    9. Outro
    10. Credits
    1. Copyright Info
    This document copyright 2002 to me, Mike Hamlin. You know the drill. No 
    illegal activities or manipulation of the contents of this FAQ. Period. 
    Please notify me if you want to use this FAQ, or part of this FAQ, but 
    GIVE CREDIT WHERE IT'S DUE. This guide will only be at gamefaqs.com for 
    2. Version History
    v.01 12/01/02- First version complete.
    v.02 2/17/03- Fixed some errors and added properties for a throw.
    3. Intro
    Tekken 4 is an awesome game, and the wrestler supreme, King, really 
    adds to it. King is an impressive character and sadly, many look down 
    at him. I personally think he is an excellent character. His punches 
    and kicks are powerful, but he's an exciting character to watch because 
    of his stunning repertoire of grappling techniques. It takes some 
    getting used to, but in the right hands King really is a king.
    4. About King
    There are actually two Kings. The first was trained under Armor King, 
    but after the King of Iron Fist Tournament 2, King was murdered by 
    Ogre. One of the children in King's orphanage was taken under Armor 
    King's wing, and after he received the mask, he became King II. The new 
    King then attempted to seek revenge on Ogre during King of Iron Fist 
    Tournament 3...
    Later, Armor King was murdered by Craig Marduk, a powerful Vale Tudo 
    fighter. King swore that he would seek vengeance. King learned that 
    Craig was in an Arizona penitentiary. King used money earned from 
    wrestling to bail Craig out of jail. King then sent Craig an airplane 
    ticket and a newspaper clip about the King of Iron Fist Tournament 4. 
    King planned to confront Craig during the tournament...
    5. Conventions
    The following are the numbers and symbols I use to refer to pad motions 
    and button presses:
    1- left punch
    2- right punch
    3- left kick
    4- right kick
    f- tap forward
    b- tap backward
    d- tap down
    u- tap up
    F- hold forward
    B- hold backward
    D- hold down
    U- hold up
    N- pad in neutral position
    /- press in between the arrows (d/b means down and back together)
    +- press buttons simultaneously
    ~- press buttons very quickly
    >- the next button press can be delayed
    =- Move is an "add-on" to the move above with lesser indent
    _- moves are interchangeable
    QCF- Quarter Circle Forward (d,d/f,f)
    QCB- Quarter Circle Backward (d,d/b,b)
    HCF- Half Circle Forward (b,d/b,d,d/f,f)
    HCB- Half Circle Backward (f,d/f,d,d/b,b)
    WR- while rising
    WC- while crouching
    SS- during sidestep
    SSR- during right sidestep
    SSL- during left sidestep
    iWS- instant while rising (d, d/b, N)
    CD- crouch dash (f, N, d, d/f)
    CH- counter hit
    CL- clean hit
    Hit ranges
    There are 5 hit ranges:
    h- High range attack. Block by standing. Avoid by ducking.
    m- Mid range attack. Block by standing. Will hit crouching opponent.
    l- Low range attack. Block by crouching.
    sm- Special mid range attack. Hits mid, but can be blocked when 
    !- unblockable.
    6. Move List
    This is a list of all of King's moves. I've included the name, how to 
    do it, the damage, and any special properties a move might have. If 
    there is an asterisk (*), look for the move name in the section below 
    for the move property.
    Name                      Command         Damage           Property
    Palm Attack               1,2             hh/6,15
    Palm Strike Head Jammer   1,2,2+4         hhh/6,15,30      *
    Palm Strike Power Bomb    1,2,d+2+4       hhm/6,15,45      *
    Palm Attack to Uppercut   1,2>1           hhm/6,15,10
    Palm Upper to Suplex      1,2>1,2+4       hhmh/6,15,10,30  *
    Palm Upper Power Bomb     1,2>1,d+2+4     hhmm/6,15,10,45  *
    Jab Uppercut              2,1             hm/10,12
    Jab Upper to Suplex       f+2,1,2+4       hmh/12,10,40     *
    Jab Upper to Power Bomb   f+2,1,d+2+4     hmm/12,10,45     *
    Neck Cutter Kick          3+4             h/28
    Moonsault Body Press      1+4             !/25             *
    Head Spinner              1+2,1           mm/15,21         *
    Toll Kick                 b+3             h/20
    Disgraceful Kick          b+4             h/20             *
    Water Parting Chop        b+1             h/30
    Rolling Sobat             f+4             m/23
    Low Drop Kick             d/b+4           l/16
    Shadow Lariat             f+1+2           h/25             *
    Jaguar Lariat             f+1+2           !/50             *
    Frankensteiner            d/f+3+4         sm/15            *
    Corporate Elbow           d+1+2           m/21
    Capital Punishment        u/f+1+2         m/35             *
    Burning Knuckle           u/f+1+2         !/45             *
    High Elbow Drop           u_u/b_u/f+2+4   m/35
    Shoulder Tackle           f+2+3           m/40
    Sidewinder                b+2             h/10             *
    Straight Arrow            b+2             h/30
    Straight Arrow Power Bomb b+2,d+2+4       hm/30,45         *
    Elbow Sting               d/f+1,2         mm/15,12         *
    Lasso Kick                d/f+3,4         mm/17,15         *
    Low Jab Uppercut          d+1,2           smm/5,13
    Stagger Kick              d+3+4,4,4       lll/17,7,7       *
     =Spinning Uppercut       2               m/10
    Stagger Kicks             d+3+4,4,4,4     lllll/20,7,5,4,3 *
     =Spinning Uppercut       2               m/10             *
    Jaguar Straight           f,f+1           m/20
    K's Flicker               f,f+2           m/20             *
    Konvict Kick              f,f+4           m/24
    Konvict Kick to DDT       NA              NA/20            *
    Flying Cross Chop         f,f+1+2         h/15             *
    Exploder                  f,f+3+4         m/25             *
    Diving Body Press         f,f+2+3         m/30             *
    Snap Uppercut             WR,1+2          m/12
    Jaguar Thrust             SS,2            m/22
    Deadly Boomerang          SS,3+4          h/54
    Crouching Uppercut        WC,d/f+2        m/20
    Leg Breaker               WC,d/f+1        l/21
    Atomic Blaster            1+2             !/50             *
    Blind Kick                3               m/15             *
     =Neck Breaker            1+2             NA/20            *
    Stomach Smash             f,f,N,2         l/6              *
    Lay Off                   f,f,N,1+2       !/0
    Jumping Knee              f,N,d,d/f+4     m/25             *
    Black Bomb                f,N,d,d/f,N,1+2 m/28             *
    Running Exploder          f,f,f+3+4       m/40
    Name                         Command        Position Damage Escape Property
    Suplex                       2+4            Front    35     2
    Winding Nut                  f+2+4          Front    35     2
    Mega Bomb                    2+4~B          Front    35     2
    Argentina Back Breaker       2+4            Left     40     1
    Knee Crusher                 2+4            Right    42     2
    Cobra Twist                  2+4            Behind   60     None
    Half Boston Crab             f+2+4          Behind   60     None
    Stretch Buster               b,f+1+2        Behind   75     None
    Reverse Special Stretch Bomb d/f,d/f+2+4    Front    28     2      *
    Jumping Power Bomb           d+2+4          Front    45     1+2    *
    Attack Reversal              b+2+4          Front    Varies NA     *
     =Figure Four Leg Lock       3+4            NA       33     None   *
    Ultimate Tackle              WC,1+2         Any      5      1+2    *
     =Ultimate Punches           1,2,1,2,1      NA       25     1_2    *
      =Arm Lock                  1,2,1,1+2      NA       25     1+2    *
       =Wrist Lock               1+2            NA       10     None
      =Leg Lock                  1,2,1,3+4      NA       20     1+2    *
       =Stretch Combo            1+2            NA       40     None
    Figure Four Leg Lock         d/b+1+2        Front    32     1+2    *
    Knee Bash                    d/f+2+3        Front    30     2
    Muscle Buster                QCB+1+2        Front    50     1+2
    Clothesline Press            WC,d/f,d/f+1+2 Front    45     1+2
    Tombstone Piledriver         d/b,F+2        Front    58     2
    Giant Swing                  HCF+1          Front    70     1      *
    Tomahawk                     f,f,f+2+4      Front    30     1+2
    Throw Away                   b+1+2          Front    0      None   *
     =Throw Away Feint           1+3            NA       0      1
     =Throw Away Knockdown       2+4            NA       8      2
     =Throw and Destroy          3+4            NA       10     3+4
     =Turn Around                1+2            NA       0      1+2
    Pile Driver                  QCF+1          Front    25     1
     =Double Arm Face Buster     1+2            NA       30     3+4    *
     =Boston Crab                1+2,3,4,1+2    NA       50     3+4
    Hi-Jack Back Breaker         1+2            Front    30     1+2    *
    Jaguar Driver                1+2,u,d,3+4    Front    60     3+4    *
    Position Change 1            1+3            Any      NA     1
    Position Change 2            f+1+3          Any      NA     1
    Position Change 3            d+1+3          Any      NA     1
    Position Change 4            u+1+3          Any      NA     1
    Ground Throws (executed while enemy is lying on ground. The position column shows what 
    position the enemy needs to be in.
    Name                     Command     Position               Damage Escape
    Shoulder Cracker         d/f_d/b+2+4 Face up/feet away      28     1+2
    Swing Away               d/b+2+4     Face up/feet towards   30     1
    Head Bomber              D/F+2+4     Face up/feet towards   33     2
    Figure Four Leg Lock     d/f+2+4     Face up/feet towards   33     1+2
    Turn Over                d/b_d/f+2+4 Face up/from side      0      1_2
    Wing Tearer              d/b_d/f+2+4 Face down/feet away    32     1+2
    Half Boston Crab         d/b_d/f+2+4 Face down/feet towards 30     3+4
    Camel Clutch             d/b_d/f+2+4 Face down/from left    35     1
    Bow & Arrow Stretch Hold d/b_d/f+2+4 Face down/from right   37     2
    10-hit combos
    1,2,1,1,2,4,4,4,1,1- 83 damage
    f+2,1,1,2,4,4,4,1,1- 74 damage
    1,2,1,1,2,4,4,4,1,3- 89 damage
    f+2,1,1,2,4,4,4,1,3- 80 damage
    1,2,1,1,3,3,4,4,4,1,1- 90 damage
    f+2,1,1,3,3,4,4,4,1,1- 81 damage
    1,2,1,1,3,3,4,4,4,1,3- 96 damage
    f+2,1,1,3,3,4,4,4,1,3- 87 damage
    1,2,1,1,3,3,4,3,2,1+2- 101 damage
    f+2,1,1,3,3,4,3,2,1+2- 92 damage
    Move Properties
    Palm Strike Head Jammer- Throw escaped with 2.
    Palm Strike Power Bomb- Throw escaped with 1+2.
    Palm Upper to Suplex- Throw escaped with 2.
    Palm Upper to Power Bomb- Throw escaped with 1+2.
    Jab Upper to Suplex- Throw escaped with 2.
    Jab Upper to Power Bomb- Throw escaped with 1+2.
    Moonsault Body Press- Can also be used with 1+4 while your back is 
    Head Spinner- No guard point. If first connects, second is guaranteed. 
    If you do not finish with second attack, King's back will be turned.
    Disgraceful Kick- Leaves King's back turned. 30 damage on CL.
    Shadow Lariat- Hold 1+2 to make this the Jaguar Lariat.
    Jaguar Lariat- Unblockable but can be avoided by ducking.
    Frankensteiner- If this moves contacts a standing opponent, whether 
    they blocked it or not, move becomes a throw for 30 damage.
    Capital Punishment- Hold 1+2 to make this the Burning Knuckle. Also 
    possible to execute with this motion: f,N,d,d/f,N,1+2. Hold 1+2 
    slightly for Capital Punishment. Hold completely for Burning Knuckle.
    Burning Knuckle- If King leaps over the enemy, he will automatically 
    turn around.
    Sidewinder- Hold 2 to make this the Straight Arrow.
    Straight Arrow Power Bomb- Throw escaped with 1+2.
    Elbow Sting- No guard point. If first hit connects, second is 
    guaranteed. First hit floors opponent on CH.
    Lasso Kick- First kick must make contact with enemy to use the second 
    Stagger Kick- First kick causes 7 damage if used alone. Can also be 
    used with WC,d/f+4...
    Stagger Kicks- Only possible if first hit connects as CH.
    Spinning Uppercut- The 2 can only be used after the first hit on 
    regular Stagger Kick. If Stagger Kick connects as CH, the 2 can be 
    added after the first, second, third kick.
    K's Flicker- Juggle on CH.
    Konvict Kick to DDT- Only when Konvict Kick connects as CH. Throw can 
    be escaped with 1+2.
    Flying Cross Chop- At a distance, move connects low for 15 damage.
    Exploder- f,f+3+4 cancels the delay.
    Diving Body Press- Becomes a throw at close range.
    Atomic Blaster- Can only be executed when King's back is turned. 
    Unblockable but can be ducked.
    Blind Kick- Can only be executed when King's back is turned. Causes a 
    crumple stun on CH.
    Neck Breaker- Throw can be escaped with 2.
    Stomach Smash- Causes a crumple stun on CH. Throw follow-ups possible 
    only on CH.
    Jumping Knee- Launches and causes 37 damage on CL.
    Black Bomb- Tap 1+2 quickly and lightly. Juggle on CH.
    Reverse Special Stretch Bomb- Can only be used on crouching opponent. 
    See chain throw section for details on follow-ups.
    Jumping Power Bomb- Can only be used on crouching opponent.
    Attack Reversal- Only works on kicks. Not possible to chicken.
     =Figure Four Leg Lock- Only possible when right kick is reversed.
    Ultimate Tackle- Can also be used like this: f,N,d,d/f+1+2. Tackle can 
    be escaped with 2 or reversed with 1+2.
    Ultimate Punches- Can be escaped with 1 (for right punch) or 2 (for 
    left punch) for the first for fourth punch.
    Arm Lock- Escaped by pressing 1+2 repeatedly. Paul, Nina, King, and 
    Craig can reverse it.
    Leg Lock- Escaped by pressing 1+2 repeatedly. Paul, Nina, King, and 
    Craig can reverse it.
    Figure Four Leg Lock- Can be reversed by pressing 3+4 at the exact 
    moment the enemy takes damage.
    Giant Swing- Opponent can tech roll the throw, decreasing the damage to 
    45. If you throw the enemy into a wall, damage becomes 80 and tech roll 
    is not possible.
    Throw Away- Causes 3 damage if enemy hits a wall.
    Double Arm Face Buster- Not two separate throws.
    Hi-Jack Back Breaker- Only when Stomach Smash connects as CH.
    Jaguar Driver- Enter 1+2 to start Hi-Jack Back Breaker, then input to 
    u,d,3+4 to change into Jaguar Driver.
    Note: You can also see my Tackle FAQ for info on escapes and reversals 
    for tackling techniques.
    7. Strategy
    Let's take a look at King's strengths and weaknesses:
    -King is more powerful than most characters. His punches and kicks 
    cause greater damage and often cause guard stuns if they are blocked.
    -King has a myriad of throws at his disposal. His throws are power-
    packed and have longer range, due to his crouch dash.
    -King has a good low and mid attack game. He has some mid attack moves 
    that can become low but they start as if they were mid.
    -King pays a price for his power; he is slower than most characters 
    also. This does not mean he is VERY slow like Kuma, but his speed 
    hinders his fighting ability.
    -King's throws are easier to break than they look. Although his chain 
    throws cause immense damage, most of them are escaped with 1, 2, or 
    1+2. To make these throws effective, one must learn the possible 
    sequences and mix them up.
    -King has poor juggling ability. He has very little juggle starters and 
    his speed and general lack of good juggle follow-ups make him inept at 
    Throws linked into moves
    King has the unparalleled ability to link throws into his punches and 
    kicks. His Palm Upper to Suplex does a high one-two punch followed by a 
    mid uppercut and finishes with a powerful throw. There are many 
    variations of this move. Most enemies will learn to duck the throw, but 
    King can use the Jumping Power Bomb version of these attacks to catch a 
    ducking opponent. Also, King can link throws into his Blind Kick and 
    Konvict Kick, so try them if you connect.
    Mixing up throws
    King's throws are powerful, but use them sparingly because smart 
    opponents will learn to duck, evade, and escape your throws. Lean on 
    King's powerful mid attacks such as Head Spinner, Konvict Kick, and 
    Disgraceful Kick to crush an opponent's crouching guard. Run up to the 
    enemy as you're going for a throw, then throw in a mid attack instead. 
    When you do use throws, practice them first because some are tricky to 
    pull off. Giant Swing is very powerful but a great trick is to buffer 
    the move. Use a different move, then enter the HCF as King finishes the 
    move. When the move ends, you can hit 1 to instantly use Giant Swing. 
    Of course, over-using throws, even if they seems to work, will ruin 
    their usefulness.
    Low attacks
    King has some nice low attacks as well. Stagger Kicks and Stomach Smash 
    are excellent low attacks that mix up well with mid. If you connect 
    Stagger Kick as CH, throw in the Spinning Uppercut to surprise an 
    opponent blocking the low kicks. K's Flicker and Stomach Smash start in 
    a similar fashion, but Stomach Smash hits low, so mix these two up a 
    lot to keep your enemy in the dark. Another low, mid mix up is the 
    Crouching Uppercut and Leg Breaker. Use Leg Breaker to hit your enemy 
    low (it has the added bonus of juggling as well), then switch up to the 
    Crouching Uppercut to hit your enemy mid for a juggle.
    King has a nice poking game thanks to his quick low attacks and his Low 
    Jab Uppercut. Stagger Kicks and Stomach Smash work well, but if you 
    attack and your opponent blocks, continue on with Low Jab Uppercut to 
    quickly turn the tables. Your opponent may not expect the move to be so 
    fast. Stagger Kicks are also an important part of King's Okizeme game.
    Chain Throws
    Let's face it; King is the ultimate throwing machine, clearly 
    demonstrated in his chain throw sequences. He can string up anywhere 
    between 3 and 6 throws so you can rack up a lot of damage. However, 
    almost every throw can be escaped, so don't think the chain throws are 
    infallible. Most opponent can simply hit 1 and 2 like mad to escape, 
    others know precisely when to press which buttons. I've drawn up a 
    crude chain throw table here and since I am a horrible artist, I hope 
    you can understand it, heh heh. Anyway, here it is:
        |       \-->F
        |   \-->F
    This table if for the sequences beginning with Reverse Special Stretch 
    Bomb and Reverse Arm Slam. Look at the label in the following list to 
    find the name of the throw, how to do it, damage, and the escapes.
    Label Name                         Command           Damage Escape
    A     Reverse Arm Slam             f,d/f+2+4_1+3     25     1_2
    B     Backdrop                     2,1,1+2           18     1_2
    C     German Suplex                3+4,1+2           18     1
    D     Power Bomb                   1,2,3+4           22     1
    E     Giant Swing                  2,1,3,4           27     1_2
    F     Muscle Buster                3,1,2,3+4,1+2+3+4 32     2_1
    G     Reverse Special Stretch Bomb d/f+1+2           28     1+2
    H     Cannonball Buster            2,2,1+2           18     None
    I     Manhattan Drop               3+4,1+2,1+2+4     17     2
    J     Victory Bomb                 1,2,3+4,1+2       20     None
    The escapes on some of throws are a little sketchy, so here's some 
    detail for the escapes:
    Reverse Arm Slam- The escape depends on what buttons your opponent 
    pressed. If he did f,d/f+2+4, the escape is 2. If it was f,d/f+1+3, the 
    escape is 1.
    Backdrop- Again the escape depends on what buttons your opponent 
    pressed for Reverse Arm Slam; 2+4, escape is 2. 1+3, escape is 1.
    Power Bomb- The escape is 1 if it was used ONLY after Cannonball 
    Buster. If it was used after German Suplex, it is inescapable.
    Giant Swing and Muscle Buster- The escape for Giant Swing is 1. The 
    escape for Muscle Buster is 2. However, if either of these two throws 
    is used after Victory Bomb, the escape switches to the other punch 
    button; Giant swing escaped with 2, Muscle Buster escape with 1.
    About these Chain throws
    These are the most complicated sequences for King's chain throws. They 
    are also the most powerful, but the easiest to escape. The trick is to 
    mix up the various sequences. Start with Reverse Arm Slam and continue 
    with that sequence, or use Cannonball Buster to switch to the Reverse 
    Special Stretch Bomb sequence. There are many possibilities, so 
    repetition should be easy to avoid. The most powerful sequence, by the 
    way, is this one:
    d,d/f+2+4_1+3 2,1,1+2 2,2,1+2 3+4,1+2,1+2+4 1,2,3+4,1+2 
    That's 6 hits, 130 damage. Now that seems to be a lot, but remember 
    that your opponent will have FOUR chances to escape the sequence. If he 
    fails to escape at one point, then you can keep racking up damage until 
    the next escape. But, unless you're playing an absolute knucklehead who 
    doesn't respond to chain throws, it is highly unlikely that you'll land 
    all 6 hits. Not impossible, but highly unlikely.
    The sequences you choose are completely up to. Always going for the 
    most powerful isn't the best idea. Unpredictability is key.
    The next set of chain throws deals with 2 sequence starters, the Arm 
    Breaker and Standing Heel Hold. Here's some more of my crappy text 
    editor art:
    Another table here, same thing as the last one:
    Label Name                   Command               Damage Escape
    A     Standing Heel Hold     f,N,d,d/f+2+3         30     2
    B     S.T.F.                 1,2,3,1+2             35     1
    C     Scorpion Death Lock    1+2,3,1,1+3           40     2
    D     Indian Death Lock      1+2,1,3,1+2           30     1+2
    E     King's Bridge          1,3,4,1+2,3+4         50     None
    F     Arm Breaker            f,N,d,d/f+1+4         20     1
    G     Triple Arm Break       1+2,1+2               25     1
    H     Head Jammer            1+2,4,2+4             20     2
    I     Struggle Combination   4,3,4,3+4,1+2         25     None
    J     Chicken Wing Face Lock 2,1,1+2+3             25     1+2
    K     Dragon Sleeper Finish  2,1,3,1+2+4,1+2+4     30     1
    L     Rolling Death Cradle   1+3,3+4,2+4,1+2,1+2+3 79     2
    (Note: if an enemy escapes any of the Standing Heel Hold throws, with the exception of 
    the Standing Heel Hold itself, King sustains 10 damage.)
    About these chain throws
    As you can see, these sequences aren't nearly as complicated, but 
    unpredictability is still easy to accomplish. Why? Because there are 
    usually THREE possibilities for you after the initial throw. After you 
    get the initial throw, you need to pick one of the sequences and hope 
    your opponent doesn't escape. Now of course, in an arcade, your 
    opponent can simply look at what buttons you're pressing, but on a PS2, 
    hiding your controller works. Remember, that the most powerful chain 
    throw sequence isn't always the best. If you keep trying for King's 
    Bridge, then your opponent will escape Indian Death Lock every time. By 
    mixing it up with Scorpion Death Lock, for instance, you can still 
    cause substantial damage. What's better, 30 or 70? So mix up your 
    Another issue is the initial throw. The crouch dash gives it away, but 
    an opponent may simply try to duck the throw. If this keeps happening, 
    throw in the Black Bomb, to surprise your opponent. So, again, avoid 
    repetition to keep your enemy in the dark. Here's my synopsis and 
    recommendations for these chain throw sequences:
    Standing Heel Hold- The S.T.F. and Scorpion Death Lock aren't as 
    powerful as the King's Bridge, but they are useful alternatives. King's 
    Bridge causes a TON of damage and it's inescapable. The only way to 
    escape it is by escaping Indian Death Lock, which is a 1+2 escape. Even 
    if your enemy mashes 1 and 2, they still might fail to escape. If they 
    do, be calm and careful with your button presses and prepare to witness 
    your enemy's health dwindle.
    Arm Breaker- This is another one with 3 sequences. The most powerful 
    combinations come from Chicken Wing Face Lock, which is another 1+2 
    escape, but the throws after are escapable. What's worse is that both 
    follow-ups are difficult but if you can pull them off, it's well worth 
    the effort. The Triple Arm Break and Head Jammer sequences aren't 
    nearly as damaging, but they are a LOT easier to do. It's really 
    judgment call for you with this sequence. Do you want to use quick easy 
    chain throws or go for the tough, high-risk, yet high-damaging 
    sequences? If you're really losing, I would suggest just trying to go 
    for the Rolling Death Cradle, but if your enemy is at death's door, the 
    Triple Arm Break or Struggle Combination would be a better choice.
    The King Step
    One other aspect about chain throw starting is the King Step. This is 
    executed with SS,2+4. King lunges sideways and grabs. He gets the 
    opponent from the side or from behind, he starts with Cannonball 
    Buster. If from the front, he starts with Reverse Special Stretch Bomb. 
    You can also do this to lunge sideways and fake out your enemy by not 
    grabbing: SS,2+4~B.
    8. Combos
    The following are some nice juggles for King. The first five are the 
    sample combos available in Practice mode. The rest are my own and some 
    others that I've seen. If you have any good combos, especially wall 
    combos, please e-mail me and tell me about them.
    WR,1+2 1+2,1
    WC,d/f+1 WR,4 d+3+4,2
    u/f+4 f+1+2 WC,2 WC,d/f+4,4
    u/f+4, SSR 2 1 d/f+1,2 d+3+4,2
    WC,d/f+1 f,f,N,1+2 1,2 b+3
    u/f+4 1,2,1 d+3+4,2
    u/f+4 2,1 1+2,1
    WC,d/f+1 WC,d/f+1
    u/f+4 2,1 f+4
    WC,d/f+1 d+1,2 d+3+4,2
    u/f+4 d/b+1 WC,d/f+2 d+3+4,2
    9. Outro
    King is a fun character to play or watch. His chain throws take a lot 
    practice, but it's rewarding to see your opponent get smashed around by 
    the 5 throws you put together. He isn't the most popular character but 
    he is still one of my favorites.
    10. Credits
    If you contributed anything to this FAQ, such as a combo or if you correct me 
    on an error, I will be sure to include your name here:
    gamefaqs.com: for being a really good site.
    Until we meet again...

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